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I have been a country grocery store clerk, oil field roustabout, infantry soldier, paper pusher, out-of-work, and a newspaper columnist. I am now trying to add published novelist to my resume. My short fiction has appeared in: WORKERS WRITE: Tales From the Clinic (SS anthology), NIBBLER, ABSOLUTE WRITE (newletter article) ROSE & THORN, DEADMULE, USADS, NEW WORKS REVIEW, CHICK FLICKS, MUSCADINE LINES, and LONG STORY SHORT. LSS also ran an excerpt of my second novel, WE DANCED TO RAY CHARLES, a coming-of-age love story that was named a Faulkner competition semi-finalist and a finalist by the Santa Fe Writer's Project contest.

edited to add: Since joining SS, 've lost all sight in my one remaining eye due to a detached retina. Could be worse. At least I no longer have to look at myself in the mirror each morning. Interests

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Topic: A warning about my new post
Posted: 18 Sep 2017 22:49

I've just posted another chapter (eight) of my 'Dancing to Ray Charles' series. While that sort of news is usually reserved for the 'Bragging' forum, this chapter contains racist language including the 'N' word. Some readers might find it offensive while others could feel it's a tough, uncomfortable read. I understand. Please believe me, it was a tough, uncomfortable write.

That said, any thoughts, whether brickbats or bouquets, will be appreciated.

Ch 08, Boudreaux Family Values

If you haven't read any of the other chapters, it might be best if you first ease your way into that world with,chapter one
ch 01, Two Dancers


Topic: Dancing To Ray Charles - a series - needs readers
Posted: 18 Sep 2017 22:31

I've just posted another chapter (eight) of my 'Dancing to Ray Charles' series. While that sort of news is common on this forum, this chapter contains racist language including the 'N' word. Some readers might find it offensive while others could feel it's a tough, uncomfortable read. I understand. Please believe me, it was a tough, uncomfortable write.

That said, any thoughts, whether brickbats or bouquets, will be appreciated.

Ch 08, Boudreaux Family Values

If you haven't read any of the other chapters, it might be best if you first ease your way into that world with,chapter one
ch 01, Two Dancers

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Topic: Three Paying Markets for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry
Posted: 18 Sep 2017 21:23

Three markets that accept fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, actually pay a bit, and would look good on your list of writing credits, especially the last one.

Go ahead, google the names and check 'em out. Why not?

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Ninth Letter: Community

They publish non-fiction, fiction and poetry, and want both experimental and traditional writing. For the web edition, the theme is Community.
Deadline: 5 November 2017 for the web edition; 30 November 2017 for fiction and 28 February 2018 for essays and poetry, for the print edition
Length: up to 3,500 words for prose and up to 3 poems for the web; non-fiction or fiction of up to 8,000 words, 3-6 poems (max 10 pages) for the print magazine
Pay: $75 per story or essay and $25 per poem for the web; $25/page for the print edition


They want personal stories and welcome both new and established writers, and seek original perspectives on both common and uncommon topics. They publish essays, memoir, humor, fiction and poetry.
Deadline: 15 November 2017
Length: Varies for each section; see guidelines
Pay: $20

The Southern Review

They publish essays, including creative non-fiction and literary essays, as well as fiction and poetry. Submission fee will be waived during University Press Week, 6-11 November 2017. There is no fee for mailed submissions.
Deadline: 1 December 2017 for non-fiction and fiction; 1 February 2018 for poetry (postmarked)
Length: Up to 8,000 words for prose; up to 5 poems or 15 pages
Pay: $25 per printed page, up to $200

* excerpted from the free , Authors Publish, online newsletter

Topic: Greetings from a newbie
Posted: 18 Sep 2017 07:07

Danny, welcome to this scene of old world culture and charm nestled somewhere along the great information highway.

Most of the regulars ar supposed to be housebroken, but it might be best to tread with caution. Let us know if you come across any indiscretions while exploring the place. ;)

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Topic: The wonderful lady Elizabethblack has a birthday soon - help me to make it a special day
Posted: 08 Sep 2017 15:38

Many, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wishes for one of the nicest and most helpful 'friends' I've ever had on the 'net, the one and only, Elizabeth Black!

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Topic: Growing Up Ranch Series
Posted: 08 Sep 2017 09:55

Way to go, Vern!

You might want to add a link to the e-book in your sig line along with a link to the chapter one post here on Stories Space.

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Topic: Poetry Sites That Pay!
Posted: 02 Sep 2017 15:27

Ping wrote: Drat! Fiddlesticks! Balderdash!

Sorry for the foul language


That's bold talk for a family friendly site, Mr. G. But if someone objects, I'll tell 'em about how your a tempermental genius but maybe sometimes a tad light on the mental side of the equation. ;)

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Topic: Want votes? Make comments.
Posted: 24 Aug 2017 14:53

In addition to the warm feeling commenters no doubt get for supporting other writers there's another benefit that comes to the commenter, honest.

A comment on the writing forces the person giving the comment to actually think like a writer. While 'atta boys' and 'way to go' are okay, they don't require any thoughts on the quality of the writing. If, in your considered opinion, the story sucks, just move on. Save 'constructive criticism' for PM's. But taking a minute to mention something you thought was well done is a goodness both for the those getting the comment and for those doing the giving.

Give commenting on stories and poems a try. It won't hurt much, probably.

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Topic: Poetry Sites That Pay!
Posted: 24 Aug 2017 14:35

Here are a couple calls for submissions from poetry sites that actually pay. (What a concept!)

Poetry Magazine

This well-regarded poetry journal publishes poetry, including translated poetry, and poetry-related prose, including book reviews.
Deadline: Rolling
Word count: Four poems or translations, up to 10 pages; up to 10 pages for prose
Pay: $10 per line of poetry ($300 minimum); $150 per page of prose


They publish poetry and translations of poems. They publish both free verse and traditional forms.
Deadline: Rolling
Word count: Up to four poems
Pay: $100 per poem and subscription for print issue, $50 per poem online; all submissions are automatically considered for the $1,000 Neil Postman Award for Metaphor

* taken from the free online newsletter of, Authors Publish *

Topic: Some Suggestions for Avoiding Rejection...of your story
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 00:52

If you want to see your story published on its first submission, here are some tips:

Read the site guidelines to make sure your story is compliant.

Do not depend on spell check to edit your story. Read it carefully to check your spelling because spell check will allow misspellings that are words, often with hilarious results, e.g. I put my arms around her waste.

Format your story into paragraphs of about four sentences or where the narrative should logically break. All dialogue should be formatted into separate paragraphs each time someone speaks. A mass of prose with few or no paragraph breaks will be returned to you.

Read your story paying attention to where you pause. There should be a comma there if it is a phrase or a full stop if it is a complete thought.

Read the Writer's Resources about the use of apostrophes if you are not sure. They are not used to form plurals unless to signify possession for a plural. They are used either for contractions or to signify possession. Read the resources for other punctuation marks to know that you are using them correctly.

Do not overuse exclamation marks. They lose their power if used in every other sentence.

Check your verb tense throughout your story to be sure it is consistent. Many submissions have tense shifts from past to present and back again.

Take a look at the proper form for punctuation, formatting, and capital/lower case letters for dialogue in published stories and follow that example in your story.

Do not use text speak/emoticons in your story or short forms like &, or ok, or lbs. Use the entire words.

Express all numbers in your story as words unless they refer to measurements or the time of day. Remember the hyphens for age, e.g. 18-year-old. Numbers may never start a sentence or paragraph, whatever they describe. In these cases they should always be expressed as words.

Your title should not be formatted in all caps and should not include text speak or emoticons. Do not repeat the title in the body of your story. Notes to the reader should be at the end of your story.

Please do not expect that you can spend an hour putting your thoughts in writing and that it will be published.
That could happen, but probably won't

Walk away from your story for a few hours, or as long as a day. When you keep rereading your story, you see what should be there because you know what you have written. Time and distance will give you the perspective to see your mistakes.

Take the time to read the resources available on all aspects of writing in the writers' forum. They will help you polish your work and allow it to be published more quickly.

Read some of the Editors' Picks (EP) and Recommended Reads (RR) stories to get an idea of the standard 'Stories Space' is looking for.

note: copied and edited from a longer post on the LUSH, 'Resources Forum' by, principessa

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Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 08, Boudreaux Family Values

  “Hey, good lookin’, what ya got cookin’ tonight?” At the sound of Darrell Ray’s cocky, teasing voice, Bebe gave him an unhurried glance. Then she took her time putting away an unread folder, turning off the fluorescent desk light and covering the typewriter. When everything was in order, she leaned back and met his gaze. It was way past the lumberyard’s two o’clock Saturday closing time....

Added 18 Sep 2017 | Category Drama | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 37 | 2 Comments

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 07, Summer Inactivities

  Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 07, S8ummer Inactivities   “I guess it’s about time we had that little talk.” Jake Cahill stood in the doorway to the crowded laundry room, watching his son pull clothes from the dryer. “Oh, I already know all about that stuff,” said Mark. “The stork brings the babies and leaves them under a cabbage leaf.” “So that’s how it’s done. And all this time I...

Added 07 Sep 2017 | Category General | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 85 | 1 Comment

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 06 Cards and Cuddles, pt 3 of 3

    All the ‘grown-ups’ were gone, but no one was interested in re-starting the card game. At Amy’s suggestion, the guys fixed something to drink while she grabbed some snacks. Provisions in hand, they went out into the warm night air on the screened-in back porch. To keep from attracting bugs, they left the lights off. Except for the glow from inside the house, it was dark. To no...

Added 30 Aug 2017 | Category General | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 86 | 3 Comments

Dancing To Ray Charles: Ch 06, Cards and Cuddles, pt 2 of 3

  The arrival of Amy’s mother, complete with an old photo album halted both their card game and the Interrogation of Willie. The invitation they had expected and feared, to join her on the couch, soon followed. When the migration ended, Willie and Amy were sitting on either side of her mother while Mark and Bob knelt and peered over them from behind the couch. The first picture Mrs....

Added 29 Aug 2017 | Category General | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 77 | 4 Comments

Dancing To Ray Charles: Ch. 06, Cards and Cuddles pt 1 of 3

      Hearts, as played by Amy, Mark, Willie, and Bob was as much a contact sport as a card game. They’d all been varsity athletes in high school, were still competitive, and hated to lose at anything, including cards. The current debate didn’t center on the game, however, but which album to play during the next hand.   “Okay, y’all,” said Amy, addressing Mark and Bob while collecting...

Added 28 Aug 2017 | Category General | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 99 | 5 Comments


  The drunken, rejected Romeo suddenly sitting alone at the karaoke bar croons to his departing, forever, girlfriend. “Well, I gave you everything I had But you left me sitting on my own Did you have to treat me oh so bad? All I do is hang my head and moan. Tell me why…" The 'just finally had enough’ Juliet pauses on her way out of the bar and his life to give him a last, wistful...

Added 14 Aug 2017 | Category Micro Fiction | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 97 | 6 Comments

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 05, Trash Is Easier To Handle Than Life

  xxx Hauling trash isn’t that bad a job, thought Mark, as he drove away from the now-deserted American Legion Hall. Unbuttoning his sweat soaked shirt, he let the wind blow across his big, sweaty chest. Of course, loading and unloading all that stuff in this heat comes close to resembling real work. But hauling it away, that’s a snap. While grinning at his own joke, he double-clutched...

Added 10 Aug 2017 | Category General | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 92 | 6 Comments

Dancing To Ray Charles: ch 01, Two Dancers

  xxx   In the spring of ’68, it was the worst of times. Student protests raged from the Sorbonne to Berkeley. Civil rights demonstrations and anti-war rallies were turning violent. Martin Luther King was dead; Bobby Kennedy would be soon. Hundreds of other Americans were dying each week in South Vietnam. Soldiers patrolled the streets of Saigon, Paris, and Washington. Soviet troops...

Added 01 Aug 2017 | Category General | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 108 | 7 Comments

Dancing To Ray Charles: ch04, Peace Talks

Sleep had been hard to come by. Mark’s mind kept going back to his bumping into Bebe at the dance last night and her agreeing to a date, then it would switch back two weeks to his kissing Amy, and how that changed everything, at least for him, then return to the meeting with Bebe. Just before dawn, he woke to the sound of his father leaving to go fishing on Big Bear Lake with S.J....

Added 18 Jul 2017 | Category General | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 139 | 4 Comments

The Info-mercial From Hell?

xxx Oh, the horror, the horror. Did I really watch this on late-late-night TV or is it just the memory of a  soul-shattering, mind-altering nightmare from the lowest level of hell? If you have the nerve, read on to learn what I remember and decide for yourself .   ---   Great news! We’ve just come up with our latest can’t-possibly-miss idea for anyone interested in becoming rich...

Added 22 Jun 2017 | Category Flash Fiction | Votes 12 | Avg Score 5 | Views 189 | 14 Comments

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