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My Destiny

You are my destiny

You are my one and only,  The one that I was meant To be with and the one  I am destined to be with, The one that I would, if required,  I would do anything for. I would climb the highest mountains, I would sail the ocean blue, Build bridges to cross rivers, Trek across the vast deserts Just so that I could be with you. For you my love I would, If you wanted me to I would lasso the moon ...Read On


An Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Christmas

My annual contribution for Christmas next year (2018) since I’m old and my mind could go any second.

Dedicated to my precious cousin, an IBS sufferer, without whom I would never have the keen appreciation that I do for my own regularity. ***An IBS Christmas*** It probably does seem myopic juxtaposing this bad topic with icons of Christmas cheer and joy. But I am not a boorish bloke and IBS is not a joke. I wish to raise awareness, not annoy. When peristaltic ebbs and flows that do...Read On


A Choice

I know what it means to stand alone, to be of the faceless and unknown, one of the unwanted and unloved, the condemned and shunned   To stand on the precipice of your own demise, with nothing to hold but your own hopeful lies, a disease or your ruin or your own mental maul, whatever it is that promises your fall   In a world that can be cold and cruel, you lie between the hammer...Read On



I wrote this for a forum response. Hope you like it.




Sadly, As I pen this tome, I once again, Find myself alone.   When I was young, I had such dreams, I wasted them all, Falling apart at the seams.   My life was lived, In parceled moments, The ones I loved, Became opponents.   The joy within, That young boy’s laughter, Became cries to the man, Losing what I sought after.   What chance had I, Being the likes of me, For...Read On


On My Lamp Shade

A hug would be better than no love Or a shadow's kiss upon my brow As the quite of night rest at my sill While footsteps sleep in my dreams 'Neath the November stars As the zodiac winks With a pantomime smile On my lamp shade As the quite of night rest at my sill And my midnight angel whispers Hallelujah, I love you so...Read On


The Fields of Gold

Crops stretching across, The vast plains and countryside  For miles after miles, Are the golden fields of gold. Bees buzzing amongst, The yellow flowers, Collecting the nectar as they go Pollinating the oilseed rape  On the wing all over the countryside. Ears of golden wheat, Moving gently in the soft breeze Waiting to be harvested, To be ground into soft flour Ready to be made into...Read On


Little Demons

For a friend and a mother who fights her inner demons

We all have our demons  telling us what we least want to hear, we should have done better  and what we’re most likely to fear.   They know us like no other whatever we might say, they’ll work on your weakness however much you pray.   They know which string to pull the one that pulls most at your heart, it says you’re the one to blame, the feeling of guilt off the chart.   ...Read On


If I were for REAL

Life should be as colorful as the rainbow... Please remember you are your only painter. alwayssss

If the water can return, take me away please! If the water can take in, it will never grieve! Someone admires you streaming freely! I wish to swap with you, then I can run capricious! If the water were I, it would weep for sure! If I were the water, I would never look back on anymore! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In spite of...Read On


Hastag, Me Too

This is for all the silent survivors

She hides in plain sight A hint of melancholy on her face Once happy and free  She is now lost in the prison she's made in her mind Walls she has built with steel and stone She makes jokes and laughs Inside she is dying Her pain betrayed by a painted on smile Shame, pride, and humiliation in disguise "She dresses like a whore," she wanted it more "She went there alone," she deserved what...Read On


As The Crow Flies

I’ve never been a man who wandered… Or lost my focus and lazily sauntered… My paths may have been twisted and broken… They often lead me to places best left unspoken… As I walked between spaces both light and dark… The man that I am tried to leave his mark… More often than not the sand washed away… All my efforts for naught just cast astray… Each stumble and fall left me battered...Read On


My Christmas Stocking

My annual contribution…is a Christmas stocking a good metaphor for an ex wife?

All last year you griped and moaned while I would hide or just get stoned to make it through your constant shrill henpecking. Then you finally sneaked away the morning after Christmas day and drained the funds we had in our joint checking. After you had packed your junk and ran away with that young punk I was awash with conflicting emotions. Sometimes I longed for your return sometimes...Read On



His demons come out to play

It's Halloween time  Your demon comes to play  He wants to take over  He makes you his prey  Rabies loves to scare you  No matter when or where  He will get you in the dark  He does so with so much flare  Each night he wants more  The demons take control You better watch it, my friend  In your head is the goal  Rabies started as a joke Now he's much much more He wants to make you...Read On


Brain Betrayal

I will never understand or heed the voices bouncing around and ricochetting trying to lead Damaged connections and tissue warp any sense I ever have of me Self-worth not the only issue Fighting with myself at night Wanting all and nothing I can never find the light Value others see in me Perhaps they are blind And clearly, cannot see I've just been cast In a life I never chose Each...Read On


An Angel Beside Him

He walked away somehow

An angel rode beside him  This we believe was true  What else could have saved him  A crash only survived by few The doe just wanted to eat He held tight to the wheel  As it ran across the street The brakes let out a squeal  The truck began to spin  He's only seventeen  Life has yet to begin  Nowhere has he been He finally comes to a halt Wrapped around a tree  Nothing was at fault  How...Read On


Holy Goat

How the goat got its name

Holy Goat! The story began with the wave of His hand that created the moon and the stars, and a rock that was spun ‘round a neighboring sun – in the space between Venus and Mars. He changed it from stone that was dead-to-the-bone, to a world that you wouldn’t believe – and a garden to boot with some low hanging fruit for a couple named Adam and Eve. But when He was done, when the rain...Read On


I know that no matter what I write or even what I Have experienced, those experiences made me stronger. Strength is not what you ask for; it's what you become. The lens in which you can see yourself can get distorted.   Strong is what you become when you struggle long enough, When the tears become permanent grooves in your cheeks. When you're alone, and no one can erase your past...Read On

Recommended Read

We Have All The Time In The World

For my lover

We have all the time in the world It is not denial But acceptance of a higher truth My eyes look upon you and know We will go on No matter what they say It is the only way to live our lives  To the fullest With each day that passes To live without seeing an end To love without crying again To laugh without doubting  And win We have all the time in the world    ...Read On


Unknown Feelings

Sitting here in the dark.

Missing you, Needing you, Wanting you, Knowing I cant have you, Which causes me to want you more, We were there for each other, Through it all, Deaths, Injuries, Tears, We had each other at our highest moments, And tried to at our lowest, We have hurt each other, In more ways than one, But because of our own needs, we keep doing it, Never giving the other the time to heal, ...Read On


Pyramid of Cheops

Pyramid of Cheops

Pyramid of Cheops and a clown mask Are living together as one. Computer dreams – from sand to ask: Is TFLOPS measure for fun?...Read On


Once i was a king

My first time trying a rhyme scheme and structure like this, hope you guys like it.

Once I was a mighty king who owned it all, An empress and vast kingdom But all great empires eventually fall.   I still sit upon my lonely throne, The only thing that remained, After all else left with a great groan.   There I sit saddened at my own loss, The loss borne by me, Its creator, its once cocksure boss.   When one once built a grand life easily, The struggle before...Read On


Childish Heart

  A hungry lion can end a life quickly,   A little snake venom can render a man permanently sickly. Pretty roses too can prickle and make a person bleed, But of all these dangers it’s a childish heart you should most heed.   A childish heart wanders wildly going wherever it pleases, Its reckless antics endure pain, but its wandering never ceases. It walks on rocky ground, over...Read On


I got a name

Try to seek for the success, never find an excuse for the failure !

Everyone has his own name. The name is also his registered label! And how many people will protect it seriously? No matter the one is SOMEBODY or NOBODY! They still have their own reputation!!!   --------------------------------------------------------------------   Try to seek for the success, never find an excuse for the failure!    ...Read On

The Night Everything Changed

Our lives were perfect We lived a normal life I was happy when we met I enjoyed being your wife We loved each other always Enjoyed living our lives Everything changed one day That night when we died We went out to an affair Everything was alright The evening turned to a nightmare We were both filled with fright Chaos and screams heard People running for cover Our minds were blurred I...Read On


The poem of the blue man (the baby of ice)

I was fourteen,  So was she.  I had been away from school for a while, I didn't bother, and they didn't care.  I had heard about her from the freak vine.  That she had given it up to a real sleazy guy named Todd.  I didn't know her, and I figured hey no points for class in this world.  Now I had geometry with him, and it turns out her.  For some reason, the teacher put our desks in...Read On


That's okay motherfucker, I ain't got no feelings anymore, I'm just a psycho killer without any remorse. You turned me into a obscene monster, I didn't feel anything as I killed you in clear view.   I became more vicious than you are, as I grin to myself,  wider than the Chesire cat.  I learnt all of my lessons from you, as I whistle and sharpen my knife collection.  I'm just...Read On



Some dreams may never come true because fate takes hold



This is a complete work of fiction

You got a bullet for each knee and one in the finger as Silent trajectory travelled at the speed of sound. I looked at you and cocked my gun as My nostrils flared with my pounding heart.    I had a loaded clip, you were warned watch it. You were in my sight and I was the Terminator.  I shot and killed you for all the bad Things you did, filthy fucker.    My hand never wavered on...Read On


The Teardrop

Tears for a lost loved one who is greatly missed

The teardrop that threatens to well up in my eye The audible tremble and length of my sigh I cry out with the pain held tight inside my soul The loneliness of love lost, taking its toll   The teardrop that washes softly across my blurred vision Remembering the cutting a part of my heart with precision It now lies before me in thousands of tiny shards Making me ponder in silence if...Read On



Man receives reading from a medium

Samantha I’d never been this way before – was not my normal route, but I felt a bit audacious, so I altered my commute. Surrounded by the quaintness of a little Georgia town on my way to Alabama – thought I’d stop and look around. I’m not sure why I did it – why I chose to take a break, since I wasn’t tired or hungry and I had a trip to make. I parked beside a fountain on a street...Read On