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He begged for pity, but he got no answer. He had fallen to the ground, unarmed, and the Crusader was about to cut his throat with a sword whose fist was embedded with emerald stones. He could also see the anguish in the crusader's face, his trembling hand and the decision to end his life. With the intensity that precede the moment of surrendering to death, he imagined other lives,...

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"An alms." His filthy, ragged clothes cover part of his body. "An alms, for God's sake." Two tears stream down along his childish face. "Please, my mother is dying." Someone comes up and drops a coin in his trembling, fragile hand. She caresses his face and asks, "What's wrong with your mother?" "She's dying, and we have nothing in our house to feed her, or pay for a doctor's visit."...

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He left the factory very happy. It was a splendid day, with bright sunshine, and people smiled as he passed. He came home with the feeling that something was missing. It was a feeling he experienced almost every day. He was proposed to know what was wrong and went out, mixed with people, mimicked their customs, slipped through the intricate recesses of the soul and finally knew that he...

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Africa Africa. Infinite. Elusive. The beginning and the end of everything. Guilt, abandonment, whenever I am forced to leave. My home is already in other lands, on another continent; my soul remains here, tears in two every time, I have to say goodbye, defeated. Far, foreign cultures, car noise, daily effort to survive, intricate paths that move to build today and secure tomorrow. Africa is...

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Blue beings

"Grandpa, tell me a story." "It's too late for you to be awake, and you're too old." Go to sleep." "Please please. I'll sleep very quickly listening to your story. Please." "All right. What kind of story do you want me to tell you?" "I'm thinking of the blue beings." "You know that I tell you the same story many times, but always change the story a little and especially the end." ...

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  The girl, of Egyptian origin, honey-colored eyes, dark skin, jet-black hair, spoke perfectly our language. “My name is Berenice, and I will accompany you to the interior of the pyramid to document the works that are going to realize and of those of what I will inform to the Egyptian government once you have finished. We do not know the origin of the glow that has occurred recently, but...

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Living with Angie

Some years ago, in the early 2190’s, I bought a nearly human mate. I am a widower and I thought that the human aspects of this new mate’s generation would fill my lonely days. I was interested in these kind of companions. So, I tried to learn about the origin of this industry and the processes they follow. They began their existence as a part of robot industry in the XX century....

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You go away

-When do you leave me? "When you do not want me to be here, with you." "Do you mean your future depends on my decision?" "I mean our future depends on your decision." -Because your time is ours now, will be of another one, and being it of another one, our sharing will not be except in the past. And the past, which is the present too, will mix in your memory my loves with other' love, in...

Added 09 Aug 2017 | Category Flash Fiction | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 68 | 1 Comment

Desert (1)

The shadow of Imhotep, the stepped pyramid, projected itself onto the plain of Saqqara in Memphis. Nightlight, its shadows, and the spell of the night, self-induced an imaginary story of the Pharaoh Zoser' chaty, all while our senses concentrated on the guide's explanations of the construction of the pyramid. For this nocturnal visit to necropolis, we required special permission from...

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Was running the year of the Lord of 1182. The Templar knight descended from his horse and hastened to ask to be led before Reinaldo de Châtillon. He brought an important message from the great master Evrard des Barrés. An information that could change the course of history. He had managed to get to the castle -which King Balduin the first had dubbed "The royal mountain"- circumventing...

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