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The Gondola

He was born in a gondola. The same gondola that witnessed the most important moments of its existence, the same gondola that continues to give him life every day.

The gondola was made of wood worked in the workshops of master Rossi, his father's brother. It had been the most important thing for his family. And with that respect he treats it like the most precious treasure. Every morning, when he arrives at the Grand Canal, where it waits for him as his faithful lover, he caresses it and turns to it as if the elegant boat had a spirit that understands his words.

He had dreamed of a future with his wife and son in Venice. But life is a succession of mirages. He had imagined the future with the thoughts of that present and when he arrived there, there was nothing about he had been imagined. It had all been a chimera, an exercise in stupidity. That is why, when he met the reality of the future that he had thought about, he was not accompanied by the characters that populated the scenes he loved in his ideals. His son preferred to live in Rome and his wife had abandoned him. So he lived alone in Venice. Alone with his gondola.

One morning, when he was checking the wood on the gondola floor, he found a ring. In an oversight, he stumbled and the ring fell into the water. Intrigued by that ring, he jumped into the water to rescue it. When diving he expected to find the bottom very close but, surprisingly, although he went down swimming looking for the ground, he could not see it, it seemed to be at an infinite depth. Then he noticed under the water, first very vaguely and then in much more detail, a procession of hooded monks carrying a coffin.

And he saw the ring going into the coffin.

Overwhelmed by that spectacle he tried to swim toward the surface, but something was preventing him from doing so. He looked down and realized that from the open coffin, the hand of a beautiful woman had thrown a net that, hooked to his feet, prevented him from ascending. She had used the ring as a decoy to take him to the depths.

Desperate he thought of his gondola. The only thing he had.

And the gondola wanted to rescue him. And the waters were opened and the gondola went down to him. He went up to the gondola, and as it went up, the waters closed. And they made it to the surface.

“All this can only be a dream,” he thought.


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