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Our adventure category is for stories that tend to be more slow-paced than action stories. They share some attributes, but differ in that they are less about the destination and more about the journey. It focuses on the camaraderie between characters, their escapades, their relationships and what brings them either closer together, or farther apart. Adventure stories can cover a wide range of settings, from the epic, to the mundane, but every one has capers that lead to discovery in one form or another.


Through The Ages - chapter 2

Quietly she sneaked to the window and climbed out knowing if she was caught, there would be hell to

Korinna At the age of 13 Korinna otherwise known as Kori was becoming more and more of a handful for her father. Since she had lost her mother to a fever three years ago, he had been just too busy trying to keep his small fishing business afloat and her in line at the same time. He and his two sons were kept busy from sun up to sun down. He couldn't seem to find a strong willed woman that...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 4

“Korinna.... I will keep our little secret but want something more in return.”

Both Nikos and Kori stood staring at each other until Aunt Mia who was holding the plate of food gazed back and forth with a puzzled expression on her face, “Is there something wrong? You two are acting rather odd.” At that statement, Kori came alive replying, “Oh no Aunt Mia, not at all I was just pleasantly surprised that's all, really just pleasantly surprised.” With that being said,...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 6

“Please madam, these are kilts, why are you asking us to wear men's garments? “

Knossos Gelo signaled the horse to move forward toward the far northeast end of the elaborate grounds. All of us were still gazing at the richness of the buildings, as well as the surrounding property. When the horse finally came to a stop, we found ourselves at the western end of the palace complex. Gelo jumped down coming around to the back of the cart. Glancing up at us, he smiled...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 7

Before our widened eyes in walked the biggest, blackest bull I had ever laid eyes on.

Chapter 7 Training All eyes were on Duris as he slowly walked over to the end of the long table so everyone could see and hear what he had to say. Nina followed but stopped just a few feet behind the girls. He first looked at the boys seeing how they were reacting to this new situation before he glanced down the row of girls. Duris put a small smile to his lips before he began, “I see that...Read On


Lowenna part 10 (chapter 12)

A young woman awakes in a strange world of magic, the only clue to her past is one word Lowenna

Chapter 12 RIQUE Slowly opening her eyes, Lowenna sat up. She was in her room, on her bed and still dressed from the moon before. She felt a little ill and had a nasty taste in her mouth, but she had felt worse over the last few suns. She removed her dress so that she was just wearing trousers and the gold top. Going over to the ceramic bowl, she filled it with water and washed her face,...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 5

Just before we were to enter Knossos, Kori and I had the incredible luck to have an opportunity to e

The Journey As we watched the last house disappear, Kori started to cry. We were both in shock at the swiftness of events that lead us to this position. I shook my head as I bent down and whispered, “Don't worry Kori, I will keep you safe, no matter what happens, I will always be there for you.” This did help her to calm down a little. For the next few hours, we sat on a bench that was...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 8

Wicked came over looking angry. He started to paw the ground then suddenly rushed at us stopping jus

Hercules and other Bulls My ears heard Duris' voice, “Meet......Hercules.” We were all frozen with fright as he swiftly trotted toward us, Duris whispered, “Don't anyone run because he will only chase you!” As the huge animal quickly made his way across the field, I found myself slowly reaching out to Kori putting my arm around her waist pulling her to my side before pushing her behind...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 11


Celebrations! We guys were up pretty early on this very important day. After getting washed and dressed, we fairly raced to the eating hall only to find that the girls had beat us there. There they were, calmly eating as they grinned at us. Kori waved at me to hurry up and sit down. Everyone started talking at once about how our day was going to go. Soon our speculations were quickly put...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 3

I had no interest in meeting this girl, to be honest I had thoughts only of the beauty in the pool.

Town Life As I quickly rushed away from the girl in the pond, I kept thinking, “She is the most beautiful naked girl I have ever seen, actually she is the only naked girl I have ever seen. Regardless, she is a goddess!” Then it occurred to me, I had to see her again. As soon as I made sure I was out of sight, I dropped to the ground. (I know it was wrong but what can I say?) I quietly...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 1

I'm known as Nikos...just Nikos since my last name is of no importance as you will come to realize.

Through The Ages Book 1 Crete Chapter 1. Nikos I have decided to write the story of my long life. Someone like myself might come across it one day and know they are not alone. If not, I'm sure it will make an interesting read. I'm known as Nikos, just Nikos since my last name is of no importance as you will come to realize. I was born around 2000 BC in a very tiny village, so tiny that...Read On