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Supernatural stories include themes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, myths, paranormal activity and ghosts. Spine-tingling, chilling tales can revolve entirely around mythical characters or depict non-human creatures interacting with mortals in everyday life.


The Castle Part 8

Two days later the Baroness summoned her staff to her private sitting room after breakfast and gave them all explicit instructions. "I have a guest staying in the room across from mine. She is the daughter of an old friend of mine and she is not to be disturbed for any reason." "How long will she stay?" one of the maids asked. "As long as she wishes." "What about meals and cleaning her...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Ten-Endurance.

“What is the point of this?” Gasped Cadee. Black dots were swimming in her vision and her heart was pounding her chest as she gasped for air. They had been running through the forest for hours. She glared over at the tan colored wolf who was grinning at her, tongue lolling out of his mouth. She didn’t like the idea that Kat had something worse in store for her now. Why was the wolf here? ...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Nine-Ready for this?

She lay in wait for Yekaterina. Luckily she didn't need to wait long. The woman came out of the castle only twenty minutes later. She jumped in front of her and let out an 'eep' sound when the older woman threw a punch so strong it blew her hair back from her face. Kat's fist stopped barely a millimeter from her face. "What the hell are you doing Cadee! You never sneak up on a Slayer!" The...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Eight-The Calm

"Thank you for telling me," she said, her face emotionless. She'd pulled that off since she was little. Cadee smiled at her. "Are you okay?" The girl's bright blue eyes saw more than Kat was comfortable with. She saw more than even she knew. In fact, she and Cadee had always had a special relationship. There was a kinship between them, the two unwilling queens though Cadee seemed to...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 14

Molly hires a lawyer to get Carlo released.

The bartender went to the bar and dialed the number from memory. The lawyer she knew was a shapeshifter . She was good as a lawyer in working within the supernatural world. The phone rang once. "Raven here," the response was short and curt. "This is the bartender at Molly's place. We need your help. Can you come here and talk with Molly?" "Yes, I will be there in twenty minutes." ...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Seven-Two Parts.

She watched them leave the room, Cadee and the monster she'd been destined for. Neither of them even realized how perfect they were together. She looked over at Vairos and felt the familiar pang she felt every time she saw him. He was wearing the ring she'd given him for Christmas so many years ago. "How are you Vairos?" She wondered. Did he see the year's effect on her. She knew she...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Six-Healing.

"Please don't kill anyone. I know you want to, but please don't." Cadee's voice murmured in her mind. It was a place Bronwyn was familiar with. She'd resided there all her life; all of Cadee's life waiting for the time when Cadee would need Bronwyn's strength. She was everything about Cadee that was dangerous. She was the vampire spirit raging beneath the purity. Oh, she was pure too. What...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Five-All my Fault.

Weeks. It had been two full weeks that she'd been in a silent fugue. She hadn't spoken to anyone, hadn't even been aware of anything. She had nightmares every night, replaying the death of Mike over and over. It was only in the last two days that she'd been aware of anything at all. She'd barely eaten anything. Her father had been forced to use compulsion on her. It worked, barely. She knew...Read On


Nephilim - Chapter Four - Angel Wings

Rhaamah He couldn't stop replaying the moment he'd first realized the woman in his arms existed. Her mother, beautiful in her own right had come in and told him of her unborn daughter. He'd felt that tiny spark of life deep in her womb and that little life, not even yet with its own consciousness had reached out and touched him back unflinching and unafraid despite its purity. He would...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Three-Care for the Monster.

"You terrify me." She whispered.

She was standing at the window when she felt the room grow cold. "Hey, Vairos." She murmured. He walked over to stand next to her. "Cadee." He acknowledged. She tore her gaze from the window to meet his. His eyes were fully black, and he was handsome in a Romanesque sort of way. He had long jet black hair and radiated power. Then again, since meeting Ramaah, her concept of power had...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter Two-Raamah

-Did I deserve this torment? Do I deserve to stay this way?-

She'd seen pictures of this place before but had never actually come here. It was beautiful and well maintained. It seemed like everyone here was healthy and had something fulfilling to do. She almost envied them in a way. She'd met many supernatural creatures in her life but never before had she seen so many different kinds getting along so well, or humans acting like being around them...Read On


Nephilim-Chapter One-The Dream

"Isn't that the name of a demon?" he smirked at her. "Wildly misrepresented I assure you."

Hear the words from out these hands, Walking in the spirit lands, Demons often whisper here, shadows come to visit near. I hear the words, and hear the rhyme, Darkness speaks, Evil unleashed. God and goddess, Satan god, it doesn't matter what it's called. Red eyes watch from shadow, calling, calling; calling for your soul. If he rises, fire and blood will be his vices. He bides his...Read On


Destined-Chapter Twenty Five- Nephilim.

“Yes. I’m alright, that was just a lot to take in. He was completely terrifying.”

“Annie is heading here with her enforcer though she thinks she is coming alone. I’m still not sure why you wanted her to come.” “I heard your conversation with her. She only half believed you, and while you do take this threat seriously, you have no way of truly understanding how dangerous and powerful Nephilim are.” Derrik said, brushing a loose hair out of her face. “So you’re...Read On


Destined-Chapter twenty Four- Life.

“Why do you think that. You don’t feel what’s between us?”

It was wonderful to be back to her life. She didn’t admit it to anyone, but Demiyen, who had become a close confidant as she took her time to heal. But now she was back in college, attending classes and busily pretending that nothing bad had happened to her. All of her friends knew though that she was different, that something was off about her. She went on with a smile, though, pretending...Read On


The League of the Young and Supernatural (9)

A supernatural organization founded by rogue aliens fight to protect the human race.

Ch. 9 *Jinx* As soon as I confirmed that Zeta was following behind me, I quickened my pace. The two of us stepped into the elevator that lowered us down to the lobby of the entire building. I glanced over at Kiya, the desk receptionist, and smiled before heading out the front door. Not bothering to let Zeta catch up, I hustled down the street and waved a cab down to come and take me to...Read On


The Castle Part 7

The true story

The Baroness led her ancient Grandmother into her spacious marble bathroom where she drew her a bath. She took the gown the Queen had worn and carefully folded it before placing it in up in a large plastic bag. She would find a master tailor to see if it could be cleaned and repaired. While the Queen soaked she fetched a bathrobe from her closet for her to wear. She returned and showed her...Read On


Chapter Twenty Three-Demiyen

But you said I’m pretty.”

Annie “You should not drink so much.” She opened bleary eyes to find herself looking at the man who had rescued her. He was, quite frankly terrifying. He was huge, scarred and had red eyes and tattoos everywhere. But something inside her cried out in relief at the sight of him. It made no sense. “You make no sense!” She slurred. “Why do I feel you?” She wavered for a moment and then patted...Read On


Destined-Chapter Twenty Two-Down the Hatch

I want to see the stars

Several days before Joy's phone call: Annie woke up from a troubled sleep, more sore than ever and freezing so badly her teeth were chattering. It was silent upstairs. That was rare. Normally her captors had the television running all the time. She got up and moved slowly toward the basement stairs. It was not only quiet. The silence was ominous. She knew this meant something bad. She...Read On


Destined-CHapter Twenty One-Slayer

“Kill her. It’s the only way. You’re strong enough to contend with Demiyen now.”

Djinn’s syrum was the truth. One dose and she felt absolutely no pain whatsoever. The only problem was that it cut off her emotions too. After two days, she rejected the doses completely, bracing herself for pain when the last dose finally wore off. But there was no pain. On the third day, she woke up, and her body felt good. It felt better than good. She sat up in bed and the movement was...Read On


The Castle Part 6

Vince stood up on shaky legs and shook his head trying to clear it. Had he triggered another booby trap? It wouldn't surprise him. How long was he out? The powerful work lights were very dim and that meant that "Buddy's" battery was low so he switched them off and dug out his flashlight and peered into the stone box. The box was empty save for a few pieces of jewelry.Was this a joke? All...Read On


Destined-Chapter twenty-True Witch

The price of power is pain

She seemed unassuming. With the way True Witches had been talked about she was expecting someone intimidating, boiling over with power just like most of the immortals she had met; or someone who looked totally mystical with a bone necklace and super long hair. Instead, what she got was Priestess Mary, who looked completely and one hundred percent ordinary. The woman was about her height,...Read On


Sherry's Magical Christmas

A magical visitation on Christmas Day transforms Sherry's life

It was nearly midnight on Christmas Eve, and Sherry was slumped in a chair in the sitting room of her small cottage, lit only by the embers of the dying fire. She was feeling totally out of sorts, facing a Christmas Day on her own once again, which wasn't at all what she had planned. ooOoo Sherry was a secondary school teacher specialising in Natural History at a large comprehensive school...Read On


Destined-Chapter Nineteen-Make up

We reactivate your slayer gene...

He was gone. She’d tried to beat him up, and he’d walked away, and she was crying. She wasn’t just crying like in the movies where the woman looks classy and beautiful but sad. She was ugly snot crying. Full on sobs here. In fact, she was crying so hard she hadn’t even realized she wasn’t alone anymore until she was picked up. Joy squealed in alarm as Derrik picked her up and pulled her...Read On


The Castle Part 5

Had it not been for the rope attached to the safety harness he wore Vince would have fallen about twelve feet, but the sensors detected a free fall and applied the brakes stopping him about one foot from the stone floor, but he still bumped his head and lacerated his forehead.  He discovered that he was bleeding and went for the small first aid kit he carried in his vest and managed the stop...Read On


Destined-Chapter Eighteen-A Modern Man's perspective

Mike wondered if the Fallen in front of him was going to kill him for speaking so boldly.

Her legs were shaven, eyebrows plucked, makeup perfect; looking fantastic in every woman’s fallback little black dress. She was completely ready to go clubbing. The only problem was that Mike was blathering on about Vampires. “And what do vampires have to do with my Mother?” “Everything! You have to come with me into the archives.” “Are you trying to get me alone here?” She asked, humor...Read On


Destined-Chapter Seventeen-The Line

“You’re so young. The game of love is not fair or simple Joy. It is complicated and messy, and rarel

God, I’m nuts. She thought. She was turning into one of those women. Those females who couldn't trust their man and they got all paranoid rummaging around his phone and following him everywhere. She’d seen stuff like that on TV and always got annoyed with women like that. Turns out when you suspect your man of cheating you’re suddenly willing to do all kinds of crazy shit, like stalk him. ...Read On


Destined-Chapter Sixteen-Day Job

He’d been furious when she’d said she wasn’t ready for that.

Living in the Society was fine. The perks were great in the form of luxury, and information. There were libraries upon libraries. What she found unfortunate was that there were no bars in the compound. They had lived here for over a month now, and things were beginning to get a bit strained. The first problem she had was that the only people she knew here were Derrik, and Alfric. She...Read On


Destined-Chapter Fifteen-The Society

‘Sweat, blood, and ash. That was the whole world right now.

If you’ve never been on a plane before, Joy wouldn’t recommend it. Sure it was great at first. The clouds looked like cotton candy and the people and cars all looked like ants. Even the buildings seemed small that far up in the sky. The novelty wore off sometime around when the stewardess served reindeer balls for breakfast. Joy had taken that phrase the wrong way at first until she’d...Read On


Rise and Fall Ch 7

Just let me be who I am, It's what you really need to understand.~Anna Blue Silent scream

Jake tilted his head up to the night sky, the moon now nearing its peak will soon descend. He stopped following the rest of the group shortly after he started. He honestly did not care what happened to the girl. It wasn't like she had done anything wrong except attempting to decapitate him with a towel holder. He sighed as he sat in the corner of Dia's café. It had long since closed for...Read On


The Castle Part 4

Vince stayed on the floor and watched as the large war Axe swung down. When it stopped moving, he stood up and managed to squeeze himself between it and the frame. His powerful flashlight illuminated the mechanism on the back of the old wooden door that activated the Axe, he marveled at its construction and design. Once inside the cell, he closed the door after tying a rope to the bars set...Read On