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Supernatural stories include themes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, myths, paranormal activity and ghosts. Spine-tingling, chilling tales can revolve entirely around mythical characters or depict non-human creatures interacting with mortals in everyday life.


I Used to Have a Lot of Friends

A pious man suffers at the hands of the Duke and the Philosopher.

I used to have a lot of friends. There were so many of us: worshippers of the old gods, followers of the true religion. Our temples were always full, our priests numerous, and our adherents devout. And then that philosopher came to our city. He walked along the dusty, meandering road that came from the west, walking alone in raggedy clothes. Our city had no special importance to him. It...Read On


Suffer The Thorns

A rose carries many meanings, but have you ever known about the thorn?

1 – The First Three Humanity has its own perks. The right to freedom and choice of free will. The very soul within a human being is the unique creation of history and to its beauty, the non-human lurk among them with envy. Races of the immortal and prolonged life span walk in life while taking it for granted. Time was never a worry or considered precious to these creatures unlike...Read On


Beautiful Dreams

Chapter One Formal dresses hang on the walls all around the shop. I stand on a pedestal trying on a silver floor length halter neck dress. I thought it was a beautiful dress, but want to try on a couple more before deciding. “I’m going to try on the next one,” I say, turning to the guy sitting on the chair next to the changing room. Seeing Steven sitting in one of the small chairs...Read On


Valentin's Vow-Chapter 1

Love is to die and will rise from its ashes... resurrected.

New York’s entertainment district was jam packed that Friday night, but that hadn’t stopped twenty-one year old Èrabèlle Skylark from getting past the long lineup outside. She was a beautiful brunette with mahogany eyes, creamy fair skin, with a small beauty mark above the left corner of her lip. Onyx nightclub was filled with fog, flashing strobe lights, and dancing sweaty bodies....Read On


The Strange White Man 42

As soon as Felsar fell asleep the Prince left the wizards lair and headed into the secret passage ways. The chance encounter with Princess Lynette had filled his heart with the desire to see her again. Maybe if he could get her to listen and not scream they could talk as he missed her. As he moved he was surprised at how well he could see in the absence of light. The sounds he had heard...Read On


The Strange White Man 41

Carpenter saw himself catching the Princess before she would have struck the cold marble floor and injured herself. He brushed the hair off her face and stared, as her beauty was breathtaking. He was still staring when the Princess opened her eyes and looked him dead in the face. She screamed at the sight she beheld. It was the face of her betrothed but now she saw blood running down his...Read On


The Strange White Man 40

Brother Sebastian did not stay too long at the ranch and departed soon after their arrival so the couple could have some private time together. Carpenter spent the first evening of his return telling Holly everything that he had learned and Holly was not surprised to learn that he was a Prince. "I have always believed that you were something more than just an ordinary man, even after I...Read On


The Strange White Man 39

As dawn approached Carpenter drew the heavy drapes in his car to protect him from the rays of the Sun. He then took a seat in one of the plush chairs and recalled all the memories that the hypnosis had awakened and he wept. He wept at the memory of the deaths of his parents and their friends. He wept for the love and concern that his old mentor Felsar had shown. He even surprised himself...Read On


The Strange White Man 38

The young Prince opened his eyes and looked around. when he realized he was in the wizards lair he felt better. "Thank God I'm alive," he said out loud to the empty room. "Would that were true my Prince,"a voice responded. Felsar shuffled in out of the shadows and was soon standing at his side holding a large tankard. " Here, drink this," he said and extended the tankard to the Prince. ...Read On


The Strange White Man 37

Carpenter's rebirth

As Carpenter sat in his private car awaiting the Sun to rise he recalled the memories that had just been awakened. He saw his Father and his trusted friend and teacher the wizard Felsar. He was happy to revisit these memories. That evening Brother Sebastian appeared again just shortly after sunset. Carpenter invited him in and offered a libation of one of the bottles of cows blood that...Read On


The Strange White Man 36

In Carpenter's mind he was racing backwards in time. The last 400 years passed by in the space of a breath and he saw himself as a small boy again. This was the English countryside in the 1400'rds and he was playing in the woods near his father's castle. He heard a voice and saw the captain of the guards calling for him to return. He thought of hiding and making them come and find him, but...Read On


The Strange White Man Chapter 35

It took about a week for Carpenters private railcar to be returned and parked on the siding and he was most pleased. As comfortable as he was in the old monastery he preferred the safety of his car and Brother Sebastian had no problems continuing their discussions there. The oldest journals proved a real challenge for the Monk as he was unable to immediately recognize the language. He...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 13

Molly relives her past. Carlo gets arrested. Sean and Steve are rescued.

A VJS security officer walked up to Slade with a sheat of papers in his hand. Slade took the papers and examined them. He shook his head and dismissed the officer. The papers were duplicate copies of the warrants filed to examine all of Molly's properties. A second set of warrants contained arrest documents for detaining Carlo for Steve's abduction. He was the prime suspect based on...Read On


The Strange White Man 34

Carpenter decided to stay in this little town and gave Holly the option to remain or return home. She was a tad bored as this town had not yet experienced the growth spurt that their town had, it was small, dusty and dry and had very few distractions. "How will I get home?" she questioned Carpenter. "By train of course." "Where will you stay if I take the train?" "Brother...Read On


The Strange White Man 33

Carpenter was stunned into silence at the sight before him. This monk that was the acknowledged foremost expert on the supernatural in the USA stood there with a slight smile on his face and allowing Carpenter to see his fang teeth. Brother Sebastian was one of the undead. Carpenter was at a loss for words and that had not happened to him in a long time. The monk sensing his minor...Read On


Wishes and Witches

Sometimes wishes and dreams come true, sometimes you wish they didn't.

WISHES AND WITCHES by MF Burbaugh   "Wishes at the shrine, a copper for my time. Wishes I make true, come let me help you." The cackle of the old crone as she laughed was haunting, daring us to purchase her service. Daring anyone. "Come hither little ones, see your dreams. Come hither dears, all is not as it seems." I looked to Kathy and asked, "Want to? We're in the city...Read On


The Strange White Man 32

It was about a month later that Carpenter received a response from the head of the university. According to Father Zandor, the head of the mission, Brother Sebastian was not currently lecturing at the moment and none were scheduled in the near future. He continued that arrangements for an interview could be made if he wished to visit and had he only to advise them prior. Carpenter had much...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 12

Carlo kills a brother. Connie and Leona deliver a message. Molly takes Steve back.

The weather in mid-October was cold and crisp. The moon was at its smallest. The streets were especially dark, as Connie and Leona scavenged for a new victim. A cloud of fog hung over the city from the rising mist of the day. A mist of fog hugged the ground where there was open grass. The streets were wet with the falling dew with streetlights covered in an orange haze. Not many cars...Read On


The Strange White Man Chapter 31

Stiles was supplied with a horse and a pack mule by his employer and began the long trek back to the town of Springwood. As he rode he started to formulate his plan to expose that dance hall harlot for what she truly was and the only obstacle was the man called Carpenter. "Is he under her power?" he asked himself out loud, "He must be as he seems to be always there to assist her." "No...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 11

Steve changes and scares Maria. Molly kills again. Eran scores with financial data.

Shock registered on her face, as Eran slowly closed her phone. Slade noticed that look and went to her side. "What is wrong? Is Maria all right? What is going on? Eran ... Eran please talk to me!" Eran turned to him and pleaded, "We need to go to Maria's place. Something happened to Steve. Maria is in fear for her life. She wants us there." Slade signaled Kevin, Connie and Leona to...Read On


The Strange White Man Chapter 30

Kilgore and Stiles spent the better part of the day planning the evenings trip. They armed themselves with crucifixes, one in each of their coat pockets and one around there neck. As dusk approached Kilgore went to his wall safe and removed an old key ring with two old fashion keys, the largest one would open the gates to the family crypt and the smaller for the inner wooden doors. Just...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 10

Molly gets to punish Carlo. Eran tracks Molly in the country. Steve experiences changes.

Sebastian re-entered the cell with the door unlocked. Molly watched; as he changed back to the big man, everyone loved. They smiled at each other and blew a kiss. Molly walked out of the area and returned to the pub. Carlo noticed Molly's return and saw her smile. Molly went to the bar, got her flute of apple juice and sat at her table. Carlo smiled, as he watched the crowd move to the...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 29

Stiles and Kilgore's story continues

Stiles drove the buggy at breakneck speeds from the farm house back to the train station. Due to the amount of jostling and bouncing Kilgore was forced to hang on tight and refrain from asking any questions lest he bite his tongue or lip. Upon their arrival he told Kilgore to have his engineer run full steam as time was of the essence. Once underway and after downing a few brandies...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 28

Stiles stayed put in the small town he had arrived at a few weeks ago and spent most of his days in his room reviewing his notes and writing in his journal. In case of his demise, natural or otherwise, this journal would be a guide to whomever took his place. He had sent a telegram to his current client and received a request to stay there as the client was en-route to his location. About...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 09

Steve adds more information to the case with Leona's help. Molly gets a surprise.

Leona sat on Steve's bed. "Look directly in my eyes and keep focused there. I want you to open your mind and answer the questions I ask." As she spoke, her voice carried a wave that opened Steve's mind and brought his memory to ultimate sharpness. Steve's eyes looked directly at Leona's and his body relaxed at the sound of her voice. Within seconds, he was under her control. Leona was new...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 08

Molly catches Carlo acting badly. Eran wonders about Kevin. The search continues for Carlo.

Eran sat quietly as the faces flew past on her screen. It seemed that the search was hopeless with so many people arriving in the country to visit, stay permanently or hide away from somewhere else. It proceeded quickly, but seemed so discouraging. Who knew so many people came into the United States through New York. Boredom set in and Eran pushed her laptop away and leaned back in her chair. ...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 27

Holly's training begins

In the weeks that followed Lafayette's departure Carpenter began Holly's training. He taught her how to move at night without being seen and to move as softly at a cat. She had demonstrated that she knew how to jump down from high places, so now he taught her how to leap up. They practiced in woods surrounding the Indian burial grounds all night long. They also spent a few nights in the...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 26

The next morning Stiles was escorted to the railway station by two of the deputies and they stayed with him on the platform until the train arrived and boarding began. "Remember what the boss said about showing your face here again," one of the deputies warned. "And don't even think of jumping off as we ain't leaving here until the train is well underway and one of us are gonna follow...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 25

How it happened

Let us turn back the clock to the point in time where the Sheriff tackled Stiles to the ground and Holly ran up the alley, as you may have guessed it was not Holly but rather Lafayette in disguise .Upon reaching the back of the building he found Carpenter waiting. He then flopped over Carpenters shoulder and whispered that he was set. Carpenter then leapt straight up and caught the...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 24

Stiles confronts Holly

They chatted late into the Evening about the upcoming visit. Each person had a task to perform once they arrived in town and it was gone over repeatedly to ensure there were no mistakes. As Holly bustled about performing her house cleaning tasks Lafayette decided to speak to Carpenter outside, he used the premise of staying out of Holly's way. "You should think about marrying that...Read On