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The Mission

Corporate espionage - with a twist

I stopped at the entrance counter, looking around and noting the guards and security cameras — just as I expected and knew would be here. The guard behind the counter looked up from his desk. “Yes? Can I help you, sir?” Reaching into my jacket, I flashed my identification badge. “Jarrod Fletcher. You should be expecting me. They told me I had to take a look at the elevators. There’s...Read On


Lowenna part 14 (chapter 16)

Lowenna has survived a demon-god and the raid, but what has fate got in store for her next

Chapter 16 THE DAMAGED SETTLEMENT Leaving the inn through the side door, Lowenna looked around. The street looked almost as damaged as the inn. The fountain statues and bowl were smashed and water was just flowing down the street. Lowenna walked towards where the market had been but stopped outside of Mr. Valery’s shop. She wanted to go in but knew Eryn wasn’t there and didn’t know what to...Read On


second chance

Prologue Austin Mcshane sat in his truck at the intersection. His life was great. He looked at the beautiful mountain scenery. The sun was just cresting the mountains, turning the sky a magnificent purple. The town was just starting to come alive, but the traffic was still slow enough that he had sufficient time to take the kids for breakfast at McDonald's, and get them to the daycare...Read On


Lowenna part 11 (chapter 13)

A young woman awakes in a strange world of magic, the only clue to her past is one word Lowenna

Chapter 13 THE CULT OF HERATHH Lowenna stood outside of Vlad’s. What she wanted to do was go in, have another bath and recover from a late night and a hard run. Then she could check on Rique and make sure she was all right. “Just one thing to do first!” Lowenna said out loud, and she quickly turned and headed towards the fountain. As she circled it, she saw the lad she had struck in the...Read On


The Inheratence

Day of discovery

The Inheritance Alice Parker sat in the diner drinking a morning coffee that had just been poured by the departing waitress. She sat by the window that read Tommie’s Diner, she was peeking through the letter O as he walked by. He was tall and had broad shoulders. The man was in a suit that needed mending, a good cleaning, then given to The Good Will. He was carrying a guitar case in his...Read On


Lowenna Part 8 (chapter 10)

A young woman awakens in a strange land with no memory of who she is.

Chapter 10 A NIGHT IN VLAD'S Lowenna walked quickly back along the wide blue stone streets. There was just a touch of rain in the air and the temperature was dropping. The sun was just about set and both of Orkenza's moons were already visible defiantly showing themselves between the clouds. The larger of the two moons shone brightly, even in the twilight. It glowed illuminating the sky...Read On


The Man They Called ' The Plague' -Part 3

This is the final part in a three part story, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Chapter Thirteen When I had our house built, I made sure there was a hidden room built into the basement, a room that only I knew about and could access. The room contained a cache of my favourite weapons and some gear used by Marines for special operations. I got dressed in a camouflage outfit, complete with a black bulletproof vest. I grabbed a pair of Uzis, a few extra clips,...Read On


The Man They Called ' The Plague' - Part 2

Chapter Eight The rest of the week dragged by without any excitement. I tried to stay strong and look unaffected for Sarah’s sake, but I knew the seriousness of the situation. If what Bryan said was true, it was only a matter of time before we were in a dangerous spotlight. Sarah went to work as usual and avoided Bryan as much as possible, I however, started to prepare for the worst. ...Read On


A man they called 'The Plague'

John finds out that your past comes back to haunt you.

A man they called 'The Plague' Chapter One “Baby don’t, im not in the mood,” mumbled Sarah as her husband John tried to unbutton her blouse as she returned home from work. “Oh come on baby, you know today’s our day,” I pleaded desperately. “I said I’m not in the mood!” shouted Sarah as she stomped up the stairs and slammed our bedroom door shut behind her. Being...Read On


The many lives of Casey L. Miller (Finale)

Case 5: The reuniter

Personal note to the readers, this story is not for the weak of heart to read for the content of this story. By choosing to read it, you agree that you are over eighteen and mature enough to handle the content of this story, thank you. 4:00am Anthony smirked. He had one last man to take out. He single handedly took out an armada of his own traitorous friends. He turned and looked for...Read On


A Sam CroW 'Short Story From a Picture' Challenge

This was my entry in a friend's story challenge on another site long ago.

“Hey Rachelle!” Rachelle Wynberg, reporter for WBBK, NY, looked up quickly from the papers she had been lazily reading. She was at the moment bored to near tears. These last two weeks had been hell on her, having covered nothing more exciting than a domestic disturbance which, it turned out to be, a drunk old man lock out of his house. Sure he had been naked, but that was all. “What a...Read On


Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter Three

Sasha and Viktor survived the harrowing beginnings of the push for Red Square. Though unarmed.

I shut my eyes as I swiped a blob of blood off of my forehead. The maddening roar of the German machine-guns was robbing me of my sanity as I sat there in the blood-soaked mud behind the truck, watching Viktor as he glanced about the battlefield. I could almost hear the voices of those dead men calling out to me, tempting me to gawk at their mangled remains and take it all in. To understand...Read On


Ten Days In Hell: Part Two

The climax of 174920's attempt to escape the hidden facility, and find out how it came to be.

Day Six: Sparks Fly Today was a different type of day; it was quiet and there was no drama or torture of any kind. It relieved me, but it also worried me. The disappearances of the guards I killed were stirring up suspicion, plus the doctor was dead, adding more fuel to the fire, but today it was quiet. Too quiet. Since it was normal, for once, I started to work on the bomb again. The time...Read On


Gunny And The Chief

They were sailing in the Gulf of Aqaba with the fleet, supporting the super carrier George H. W. Bush. They were aboard an LHD amphib with a contingent of over one thousand fleet sailors and about 1,600 Marines. Gunny Atwater was responsible for a rifle company of Marines, with usually about 80 to 100 Marines under her supervision. She had been aboard for six months now and was starting to...Read On


Ten Days In Hell: Part One

An innocent man labeled as, 174920 is locked up in a hidden facility, but he plans to escape.

Day One: Initiation The first day was the worst. It started first as an ambush, then the start of a eternal nightmare. They led me down the entrance in the middle of no-man's land, where I thought I'd die. The entrance was dark and cold, like the hearts of the bastards who did this. The entrance shut, the light of day disappearing forever. The grip of the two male officers holding my...Read On


Of Sea Monsters and Pirates

At first glance Inverness may seem ordinary, but the city has more than one magical secret.

“No offence, the landscape is breath-taking and it’s a great place to study Marine Biology but it’s…Well, it’s just so…” I looked around the Ness River Islands, where I was sitting on a bench. “Quiet. Eerily so.” “That’s what you get from going to the highlands for what is supposed to be the prime of your youth,” my best friend’s speech was interrupted by someone else’s laugh. “Aleesha,...Read On


Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter Two

Unarmed and terrified, what will the unsung heroes do?

I ducked my head to my knees as four bullets pinged on the truck. More men screamed and wept as the machine-guns ruthlessly tore into their bodies. "God dammit!" Viktor shouted. "We need weapons!" "We can't get any weapons without getting shot!" I shouted back. "I know that!" More men kept screaming, the guns kept firing, and I vaguely remembered the Commissar's words. ' They have...Read On


Ni Shagu Nazad! Not One Step Back! Chapter One

Sorry for the delay, guys! There was a bit of error in the original posting, enjoy!

I trembled as the barge set off, all of us soldiers were packed onto it, but not one of us had a rifle. Over on the other side of the Volga River - which we were coming so perilously close to - the Germans were pushing hard to reach the riverbank, and over the gunfire and explosions, we could hear, and see, that men were dying. Other soldiers who had made it across the river, were dying. ...Read On


You're a Lucky Man!

One never knows. Belonging to a writing site is interesting. You get to write interesting stories and poems. They get posted and you receive a certain cachet from the acceptance and praise sometimes engendered. You gain new friends and acquaintances that add interest and a new feeling of worth to your life. Especially if you are older and retired. You are learning that life has not passed...Read On


Gold Rush Fever Conclusion

Glimpse of the Old West

They sat around the table pondering the the future. Marshal Hagen finished his food, quickly drained his glass and stood. “I'd like to say that this was great meeting you all, but under the circumstances I think I'll postpone that. I better get back to my partner.” Tom said, “Wait a bit, Art, if you're not in a rush. We have a prisoner out in one of the outbuildings but he hasn't been...Read On


Gold Rush Fever Chapter one

Glimpse of the Old West

Just after dawn the stranger trudged into Harper's Gully leading his horse. They stopped at the watering trough where the horse plunged his muzzle and the man filled his hat which he poured over his head. The water only removed some of the dust from him. He pumped a stream of water from the pump, captured a double handful and slowly swallowed it. He pulled the horse from the trough...Read On


The Silent Guns

The setting sun created an eerie twilight in the woods where only moments before sounds of war raged

The setting sun created an eerie twilight in the woods, where only moments before, sounds of war raged. As the golden orange and red clouds stimulated Privet Barney Jackson’s soul, he thought it was strange that even on the battle field, the sunset was something to behold in awe. As the twilight gave way to night, he said a small prayer that the war would soon be over and he could go home...Read On


The Belle of Catawba Street

Mel Brooks spoofs Nazis -- Jimmy Breslin, the Mafia -- I pick on the Klan

Warning: While supposedly humorous, this is a story about racists and includes two racial slurs. However, the “N” word does not appear in print, but it is unavoidably, in my opinion, there in spirit. -RdW- To Lamar Hardaway’s way of thinking, the three young men standing just inside the door to his cluttered work shed didn’t look good for much, most of all a Klan job. At...Read On


How I Lost My Way -Part 2

My story of losing my way and returning

How I Lost My Way - Part 2 Fall of 1971 At the time not knowing I was starting 11 months of hell on earth. At first you are looked on as the reason for the next trooper death. This was where I was to meet both my Dark Angel and mentor SSGT Wilson from Chicago. A thick black man with dark pools for eyes, chain smoking hard ass of a man. Student meet your Master. This was where I heard for...Read On



How I gave a home to someone that was lost

I woke up, yawned, blinked and stretched out my arms. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the warmth of the sun streaming in through the window onto my face and body. "Well, this is a good start," I smiled to myself. "The weather's been so grey around these parts lately. I could use a little sunshine in my life." As I stretched out once more, my smile disappeared as I felt the empty space...Read On


The Devil's Nest

Frank Baxter was a prisoner in hell on earth, The Devil's Nest, then fate paid a visit.

It was an anomaly of nature that housed nature’s anomalies. Jutting hundreds of feet out of the cold North Atlantic was an island pillar of jagged rock forming a platform above the frigid waves. Sitting on top was a true hell on Earth. A relic of the Cold War, once a fort used by the Americans to watch for Russian ships that would dare attempt sailing the glacier filled waters, has since...Read On


A summer romance

Unexpected love from a friend

Brian and I were due for a vacation. After the embarassment of Endor, our team leader suggested we take some time off. We booked a two week holiday to the land of the giant grass. Brian and I were due for a vacation. After the embarassment of Endor, our team leader suggested we take some time off. We booked a two week holiday to the land of the giant grass. Brian and I were due for a...Read On

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Time with Gran and Da

I remember spending wonderful summers, holidaying with my great grandparents.

When I was a child, I lived with my mum, dad and baby sister. It was quite hard going, as dad had a stressful job in the police force and mum was mostly busy with the baby. So, I used to look forward to going to stay with my great grandparents. When we moved house (the first of many times as it turned out) and I changed schools, I was delighted because although it wasn't all that far from...Read On


The Cat's Tale

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

It all began with my person reading an article about cats being only semi-domestic, most would readily become feral if the occasion arose. “Ha, a lot they know about cats!” Thus was interrupted my peaceful after-breakfast sunbathing on the window seat in the living-room. “What do you mean?” I inquired. “I mean you are totally dependent on us, you could never make it on your own.” Now...Read On

The Summit

Sometimes, you don't even get a break when you're on holiday.

Summer holidays aren't what they used to be. Everyone's into my baby brother now, which is fine, but it means I've got to look after my little sister. "Take Louise for a swim son." She can't swim. She's only six. She just paddles and cries if too much water splashes her face. There are some kids about my age climbing round the bottom of the big rock nearby, exploring its rock pools....Read On