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I came here to read and have decided to write down some of my fleeting thoughts. I think too much, usually about nothing of real importance and I rarely sleep. I am a bit of a chatterbox.

And now that I'm more comfortable about writing here...I've got to say I am grateful to have a place to "let it out"

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22 Jul 2017 07:52
Sand Kingdom Building
Laughing with my children
Time with friends and family
Swimming, boating
World religion
etc, etc
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so many
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Hunter S. Thompson
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Pitch Perfect (all of a sudden)
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Deadliest Catch
American Horror Stories
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Let's see...
Jane's Addiction
Ice Cube
Green Day
Fiona Apple


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14 Jun 2015
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15 Jun 2017
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Topic: Your today's thought or message
Posted: 22 Nov 2016 19:57


Topic: The Random Blurt Thread
Posted: 06 Nov 2016 18:49

This time change is making me way too sleepy, far too early.

Topic: Drop Letter - Add Letter
Posted: 27 Oct 2016 11:40


Topic: Right now, I really......
Posted: 26 Oct 2016 10:15

Need more sleep. Want more

Topic: Right now, I really......
Posted: 25 Oct 2016 06:35

Should either go back to bed or fix breakfast. I got up at 2:30 and its after five now.

I need a nap :)

Topic: Right now, I really......
Posted: 23 Sep 2016 17:55

Right now I'm really tired of my chronic fatigue

No change ... And I admit that's a bit of whining that I DONT like😡😡😡

Right now I'm hugging you

Topic: What's your current mood?
Posted: 17 Sep 2016 20:24

Sick and sad <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/eusa_boohoo.gif" alt="Boo hoo!"> <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/eusa_boohoo.gif" alt="Boo hoo!"> <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/eusa_boohoo.gif" alt="Boo hoo!"> I know, I know

Topic: Poetry challenge: Use the last line first.
Posted: 12 Sep 2016 07:11

The we'll carry on as we may
Even though it's Monday
And I don't really want to play
Why can't we have wine all day?

Sure, I may pass out
But that's nothing to worry about
Let's have fun and not pout
Do you like sauerkraut?

I'm going to pour the wine now

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I just don't know

How did those maple leaves get in your bathtub? Meh.  I don’t know. Shrug shrug.   What would you like to have for dinner? Meh. I dunno. Shrug shrug.   Did you enjoy the movie last night? Meh. Sheesh. Eye roll. I thought the movie was rather boring and am thinking of making sushi for dinner. I wonder if I have any seaweed sheets. I need ginger too, of course. Wait! Where are...

Added 08 May 2017 | Category Musings | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 132 | 3 Comments

Next Stop

It's crazy what you can find inside your mind sometimes. Scary, at the very least, and yet it comes in rhymes. Sometimes.  I stepped up to someone I thought I knew, but it wasn't you. You knew it too. Didn't you?  I fell into a colorful dream of dark and grey misbeliefs and thought I'd thought of everything. Inside I silently scream.  Restlessness inside this day, wishing you could take...

Added 05 May 2017 | Category Musings | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 150 | 5 Comments


It all seems silly now Where I once stood firm It's not a place at all It took this long to learn Perhaps with jaded perception I created an alternate state A place that withstood time And so I was never late Doesn't that sound great? But something happened I allowed myself to love I nurtured and protected Despite words said above I made so called friends And I let my love show I...

Added 08 Mar 2017 | Category Poetry | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 105 | 1 Comment


The plan has always been That this is not part of the plan Still, we stand where we stand And I will forever hold your hand But this is not part of the plan It’s so hard to describe So no one understands This cannot be planned This feel withstands Through threats and remands I will always understand And things I’ll always know Like it will continue to grow It is so awesome though And if...

Added 18 Feb 2017 | Category Poetry | Votes 3 | Avg Score 4.33 | Views 141 | 1 Comment


Decades passed Nothing lasts Everything changes Varying stages Absolute life Chaotic strife Do some things never change? Chasing demons Collecting lemins Lovings lost Soulless accost Enduring support Endless retort Does anything stay the same?  Staggering ends Passing friends Words unspoken Trusty token Jilted hearts Falsified starts It seems everything must change Eternal needs...

Added 24 Jan 2017 | Category Poetry | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 125 | 2 Comments

Lost In Love

Why did you come here What is it that you fear Why do you vanish And then suddenly reappear Why did you pick me Did you think I'd not see The weakness in you Or this living hypocrisy Perhaps you saw it in me Itching and begging to be free Welcomed with open arms No longer some huge mystery Here we are, together at last Stuck trying to erase the past Now I have a partner To help...

Added 22 Nov 2016 | Category Poetry | Votes 9 | Avg Score 5 | Views 216 | 7 Comments

Frozen Tundra

The snow was frozen, sparkling in the moonlight.What have I done? How did I lose sight? Did I walk away from the fight that night when you told me not to run? When will our time come? After I begged you to take flight. Broken promises Inside I scream Wake me from this dream When I get lost amongst the willingly tossed will you hear me shout your name? Will it sound the same as it did...

Added 20 Nov 2016 | Category Songs | Votes 12 | Avg Score 5 | Views 205 | 8 Comments

Sending Off

Is it fate How we relate When things are great We celebrate We shift and spin Honoring our win Ignoring our sins The darkness within There is no pain For me to explain No way to complain When we've gone insane Going day by day Is there any other way Should I simply stay Is it time to walk away Perhaps a little nap A voyage sans map No arms around me wrap No love to fill the gap Until ...

Added 18 Nov 2016 | Category Songs | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 156 | 6 Comments


Am I lost Within the explanation Outside our destination Have I found A common inspiration Devoid of complication Could it be Just my imagination Of mutual admiration Where to next Without hesitation Maintained by predication Now I see Among the sublimation My own lucid fascination Come with me Enjoy this libation And peaceful acclimation...

Added 14 Nov 2016 | Category Poetry | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 131 | 5 Comments

Stuck In Un

I often feel so un Unwanted Unable Undone Unhappy It's a slippery slope Unloved Unmotivated Undressed Uncertain The darkness is endless Untrue Unidentified Unbearable  Uneven Sometimes I get lost in the "un" of it all...

Added 07 Nov 2016 | Category Musings | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 248 | 12 Comments

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Posted: 22 Jun 2017 15:44
Dang! Why wasn't I told!
Always a day late and a dollar short!

Happy Birthday Adi!!!

I hope it was a great one -@

Posted: 21 Jun 2017 17:40
A very happy birthday to you! -@
Posted: 21 Jun 2017 00:30
Happy Birthday from the team at Stories Space.
Posted: 12 May 2017 03:05
Posted: 08 May 2017 23:52
Good morning, Adi. Hope all is well :)

Posted: 05 May 2017 21:08
Love you, stay happy and be well.
Posted: 17 Apr 2017 03:28
Posted: 15 Apr 2017 06:48
Posted: 09 Apr 2017 22:26
Posted: 13 Mar 2017 17:10
Posted: 25 Feb 2017 23:38
Posted: 25 Feb 2017 23:37
Has to be your cat.
Posted: 27 Jan 2017 04:09
Posted: 15 Jan 2017 16:59
Posted: 14 Jan 2017 21:55

Miss you Adi, but I'll be waiting. <3
Posted: 12 Jan 2017 08:00
Posted: 10 Jan 2017 22:07
Posted: 07 Jan 2017 14:30

I am praying for you Adi, and miss you and Gill a lot! Shall we dance?
Posted: 05 Jan 2017 20:50

Hey there beautiful!! {}
Posted: 31 Dec 2016 09:02
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