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Our romance section is for the true romantics among us who love stories and books where a heroic male conquers emotional hurdles and physical threats to be with the woman he loves. Sub-genres in this category include regency, historical and contemporary romance, the primary focus always being the developing relationship between the hero and heroine. In most cases stories culminate in a happily ever after ending.


A Fairy Tale Of True Love Triumphant - Part 1

Once upon a time before the Normans came to this land, there lived a great king who was renowned for his wisdom and love of peace and justice. Caradoc, for that, was his name, was much loved by his subjects, and anyone, man or woman, was guaranteed a fair hearing in his courts. When he walked or rode about his kingdom, he would greet everyone with a cheery wave and a cry of ‘Good day to...Read On


Jack and Ellie: Chapter Three (The End)

"You are my today and all of my tomorrows." - Leo Christopher

Once Ellie had returned to her apartment building she slowly walked up three flights of stairs to the top floor where she resided in her studio. Each step was painfully slow, and her melancholic face never wavered. Once she reached the door to her studio, Ellie slowly turned the key in the lock and was greeted with darkness as she opened the door. Walking inside, she leaned against the door...Read On


Jack and Ellie: Chapter Two

"I want to be with you till my last page." - a.r.asher

Ellie looked around the café, taking in its surroundings. Paintings from various artists adorned the off white walls. Large circular dimly lit lights hung from the ceiling. Intricately crafted wooden chairs surrounded small granite tables. Lavender and white peonies in small circular vases were placed in the center of each table. And a small coat rack stood in the front corner of the café....Read On


Jack and Ellie: Chapter One

Two strangers find each other through a chance encounter. They show how possibilities can be turned into reality throughout the course of one day. - Dedicated to rUnE. Thank you for your support and encouragement. There was a slight chill in the air and the afternoon sun was partly hidden behind clouds. People bustled down the sidewalks and cars sped down the streets. It was...Read On


Our Last Time

A sweet memory.

It was just after midnight on January 1, 2008. The sound of revelers and slow moving traffic going around the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile down the Champs-Élysées drifted up to our room. Carol and I stood on the balcony of our hotel room in Paris, France watching and listening to the fireworks over the city skyline. It was our last time together as friends and lovers. In two days, we would...Read On


Cat Lover: Hot Chocolate for the Soul

Relaxed and relieved in time for a casual conversation.

The first semester is over! Mill celebrated at home with a hot chocolate that eventually became a warm temperature. Student life was ridiculous living on your own, luckily the government's monthly funding allowances came in handy for small achievements even Jynx received a hot chocolate. The atmosphere of giving lurked about in the air everywhere. "Holidays coming in soon..." Jynx...Read On



it is a story about love that takes an unexpected turn when evil is done in the name of ''LOVE''

  A LETTER TO AN IMPRISONED OBSESSOR.   I gave you my heart but not my mind even though I had always lost myself in your presence, you had me, you took me, you used me, but because I had always lost myself in your presence, you could not find the real me, and you lost me. Where do I even begin to describe the feeling I had when my eyes first saw those almond shaped hazel brown eyes...Read On


We Danced

"Don’t look back," she said, and both of us were victims of the night, and we were also it seemed to be each other’s form of physical kryptonite, and somehow, I knew we were bound to be together. She also said to keep your eyes on mine as we took the floor in the fading dark light of the setting sun. It felt like thunder and the sound of heavy guns in my chest when she looked at me, and in...Read On

Recommended Read

Diana Discovers

Diana is in a summer of discovery.



The Dollmaker

A lonely 17 year old doll maker who creates a doll to be his companion and their struggles.

Year xxxx. Central Tech, the center of surrounding cities. Rain began to pour from the grey; cloud filled sky. Within the confines of the city's tallest building, a mature featured boy had set himself down in a chair, body parts surrounding him. Goggles placed over his eyes; he glides a hand over pale, supple skin. The boy tinkers around with a heart, closing up the chest after...Read On


Miracle Drug

There have been times when I want to take a trip to the inside of your mind and possibly spend the day there and see, and hear all the things you haven't said. I would also like to spend the time looking out of your eyes and seeing all that you see, as well as watch your thoughts form and then come about. Wondering if you would feel a thing when I hear you when you call? Maybe you would...Read On


When Teardrops Fall

How many paths have been tried by us and then failed? For there has been no one there to point a finger and no one to blame, and we are standing here in the dark light of the sun together out here at these distant crossroads as we have done in the past. Looking down those roads and wondering which direction to go, as you know that I will accompany you which direction you might choose...Read On


love at the wheel part 2: A new journey begins

Love at the Wheel Part 2, sequel to a live story began in 2010.

    Love at the Wheel Part 2, sequel to a live story began in 2010. It's the next journey in Charlotte White and Robert Swift's life as they now try to learn how to be in a relationship together now that their feelings for each other are revealed. But it is challenging since Charlotte's mother is gravely ill, and also the antagonist that they vanquished in Part 1 is now seeking revenge.  ...Read On


Love At the Wheel

My story is about a girl named Charlotte whose parents ran a bus company in London.

Dedicated in loving memory to my friend Erin R. Faralan     Chapter 1 Sunday morning Sam, the landlord, knocked at Steve’s door to inspect his apartment. He wanted to see if it was clean, and also to get his past due rent. The tenant Steve opened the door still wearing his pajamas. The landlord’s mouth dropped open at the sight in the living room: countless beer bottles and...Read On


American Carnage

James and Zarina are nobodies more or less until they've been arranged to marry each other.

Zarina felt herself being stared at which is something she should be used by now.  The three versions of herself in the mirror looked back at her for an answer to the question they posed. It made glancing at the beautiful figure in front of her hard and yet she remained absolutely entranced. I’ve never been so dolled up in my life, and it’s for a stranger. Being married off was one of...Read On


The Photograph

If it hadn't been for the miracle of the Internet and social media, Anne and Kevin would never have known each other. Even today they have only ever met online, although their relationship is as real to them as it would be between two people who live in the same place and time. Neither are in the first flush of youth; in fact, they are both well into what some describe as their twilight...Read On



Standing here wondering if I will miss the final warning at the end for living this lie that I have lived? I know I am not worthy of a lot of things, and has me wondering if I am standing here alone and knowing that there is nothing left to lose as the darkness begins to fall and voices can be heard haunting me with their questions. Which has me wondering if it is from someone I have let...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 11 (Final Chapter)

Chapter 11 June 21, 2011 I woke up in the morning in a total panic. Well, technically I didn’t wake up in the morning, that was the problem. I looked at the clock, and I saw the numbers 12:08 staring back at me. How could I sleep for that long? I knew that I was concussed but still. That was a long time to sleep. I hopped out of bed and nearly collapsed. My ankle hurt so bad. I...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 10

Chapter 10 June 20, 2011 Fortunately for me, I didn’t completely lose consciousness. I think I was only out for a couple of seconds if that. It was an odd sensation. When I hit the ground, it was almost as if someone dimmed the lights and then brightened them again. I thought I was going to throw up and I literally saw stars. “What the hell is going on?” I heard a voice say. It sounded...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 9

Chapter 9 June 20, 2011 Eventually, it was eight o’clock. Time for me to sneak them into my car. I finally opened the blinds to my office window and looked outside. My old crappy car was the only car on this side of the parking lot. Good. I looked over at Maxwell and Harriet. They looked a little tired—particularly Maxwell who was stuck standing for the last five hours, or he was perching...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 8

Chapter 8 June 20, 2011 I spent most of the weekend up north visiting my parents, seeing as it was Father’s Day and all. I was sort of close with my parents. They were good parents. I was a moron and ran away when I was sixteen to be with some guy I met online. I was too embarrassed to go home immediately, so I got my GED and enrolled in college on a full scholarship. They didn’t think I...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 7

Chapter 7 June 17, 2011 I plugged in the address that Harriet gave me into my smartphone and drove over to the house. The house looked like a frat house. Was Harriet at a college party? Probably. The Greek letters on the building were evidence of that. I went up to the door and knocked. A shirtless man wearing a backward flat-topped baseball hat answered the door. Loud pop music...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 6

Chapter 6 June 17, 2011 Eventually, June 17th arrived—the day that I was to have my date with Leon. I had no idea how I felt about this date. I wasn’t physically attracted to him one hand, but on the other hand, he seemed like a nice, hard-working man, and I should be attracted to him. He’s tall. I like tall men. He’s successful. I like successful men. He seems to be in decent shape—a...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 5

Chapter 5 June 16, 2011 I arrived at the office at around eight in the morning, an hour before Harriet was due to arrive. I only had a small stack of pages left from that enormous four-box stack of papers from my closet, and I figured that I would use that hour to commit those pages to memory. I had an idea of what information they would contain, but I wanted to review them nonetheless just...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 4

Chapter 4 June 15, 2011 I got to the office early the next day. I woke up early and went to the gym and, after going to the gym, I figured that it was time to start my day anyways. I still had a lot of documents to go through and, if Harriet turned into as much of a terror as Leon and my sister described, I would need the morning and late evenings to get my work done. The more and more...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 3

Chapter 3 June 14, 2011 I woke up at 7:00 a.m. on June 14th. I managed to get some sleep that night, and I felt slightly more rested although, truth be told, I was running more on adrenaline than stress. This would be my first real day at work, after all. I had to do well. I arrived at the office at 8:30—thirty minutes early. Fortunately, the week before starting I went to the office...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Ch. 2

Chapter 2 June 13, 2011 I woke up early on June 13th. By "early," I mean four in the morning. Yeah, that early. I paced around my studio apartment for the first hour. I tried to be calm but found myself getting more and more stressed. I considered having some coffee, but thought it might be a bad idea, considering that I was already pretty on edge. At least my apartment was...Read On


More Than Just a Kiss (prelude) Meeting in Manhattan

Sequel to "Anything Might Happen" and prequel to my, "More Than Just A Kiss" series.

The short-haired brunette named, Gwen Kaplan seemed a little taller than most girls and a lot prettier. Her eyes were a soft, almost liquid brown, the classic bedroom eyes, and that smile of hers managed to be both innocent and yet, somehow, inviting.  On Monday, June 8, 1970, at 2:30 P.M., New York City time, Gwen Kaplan lost her concentration. While bent over the upturned face of a...Read On


Fortune Favors the Bold (and the Smart) Chapter 1

Chapter 1 June 5, 2011 I really hate interviews. Putting yourself out for rejection is one of the most nerve-wracking things that you could do. I really thought that I had the interview in the bag before I got there—I nailed the first two rounds of interviews. When I was waiting in the foyer of one of the largest medical research companies in the world, I felt like my confidence...Read On


Time Steps

It has been a long, long night of waiting until my dreams come true, those dreams of you, my sweetest and bestest friend. Now, as I stand in a doorway in the dark light of the sun, out near to that long winding road that leads to your door, and as I start the journey to you; I'll eat when hungry and drink when I'm dry and, live my life on the square. You seem to be lost, in this...Read On