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Five foot three

Being short

I never really liked it much The fact that I’m not tall Barefoot I’m only five foot three That really says it all   I’ve scribbled down a poem It’s all about my size I find it quite frustrating I can’t look you in the eyes   Good things always come In packets that are small I suppose I'm really kind of good But I wish that I were tall   I’ve always been a shorty Maybe raised...Read On


Lemon And Cream

A footman of poetic gambol Neither hide nor hair grumble In whatchamacallit words And powdered doughnuts As you touch my emotions With lemon and cream But often vague I stumble   Delivering in simple script Of silly love notes  And a chocolate eclair From a musical praline  With lemon and cream of yesterday's dream      ...Read On



from afar soft whispers feel you tremble holding you tight you live now deep in my heart my soul on fire waiting waiting from afar    ...Read On


Coorie Doon in the Heather

Ode to my Scottish love

Ower the haugh and yont a glen there is a bonny dun Where the corbie flies agin the sky, afore the setting sun,   Wi talloun and cracklings we sit doon and have a little drink And efter a wee heavy or two, we heat up a Cullen Skink,   It'll tek ye frae all ye woes, nae matter what th' weather On the fair, we'll coorie doon, and make love among the heather   No one but ye, my love...Read On


Kiss Of Tangerine

As spirits in hologram knocked on obscured   Like moths swooning to my bedpost I felt the love as cupid's ladder fell For the urge of a highball From my mind's imported dreams As my angel descend on fields of rye Of whiskey straight up and neat  With a kiss of tangerine orange Raising the hackles on my putting wood    ...Read On


A Cupid Tale

Ride as if the devil himself is behind you

She came from Saint Louis way.  Jungle and farmland for me.  From first look knowing she's out of my league. But she stole my heart that hot July day.  What can this fool do?  But to ride my bicycle by every day.  For there was another.  For he too was after her heart.   Pedal as if the devil is behind me.  Stopping at her car's windshield, taking "his" note.  Riding away, Cupid smiling...Read On


Halo Ay Wintergreen

Ah ne'er heard th' rain ay shadaw fall As if pollen ay snaw in autumn's caa Oan th' pane ay mah mind's sorrows As ye tooched mah lips wi' a smile Wi' a wee hint ay melancholy As we danced a waltz ay loove Fair th' lest crecendo kiss  Oan th' pane ay mah mind's sorrows As darkness turns tae 'morrows An' th' violets shed tears Anointin' yer halo ay wintergreen Fair th' furrows freeze...Read On


Snow Comes to Oz

breaking news breaking news

 Breaking news,   breaking news The bubbly blonde comes on. Breaking news, breaking news. Snow coming back to OZ. Blowing in from up north. Run don't walk. Bread, milk in short supply. Mothers grumble. Children giddy. . The bubbly blonde comes on. Breaking news, breaking news. Snow on the way. Two feet fluffy white. Snow plows at ready. The bubbly blonde comes on. Breaking news,...Read On


Fan Of An NFL Team

An NFL fan uses this 3-5-3 piece to let us know what team he happens to be cheering for.

I am a Browns fan and not of Eagles nor Patriots....Read On


Having Fun Skinny Dipping

This haiku poem shows us what a group of female friends enjoy while skinny dipping.

Those girls enjoyed the feel of the cool water on their uncovered skin....Read On


Moving on

Leaving the past behind

I miss you... Let me rephrase I  missed you. And there's nothing wrong with that. But I can't sit around anymore reminiscing, I can't wait for you to come back. I know you won't. I know the chance you would even read this is slim. But I am not writing this for you, at least not directly. I just finally found the words. They evaded me since you left. I hit the lowest I had ever...Read On


Forget Me Forever

This poem is from the point of view of a man having no choice but to break up with his ladylove.

We both know that letting her go would be heartbreaking for us but there really is no way not even for one whole day to stay with her and keep loving. I am sorry, my darling flower. Forget me forever....Read On


His Eyes Grew Wide

A man uses this poem to tell us what makes a friend's eyes grow wide.

His eyes grew wide when he saw her walking by....Read On



The love we let subside, the fear we try to so hard to hide, the hopes we dare not speak, and the nightmares we keep alive   Whether it's depression's blight, jealousy's sabotaging bite, or simple resentment and spite, all act as condemnations for the self   A host of symptoms that serve to bind, we give into loneliness and despair, pop the pills we are prescribed, or simply...Read On


Millionaire of Love

Wake the very clouds

"Who am I but a millionaire of love." That is what I whisper to my darling one In her sleep I gently breathe her essence in and smile Knowing we must never part in this life No, not yet It seems I can soar aloft in her eyes Flying so high I wake the very clouds Up above My little dove the constant star of love She twinkles so brightly smiling with joy In her heart True...Read On


Dream Exploring

My reality, or is it just my silly fantasy?

Laying in my bed exploring a dream, In my own reality worlds, I can soar like a glider, walk through a wall, Or seduce some beautiful girls. I am a deity in my perceptual state; These hallucinations are mine. I am free; I can be whatever I want; I become my only divine. There is nothing to limit, save for myself, My imagination and thought. This is liberty at its farthest extreme; I can...Read On


Too Dark... Not!

I’ve been told I write too dark. Just my way of saying life isn’t a walk in the park. Some say I have no humor. That’s just a rumor. I laugh now and then. There was this one time back in 2010. It was way more than just a smirk. I’m not a complete jerk. Although, I am a piece of work. With at least one quirk. I always try to write from the heart. Which may not make me very smart....Read On



I wake

I wake I walk I dream I hurt I eat Alone. Friends talk. Watching my shuffle. Counting the days, Till my fog lifts. Heart bleeds anew. As I shuffle alone. I wake. I eat. Still alone.    ...Read On





Twist of Fate

Her chances were slim, she was too fat to fit in. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was overweight. She was insecure about herself, and all her flaws, She built an emotional wall, a tower, with so many floors. Each room filled with pictures, of painful memories. Albums upon albums, she collected sad melodies. Her closet full of Skeletons, monsters under her bed. She cried to sleep, as she...Read On


My Ophelia

Get thee to a nunnery.— Hamlet

If I had known her I would have asked How does a heart break We are not born with excess bits and pieces To be broken off Given away here Left behind there Pressed between the pages of a favorite book Like a flower barely resembling what it once was Lifeless A pale and dull hue of what should have been Everything is so necessary Codependent The smallest absence can devastate A tremor can...Read On


On seeing the Light (re)born

Seeing the sun rise over the Caribbean invites reflection

I saw the light born and reborn this morning. From dark sea and dim horizon came a holy glow, A signal that night's rule was ending; A first, tentative announcement that light and life would indeed return from the underworld. That first dim glow grew brighter, and my heart quickened, Delighting in the light, celebrating the warmth and brightness that soon would be. Then it happened. In...Read On



Don't touch without intent Your fingers graze my soul A scar's path in its wake My heart's not for rent Only passion and zest Will I accept these days Arouse me with words Rise above the rest Pieces of my heart I hold close and protect Darkness lurks deep inside No more pulling apart Another change to mend Broken wings time to heal Our future not certain Certainly, not the end Sin now...Read On



When everything is ... hoping...

I am drowning in my own tears, So hard to breathe My own tears taste like blood, Flowing from my heart I can't breathe, it feels like I'm suffocating I can only hold on, hug my pillow tight And slowly breathed in As the tears keep falling Flooding... Drowning me to the abyss of my own neverland  ...Read On


Are they There

My fingers are numb

And after we're gone who'll remember to care Despair waiting there for the loss all will bear For the loss  For the loss They show love and despair We will never return But remember to care Knowing despair that is already there When the chill sets in will they share that they care When their fingers are numb and their heart is still bare It's despair It's despair It's...Read On



my heart is empty

my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing ever to grow.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing will ever grow. no more loss to bear.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing will ever grow. no more loss to bear. say fuck you cancer.  ...Read On


The Waves and Your Hair

The waves and your hair Waves, undines and blue beings from the deep sea accompany me when I think of you. They surround me, kiss me, touch my body to remind me of your caresses. I don't want to leave this paradise, this madness, this endless desire. A universe that begins and ends in your arms, infinite, magical, ideal. Soft steel swords pierce through my feelings, to find you behind...Read On


Dark Heart

Wait! I said wait! Don’t go. I’m not ready yet. I’m never ready. Every time someone leaves they take a piece of my heart with them. I only have a tiny piece left. What happens when that’s gone? What fills the void where my heart once was? No check and balance for my mind. Just empty thoughts without feeling. Darkness. Too great a risk. I must defend what’s left. Block entry to...Read On


Where Dawgs Barked

In the land of Georgia's baked red clay And earth where the dawgs barked    Touching the breath of a new morn day   Before the buttermilk biscuits rise   As the dew glows a lawn's soft pillow   Like the sun on an angel's face    Saying grace with my new bride   As whispering wind chimes smiled   Of the vows, we spoke yesterday   While God whittled on a hot griddle   In the...Read On



Hello old friend

Hallways Hello old friend . I see you haven't changed. Dark and lonely. Shall we walk again. Talk softly I've learned. Our past is never far. Yes we met long ago. Red line to follow. Stealer of sleep you are. Bringer of memories. Where are the good. For you reveal only sad. Walk alone once more. No different than before. Where are we going. Memories of those ahead. Hello old friend. I...Read On