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Every soul is living a life as vivid and as complex as my own.

  There is an infinitesimal line between love and hate. Sacred dreaming, and restless sleeping. The kinds of things that keep you thinking. First hint of day glows through the blind or window shade. When eyelids open, they again open to this world of hostilities.   Sometimes this never-ending place, filled with tragedy... ...makes anyone want to die in the battle. Walking outside, I...Read On


Inhuman Beings

And they began to develop a strange faculty. They flew and flew for years hungry for new sources and new challenges. They created a new world, with new laws that later also changed. They annihilated their young and returned to the inhospitable places of the forest. They also learned to break the hard bark of the giant trees, in which tiny talking beings were hiding. They managed to...Read On


The Italian Model

The object of lust.

I enter the crowded room but see only one.   Her small frame  is dressed in red and black with just a splash of silver. Her  presence dominates the room but motions only to me."    As I approach, I sense her passion and move beside her. Placing my hand on her shoulder, I feel her respond with warmth. I hear a whisper of contentment, then a request.   "Let's go."   We quietly...Read On


Loss of a life

How most people with incredible talents go unnoticed and are abused by others for being different

I dreamt a lot that night. My mind was recalling all the actions that took place today and would not let me sleep. I was just too thoughtful and curious about why these projections have appeared.  One particular had frozen me in place, with fear and disappointment, since I knew why I was here. I remembered. After all these years. It was where I first met her, next to my locker. Mine was...Read On


Twist of Fate

Her chances were slim, she was too fat to fit in. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was overweight. She was insecure about herself, and all her flaws, She built an emotional wall, a tower, with so many floors. Each room filled with pictures, of painful memories. Albums upon albums, she collected sad melodies. Her closet full of Skeletons, monsters under her bed. She cried to sleep, as she...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 2

Imogen Lockwood is anxious as she attends her own funeral.

Great soft snowdrifts of white roses filled the church. It looked more like a wedding than a funeral, made worse by the fact that on the morning of the big day, Imogen had found her clothes transformed into a wedding dress without her consent. She could only guess it stemmed from some embarrassing corner of her subconscious, and she grumbled to herself as she talked back and forth between...Read On


No Knickers!

It didn't make sense.

My head felt as heavy as an iron wrecking ball. The pounding was so loud that I could hardly hear the voices... Voices? I kept my eyes closed and tried to make sense of the babble. There was something about trending, about 'Tats,' something about my son and, even worse, about 'no knickers'! It didn't make sense. I've no children; I don't have any tattoos and what exactly is 'trending'? ...Read On


Making Friends

When a hung over morning feels like an intervention gone terribly wrong...

“G’day, Madam,” the knickers salesman grinned while tipping his bowler hat. Beside him buzzed the shoeless, garbage bag-wearing, Neighborhood Watch lady from across the street. “How the f… “ “Back door, Ma'am,” the salesman cheerfully informed. “Your son… “ “You’re trending, Mom,” heckled the thirty-year-old, basement-dwelling virgin, while he handed her his Hello Kitty smart phone. Her...Read On


My Ophelia

Get thee to a nunnery.— Hamlet

If I had known her I would have asked How does a heart break We are not born with excess bits and pieces To be broken off Given away here Left behind there Pressed between the pages of a favorite book Like a flower barely resembling what it once was Lifeless A pale and dull hue of what should have been Everything is so necessary Codependent The smallest absence can devastate A tremor can...Read On


Home Late! - The Next Day - A Sidebar

The next day on the inbound bus...

The next day I'm on the bus. Stumbling and muttering an obscenity, a woman attempts to get on the bus. She flopped on the bench. She looks like something the cat dragged in. That's when I recalled her. Looking at me she spoke, “Do I know you?” “No, but I saw you last night.” “Oh Gawd! What happened?” “You sang show tunes.” Grimacing, “Anything else?” “You pirouetted around...Read On


The Reunion

Paris … ah Paris … he had been in love with the city since that magical day in April fifty five years before when he had stepped off the train at the Gare du Nord and walked out of the station into the bustle of the busy streets of the capital. He was a country born and had lived all his life on his father’s farm and his mother had decided that now he was fifteen it was time he saw something...Read On


The Therian: Chapter Four: Abel

"Welcome to the apocalypse. Ain't she pretty?"-Jess Brady

He stalked through the forest, eyes missing nothing. He'd been hunting for most of his life, stalking the beasts who stalked the world. How little everyone knew. How blind humanity was! Abel stopped believing in God a long time ago. All he believed in now was himself, his mission, and the fact that the apocalypse was on its way; and that it would be started by what he hunted.  They were...Read On



Oh for Pity's sake, what now!

PING!   I took the coffee from the microwave but it was still cold, I had forgotten to press the button. I put the cup back inside and pressed it. Funny though, I definitely heard a really annoying 'Ping.' I sat down again and waited. There it was again, that really annoying 'Ping' and yet the microwave was still humming. Damn it; it must be the doorbell. Well, whoever it is...Read On


On seeing the Light (re)born

Seeing the sun rise over the Caribbean invites reflection

I saw the light born and reborn this morning. From dark sea and dim horizon came a holy glow, A signal that night's rule was ending; A first, tentative announcement that light and life would indeed return from the underworld. That first dim glow grew brighter, and my heart quickened, Delighting in the light, celebrating the warmth and brightness that soon would be. Then it happened. In...Read On



Lost in the cold mountains of Siberia lived a shaman. The heir to the ancestral knowledge of generations of shamans. In one of my eternal dreams of nightmares in which the acceptance of the unreal was the weapon I had in my struggle to survive in those fantastic worlds, the shaman was introduced. And the shaman told me to get him. When I arrived at his little house, he welcomed me as if...Read On


Why We Don't Eat Our Young

Entertainment is the real reason humans produce offspring...

The Boy Finally able to take advantage of his birthday gift, my son, uneventfully, recently completed an introductory snorkeling and underwater safety class. However, he almost didn’t make it. Rewind two months… My mistake, but we stood in a sporting goods store, not the diving specialty shop we should've gone to. We received very little assistance. The sales person was young and kind,...Read On


Home Late! - A sidebar

The bus trip home became very entertaining...

I had just sat down on the bus when I heard loud giggling from the upper deck. Followed by someone strangling a cat. No, it was a Rodgers and Hammerstein tune. A boisterous female came from the staircase. The singing cat made an appearance. She was totally arseholed and naked! She ran out and hooked a lamp pole and twirled round. Streaking up the sidewalk, she stopped, bent over...Read On


Twitching curtains

She was late home last night and... GEORGE! Come and see!

Cleaning the window frames with a bicarbonate and vinegar mix as I do every Thursday, keeps my neighbourhood safe. Saves the faffing of EVERYONE ringing the council if the dustbin men don’t arrive. George was a heavy smoker back in the day and I proudly adhere to keeping appearances up- old habits die hard. “George! Some fella is at the door!” ”Are you listening? Stop copping a deaf...Read On


Knickerless And Amnesiatic

Being well-connected and oblivious to causing annoyance, one can brighten just about anyone's day...

I embraced the text. I rushed over first thing and now stood on her front stoop, with finger on the bell. Her singing was strong, said he. The bourbon, much stronger. They fell, my double decker bird-dogger observed, as she staggered from the bus. Being a highly successful traveling knickers salesman, experience bespoke of the lady’s distress. A tidy sum's been made from...Read On


At home early.

I knew something had happened last night, something bad but I couldn't remember.

I sat at the kitchen table with my head in my hands. The pain was unbearable, the throbbing in my temples and the hissing in my ears. I knew something had happened last night, something bad but I couldn't remember what. I remembered the party, I even remembered leaving and heading for the bus stop but after that... nothing. The sound I heard next echoed through my aching head like a stab...Read On


I Do Not Understand

Part of the Home Late series, begun by AnnaMayZing

Please, my friend. I do not understand. Is this not the proper thing one does, my friend? The lady, she was up here and one does not wish to be rude, my friend. Yes? This is my first time in your country. I do not wish to offend, oh no. Never, my friend. Is this not the proper thing to do? I wished to be proper, my friend.  Yes, that is why I took off the vestments, my friend. Please,...Read On



Don't touch without intent Your fingers graze my soul A scar's path in its wake My heart's not for rent Only passion and zest Will I accept these days Arouse me with words Rise above the rest Pieces of my heart I hold close and protect Darkness lurks deep inside No more pulling apart Another change to mend Broken wings time to heal Our future not certain Certainly, not the end Sin now...Read On


Black Dog - Chapter 1

A young woman inherits the long-sleeping family curse along with her aunt's house.

Dear diary, I am dead! And working through a medium, hence this dreadful handwriting. The girl is very young The pale wisp of a girl holding the pen stopped, sitting back from the writing desk. "I'm not that young," she said. Her voice, light, and chirping like a bird's, didn't help her case. "I'm just not used to this." She pushed back the unruly black curls of her hair and folded...Read On


Home Late Too

She thought he'd be angry that she was so late...

So, the other day, I’m minding my own business, riding the bus, when this clearly intoxicated lady climbs the stairs to the second level. She was stark naked, grinning ear-to-ear, clothes under arm, shoes in hand, and singing Theatreland show tunes at the top of her lungs. I invited her to sit by me, for fear someone might mistake her compromised state as an opportunity instead of...Read On


Kindred Spirit, Distant Hearts. Chapter 17

“Ma'am, I'm sorry,” he wheezed breathlessly. “I found this under your bed.”

Benghazi. June 15 th , 1941   After Maria had left the Chief Medical Officer, she didn't return directly to her room. Instead, she set about finding all the nurses that were to accompany her to Benghazi so that she could give them as much notice as possible and to ensure that their wards were not left unstaffed when they left. That task alone took several hours. Some of them...Read On


The Gondola

He was born in a gondola. The same gondola that witnessed the most important moments of its existence, the same gondola that continues to give him life every day. The gondola was made of wood worked in the workshops of master Rossi, his father's brother. It had been the most important thing for his family. And with that respect he treats it like the most precious treasure. Every morning,...Read On


Randy Thoughts & Stuff, #3

I popped down to our local diner, the Sit ‘n’ Stew Café, Friday afternoon for coffee and pie, and guess what? My paperboy, Randy Thoughts, who may just be the smartest person I know, was in there drinking root beer with his girlfriend, Tivka Kaboom. It was a pretty cold day so I was wearing my Snuggie, which always draws admiring looks when I’m out in public. Randy waved and called me...Read On


Home late!

I knew he would be angry that I was so late...

I knew that if I disturbed him he would be angry that I was so late. If I took my clothes off before I went up then I could just slip into bed beside him and he would be none the wiser so, before I climbed the stairs, I removed my clothes as quietly as I could, piece by piece and placed them carefully over my arm, carrying my shoes.. Completely naked I climbed the stairs on tiptoe, not...Read On


Forever and Ever Amen

Love forever and ever Amen !

NEW POEM Forever and ever Amen Falling hard Falling fast and quick Falling head over boots for that SPECIAL one Can it be a forever and ever Amen kind of love That Randy Travis sang about so long ago It can be with work and patience and love and trust Work together to accomplish your goals Be patient Love without fear Keep the passion burning in the bedroom Trust completely With...Read On


My New Job

Do you really think that enslavement is past?

How can I start this letter? My name is Walter Cole. I lived at 25 Maple Avenue, Greenwood Town, Maine. I’m not a native American, I moved here from Europe. Firstly, if you ever read this, go straight to the police. Of course, I know they won’t believe all this right away, but hopefully, they will start an investigation to reveal the truth. Down below, I tried to describe all that has...Read On