ckacres's Favorite Stories


A Woman's Worth

In celebration of woman's month... dedicated to the women of the world

I did not fall from the sky Like night falls softly upon a hopeful land, Filling it with a taut darkness. Nor did I descend like a storm, Crashing with untamed rectitude Onto a land lost to its own desires. I did not blow in on a temperate breeze; Blowing hither and thither, Swaying like a branch in a storm;  Allowing it to carry me trustingly Until I settle lightly, carelessly, ...Read On


Ready or Not

A verse much too short

Bright lights, starry sky Beating passion, pulsing desire Ready or not, here I come Rivers flow onto hardened rock Smoothing the surface With sweet gentle touch Clouds disperse, making way For the rays of gold, weaving patterns Dreams and visions dance in silence Hold on tight, smile with joy This is today, such a fine moment Ready or not, it is here ...Read On


Lost Tear

A lost emotion that is found with Love

Feel this, the moment, the passion Yours so firm, mine so wet Our world, just a breath Touch me, I shudder I reach for you Your lust is heated Our bodies need this We must, it brings pleasure It beckons our dreams Your kiss, my sway Your thrust, my lift Our passion wild No barriers, no stops Just us, you and I Our desire, our want Let me love you I allow you...Read On

Editor's Pick

Storybook Lovers

So few words, for so much passion ....

My storybook lover is romantic, he would never hurry his sweetheart in a love scene, but tonight I want him to... "Make love to me, darling. In one hundred words or less." "Micro fiction?" "Yes." "Get your skirt off then." I begin slowly undoing the buttons on my... "Just do it, don't describe it." "It has to be sexy." "But you're using all the words up!" "Don't shout at me." ...Read On


Golden Vessel

This is not how it should be Joy escapes, sinking a golden vessel A sound, letters and vowels, words Verses of longing, a memory Aching to be reborn from ashes Wanting more than deserved The pain that does not cease Deep sighs that seek an embrace Warm tears flow upon icy flesh Love, happiness, a flightless yearn Beyond the stars a smile awaits These are times of...Read On


Field of wildflowers

peaceful place a special friend made for me.

A dream so real, my eyes shed tears A field of wildflowers in hues of sapphires and sky blues Such a glorious riot of color The smell of heaven floating in the atmosphere Sun shining down in a soft vermilion haze The breeze brushed my skin A gentle breath A soft caress I stood transfixed looking for him A light touch Warm hand in mine He was there His finger tips...Read On


When Life Hands You Lemons...

This started out as a task, but it grew into something more...

I’ve once again been given a task by a friend in the hopes that random writing will somehow lift the huge block that’s been weighing down my work of late. In all honesty, I think that he’s only giving me these little tasks so he can get me to shut up about how much I miss my laptop - it crashed about a week ago. The task is for me to write a musing about anything. Now while I’m really good...Read On


Was It Me

I don't remember a childhood spent Nothing like Leave It to Beaver It seems my boyhood came and went Feeling like an underachiever Was it me? I ran with scissors down the hall After eating I always swam Other rules broken I don't recall No one really gave a damn Was it me? Girls in school were easy for me It was the other stuff I hated I was so busy I just couldn't see My...Read On


A dream that never came true

I don't know what he's after, but he's so beautiful. A beautiful disaster. ~Kelly Clarkson

I woke up dreaming of you. Holding me close to you, But it wasn't meant to be you. A dream that never came true. It was then I had met you. I just knew I had to get close to you. I only chose you. A dream that never came true. I gave my heart to you. I fell too quickly for you. I let my breath fade as I look a you. A dream that never came true. I had fought for you. Sometimes even against...Read On


You Are

You are My friend My love My life Your smile lights up my days Your body heats up my nights Your voice is such a comfort Your arms a delight You have touched my soul Gave meaning to my world You take away the pain Make me smile and happy again I adore you I think you're great Thank you baby for all you do For letting me love you For just being you...Read On


The meeting

I gaze into blue depths as your fingertips run lightly down my cheek. Gently, I grasp your wrist, turn your hand, and kiss the palm, still looking into your eyes. You sigh, eyelids descending. “Hmm,” you whisper, “I feel I’ve been waiting a lifetime for that.” “Me too,” I murmur and pause. Then: “Fact is, I seriously wondered whether it would ever be possible.” “You did?” you ask,...Read On


Wild Cat

From Mean Street to the open road...

I spent my youth on the East Side of town, cruising the streets and feeling high on what was stowed in my glove box and trunk. My passengers were serious dudes and I smoothly ferried them around so they could deal our crystal cargo in clip joints and in pubs. We hit the money big time and got treated with utmost respect, no wayward kid ever dared to scrape a coin along my fancy paintwork. ...Read On



Paint my lips by kissing me Sculpt me in your arms This room shall be our studio Where we create our art Too fluid to be captured And set within a frame Too sacred to be noted Or garner any fame Yet lasting and indelible Throughout both our lives Each of us a masterpiece In the other’s eyes. ...Read On



Who is It?

You chased it away But it's back You smothered its breath It just laughed You brought it to sea in a boat But tossed overboard, saw it float You burned it alive but it rose You buried it deep but it grows You prayed for relief No avail You reasoned and pled Keened and wailed What is this thing that won't leave? Why can you get no relief? The reason there's no place to hide?...Read On



The old man sat on the steps With his head in his hands So much in thought as he sat His eyes in a far away time When the old woman Came to her man His eyes lit up like the sun He held out his hand and she took it He kissed her palm  And put her hand next to his heart No words needed to be spoken  The love in her eyes reflected his For many of years these two have loved ...Read On



Don’t look Why not? How can it hurt? Don’t ask Why not? I want to learn It’s done It’s gone Untied to you I want  The facts What did he do? Pretend There’s not A way to know In times Of yore That would be so These days It’s there For all to see Just look You’ll find No mystery Simply A search And follow clues The lure Is strong Unearth the truth But not Because You...Read On

Recommended Read

Enchanted Mirror

I'm what you face, when you face in the mirror. Long as you live I will still be here. ~Confrontion

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, a crack in the corner, likely to fall. All the distorted voices, hear my call. Take up arms we rise at nightfall. Abrupt fright woke Madge, another nightmare, another dream in which all her dreams disappeared. The howling wind rustling through the trees outside did nothing to ease her fears, as she lay awake. She was burning up, but the cold sweats made her...Read On


Here And Now

One brief moment...

It was a transient snippet of time; A breath, a snatched hiatus. Mere seconds, Stolen from a lifetime. Hands touched; Fingers intertwining, Thumbs stroking flesh. A head rested  Against a shoulder Before, stirring, lips collided, Tongues eagerly tasting  Forbidden flavours, Dangerous desire. And, in that instant, Adoring eyes exchanged A thousand words of love While breathless sighs...Read On


Time Taking

Time is confusing sometimes

I've heard it said All things take time Healing a heart Filling a mind But in a second You are left behind Forgotten alone Love is a dream Friendships faded I silently scream Someone wake me What does this mean? Perhaps time changes Who we really are And wishes are wasted On shiny falling stars Catching fireflies To keep in a jar Wondering why And who we've become Will we ever be That...Read On


Garden Of Eden

Freshly washed and ready to eat...

Looks fresh and beautiful Red and lusciously breathtaking That sweet aromatic scent That's very pleasing to my senses. I have to taste that skin How it would feel In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Richly scrumptious  That delicious juicy bite I have to taste that nectar How it would taste In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Succulently sweet flavor...Read On


Poetry Reading

When weekend is calling .... laundries forgotten

Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a phrase for you As you touch me with your hand Tracing every word within every curve. Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a stanza for you As you caress me with your lips Trailing every line within every slope. Lost in the valley of every word as I climb Every mountain within our own world And dive to the...Read On


What Are Old Friends For?

She blew in like an aggravated F5 tornado, shouted, "Don't you dare say a thing,” slammed the door shut and slung her purse across the room. It ricocheted away from my bottom-weary couch, cleared off the end table, then teetered briefly at the edge before following the displaced debris onto the floor. Only the reading lamp survived, leaning drunkenly against the wall, shade tilted at a...Read On



We are waiting all our life for something...

Waiting all of our life For the nights to come For the bus to arrive For the ferry boat to dock For the airplanes to fly All of this, we waited patiently But what we thought is our Last ride going home May take us to a new journey Meeting new people Seeing new places Learning new things A much better place to go With another bus to ride A much enjoyable ferry ride With someone special...Read On