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Supernatural stories include themes such as vampires, werewolves, witches, myths, paranormal activity and ghosts. Spine-tingling, chilling tales can revolve entirely around mythical characters or depict non-human creatures interacting with mortals in everyday life.


Vampire's Bane: Part 1

Bob starts his hunt for the vampire.

It was a cold Friday evening in January when Sylvia was walking to her boyfriend Bob's condo. She was thinking about the night they finally hooked-up. Sylvia was a third year English Lit major at Kent State University. She met Bob the first day of the previous fall semester when she arrived for her science class that she needed for her basic education required credit. Bob was teaching the...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 02

Eran finds a trail of bodies. Molly Callahan appears in the city.

Spring arrived in the city and revival was evident as the dormant parts of nature burst on the scene. There was a feeling of renewal and a thriving energy, as things came to life. Yet, there was someone or something in the city who took that life quietly and completely from strong young men. Very few clues about the men were left behind, just their naked bodies in scenes of debauchery...Read On


Blackmoor Chapters 2-4

Detective Grace Dobson's new case opens doors locked long ago.

2 Grace Dobson leaned against a red, brick wall of an old factory building. Hiding in the shadows she watched the cars that drove past. Every once in a while a neighbor would walk past the alley Grace rested in. Taller neighbors would walk right past the alley, chatting with companions or into phones. A few walked by alone, huddling their coats closer to ward out the chill of...Read On


Forever in a Moment 2

The sun shone in his face as Jason woke up the next morning. He reluctantly opened his eyes to the room he had found in the back of the house. No one had claimed it because they completely over looked the hidden door concealing a secret flight of spiral stairs that led to the room. At first it wasn’t much to look at, most of the furniture was draped in white sheets and the rest was covered...Read On


Forever in a Moment

A trail of fire was seen from afar in the blackness of the night. Each torch showed brightly the path of Wolfsbane pass. The forest silent in anticipation awaited the fate of the halo sisters. Four sorceresses of very strange and powerful magic’s. Deep within the woods at the end of Wolfsbane pass, Halo manor stood in a fairly large clearing. A grand log cabin that not even Bill Gates...Read On



Detective Grace Dobson's new case opens doors locked long ago.

The sweet and bitter scents mixed together to create the soothing atmosphere that was only available in such establishments. Two young women wearing t-shirts of a rich chocolate color covered by purple aprons darted from the cash register to the machines behind the counter. A large crowd of men and women, dressed in an array of fashions, congregated in front of the counter. Men in suits with...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 01

Slade and Eran are back with Leona and Connie on another big murder case.

"There is nothing like the sound of sirens and the smell of murder in the morning," chortled detective Slade to his new partner Eran. It was the end of their shift, but something about the crime and the witness felt strange to the original detectives. There was a preternatural air to it. There was a dead naked man against a tree in a grassy open area. A witness reported it and waited...Read On


Vampire's Bane: Prequel

How the touch of a vampire spreads its evil.

It was the middle of a hot summer day in the desert just outside of Las Vegas. If anybody had been looking at the state highway, then that person would have seen a red Harley Sportster and rider appear out of nowhere riding down the road. The rider was wearing a heavy leather jacket, chaps, gloves, heavy boots and a full helmet that had a black, silver and white design on it. Now most...Read On



One day, a boy finds out his world isn't the only one that exists.

And then I shot up from bed. The weather is acting up. I had a bad dream, but what was it? I can’t remember. . . Wait, where is she? Is she okay? I have to check up on her. I don’t know why, but I think she’s in danger! This is what the boy thought to himself as he awoken from an unpleasant slumber, only to be confronted with these feelings of concern and uncertainty. The boy gets up...Read On


In the Cemetery. Part 11

The large slab bearing the Di Winter name slowly came out, it was not carved into the stone as he believed. It was a stone slab that was added to the structure afterwards. He noted there were four long round shafts which held the plaque in place. These shafts had notches on them and in the middle of the plague was a long iron rod that was shaped like a skeleton key. He pushed it back in...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 25

The search is over. All murderers taken. Life or death goes on.

Eran sat staring dumbfounded at her laptop screen, as the cell phone blips disappeared. She poked Kevin in the ribs and he grunted. Her mouth hung open, as she kept refreshing the screen. The blips disappeared and never returned. She looked at Kevin and yelled, "What just happened? We lost the gang members cell phones. Where did they go? We need to find them." Kevin assured her, "If...Read On


Nightly By Jade and Jen

When you hear a whistle in the wind or feel a chill up your spine, it is us. The Nightly

Prologue We are many. You can't see us for what we are. But we are here. Waiting in the shadows. Now that you understand we are different you can pretend you know how we are, who we are, and how we live. But you will never truly get it. We are different from each other but we are all bound by blood and heritage, so know we are different and accept that you will never know us truly...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 24

The police move in on the seven murderers. The end is near for the investigation.

Slade turned to Eran and Connie, as Leona and he walked to his car. "We are going to talk with Gustaf and Andrei to open a dialog with the vampire community. Why don't you go question Maria? That way we can do more in less time," Slade said as he helped Leona into the car. Connie looked up and smiled at Eran. "We can interview Maria easily. If Slade were there, he would intimidate her....Read On


Vampire Murders Part 23

They may have a witness. Vampires join the hunt for the murderers.

After Kevin left, Eran took a long hot shower to clean up and to awaken her senses. She got some sleep, but all the events of the past two days ran continuously through her mind. She had not taken time to review the security videos, which Kevin delivered. As she dried, she thought she would start the review on today's shift. She had six days of video to scan and that would take a long time....Read On


The Strange White Man Part 16

 Holly was enjoying her time in the territorial capital. She spend a lot of time shopping, not an easy task since most of the stores had closed by the time she was up and active. She solved the problem by leaving an envelope for the morning concierge with her orders and instructions on where the packages should be shipped, either back home or delivered to her hotel room. She was renowned for...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 22

The human gang members are caught, but the vampires escape.

Andrei emerged from the shadows, as the convoy of vehicles drove up to the estate. He walked to the lead truck and talked to Gustaf about the estate. No guards patrolled outside and the house was dark. After Andrei talked with Gustaf, he walked to the box on the pole by the gate and pushed the call button. A mechanical voice sounded, "May I help you?" "Police, we have a warrant to...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 21

Eran, Connie and Leona become best friends. The murderers become desperate.

The moon was a sliver of white in the eastern sky as Leona and Eran left the police station. They did not notice that a truck followed them through the city. They went directly to the hospital to see Connie and find out when the hospital would release her. The truck followed them into the parking lot and stopped a few rows behind them. The two men inside got out of the truck and followed...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 20

Eran gets the video evidence for the fire and the murders and makes a new friend.

It was too early for Slade and Eran to report to the squad room, but not enough time to return home. They decided to watch the news and relax after eating the meal Eran prepared. They sat at opposite ends of the giant leather couch placed in front of the very large screen TV. Slade looked over at Eran who watched the news intently. He thought, She is quite the detective. Her instincts are...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 19

The arsonists are caught on video. Eran makes a new friend and ally.

The fire suppression system kicked on quickly and the fire died in a matter of a few minutes. Rather than evacuate with Leona, Slade stood and watched as the flames licked the room and then they were gone. Of course, the furnishings in the room sustained damage and replacement was necessary. Leona's coffin fell apart from the flames that swallowed it, but she had a spare in the back of...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 18

Connie finds out what happened and starts to deal with it. Leona is threatened.

Slade and Leona walked into Gustaf's office and found Gustaf and Andrei still embroiled in conflict. It was as if they never changed places from the night before. The storm of words raged on in Romani and Slade felt so out of place. Leona entered and slammed the office door hard creating an interruption that stopped the men. They turned to look at her and glared at her strong enough to freeze...Read On


The Strange White Man Part 15

Holly departed the following night leaving Carpenter to sit and ponder his next course of action. He had dealt with the hunters many times over the years and he had no qualms about killing if it meant survival, but this was the first really intelligent one he had ever encountered. Keeping a federal marshal as a partner was a brilliant move on his part so there could be no crude attacks...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 17

Connie heals quickly. Leona reveals what really happened the night before with Connie.

Leona and Slade left the Main Artery and drove to Cafe Rendezvous. Leona sat next to Slade, but touched him less and never looked directly at him. She tried to hide that she cried, about the night's earlier events with Connie. The argument between Gustaf and Andrei at the club was about what happened earlier. Something went radically wrong with the healing process and the least desirable...Read On


The Strange White man Part 14

Doctor Vincent headed his buggy back to town. As he rode he though about the conversation he had with this man called Carpenter. He was sure that he was one of those that he had sought and destroyed all across the Western states. Be they called Nosferatu, vampire or the undead they must be eliminated. But this time he could not be sure this time as there were questions that he had to...Read On


The Strange White man Part 13

Holly waited until the hotel grew quiet and all those that responded to the yelling and gunfire had departed. She concentrated and expanded her hearing. She soon heard the piano player start up again and the drone of voices as the card games and general conversation resumed. It was about 3:00 AM when she judged that it was safe to leave. As the desk clerk was asleep in the little room...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 16

Connie makes a big choice to get well sooner.

There was a thin layer of frost covering the city as the bright red sun rose slowly. Slade woke early, looked outside and put the coffee on before showering. While he was in the shower, Eran called and left a message about the estate in the suburbs. The owner of the transport company indeed owned the estate and had for over 150 years. She also had more photos of the estate from various...Read On


The Strange White man Part 12

As Holly sat and sipped on her champagne she was amazed at how her hearing and vision had expanded. She could see the cards of the poker player that sat with his back to her and he was better than half way across the room. She heard the scurrying of a mouse that had exited his hole to grab a dropped piece of food and his hasty retreat back home. She could hear the moaning of one of the...Read On


The Strange White man Part 11

The ranch hands took on their new duties without complaint; spurred on by the extra pay they would receive and being allowed to sleep in the next day when they drew the overnight watch. Although many times Carpenter met them while they were making their rounds and told them to go to bed as he would be in all night and that they could start again at Sunrise. For the next few nights he labored...Read On


The Strange White Man, Part 10

Night had fallen and Carpenter exited his resting place deep within the cave on the Indian burial grounds. The Lakota's penchant for violence when dealing with trespassers kept the townsfolk away and their reverence for the ancient dead kept them away, so it was a good choice. He entered the ranch house and found Holly laying in a pool of her own blood. A deafening scream of rage and...Read On


The Strange White man Part 9

As requested Texas Jack and his shotgun collected Miss Holly and her brace of luggage around Noon and then drove non-stop until they reached the Wells Fargo station. They hitched a team of fresh horses and then continued on until they reached their destination around 10:00 PM. They offered to carry the luggage into the house but she said the porch would be fine. She then thanked them...Read On


Vampire Murders Part 15

Leona and Andrei wake up in a stone dungeon and have to escape their captors.

The sun disappeared below the western horizon and another beautiful day ended in the city. Late October in the city was a beautiful time. The oak and maple trees dropped their red, yellow, orange and brown leaves. They swirled around when cars passed, creating small funnel clouds of crushed leaves and debris. When it rained or frosted, the streets became slick almost like ice. It was so...Read On