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Supernatural stories include themes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, myths, paranormal activity and ghosts. Spine-tingling, chilling tales can revolve entirely around mythical characters or depict non-human creatures interacting with mortals in everyday life.


Revenant: Prologue to Abysmal

Opening entries to Revenant: Abysmal

Impudence: Civilizations often grasp for echelons beyond their territorial claim. They envision monolithic kingdoms sprawling through unfettered land, implanted irrevocably in the planet’s roots, defying any natural formation. The absolute determination of sentient beings is only undermined by forces of intellect superior to their own. To be dominated, cognitively, causes an insecurity...Read On


The Anomaly: Non-linear continuation

A small jump in time since the first part. Explanations for the lapse will come soon

There is a warp in every town: a fissure in space, a pocket in reality, an inversion of intangibility from which dark-spawned creatures may emerge. Typically, these phenomena are localized to a very small proximity--a place bereft of light and life. Basements, attics, and closets of substantial depth are all known to have harbored the distortions. They go unnoticed for entire cycles of...Read On


Abysmal: Dalton

Abysmal The grass stirred. She swooned in the breeze, allowing herself immersion into the gust, a palpable caress that stroked her hair and graced her cheek. Beyond us at the base of the hill sat a man and his lover, entrenched in their own picnic of bliss. Lying on their backs, they faced the sky and gazed upward at the clouds hastening to gather. A shade overlay appeared amidst...Read On


Abysmal: Act Two

Takes place between The Ordination and The Absence passages and Descendant of Abysmal

The Maiden of Sepsis: Alyssa, Primordial Matriarch, was an entity that predated the entire galactic collective of historical information. Knowledge of her existence perpetuates only through myths supplemented by inexplicable stellar phenomena. Entire star systems eradicated in an instant by what many believe to be a weapon of her design. The weapon was supposedly forged in her ethereal...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 20

Gwen meets some new friends. Connie takes an active part in the case.

Connie listened as Slade spoke to Kevin. She had one more idea that might lead to more evidence against Molly and Carlo and maybe others. She wanted to tell Slade but knew that DD's was not the place to expound on future police strategy. She would wait until they were with Kevin and Eran at the station. Connie had not felt this good about an investigation since before suffering the effects of...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Sixteen-Captive

Morgan came to in in a strange place. She was in an empty room. The carpet beneath her was coarse, obviously cheap and not the cleanest. The walls were freshly painted over, and the scent of it lingered in the small space. The window on the other side of the room was boarded up with what appeared to be cardboard. She was still wearing what she had been when Andre had turned on her. Her...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Fifteen-Taken

"Calm down Morgan." "So it's true then? You're Matthias?" He sighed, and his entire form shimmered like a massive heatwave had come over him. One second she was looking at Julian, and the next she was looking at Matthias. The sight of him made her heart beat faster, and at the same time made it break. She'd punched him in the face the moment he'd walked in the door, so angry was she. The look...Read On


Vampire Justice Chapter 19

Connie gets into the investigation with Slade.

Diana met Raven and Carlo at the door to the pub and let them in locking the door after they entered. She led Raven to the special section where Molly sat eating breakfast. As Raven approached, Molly stopped eating, put down her utensils, looked up and smiled at the lawyer. "Welcome Raven, did you bring my wayward servant with you? I hope that you had no trouble getting him released from the...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Fourteen-Moving on

Julian had a playful side. Somehow, Morgan hadn't really expected that from the powerful executive. He had discovered she was ticklish and had decided to launch an all out attack on her. She was laughing so hard her stomach hurt and she had curled up into a defensive ball. "Mercy!" She was giggling non stop. "Mercy! I surrender!" He laughed and pulled her up into a sitting position. He had...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Thirteen-Julian

One and a Half Years Later "Well, obviously the proposal was well received." "I agree, though I don't think we've totally convinced Laura." Morgan made a face at her co-worker. She and Tanya had been fast friends when she'd been hired at Leiman and Cordell. It was a business that was all about sales and marketing, and so far Morgan had thrived there. "Laura is the troubleshooter. She...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Twelve-Hate you, Love you

"No, that's the Weeping Angel." "The statue with the wings?" "Yes." "I do not understand what is so frightening about it." "They stay totally still until you look away, and then they move a lot closer until they get you. I mean, we all have to blink sometime right? Also, if you look them in the eye, they can get in your head and control you. They are totally creepy. I'd rather deal with...Read On


Rise and Fall Ch 12

This was long overdue...

Dia stirred, opening her eyes to a pale blue sky and branches covered in delicate pink flowers that swayed in the breeze. The air was crisp, clearer, Dia sat up and stared out into the distance where the city stood out like a small blemish for the area surrounding it. She sensed the brooding presence of Grey lying beside her. "I thought I told you no." "I'm not a good listener," he mused,...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Eleven-Normal

Three days passed with her stewing in her own broken heart. She convinced her mother that she had come down with the flu, but really she was just sad. She missed Matthias with everything in her, but at the same time, she was so angry at him that she wasn't entirely sure she wouldn't stab him if she ever saw him again. "Enough." She muttered. She wallowed long enough. It was time to pick up...Read On



I am not religious, but this was an extremely fun story to write and I hope it is enjoyable to read.

The Voyage: Praise be to the insurmountable King. A blessing bestowed upon regents who then instill it, marginally, in their lands. Sapient sovereignty rules supremely with cosmic accords, unerring, and for the betterment of the uplifted and downtrodden alike. Cast through celestial seas, bobbing amid torrential nebulae, the ark of His indomitable hand ports at every planet, offering...Read On


The Ordination and The Absence

Abysmal will confer with the stars

The Ordination: Lady Primordia will reclaim this impudent realm. The Realmaker will rescind his bindings, retract the Forborn, and allow her deific decorum to grace this reality once more. A spider will unfurl and cast a prolific web, entrapping all, immutably. Abysmal will confer with the stars. The Great Bestial Arachnid hung adrift among the planetary debris, furled...Read On


Open Your Eyes

Not everything is as it seems

It’s that moment when you know you’re being watched; when an invisible hand reaches into your dreams and drags you back to reality. The shock sends your heart racing, the panic intensifying when inner voices whisper, Don’t make a sound, something’s not right . We’ve all experienced that prickling sensation as the hairs on the back of our neck stand to attention while our ears...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Ten- Escape

"Sometimes your knight in shining armor turns out to be an idiot wrapped in tinfoil."-Unkown She was sore all over when she woke up the next morning, and filthy too. She'd rolled around a little bit in the night, trying to get comfortable. She had been given clean water and food, so it seemed that he planned on keeping her alive. It was only then that she remembered he vowed not to harm...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Nine-From Bad to Worse

"Not even a King can escape the consequences of his actions."-Unknown. Things did not progress. Morgan was sitting on her pride, and she knew it. She knew that Matthias would not be the one to make the first overture. But every time she saw him she just got so angry! All she really wanted to do was give him a good slap across the face. He didn't speak to her, but the way that he looked at...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Eight-The Other Shoe

"Never give people choices you don't want them to make."- Frank Sonnenberg. Andre Andre materialized in his chambers gasping for breath. The wound was healing slowly because the damn mortal damn near scrambled his organs. He made a mental note to find out who taught her to twist a knife so viciously and kill them. He sat quickly on his bed and waited out the healing process, allowing...Read On


The Primordial Root: Elegy

The abysmal tempest consumes life, insatiably

A fat governor spat out a decree between laborious respirations: "Drag their belongings to the doors. Beat upon the wood, wake those impious bastards from their wine-addled stupor. Let them see what their rebellious efforts have wrought. Set up the pyres and douse the grounds in oil. This hall must burn along with the decadent inhabitants. Bring them out, there! Put them in the streets...Read On


The Primordial Root

A man attempts to topple a tree laden with ancient powers of dark.

Do you wish to end my growth, fawn of my construction?You toil away with that damned axe: hacking, beating, pecking away at my trunk like a man compelled by spirits. What hope is there to fell me in your pathetic state? Withered, wizened, and weak. You will never breach my bark. Begone or I will rip your innards from your stomach and hang you by them on my branches. Drenched in sweat...Read On


A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 12

The moment before the end.

Chapter 12: Alex’s Final Moments I opened my tired eyes, only to see myself. "You woke up, Alex." I sat up, my thirst for blood beginning to overrun my control. "Who are you?" My look alike helped me to my feet. "Can’t you tell?" I looked at the man once more, the painting of my dad appeared in my mind. "You’re my-!" "Alex. They need your help." He pointed past me into the air. I...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Seven-Violence.

Morgan paced nervously as time wore on. She knew he came back, but he was taking forever in council. She ran her hands through her hair in a frustrated way and then forced herself to sit down at her vanity. She was absolutely exhausted and if she didn't cease pacing she would wear a hole through the rug. She sat straighter, throwing back her shoulders and took several deep breaths from...Read On


Black Chronicles Character Interview Continued

This is the character interview for an upcoming book I'm planning... Feedback welcome...

“Come step into my parlour,”  He says with charmed guile.  “Dude, I’ve been waiting in the Jeep for you, we’re going to be late,” Hyuk says from the doorway. “But I really want to hear the rest of the story,” Jong says. “Can’t we go later?” Hyuk stands in the doorway, his tall frame practically filling it, tapping his foot impatiently. He’s changed out of his...Read On


Final Night Chapter Six-Decided

"We are our choices."-J.P. Sartre The great hall was all awash with noise. It seemed as though chaos had erupted in the small amount of time it took for Morgan to collect herself. She noticed Sebastian running towards the doors that led outside and she quickly caught up to him. "Sebastian!" He looked back curiously and noticed her. Slightly breathless she halted next to him. "What's going on?"...Read On


Black Chronicles Character Interview

This is the character interview for an upcoming book I'm planning... Feedback welcome...

“Come step into my parlour,”  He says with charmed guile.  I shift my weight, the slats of the wooden bench a stark testament to how long I’ve been sitting out here. Am I even in the right place? I check the message on my phone one more time, even though the chances of it reading any different to the other thirty-something times I’d read it were slim to none... ‘Entrance to...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Five-Like a Country Song

Welcome to the bad choices chapter

“Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people. It means they are human.”-Unknown Life went on, and Morgan began to wonder when she was going to go back home. Every time she brought it up Matthias became angry. And he wouldn’t stop looking at her like he wanted to eat her up. She didn’t even want to think about the feelings that he produced in her. Then there...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Four-New Clothes

Is this what you gave me to work with?

“A woman should always dress to be remembered, not simply to be noticed.”- Morgan Steele. The castle was huge. She had spent the better part of her first week here exploring it. There were tapestries and thrush carpets. It was practically medieval, and she was loving it. There were so many different kinds of people too! So many shapes and colors. All of them were...Read On


Final Night-Chapter Three-Just Friends

Just friends?

“Let me break it down to the facts. You will never get a girl like that! You gotta step up to the plate with a bat. That’s all I gotta say about that!”- Danielle Bradbery Morgan She looked around warily as the barista handed her, her normal mocha. She really didn’t want another stalker today. She just got her bedroom back in order and didn’t need any more immortal brawls....Read On


Final Night-Chapter Two-First Encounter

Ripped at every edge but you're a masterpeice

“You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise; you’re spilling like an overflowing sink. You’re ripped at every edge, but you’re a masterpiece, and now you’re tearing through the pages and the ink.” –Halsey. Matthias Matthias growled. Still she had not agreed to come to him. A few letters were exchanged, in which she was pleasant and agreeable. At first, when she sent the letter he assumed...Read On