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Jack and Jill: Two Minutes

**Legend has it, the greatest thief of all time spent two minutes drinking a glass of wine with his shadow after he killed his victim**. Jack trembled as he placed the gun in his mouth. Taking one last breath, he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. BANG! Jack opened his eyes in shock. His gun misfired. Nothing seemed to be going his way. He threw the gun down on the sofa and made his...

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*The roaring crowd cheered as the gates opened and a lion came out. The lion slowly walked out, basking in glory as the crowd roared on. I watched in horror; I couldn’t believe the madness in front of my eyes. In the center of the arena was a young skinny fragile looking boy, he was chained to a cub on his left foot. He had a thin stick that was poorly sharpened on one end. It had bite...

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Las Vegas (the week after)

Seated, Face to face. Travelled, From place to place. We find ourselves in a motel room   Tough choices Muted inner voices As life forces And threatens our life force. How did things go wrong from our hotel room?   Once a curious face Now a serious face You hand me choices After calculating our losses   The world wasn't so receiving, Forced us on a path of deceiving. ...

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Las Vegas (The night after)

  Legs crossed Fate crossed Under the bed sheets   Barely dressed Hardly stressed Together, we make our wish list   Stay blessed, Never cursed. Our feet dangle far from hell   Smash the piggy bank Toss all the coins in the well The wishing well,  All's well, that ends well.   We laugh, we cuddle We know we can handle All of life's hurdles.   In times of troubles, In...

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Lost it

Fully dressed in make up Barely dressed in clothes. When will you wake up? And know there's more to life than a pose Tequila shots after a break up, Man left you for whores. The road to success is bumpy And full of potholes Don't waste your life worrying About filters and photos There is more to lifestyle Than hairstyle. You brag about cutting branches And chasing after that...

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SETTING: Two policemen are chatting as the detective and his apprentice approach them. POLICE OFFICER 1: Here, quick, drink this coffee. You need to be sober when giving them your statement. CONSTABLE: (takes a huge gulp and shuts his eyes immediately.) Ah! This one is laced with whiskey you idiot! Shit, you made it worse. POLICE OFFICER 1: Sorry chief. Let me get you another- ...

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The Sea

I cast my bait And wait and wait My reflection changes, with every wave My emotions all buried in different graves There say there's plenty of fish in the sea, so I surf into the sunset Plenty of fish in the sea, so I surf the internet. I cry in the rain, as I try to refrain But my eyes still remain, humid You see, I once caught a mermaid. Something new to me But the darkness in me...

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Dear Santa (Santa has the right idea)

Today I saw a man dig out of a trash can looking for food. And what my broke my heart was his striking resemblance to you. You broke my heart a couple of times when I was young. My granny told me that you were a myth, that you never existed. I should have listened to her... My Mama told me different, if I behaved and was good all year, I would get to see you. It seemed we were the only...

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The Wait

The darkness The silence The breeze next to my ears I let go of my fears My eyes can see My eyes are a leaky sea Of salty tears Looking for a Moses, to part my sea No fish Just my fish Oh, how I can be selfish To get my wish The people I have ripped apart, my soul I've ripped apart Left with no one but myself in this damn apartment Stressed, working alone overtime in this...

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SETTING: A boy wakes up in a hospital bed next to his father. A doctor walks into the room to deliver the news. Doctor: Hello and welcome to- Son: Doc, give it to me straight. Doctor: Well son, there’s no easy way to put this but- Son: Doc! How long do I have to live? Doctor: A week Son: A week! That’s not enough time to live. I’m gonna die young. I’m gonna die young. [Son whining]...

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The Voice in the Wind

I lay in bed, breathing deeply, hoping it would distract me from my excruciating headache. Pieces of the only food I had an actual craving for floated in a bucket of vomit by my bedside. “God, why me?” I whimpered. A strong wind forced the curtains away from my window and over my body. It traveled from my feet to my ears. It whispered dominantly, “Why only acknowledge me when you think...

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