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Desert (1)

The shadow of Imhotep, the stepped pyramid, projected itself onto the plain of Saqqara in Memphis. Nightlight, its shadows, and the spell of the night, self-induced an imaginary story of the Pharaoh Zoser' chaty, all while our senses concentrated on the guide's explanations of the construction of the pyramid. For this nocturnal visit to necropolis, we required special permission from the Egyptian authorities, who made us accompany by two government officials.

It was midnight. It happened unexpectedly. We were situated on the west side of the pyramid when a great glow from the east side flooded the sky disappearing moments later. The glow came without any explosion or sound. In a few minutes, several police cars with a siren rumble reached us. One of the policemen stepped down the car and directed to one of the government officials asked him what had happened. The head of our delegation went to explain the police what had happened but the man, with a quick gesture indicated him that did not speak. Our mission was to learn more about the secrets of the pyramid and doing it during the time when no one could disturb our work.

When the police and the officer finished speaking, the officer directed toward the head of the mission, and he commented that what was happened was a sign that indicated that nobody had to cross the doors of the camera. The chief of the mission considered it was an act to avoid we could visit the tomb of Pharaoh Zoser. However, the instructions of our government were decisive. We had to get information from the inside of the chamber, and the proceed to performing a scan to the mummy to discover the condition of the corpse and the objects that could accompany it.

The determination of our goal was clear, so our head of mission showed the official wanting to enter the camera. This one, very scared, told that he and his companion were not going to enter, and what they have to supervise our work, which meant that we could not access alone to the enclosure. They made a call to their superiors and after a while came an old car. From the car descended a young woman who addressed us in our language and pointed us she would be our companion.


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