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I'm told I'm too picky   I'm told to lower my standards To stop wanting what I want   I'm told my type is too rare and that I will never find that   My type?   I don't have a type    I mean if you count human qualities a type then I guess I do    I want him to love me whole heartedly    I want him to show me off as if I'm his most prized possession    I want him to smile at...Read On


The Chronicles of Claudia Labelle -- Part XXVIII

Claudia goes to the Prior for guidance on recent events.

Entry XXXVI – Now that I have more ink, I may continue with my writings. But, before I do, I must say that word of my particular bloody discovery has traveled fast throughout the Priory. There were students staring at me as I went into the supply room to acquire an inkwell. They whispered among themselves words I could not understand. Perhaps the young nobleman that tried to “help”...Read On


Loving you

I was told I couldn't love anyone if I didn't love myself But that's not what my heart says when I look at a picture of you  That's not what my mind says when I hear your name That's not what my body says when I react to your touch  I never loved myself  My thoughts would always just consume me, and I would give up  Waking up to a message from you puts a smile on my face each and every...Read On


Lie Down with Me

Lie down with me  It's the only place where I feel safe Where all that can be heard is our breath mixing together as we whisper sweet nothing into the wind  Our hearts beating as one as if that's all they were meant to do  As if that's what they lived for  Happiness in your arms is all I want and I feel while surrounded by your warmth  It's the only place where I can think clearly ...Read On


When We Danced the Waltz

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you new." - Shakespeare

The bright sun slowly rising from across the horizon A new day beginning to unveil and show itself The crisp air was chilly the birds beginning to sing A beautiful day approaching intertwined with strong emotions   She slowly walked along the trail away from her cabin She hugged herself with the quilt wrapped around her shoulders Walking into the field of long grass she stared ahead...Read On


A Ghost Story

This is a true story.

I only did a short run last night. The day had been hot, and I had already run almost every day this week. Also, I was on call for work. Technically I'm not supposed to be more than 15 minutes from being able to get online in response to some technical issue with Nordstrom's credit card application system. Normally, this isn't a big deal. In the absence of some new software being pushed out,...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 7

“I'm sorry, Matron,” he said, unhappily curling his lip. “I'm afraid we have a problem..."

Munchen-Pasing. May 01 st, 1941   The drone of the three engines was too much for Maria to doze in her seat. It was set to be a long journey that had begun when a car had arrived to take her across the city to Riem where the new airport was situated, the same one at which she had landed when she returned from her ordeal in the Mediterranean. Although her transport had arrived...Read On


Me, Me

I was so young when I had those thoughts  "I'm ugly."  I looked at the stretch marks and the acne, and I wouldn't pick out one thing that I liked I saw my thighs and envied the girls with thigh gaps  I saw my lips and wanted them to be fuller  My hips were too wide  My hands were too small My eyes weren't a pretty color  I hated my nose My face was way too red  And I couldn't stand...Read On


Two Weeks to Build a Bird

Julian bought the girl at an auction. Cheap. She was thin and small with auburn hair that covered half of her back. Her hip bones jutted out and her ribs showed. He could count her vertebrae. She was perfect. She was drugged and flown to his home in the countryside, where nobody could bother them. His maid tended to her, cleaning her, treating her scrapes and bruises, and brushing her...Read On


After You

I tried to move on.

It was our first date    Lights dim and plates full   Perfect words spoken at just the right time   He said everything I wanted him to say   He did everything I hoped that he would do    He walked me to my door like the perfect gentleman   He even held the door open for me while I got in the car   But no matter what was happening, all I could think of was you   Your...Read On



Old man.  Why do you sing in the snow?  ...  I fear I could break history with my tears.  ...  Yes I see,  Our lives shatter like thin ice.   The will of the river shall run deep.  ... Old man.  Why do you cry?  ...  I fear nothing anymore.  For you have found me and take me by my blue withered hand.  ...  Come home grandfather Christmas dinner is warm.     ...Read On


Instruments of Pain

" nos cedamus Amori." -P. Vergilius Maro

Sticks and stones are vicious things, The hurt they bring intense. Whips and chains make chosen pain In careful increments. Words are better -- stronger tools. Brutal, ruthless, savage. They break no bones -- those truths, those lies. More potent is their damage. Your words, my love, they changed my life; I died the day I met you. You said you loved me, said, “Forever.” I wish I could...Read On

Recommended Read

The True Story of Rapunzel

The witch never knew what trouble teenagers could be until Rapunzel turned fifteen. The girl whined constantly about boredom. She complained at every turn about her milk, bread, and honey diet, though it had been perfectly acceptable until now. Worst of all, she only had one dress and it was green. She hated green. In a moment of impatient weakness, the witch cursed Rapunzel with...Read On


That Saturday Morning

This is a true story. It has been told many times and always gets a laugh. Now it was a typical Saturday morning at our house. It had to be sometime before Memorial Day because my parents were still at home, normally they are at our cottage. My mom who is a habitual early riser headed to the kitchen to make coffee and let the big orange and white cat up from the basement.   She opened...Read On


Primordial Scream

Tick tock, tick tock goes the clock. A child who has no voice from screaming internally, Not knowing what is happening, but her soul knows it's not right. Hoarse and silent she grew over the years, invisible, unknown.   Little brown-skinned angel with no halo, surviving the lie. Dressed inappropriately at a young age, no seven year old should be sexualized. Primordial screams...Read On


Beauty is Pain

"Beauty is pain"   Or at least that's what we were taught to believe.    So we get up and work on the painting that is our faces.    We don't sleep enough, but that's okay. That's what's concealer is for.    We don't have that perfect jaw line but it's okay, we can just contour.    Our cheeks aren't pink enough, so we pack on some blush.    Our lips aren't full enough, so...Read On



This sadden me to sing.... Confusing what is real ~ Chester Bennington

His music takes me to sleep When I am down and in pain He soothes the ache of despair With his words, in his music His shouts of anger Relieved me of mine Every anger he shouts Makes mine calm What a waste of a great life A great artist that helped me To survive my own battle With depression, that he can't Thinking of ending life The coward in me is afraid Asking myself is it really...Read On



Handle with care it says...

How can you handle it with care?  When you are flying with happiness  Felt like your feet are on the clouds  That you could reach the skies above  How can you handle it with care?  When you are swimming with roses  Felt like your body is floating on the sea  That you could walk above the ocean  How can you handle it with care?  When your only thoughts are yourself  Felt like you can...Read On



It’s quiet. The dogs, My lover, My son,  Appliances, Weather… Mute. Nothing, Save for crickets and frogs, The symphony Of the subtropics. I bask in the rarity, Feel my soul sing. For when it’s quiet, When I am nothing To anyone, I am free....Read On


Tossed To The Winds

As good fortunes have fallen on me A change of course in my anomaly With words more soothing And less bellicose I shall be   As my tongue has had, its bell rung Casting my darkness into the sea  As my muse sings me happy songs With kisses in lands of my dreams While my prose cries of marital bliss  And all precautions tossed to the winds   ...Read On


The Man In The Moon

Loving you from afar....

He used to look at me from the moon He got brave and came down for me And the sun started to shine on me He loves me to the moon and back He showered me with so much love And the flowers bloom around me He can make me smile without effort He can make me cry with happiness And the birds sing the happy tunes He is my dearest man in the moon He comes down from time to time And he is...Read On


A Fairy Tale Of True Love Triumphant - Part 1

Once upon a time before the Normans came to this land, there lived a great king who was renowned for his wisdom and love of peace and justice. Caradoc, for that, was his name, was much loved by his subjects, and anyone, man or woman, was guaranteed a fair hearing in his courts. When he walked or rode about his kingdom, he would greet everyone with a cheery wave and a cry of ‘Good day to...Read On


Come Lie With Me

The lady or the tiger



Tracks in the water

I have been all over the earth.  I have left footprints in blood and clay in every nursery rhyme.   If I had a chance I would dance on everybody's grave.  Don't you think a merry jig is a good reason to live? If you ask me how many paces it is to the moon,  I'll laugh and say you are not old enough to drink that white light.  You think you have paid the price?  Maybe you have but I...Read On


Peace Talks

Would he and Amy soon be fighting like that Blue Jay and squirrel in the backyard?

 Sleep had been hard to come by. Mark’s mind kept going back to his bumping into Bebe at the dance last night and her agreeing to a date, then it would switch back two weeks to his kissing Amy, and how that changed everything, at least for him, then return to the meeting with Bebe. Just before dawn, he woke to the sound of his father leaving to go fishing on Big Bear Lake with S.J....Read On


Dear Miss Violet

Hello, dear Miss Violet! So good to see you again. Sadly you shall go and not return home. Everyone in town has had enough of your garbage, Miss V. You've been naughty and mean for the last time, you see?   Just grab my hands, and we'll go on a long, chatty walk. Take a look around, for this is the last time for this view. Your life is mine now, and I'm taking it for my pleasure. ...Read On


Father Bicgock

Father Bicgock was making his rounds at the Chapel when he came upon Sister Margaret weeping. "What is wrong, dear Sister?" Bicgock asked, sitting beside her. "My hand," Margaret replied, "It is broken." Her left hand was in a sling and wrapped in a cast. "I had a nasty fall and broke it, but it doesn't hurt anymore." "That looks quite damaged," Bicgock said, "But why must you weep if you...Read On


Harborers of Hate

I don't know to free myself....

Hate gives us peace of mind. Knowing that we are feeling something relaxes us in a twisted, unknown way. Hate convinces us that it is all we have left. That, there is no fight left in us. That it will always be a bubbling misery that sits inside our minds, waiting to spread like a flame throughout our bodies. A black snake that slithers into our hearts, hell bent on devouring and destroying...Read On


I am listening still

What is sound?  You know the things that make our ears twitch.  Music and laughter... The agony of disaster?  What are they?  This metamorphic tremor in our ears?  Does it come in random static?  How do we differentiate good from bad?  C# above natural c can shatter glass.  Sound can make you throw up or go unconscious.  In the sound of the shatters and splinters, there is a voice. ...Read On



A strong woman she may be  A strong confident woman is something to be seen As she works on herself She knows what she can and should be Every day pushing past the pain Moving towards her ultimate goal Walking into the unknown  Her eyes open soaking it all in  Taking the chance as she slowly accepts who she is Holding onto hope Putting herself out there for all to see As the days...Read On