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It is very cold out there

In the terminally-ill cancer patient area of one of Houston's hospitals, a man listens attentively to what an ill person laid on his bed confesses to him.

“My son, Al-Andalus has always been my home, outside of Al-Andalus the soul feels very cold. Today is the fourth day of the week of the first month of the Hegira year of 1439, corresponding to Christian calendar of February 27, 2017. I, Abdel-al-Nasir, want to unveil you the secrets that have remained hidden in the eyes of men for more than eight hundred years.”

“As a direct descendant of Muhammad al-Nasir, prince of the believers and victor of the battle of Al-Uqab, I have an obligation to disclose my son, since you are the successor of our dynasty, the events that took place on July 16, 1212.”

“Al-Uqab, known in the Christian world as the battle of' The Navas of Tolosa 'was a decisive victory, as the battle put at stake the future of Islam in Western Europe. All will say you that fortunately, despite the resistance of the Christian armies, with our numerical superiority and the zeal of our warriors, we succeeded in proclaiming ourselves victors. But what happened was something much more transcendent. Allah with the strength of his omnipotent arm, destroyed the Christian armies, creating an irresistible windstorm that dragged them to the abysses, keeping out our army intact and safe. Not a single one of our warriors intervened in the battle. This feat meant that practically the Iberian Peninsula kept under our control.”

“After that battle we conquered the kingdom of Asturias and expelled to the Carolingian empire from southern of present-day France, extending our borders to what is now Al-Andalus. That allowed us to proclaim definitively, to this day, the whole territory of Al-Andalus as a Muslim.”

“During the next 30 years, there were some uprisings on the part of the vestiges of what the Christian armies were. They were no more than skirmishes. Already in 1469 The union of the territories of Castile and Aragon with the marriage of Isabella of Castile with Fernando of Aragón without the permission of the emir Abu-l-Hassan, caused their expulsion of Al-Andalus along with its reduced armies, finishing as refugees in the south of present-day Italy. There, coincidentally they met a sailor surnamed Columbus and he convinced them of the existence of a world beyond the confines of seas. Those who later went down in history to the Catholic Kings, in order to ingratiate themselves with the emir, they made him share of the Columbus project, and after command twenty ships, our sailors discovered the new world they called 'Land of Allah' and Christians baptized him with the name of 'America'. That discovery allowed us to colonize that vast extension of the territory that today is Muslim and that has let the religion of Allah extended all over the world. There is only one small redoubt in the center of Europe still Christian."

At that point, Abdel-al-Nasir stopped his story. His febrile eyes were saying goodbye to this world. His son, the new descendant of the prince of the believers, after a long and moving farewell, said to his father: 'Dear father, this is how you would have wanted history to be, but our defeat in the battle of Al-Uqab put a stop to your desire to conquer the world and your longing to live forever in your beloved Al-Andalus.”



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