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Learning to Fly

Dear Dad, I should have done this so much sooner but I am a procrastinator as you well know. Sharing my thoughts with you now is the very least I can offer. Soon you won't remember my words and perhaps not even my face. Fate is cruel, stealing your memories but leaving your body healthy and intact. From the time I was little I always felt safe with you. We had so much fun and not always...Read On


If I had wings...

The melancholy beauty of the fall

The olives and the ochres of withered blades, Of conkers and hazel all through the glade Dark evenings, too soon the clock going back, Squirrels secreting their nutty snacks A ring of fairies dancing on the lawn, Appearing in the early dawn     The cool breeze brings a dash of rain, Like tears on the window pane A double rainbow a lucky sign? Still no evading autumn time   ...Read On


Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 08, Boudreaux Family Values

This chapter contains racist dialogue, including the 'N' word, some may prefer avoiding.

  “Hey, good lookin’, what ya got cookin’ tonight?” At the sound of Darrell Ray’s cocky, teasing voice, Bebe gave him an unhurried glance. Then she took her time putting away an unread folder, turning off the fluorescent desk light and covering the typewriter. When everything was in order, she leaned back and met his gaze. It was way past the lumberyard’s two o’clock Saturday closing time....Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant hearts. Chapter 10.

She jumped and cried out in surprise as she felt a hand grip her shoulder.

Berlin. May 27 th , 1941   Since returning to the Charité, Katarina had immersed herself totally in trying to run her ward as efficiently as she always had but things were very different now. Medical supplies were becoming scarce and interference from the authorities was increasing daily. It seemed to her that there was no room for the mentally ill or permanently disabled in the...Read On


In A Lifetime

A view of the current political landscape

Shadows are falling, and I have been standing here all day, with time seeming to be running away and there is no reason to really be anywhere. It feels like my sense of humanity is slowly going down the drain, and hope seems and feels like it is slowly becoming undone. While I feel like my humanity has gone down the drain. I ain’t really looking for anything in anyone’s eyes, and though it’s...Read On


My Angel

Any day with my Angel.

as I wake I see your face as I stop for coffee I see your face as I drive to my next appointment I see your face as I sit  at the bar I see your face as I finish my dinner I see your face as I unlock my door I see your face as I fall asleep I see your face forever My Angel.  ...Read On


It's a Choice

They say that happiness is a choice    I don't recall ever saying I don't want to be happy    If happiness is a choice, doesn't that mean that depression is too?    When standing in the line, I don't remember ever saying "yeah I decided I don't wanna see the light anymore.    I want to feel like I'm walking down a dark hall for the rest of my life    I never want to know when the...Read On


The Mystery of Stony Lane

This story is a lateral thinking puzzle, a murder mystery, and a horror story combined.

          Stony Lane is a long, narrow, dead end street.  Stony Lane is connected to Main Street, which is a very long street with many small roads connected to it.  There are hills on both sides of Main Street beyond the small roads. Stony Lane is about 300 feet long from Main Street to the end of the street. Stony Lane is not connected to any other street.      John lives alone in a one...Read On


I Ain't Broke

Here we go again

 Okay, fine! I will admit it then. Here goes. I am an addict. Are you happy now? No? Well, what else do you want from me? (Heavy sighs, eye rolls, stomping my feet) My story? Why? You think you can fix me, don'tcha? Well guess what? I'm not fucking broken!     Maybe I am slightly damaged. Slightly. Damaged? Aren't we all? Except for you, of course. You have somehow managed to live 40...Read On



It's worth the wait





It all started as a game. A macabre game that was transformed into a horrible nightmare. She looked at me. Her sad eyes foreshadowed what was going to happen. And before midnight, in the way hours before had unveiled that spirit board, she died in my arms. With a slight and definite sigh, she left her body. And the spirit board refused to continue playing.  ...Read On


John's Story

Poor poor John

John held perfectly still as he leaned against the tree. The deer moved cautiously out of the trees onto the meadow. First, a doe with her fawn stepped out. Looking all around, walking sort of jerk, jerk, look. Finally, the rest followed, last of all came the buck. Still cautious, he stepped forward with authority, like when Dad came in for supper. Holding his breath, afraid anything...Read On


Folds of the soul

In the folds of my soul my child is sleeping. He feels sheltering with my singing. With my love, he lives healthy and safe I prepare him the way for his fate. Sleep, my boy, sleep, live your dreams, that I guard your rest through its streams.  ...Read On


Seagulls Don't Give A...

Are we sure human beings are the smart ones?

As long as no one tried to shoot or eat me, I'd like to be a bird. A seagull, to be exact. Flying around, crapping on cars, telling people to flock off. Maybe even make a few little ones. It's a perfect life. They are also completely disconnected. Some days, I also wonder what being disconnected would be like - no phone, no television or radio or internet, and definitely, no...Read On


Vampire Justice Part 30

Raven works to save Molly, while Carlo is free.

Raven looked up at Slade, "Can I help you with some information that may seal the case for you?" Molly looked at Raven wondering what her lawyer meant. "That would work for us, but what do you want in return? Molly will have to plead guilty to some crimes. I will not have her walk." Slade weakened but held back his thought. "Give me some time with my client, please?" "Okay, but be quick...Read On


Every time I swallow my drink too fast, usually water, I am reminded of my near drowning. I hate thinking about it, for I don't wish to remember that time period or anything else associated with that. I fear it may drive me to madness.   I'd feel completely suffocated, unable to unentangle myself and take my emotional health to safety. I don't have any tools yet for when I cross that path.  ...Read On


Waldeinsamkeit (the feeling of being alone in the woods)

I have never felt this much peace. The sound of the rushing water,  The smell of pine, Air that feels so fresh- As if I am in a whole nother world. The chill of the night air pours into my soul, Taking all of my stress and worries, Releasing them into the forest. The burden of the world being cast away in the wind,  Making sure that as long as I am here, I will feel free. I will...Read On


Goldilocks and the Three Pigs

A teenage girl has an adventure with three little pigs

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there was a girl named Žaneta, who was known to her friends as Goldilocks, on account of her beautiful long hair that was as yellow as a buttercup.    One sunny day, Goldilocks awoke to a snorty squeaky noise coming from under her window. She was used to funny occurrences, and she wondered if the day would lead to an adventure.   Goldilocks was...Read On


The Legend of Zelda: Heroes Alliance

a boy born again and again, aided by his past lives to fight the impending evil

Prologue      Deep  in the forests of a kingdom of old, lies a hidden tribe. The tribe had seperated from the kingdom, as well as the rest of the world. Inside the tribe lives an orphaned boy of sixteen. On his own, he's become self reliant, building his own home and furniture, preparing his own meals with homegrown vegetables and fish caught by the river. Currently, he's assisting the...Read On


Adios Irma

And stay out!!

This, hopefully, will be my last rant about Irma   Tuesday 9.12.17 4:20 pm EST Irma has finished her dance with the sunshine state. She hovered over Naples for hours pummeling them with rain and devastating winds. She even left a storm surge of about 3 feet. The last time I saw Irma's location was Sunday night around 9:15 right before we saw sparks flying out our sliding glass doors...Read On


The story of a blind and a lantern

The earth is getting very sick day by day. But, the human minds are thousand times sicker !.......

  An ascetic came from a long journey to an obscure village on a gloomy night.   There were some villagers continuously walking to and fro in the streets. When the ascetic walked into an alley, he saw a dim yellow light approaching quietly from the deep end of the alleyway. A villager said, ‘The blind is coming!’ THE BLIND! The ascetic wondered. He asked someone nearby, ‘Is...Read On


Soul Crushers

Chained up, dilemmas, arguments, betrayal, who do they trust? Will the teens be able to win?

Brain Dead CAN WE HAVE SOME SPACE PLEASE everyone be patient. JUST MOVE... WHO'S PUSHING.. I WANNA SEE HIM... THEY'RE MINE.. JUST SHUT IT. A million voices of fans are heard from the crowd. It's insanely loud, and the heat is almost unbearable. Fans are screaming from the top of their lungs waiting for their idols; the security has given up trying to keep them quiet. They're clearly...Read On


The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regrets

It takes hundred of years sitting together in the same boat. It takes thousand of years.......

Love is like a string of dreams. It is all empty when awaken. Perhaps I was born to be that much sentimental. Thus, I am teased by love. The dream we are chasing after is vanished as time pass by. We comprehend that love is out of our control completely, only when we awaken. I longed for flying high up to the sky, and I was so much impulsive at the beginning. If...Read On


When Next the Goldenrod Blooms

Seasons come, seasons go



Another Unedited Musing

It's unedited. Enjoy it, or whatever.

I’m not entirely sure I like you. Everything here is too bright and too dark.  It’s a fucking paradox and it doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t even make paradoxical sense. Like, why am I sitting here typing this?  My hands are betraying me. The wind is harsh, yet comforting. Why’m I even drunk? Am I sober?  Do I exist? Ugh, questions! Like, I could just write this out like some...Read On


About cheeses and mice

Charlie, the mouse, got up that morning wanting to eat cheese. He got stealthily out of hiding place and having taken precautions reached the kitchen. It was deserted, and he thought, Hmm, how wonderful! Not without difficulty, he has managed to climb to the cupboard where he hoped to find a tasty gruyere cheese. But what his eyes saw was a fruit bowl full of apples. When the apples saw...Read On


Waiting for Irma~Still

I can't stop typing

***These are random thoughts I have while waiting for Hurricane Irma. At the time of these writings Irma's projected path shows her coming straight for me! I don't know what to do while I wait so I just keep writing*** Saturday 9.9.17 10:30 pm EST Tom Petty wasn't lying! The waiting is, by far, the hardest part. It's been 24 hours since I wrote my last "entry" or whatever. About Irma. Ughhh...Read On



It has been so long  Since I saw your face My arms long to hold you My lips to taste To hear your laughter And songs you sing  To watch you sleep Or share a meal We will not fail A love this strong Always goes on We wait and dream Dream and wait Our time will come Because  Our love is real    ...Read On


Back to Eridani

We arrived at this place a long time ago, the place of the Universe to which the souls lost like ours arrive. And we have lived and shared almost everything here. Your children, who are my children, preferred to stay on Earth. This is an inhospitable place, I know, but it is our home. Helpless, how many nights I spent sitting by your bed when you were sick, out of time, not knowing how...Read On

Recommended Read

Waiting for Irma

Nothing else to do

I'm sitting here in Southwest Florida, mere feet from the Gulf of Mexico. I live here. I've lived here for 30 years and have never been this scared. There is a storm coming. A huge storm. Hurricane Irma. She is 400 miles of catastrophic wind and will bring storm surges over 12 feet high. I feel like I am waiting to die. We all are. My family. My love. My life. Waiting.  Why don't I head...Read On