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Our adventure category is for stories that tend to be more slow-paced than action stories. They share some attributes, but differ in that they are less about the destination and more about the journey. It focuses on the camaraderie between characters, their escapades, their relationships and what brings them either closer together, or farther apart. Adventure stories can cover a wide range of settings, from the epic, to the mundane, but every one has capers that lead to discovery in one form or another.


Where Am I?

It happens when you least expect it.

Stormy weather. Nice to be out in. There’s a cyclone on the horizon and it looks pretty. I don’t know why, but I have this strange compulsion to look directly at it. It’s taking houses, trees, everything with it, but I just can’t leave my house to escape it. Something has happened. What’s going on here? Where am I? Wait... I’m inside the cyclone? Really? It’s a funny thing that seems to...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 1

I'm known as Nikos...just Nikos since my last name is of no importance as you will come to realize.

Through The Ages Book 1 Crete Chapter 1. Nikos I have decided to write the story of my long life. Someone like myself might come across it one day and know they are not alone. If not, I'm sure it will make an interesting read. I'm known as Nikos, just Nikos since my last name is of no importance as you will come to realize. I was born around 2000 BC in a very tiny village, so tiny that...Read On


Better Than a Card

Happy Birthday Dear Nee-Chan!

Swiveling to and fro, I pondered over my desk. Paper covered every inch that the wood finish could not be seen. The elegant pose of the pen in hand, lightly pressed to the thin white sheet , blank and ready for inspiration. I wrote rapidly, each stroke made with a clear choice, even though my O's were a little too big and my S's often turned into 8's. I picked up the page, read it over a...Read On


Mulan, The Beginning

A retelling of the various legends of Mulan.

The night I was born, was the calm before the storm of war.  The air was cool and pleasant, sparing the crops and gardens from the cruel death of frost. Traveling in soft whorls, the wind urged the leaves to whisper, and yet kept the fires tame. Ponds rippled and settled, ever so often revealing the flash of swimming scales. The sky was dark, permitting the world to see the majesty of...Read On


Lost, but always together (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 of Lost, but always together. If you're slightly confused at the end, it'll become clear!

Chapter 2: I snapped up instantly to my feet. I walked towards the door, although I halted as the words kept repeating in my head. “Wait here” “Really Quiet” I trembled, as I had no courage to go outside. Although now I think I felt the way Father did, the sense of unease and angst latched onto me. I stood paralysed by fear, but a burning sense of curiosity made my body shake...Read On


Lost, but always together (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1 of a story concerning friendship, adventure and revenge! (Sounds lovely doesn't it)

‘Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams’ - Ashley Smith   Chapter 1:   I’ve given up trying to find any words. At best, I’ve come to the expression to be described as Indescribable. It’s the most accurate definition of those certain feelings I wish to relinquish. If I could...Read On


The Reckoning

It was a small shop. It carried the oddities of the world. The things that odd people needed for their potions and lotions and curative powders. It was dark, no matter how many lights he lit. The windows were covered with old dust and cobwebs. Shelves lined every wall, and every shelf was lined with vials and bottles and boxes of ingredients needed for many an unusual concoction or elixir. It...Read On


Race Against the Clock

Captain Khalilah’s first mission with her own crew turns into a scavenger hunt for a stolen molecula

“Captain, we located the distress signal,” the young woman in military uniform announced. “It’s coming from the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.” Captain Khalilah looked at the monitor in front of her. A map showed they were 332 miles from Edinburgh. With the highest possible speed it would take them about one hour and twenty minutes by airship from the Academy’s port here in London. With...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 4

“Korinna.... I will keep our little secret but want something more in return.”

Both Nikos and Kori stood staring at each other until Aunt Mia who was holding the plate of food gazed back and forth with a puzzled expression on her face, “Is there something wrong? You two are acting rather odd.” At that statement, Kori came alive replying, “Oh no Aunt Mia, not at all I was just pleasantly surprised that's all, really just pleasantly surprised.” With that being said,...Read On


The Vessel

CHAPTER 1 "The Start of a Long Journey" "Get off him! Get off him now Sean!" I can hardly hear her. The muffled sound barely finds its way to my conscious mind. I feel a good sensation as I squeeze harder. As I squeezed his neck even more, I find myself feeling sorry for him, and I let go. I get in his face clenching my teeth quietly telling him, "say that again!" I speak louder, "Say it!"...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 2

Quietly she sneaked to the window and climbed out knowing if she was caught, there would be hell to

Korinna At the age of 13 Korinna otherwise known as Kori was becoming more and more of a handful for her father. Since she had lost her mother to a fever three years ago, he had been just too busy trying to keep his small fishing business afloat and her in line at the same time. He and his two sons were kept busy from sun up to sun down. He couldn't seem to find a strong willed woman that...Read On


Wing's of the Wind - Chapter One

Wanted criminals and a young man arriving at the wrong time and place, meets Vix and Argo!

Chapter One - Look to the Skies “Have we managed to locate Vix?” a deep voice echoed from the shadows. “She slipped away from us… We are searching everywhere…” a soldier responded with vibrated fear in his voice. “Not good enough, soldier!” the soldier winced from the sudden roar. “U-understandable…” the soldier spoke in a low breath. “No chances after this…” The deep voice had...Read On


Wing's of the Wind

Enduring life without wings along with a dragon for a companion, the adventure takes flight!

Prologue - How We Met The story I am telling you is unique and rare, one someone is sure to remember and pass down for the future. It is a tale of two partners in flight. My name is Vix and I am a halfbreed of winged demons and humans. A very odd combination if you ask me, however my parents weren't the type to have a care in the world when it came down to love. No one could separate the...Read On


North Snow

Crow has left the knights, his first winter alone, heading north.

“I knew this was a crazy idea,” Crow grumbled to himself, clinging to his shoulders with his frozen fingers through his dark red jacket. He shivered a bit, shaking his head to shake off the shiver and peered ahead. Snow was falling slowly, in white light fluffs, and the sun was hidden behind the thick gray clouds. All of the light illuminating the street lit up the cold wet concrete sidewalk...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 7

Before our widened eyes in walked the biggest, blackest bull I had ever laid eyes on.

Chapter 7 Training All eyes were on Duris as he slowly walked over to the end of the long table so everyone could see and hear what he had to say. Nina followed but stopped just a few feet behind the girls. He first looked at the boys seeing how they were reacting to this new situation before he glanced down the row of girls. Duris put a small smile to his lips before he began, “I see that...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 3

I had no interest in meeting this girl, to be honest I had thoughts only of the beauty in the pool.

Town Life As I quickly rushed away from the girl in the pond, I kept thinking, “She is the most beautiful naked girl I have ever seen, actually she is the only naked girl I have ever seen. Regardless, she is a goddess!” Then it occurred to me, I had to see her again. As soon as I made sure I was out of sight, I dropped to the ground. (I know it was wrong but what can I say?) I quietly...Read On


Taken by a Highlander

Lasses have disappeared in these parts for as long as anyone can remember and even longer! Ya ken?”

Chapter 1. Scotland Donella, known as Ella since she was a wee lass had dreamed of this trip for as long as she could remember. The 22-year old woman was rather small, being only five feet two inches in her stocking feet. It must be said she was proportioned in just the right places. She had slightly curly long dark almost black hair that she usually kept in a messy bun at the nape of her...Read On


Fishy Yarns

A likely tale of old Yorkshire...

'twixt the moorland villages of Clapptrap and Skandal, there runs a lovely stretch of the Twaddle. The lively river flows through the limestone gorge at Poppycock Cut, and once past Yakking Mouth it discharges its clear waters in spectacular fashion at Fayrelady Falls. Tis a sight for sore eyes to behold such wild, foaming torrents - I courted my dear wife there and it's a good spot for trout. ...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 11


Celebrations! We guys were up pretty early on this very important day. After getting washed and dressed, we fairly raced to the eating hall only to find that the girls had beat us there. There they were, calmly eating as they grinned at us. Kori waved at me to hurry up and sit down. Everyone started talking at once about how our day was going to go. Soon our speculations were quickly put...Read On


Chaordia - A Novel of Transformation Ch. 20

Because of climate change a man wants to transform an old farm into a new colony in Vermont

Tim and Gabe moved the round table back to the center of the room and placed the chairs around it. Tammy placed the oil lamp in the center for lighting it later when it got dark. Dan brought in several arm loads of wood, while Liz and Atticus followed with a box filled with kindling. Tammy filled a pot with water from her five gallon jug and measured out rice. Several unopened cans of black...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 10

The priestess's lioness stood over me, watching me with huge unblinking yellow eyes.

It was finally celebration week! Our first day seemed to go so very slowly but eventually we found ourselves at the dinner table discussing what we should do that night. There was a pile of ideas being discussed, all at one time, but eventually, we settled on going as a group. I thought this would allow the people to recognize us by the black and gold colors of our outfits. The group saw...Read On



Two marine park divers have a close encounter with a great white shark

The fifty-two-metre fishing trawler loomed high above us, its rust-ravaged hull already succumbing to the relentless invasion of barnacles and other parasitic sea life. Listing forty-odd degrees on its port side, it exposed its belly like a lazy dog hoping for a pat. It was a monolith. I felt tiny in its presence. I chased the slowly ascending trail of bubbles around the leaning prow of...Read On


Lowenna part 10 (chapter 12)

A young woman awakes in a strange world of magic, the only clue to her past is one word Lowenna

Chapter 12 RIQUE Slowly opening her eyes, Lowenna sat up. She was in her room, on her bed and still dressed from the moon before. She felt a little ill and had a nasty taste in her mouth, but she had felt worse over the last few suns. She removed her dress so that she was just wearing trousers and the gold top. Going over to the ceramic bowl, she filled it with water and washed her face,...Read On


Chaordia - A Novel of Transformation Ch. 21 Final Chapter

Because of climate change a man wants to transform an old farm into a new colony in Vermont

Even though the Sheriff and his deputies would be coming in a few days, no one seemed that concerned. There was too much to do. When Alice and I went to the cabin to get settled, there was a vase on the wood stove with wildflowers and a note from Morning Star that said, "Welcome to your new home." "I don't believe we're actually here." Alice read the note again. "Me either. I feel like...Read On


Broken Lives : Chapter 2

Her name was Revenance Widow, but to her friends, she was known as Vena. She was only sixteen years old but already known as a highly skilled treasure hunter amongst amateur adventurers. She had recently lost her partner, a boy whose name no one knew. She had been found lying on the ground screaming and unresponsive to anyone attempting to wake her. It wasn't until she was moved to a...Read On


Through The Ages - chapter 8

Wicked came over looking angry. He started to paw the ground then suddenly rushed at us stopping jus

Hercules and other Bulls My ears heard Duris' voice, “Meet......Hercules.” We were all frozen with fright as he swiftly trotted toward us, Duris whispered, “Don't anyone run because he will only chase you!” As the huge animal quickly made his way across the field, I found myself slowly reaching out to Kori putting my arm around her waist pulling her to my side before pushing her behind...Read On


There Be Draguins

A young boy's destiny.

This is the first chapter of a book I am writing for my grandson. Let me know what you think. Prelude June 16, 1611 was a dark and rainy day in the tiny Irish village of Cluain Tiobrad. Its lush green pastures made its Gaelic name of “Well of the Meadows” appropriately given. On most days with less rain it was often a pleasant resting place for travelers between Monaghan...Read On


Broken Lives : Chapter 1

"If you could have one thing, what would it be?" "Hmm?" he asked. "If I could have one thing? Well, that's an easy one. But before I tell you, what about you? What would you want?" "What!?" his partner gasped. "No, no, no, no, no, no. I asked you first. You tell me and then I'll tell you." "I can't, otherwise you might be swayed by my answer," he laughed. "No I wouldn't," his...Read On



Welcome to an adventure of a lifetime.

SETTING: A boy wakes up in a hospital bed next to his father. A doctor walks into the room to deliver the news. Doctor: Hello and welcome to- Son: Doc, give it to me straight. Doctor: Well son, there’s no easy way to put this but- Son: Doc! How long do I have to live? Doctor: A week Son: A week! That’s not enough time to live. I’m gonna die young. I’m gonna die young. [Son whining]...Read On


Chaordia - A Novel Of Transformation Ch. 12

Because of climate change a man wants to transform an old farm into a new colony in Vermont

We arrived at Glenn’s farm a little after three in the afternoon.Instead of the VW bus, Glenn had borrowed a larger, newer, blue van from his friend, Edgar, someone he had met at Occupy Wall Street. He knew about Glenn’s plan and was interested in being part of it if it got off the ground. Glenn wanted to make sure his mom would be comfortable, and this van had more seats and a lot more...Read On