Why can't you forgive me for being me?

In my dreams last night I found myself sitting at the dining room table. Like so many times years ago, my report card spread open on the table in front of you. Your fingers again grasping my dreadlocks, tightening more and more as you continued your verbal assault. I could feel the sting in my scalp as you tightened more and pulled harder, trying to lift me from the chair I was sitting...Read On

Micro Fiction(1)


Not My Fault

Chains can be broken

"Not guilty, Your Honor. I'm incapable of accepting love from another. Incapable of giving love to another. Incapable of being happy with myself. Incapable of showing others compassion. Incapable of making lasting friendships. Incapable of living in the present, constantly living in the past. Life taught me to be this way. It was done to me. I can do to them. Not my fault, never is. I...Read On



Another Time Another Universe

Maybe in another time, in another universe things will be perfectly clear.

In that other universe, we are the lucky ones. In that other universe, we have finally made it. In that other universe, we never experienced what we experienced here. Life never weathered or hardened us the way it did, it never dug into the depths of our souls, it never perforated our hearts. In that other universe, we didn’t associate love with leaving. In that other universe, we always...Read On


Bent Twisted and Kinked

An in depth look at who I have become.

While talking with a new acquaintance, this came up in the conversation. She told me, "ahh but my dear didn't you know that broken things hold the most beauty in the world, it is our imperfections that make us who we are, me yes I search for love, life, and I see beauty in everything around me. Even myself, took me a long time to see that my dear." My reply was, "Glad that you have...Read On


Chosen Occupation

Choosing what you want to do through your working life.

I think it is a good thing that for my life's profession, I never chose to became a chef. I would have specialized in desserts. Cakes, doughnuts, pies, delicious puddings, custards and cheesecakes. Topped with Ice Cream, decadent sauces, or whipped cream. Fancy lavish dishes loaded with way too many unhealthy calories and fats. Just sampling them through my work day, would really...Read On


CK's Musings

Expressions of gratitude to my friends on Stories Space

A soft stillness flourishes this morning. With a crisp feel of fall in the air, a slight breeze touches my cheeks making them burn just a bit. The dawning heavens void of any clouds, only a pair of ravens soaring high grace the empty sky. Climbing, swooping, diving, showing a glint of the new brightness on their shiny ebony feathers as they catch the first rays of sun light, that will...Read On


CK's Thoughts

Live, love and let live.

It amazes me that we all seem to be looking for the same things in our lives. To be accepted by others for who and what we are. Yet I read some of the work and the comments here. Things that rings loud as I read, disturb me sometimes. Being a live and let live person, who is far from perfect myself, I have to ask, what makes another criticize or condemn someone else, for petty things...Read On

Coyote Moon

We are all children of the universe, Mother Nature is our guardian.

A Children's Moon displayed today, upon a canvas bright and blue, not a cloud in the sky to see, the only thing on exhibit, you Mr. Moon. Showing yourself in the brightness of day, for children who would usually be asleep in their beds, when you appear at night. Eyes wide, mouth round, look of surprise upon your oval face. Not a frown, as I would expect from you, being up so early. You...Read On


Curious Minds

When making lemonade, don't forget to add some sugar.

When one is given lemons, as a friend recently said, make lemonade. Thank you for the reminder Yas. My problem is, I sometimes forget to add sugar. Must be an old man thing, sheepish grin . I do seem to get distracted more easily, the older I get. When one looks up the meaning of curiosity, we find this definition: An eagerness to know about something or to get information about...Read On



How I feel, when my mind is under siege.

In my heart I know that in reality, I am in control. But in my mind of fantasy, I feel compelling forces. Tugging with such might, I begin to tail spin, lost. Unable to bring myself back to centre, held in limbo. Fighting equilibrium, giving in, because of dizziness. Voices within my head, compounding my quandary. Barks of do this, no, do that, where do they come from? ...Read On


Decisions Never Easy

Wanting to soar with the eagels, but afraid to fly.

I feel desires deep in my soul, I hear my wants shouting in my mind, but I am confused and can't act or answer? Feeling not in control, vibrations from tension scurry through my body. I know that no one can fix this but me, I am afraid to make the decisions needed to have clarity. I am hedging, sitting on the edge, hoping for a strong wind to come, blowing me off from this fence, then...Read On


Embracing Life

Thoughts as I greeted the morning today.

What a gorgeous morning, not a cloud to be seen, the mixed scent of apple blossoms and lilacs filling the air, fresh and breathtaking, nearly intoxicating, the birds singing melodious songs, as they await the arrival of the sun. The air, crisp and cool, invigorating actually. Morning is such an awesome time, the awakening of life, the anticipation of the day fills my heart to...Read On



If you really want to make a difference, don't over think it, just do it...

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking the feelings felt from yours and others past transgressions. It is ancient history. Let it go, it only weighs you down. Placing the key inside the lock can be the hardest thing to do. After that obstacle is overcome, the task given becomes easier to perform. As the lock begins to open, sometimes it squeaks and groans under the weight carried for so...Read On


First Love

We can make a difference, we are all a strand in her web.

"Teach your children what we have taught our children - that the Earth is our Mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. All things are connected....Read On


Hermit's Existence

Life is all about questions and answers.

I think I have found the answer to a question, asked myself many times. How I can live life free, never causing another person any hurt or despair? Become a recluse and live all by myself, never having to answer to anyone except me. Finding a place deep in the wilderness to play. I could eat or sleep and not being concerned, about a clock or what the calendar displays. It would...Read On


Hold The Moon In Your Palm

Remember, a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

Hold the moon in your palm. Remind yourself who you really are. See darkness in the sunshine. See brightness in the dark. Swim in life's oceans, breathe in the wild breeze. Give without expectation, venture out into the world. Be brave, set out after what you want and need. Hunger for adventure, thirst for knowledge. Be adventuresome, take a chance. Inhale deeply, exhale, let go, know...Read On


How Do You Know

Without experiencing, will you ever really know?

How do you know pure white, if you have never seen freshly fallen snow? How do you know pure light, if you have never observed sun's glow? How do you know pure darkness, if you have never ventured deep below? How do you know pure color's, if you have never seen a rainbow? How do you know pure happiness, if in your mind, sadness can't bestow? How do you know pure pain, if you...Read On


How I see me

How I see society and myself.

It is said that we live in a free society. I question that and wonder if we are truly free, why has society attached so many strings, saying to us, you can belong if you do this or that, or feel this or that. There seems only to be two holes for us, as members to fit, according to society. Round or Square, we are pegged into one or the other, even if we are a bit oval, or a bit rectangle. ...Read On



In the snow storm of life we are snowflakes, no two are exactly the same.

Sometimes the ire we feel is brought forth, not by another's hand, though we do blame them for the piercing pain felt with in our heart. Warm blood leaks from within, creating a coldness, a disgust for ourselves and sometimes for living. Having been told, we are the curators of our own happiness or sadness. Not one other soul, has the ability to create our thoughts. Not one other being,...Read On



Life is to live, live it the best way you know how.

No one can reject the human nature, that makes one feel good in living; without which, life is all in vain. Enjoy every moment given, feed every desire, every dream, every deviant thought, be curious, explore. Revel in living life to bursting, it is yours to live, no one else's, unless you choose to share. Let every bolt from the blue tweak your desires. We only have one life, live it...Read On



Thing at times I forget to do.

Live each moment completely, one second, one step at a time, place one foot in front of the other. Never take time away to look back, only forward to the next moment. Right now, there is only today, no tomorrow, no yesterday, just this instant. Take full advantage, live life, live it large and absolute. This moment won't last long, and once gone never will it be back. Embrace...Read On



There are so many choices, which do I choose?

At a crossroad I always ponder, which path needs to be taken? Head full of options, but nothing jumps out and says, this is the way. I have contemplated this conundrum, many times before in my life. Never does it get any easier, the answers never seem to be defined. So I suppose this time as many before, I will cast the question to the wind. Knowing the cosmos will guide me in...Read On



"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it." ~Charlie Chaplin~

Life is a journey. We travel it's paths. Though not always easy. It's always adventuresome. Sometime feeling alone. Encountering many challenges and obstacles. Our goal is to reach a certain destination. Many of us have several goals to reach. Some will reach them all. Others will only reach a few. We must always keep in mind. New travelers will cross our path. Greet them with...Read On


Quandary of Life

It is your journey, follow your own rainbows.

Quandary in definition: A state of uncertainty or perplexity. I have lived most of my life locked within a state of quandary. Trying to find out who I am, knowing the feelings I feel are real, but not knowing how to explain them to societies satisfaction. A loner within my own body, because my gender dictates how I should act and who I can, or who I can not love. Pegged by rules...Read On



Every soul is living a life as vivid and as complex as my own.

  There is an infinitesimal line between love and hate. Sacred dreaming, and restless sleeping. The kinds of things that keep you thinking. First hint of day glows through the blind or window shade. When eyelids open, they again open to this world of hostilities.   Sometimes this never-ending place, filled with tragedy... ...makes anyone want to die in the battle. Walking outside, I...Read On



Total free from society's wrath.

Vulnerability is a scary feeling of, susceptibility, defenselessness, liability, powerlessness, frailty, exposure, helplessness, weakness and nakedness. Laying ourselves open for the world to see means there’s a far greater risk of getting hurt. Standing on the outside of life looking in, wondering what would it be like, if I had the courage to show up and let myself- Me, ...Read On


Where Did I Come From

The reason I am an agnostic.

Thinking of teachings that were presented to me in my youth, I have often wondered if Adam and Eve really did exist and if they did eat from the tree of knowledge? Were they father and mother of all mankind? Knowledge, it is said, is power, why would anyone not want to gain knowledge? Really has anything changed in our society? Adam and Eve were forbidden to partake of the fruit from...Read On


Winter's Warmth

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the snow flakes.

Snow cascades from the trees. Avalanches flowing down their trunks, gathering at the base like waterfalls. Are they breathing in the soft afternoon breeze, or are they shivering from winter's cold? Shaking and quivering, trying to stay warm. Dropping the weight from their limbs, creating snow storms of their own. Nature's beauty on display everywhere one looks. Ribbons sag...Read On




Accepting everyone and everything for who and what they are.

A llowing others the freedom to be themselves, giving C ompassion freely, showing respect C ompletely, never sympathizing, but always having E mpathy for everyone. P rejudging never, maintaining the ability T o see the best others have to offer. A ccepting all for who they are, N ever trying to force them into a mould. C aring for and loving mankind, E ternally....Read On


All Hallows Eve

Remembering the fun on Halloween night.

In the dark a black cat silhouetted by the moon Fright night and gathering treats is coming soon Sparking memories in my mind of days past Smiling to myself man that used to be a blast Dressing up in costume going door to door Collecting goodies in a sack never a chore Waiting for dark to arrive always took so long Us kids running to each house ringing the gong Door would open as...Read On


An uneducated man

Misunderstandings occur sometimes when using words

An uneducated man I am, of limited vocabulary. When using words, always needing a dictionary. Sometimes after searching out a words meaning. I find that I have misused, making it demeaning. Leading to much confusion for those who read, proving that higher education, in actuality I need. Using large words trying to sound sophisticated, causing misunderstanding, reactions stimulated. ...Read On


Antisocial Kind of Guy

Sometimes people see you differently than you are.

Am I an antisocial kind of guy I speak what's on my mind I don't ask many to be a friend I always try to treat others kind I hardly reject anyone if asked Mostly accept, few are declined Some stay around for a while Some visit some drop behind I always show the same respect Usually in a good frame of mind Most times laughing and joking Smiling face wrinkles defined At times a...Read On


Are You Here

How a true friend always walks beside and supports a friend.

Are you here, I ask? As I face a daunting task. You always answer, yes. I am here, what do you need? I tell you I am struggling. You urge me to carry on. I tell you, I am afraid. You place your hand in mine. I say, I am going to tumble. You always, prop me up. I tell you, I don't know if I can. You say, I know you will. I know, I am not always liked, I always feel your love. ...Read On


Art Deco Sky

Wonders in the night sky.

Red dog around the moon stars shine bright Darkness soon gone dawn bringing new light Dimness over taken as eyes adjust nearly Ears hearing sounds in the shadows clearly Babbling from the creek I walk beside Crunching leaves under foot every stride Sounds far away coyote's songs echo Clouds thin decoupage almost art deco Fluttering briskly across your smiling face ...Read On


Ashes of Love

Embers of love, never totally burn out.

Quiescent, black pieces lay, Beneath mounded ashes grey. Awaiting breezes to play, Once more they will allay. Underlying emotions, the embers, Heat of the flame, one remembers. Coals left, outlast flaming timbers. Never hardening hearts or tempers. Cinders never completely expire. Neither does love's burning desire. Spirit of soul, need only conspire. Accepting life, one must acquire....Read On


Ask and Answer

We are all capable of making a difference.

Can I change another's life? Only if I care. Can I change my own? Only if I dare. Can I show another love? Only if I care. Can I love myself? Only if I dare. Can I give away a piece of my heart? Only if I care. Can I repair my own broken heart? Only if I dare. Can I accept who another is? Only if I care. Can I accept who I am? Only if I dare. Can I take someone else's...Read On


At Times

No one can hear them inside my head.

At times my thoughts are profound and dark At times things I think are austere no spark At times they consume causing much agony At times I allow them to progress too gluttony At times I have lost every bit of self control At times losing all semblance heart and soul At times not able to be the person others see At times making me who I don't want to be At times my thoughts fill up...Read On


Author Of My Own Destiny

Often we blame others for our destiny.

Choices we all must make Some are good some bad Survive or ourselves forsake Be miserable or be glad Grab the ring or make a mistake Bare our soul or stay totally clad Stand tall and straight or quiver and quake Live in the moment or relish what we had Show true self or be a fake Dress in black or wear plaid Remain strong or weaken and break Stay in a rut or jump from...Read On


Autumn Morning

Dreamlike walk in the morning fog.

A nippy, dreary, autumn morn today. Sky invisible, everything above is grey. Morning mist enshrouding the trees. Colors of fall embracing their leaves. Creating a wonderful storybook scene. Magical portrait - red, brown, gold and green. Chilly dampness kissing my cheeks. An eerie silence, no living soul speaks. Haze falling deeper into the valley below. Blocking...Read On


Awaiting Sunrise

Another day closer to spring.

Held tightly within winter's chilly grip. From the roof, icicles no longer drip. Catching one's eye, like a crystal chandelier. Beautifully illuminated as sun rays appear. Frosty branches, not even giving a flutter. -20, one would think they should shudder. New snow lays in a fluffy blanket deep. Quiet only fills the air, not even a cheep. Bundled in their roost fluffed into...Read On


Beauty of Night

Enjoying the night's wondrous beauty.

Walking out into a starlit night. My heart is filled with delight. Hearing your call in the dark. Wondrous sound, not at all stark. Searching the shadows I find you. Again hearing, your hoot hoo hoo In the top of a lonesome pine. You are silhouetted like a sign. Against the stars and slivered moon. I listen closely, hearing your croon. Are you speaking to your mate? Belly full...Read On


Behind These Eyes

Dance behind my eyes, before you pass judgement on me.

There are times I am sure, when others look at me, and see nothing, but an idle mind. If they only knew... What frolics inside my head, they would scurry away in fear. If they could see past my vacant stare. Just behind my eyes. Through the swirling, menagerie of images. If they could hear the voices' intonation, their chants and rants. If they could only see and hear what lurks... That...Read On


Bespangled Sky

The universe grants this old man another day.

Purple clouds hang against a burgeoning blue Brightening scene backdrops black trees on the horizon Darkness again giving way to light brand new Spirits of night... spell soon will be broken Flickering stars once more bidding their final adieu Chilly night air biting at my cheeks Smokey haze rises from the neighbours' flue Fresh melodies shortly will float through the sky ...Read On


Best Friend

We all need a friend to keep our darkest secrets...

When my world is darker than I can understand. When my sky turns gray with no light in sight. When nothing turns out the way, I've planned. When I can’t sleep at all, through the lonely night. I turn to you like a flower bends toward the sun. You can turn me around when I’m upside down. I turn to you ‘cause you’re the only one. When I need inspiration, when I need advice. When my insides...Read On

Black and White

Without darkness we would never see a star.

Black takes over sight Eyes wander searching From behind the clouds Appears a shimmering moon Then quickly vanishes Hidden from view Eyes roaming seeking Clouds open once more Revealing a pin point of silver Shining bright a lonely star Then another and another Joined again by the moon Light chasing away dark Not only light or darkness Nor just black and white Much the same...Read On


Blood Red Tears

Laughing together can mend our hearts

Tears blood red fall from my heart when a friend is hurting I wish there was more I could do to console and show my love The bruising hurts as they hurt for them it breaks my heart in two To travel to transcend time and space Yes a fantasy I wish I could do Being able to be beside them just to hold and soothe We can transcend distance and time Our caring thoughts have...Read On


Breaking Day

Images and sounds of a new day.

Sunrise cresting over the hill. Breaking calm morning still. Bringing light to the swamps. Dawn awakes, activity prompts. Night sounds fading, so long. Birds sing a melodious song. Raven crowing a new alarm. Pinkish sky's displaying charm. Creatures rise begin their praise. Ponds covered with misty haze. New calves bawl for their mom. Cows call back creating calm. Everything wakes...Read On


Brothers and Sisters

We all deserve to live our lives without jeopardy.

This was inspired by the words of our own, darklight30 in Sunday Sermon Brothers and Sisters We are all children of the universe, everyone brother and sister. Really does it matter if we are short, tall, large, thin, fat, or small. There are none of us above reproach, not one without baggage. We are all here to pass through life, not to judge or persecute. There is not a perfect...Read On


Bruised Heart

Can one's heart...

When a heart is bruised can it ever love again will trust go or remain will it shred and tatter is it now fecal matter can it beat loud anymore will it try to even the score how long will blood flow does anyone really know will the leak seal can it ever heal will the scars be visible will it be forever miserable will it just wither and die with nary a sigh...Read On


Caller ID

On our day of reckoning, our alter selves will be revealed.

Many summers yes, have come and gone. Countless struggles, but still vigorous. Offerings abound, blessings numerous. 67 plus years ago this old man did spawn. Like many who grew up in my day. Memories some good, some bad. Frequent challenges yes I've had. Damaged somewhat along the way. Darkness visited too many times. Demons alive, swim deep in my well. My secrets disquieting, not a...Read On


Candles Glow

The dimmest glow can light ones pathway home.

The flicker of a candle’s glow brightens the darkest caverns, illuminating gloomy passages, casting shadows upon the walls of the hand, that shields it’s flame from gusty breezes. Providing a warm ambiance, carrying the bearer forward, guiding their way home, out from the darkness, returning them into the light, silencing menacing voices. Inspired by one of...Read On

Editor's Pick

Carried Too Long

Been there, done that, dare not go back!

Allowing myself to misplace reality's grip. Dwelling yet again in the past, feeling dismay. Into the bottomless depths of darkness I slip. Why could life not have been a different way? Trying to regain clarity, not where I want to be. Descending to the abyss, luminosity fading fast. Not fearing the dark, but the demons awaiting me. Been here many times, heart stressed, mind aghast. ...Read On


Carry On

"Then we'll carry on as we may."

Inspired by a posted in the forums by Bella85 Tomorrow's light, Brings another day. Tears may fall, And darkness display. Truth be known, We're all made of clay. Hardened by fire, Glazed by dismay. One foot in darkness, The other in grey. Continuing our journey, Along life's highway. Knowing we may again, Crumble and decay. Broken and tarnished, At the final archway. Like...Read On


Celestial Battles

One celestial battle culminates

Celestial Battles Warmer days of summer gone, heat and light less potent. Fall time just fading memories, lives at their end. Passing winters equinox, air crisp, harder to breath. One celestial battle culminates, darkness gains victory. Light of day starts to lengthen, another skirmish begun. Soon harsh winter days will pass, spring and new life will come. Light persisting...Read On


Celestial Chorus Line

Imagining angles singing as night turn to day.

Venus, Moon and Jupiter all aligned. Heavens lightening, a gorgeous display. Planets creating a celestial chorus line . Singing praises of a coming new day. Gradually Venus and Jupiter are fading. Mountaintops radiate a copperish glow. Quarter Children's Moon left hanging. Shining against a dawning sky of indigo. Awaiting arrival of a warm morning sun....Read On



What one feels when asked not to express their thoughts

C - Confined E - Expurgated N - Naked S - Smothered O - Oppressed R - Restrained S - Subjugated H - Harried I - Imprisoned P - Purged...Read On



Things one knows, but still questions.

I wonder sometimes, this day will I make it through? Will I have the strength to finish the tasks at hand? Challenges the universe has given me, I need to do. Why life can be so complicated, I do not understand? My mother always told me, take each day as it comes. Some will be difficult, some easy, but never too hard. The more you deal with living, the easier it becomes. Take care of...Read On



Daydreaming of a hot summer day.

Experiencing warm rays upon my skin. Relaxing tensions inside body and mind. Sun penetrating, heating, deep within. Tight muscles loosen, begin to unwind. Body encapsulated in a pleasant glow. Migrating to a much more tranquil place. Cold disappearing with the melting snow. Flower scents, bird songs now replace. Winter forgotten, ahhh! sun feels soooo gooood! Warmer brighter days,...Read On




C reamy H earty O verwhelming C onfection O pulent L oveable A ddictive T asty E lation...Read On


CK's First Limerick Chain

My first ever try at a limerick.

Some say I am a story teller of note Words off my tongue often float Making some listeners laugh Mostly they're infused with some chaff Sometimes they are not even worth a groat Some listen to my narratives with dread If written probably they'd be misread But all of these tales are vivid and true Listen carefully please don't misconstrue As I get these damn chronicles out of my head ...Read On



Searching for answers to find ones self.

clues for us abound seen the world around not always recognized tools found not utilized tools and clues are still there leading us sometimes to despair questions asked not getting answered search though we do still unanswered arguments start between mind and heart often leaving souls empty broken apart really none of us are a closed book clues placed there for others to look...Read On


Cockeyed Bird

Things that entertain my demented mind.

I saw a little Junco, pecking at his reflection today. Wondering, what's the reason for his little display? What was he seeing in the reflection of the window? Was he angry at the image, or just a bit of a weirdo? Did he not recognize the reflection was of himself? Maybe like me, not wanting to admit age to myself. Could it be that the insistent pecking was his way? ...Read On


Collision of Hearts

When souls collide, do they form a nebula in space?

When souls collide, have you ever asked why? Are their stars aligned, or merely passing by? In some previous life, have they met before? What creates this sensation, is karma balancing a score? Laws of affinity say opposites attract, are souls simply magnets? Are humans universal objects, positive and negative planets? What ever the reasons may be. When a soul touches...Read On


Communal Space

Warriors young and old travel many of the same paths.

What is this alluring place, where red and blue meet? With a cindered path, stretching beneath our feet. Torricelli's trumpet, is seldom here to greet. Crusted tears dry upon hardened faces, naked skin reddens from scorching heat. Lambs who were led to slaughter, bleat. Life's blood escaping, as hearts and veins deplete. Miasmas permeate the mind like mace, memories revealed,...Read On



Problems sometimes found with the written use of the English language.

C onfusing the issues with the written word, O ften happens when trying to M ake another understand your intent with written words alone. P roblems arise when an uneducated person like myself, L eans toward using words wrong, either spelled I ncorrectly, or using them in the wrong context. C ircumstances sometimes lead the well educated person, T o read...Read On



Confused really confused.

Contradictions, many found within Oppressed, by my own thoughts Never, happy with who I am Forever, searching for answers User, of others I feel sometimes Sullen, state of mind most of the time Incomplete, always needing more Overbearing, with friends and family Nagging, fantasies never leave me alone...Read On




C - Confounding O - Overcomplicating N - Numbing F - Flabbergasting U - Underlying S - Sedating I - Intimidating O - Occupying N - No understanding ...Read On



How an online meeting can grow

Is it a phenomena of our time, this so called meeting online? Meeting out in virtual space. Touching each with embrace. Souls have a way of connecting. Without ones heart expecting. Hearts make connections real. Sentiments are hard to conceal. Often ones mind fills with fear. Not letting true emotions appear. If this connection is embraced. Pain sometimes can be erased. Never...Read On


Cotton Candy Sky

Taken places from the past.

Cotton candy sky this morning, sailors need not take warning. Pastel heavens, blues and pinks. Start of a stunning day, me thinks. Sounds, smells of a carnival here, similes, within my mind appear. Whisking me back to earlier times. I reminisce, pleasant are the signs. The rides, animals, oh, the bouquets, senses full, lovely memories amaze. Another period when all was good. Taken...Read On



Curious, are your thoughts sensual?

Your face at dawn, very subtle. Mesmerized, I watch and think! What senses, stimulate your blush? Why are your cheeks, such a rosy pink? Curious, are your thoughts sensual? Causing my eyes to well up and blink. Is it wind, blowing up your skirt? Soft breezes, tickling your fancy? wink! Perhaps, watching lovers canoodle? Maybe more? wink, wink! Your normal red, not, contrast...Read On


Country Boy's Wish

Wish that after death, I not be entombed.

A country boy I have always been, crowded places make me cringe. Open spaces are where I thrive, away from the city's fringe. Out where not many dare to venture, is where I always want to be. Walking mountain trails cool and crisp, or deserted beaches by the sea. Listening to the birds sing their songs, or watching animals cavort. Hearing the waves lapping at the shore, or sounds of a...Read On



Don't be fooled by glitz and glamour.

Sometime showing glitz and glamour, the cover of a book deceives. When opened and read, the words show no sparkle, or sex appeal. Judging a book by its cover alone, does not let you see what is within. When we first meet another person, it is very much the same. Judging by their appearances alone, the real person can be missed. What appears inside can surprise! A heart of...Read On


Crimson Morning

A magnanimous morning to be alive.

Two ravens in the sky, flying wing to wing. Eastward bound, a caw, caw, song they sing. As the pink begins to appear against the blue. A wash of happiness, gracing my face anew. Days dawning brings brilliant expectation. Filling one's heart with warm anticipation. Today being another to live and love. Thankful again, the ground to be above. The wonders of nature, never do get old....Read On



What society says of folks like me.

Damaged goods, is that what I am? Has society sent me on the lam? I try each day, a better person to be. Not allowing all the world to see. The hurt, the pain that I feel inside. Hiding tears that are often cried. Each day a smile I try to place. Upon an others heart and face. Does that make me a bad person? Others pain I try not to worsen. Sending good thoughts to everyone. Hugs...Read On


Dancing in Reverie

A safe place out of harms way.

Now and then I slip into reverie. Alone in my thoughts and schemes. Contemplating pleasant fantasies. Journeying far away, lost in dreams. Places in reality I have not visited. Imaginary destinations full of magic. Mentality exaggeratedly animated. Blissful, idyllic spaces, never tragic. Everyone in harmony, yes my utopia. Garden of Eden, nary a forbidden fruit. Relaxed,...Read On


Dark Stormy Night

Dreams sometimes can feel so real.

It was a dark and stormy night Rain continued pounding hard Thunder crashed and rumbled Dark broken by strikes bright Wind howling with ferocity Branches bent and snapping Tree trunks felled up rooted Fear overtaken by curiosity Face against window peering Able to see with each flash Destruction like a war zone Luminosity again disappearing Waking anxious from my dream Realizing that...Read On



A coyote's howl shatters night's silence.

Dead silence ringing in my ears Alone outside in the dark of night A coyote's howl from nowhere appears My mind not filled with any fright Then a call from an owl I hear Awaiting arrival of morning's light Nothing in the dark this old man fears Droplet from an icicle taking flight Falling to the ground where it smears Dancing creek sounds bring such delight Song resonates...Read On


Darkness or Light

Even turbulent swirling dark clouds carry images of joy

Even in the darkest sky there is light. Look hard not a quickened glance, light is there to see. Even turbulent swirling dark clouds carry images of joy, that display in time. Where nothing good seems be. The darkest night, shows the dimmest star giving hope, feeding warmer thoughts. Should we not shout with glee? The brightest day, casts shadows darkest, the sun has a darker side...Read On



A picture is not always what it first appears to be.

Peering into the dawning sky Picture appears before my eye Clouds in the lightening blue Gracefully floating grey in hue Looking at them as I yawn My gaze is suddenly drawn I realize the clouds to be Waves on an endless sea...Read On


Day Break

Mind becomes distracted.

Puffy pink clouds dance across the dawning sky, billowing pillows, fluffy, soft, so inviting, sigh. Angels maybe resting their heads, dreaming, as I greet this new day, colors beaming. Picture perfect shades of dark and light, softening, turning daylight from night. Transformation awe inspiring, imagination grows, stimulating words, images, rousing prose. Needing to find the...Read On


Demons and Faces

Demons and faces that live inside most of us.

Me thinks, people have more than one face, most have two, three, maybe more they chase. One prominent, always on display for all to view, the darker ones exhibited only for that chosen few. Some have many more locked deep inside, never revealing, always making them hide. Most never want to admit, not even to themselves. These others exist, perching them on dusty shelves. Once in a...Read On


Desires vs. Needs

Will I be happy with just a taste?

Decisions to make, not knowing which? Bring into full light, for everyone to see? Wonton real desires, real factual needs? Bury back again, dark, deep maybe at sea? Feeling of something foreign, within my mouth be tasted. Desires can they be realized, do they need forever wasted? Can one chocolate satisfy, do I consume them all? Will a box full gratify, do I dare seize the call? Will...Read On


Devil's Art Work

Greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

Dark morning clouds filled with smoke. Horizon appearing to cough and choke. Outside edges lined in crimson flame. Looks like the devil is at work again. The sky on fire, alight with embers. Hanging like bright red suspenders. Spikes streaking high, as if leavened. Spreading hell fire across the heavens. Strange this beauty, the devil's design. Clinkers scattered from his fork, divine....Read On


Devil's Son

Things I should've, would've, could've, done.

Many things in life I have seen and done. Makes me wonder, am I the devil's son? Though I really do not want to be. Times he seems to have hold of me. Does Satan play tricks with my mind? Causing me to sometimes be unkind. When in reality, all I strive to be. Is a loving, caring soul you see. Occasionally I don't feel in control. Drug backward through a black hole. Images playing...Read On


Dream Exploring

My reality, or is it just my silly fantasy?

Laying in my bed exploring a dream, In my own reality worlds, I can soar like a glider, walk through a wall, Or seduce some beautiful girls. I am a deity in my perceptual state; These hallucinations are mine. I am free; I can be whatever I want; I become my only divine. There is nothing to limit, save for myself, My imagination and thought. This is liberty at its farthest extreme; I can...Read On



Searching for a Midas place of pleasure

Alone in this darkness, no others in the universe, nothing to see or hear. Eyes seemingly blind, forever beside myself, only silence gracing my ear. Solitude not so serene, loneliness being my prison, why do I venture here? I need to set myself free, escape from my alter self, challenge a new frontier. Somewhere not so sullen, somewhere others exist, somewhere I do not fear. ...Read On


Each day

Thing I know I should do, but are not always accomplished.

Each day one awakes to a new beginning they can greet with a smile or a frown. The choice belongs to us no one else, make a wish set your thoughts spinning. Search, the good it is there for the taking. Place a smile on your face not a scowl. Embrace today, you may have no more, Shout I am here, this is me, no mistaking. Lightening the load gives freedom to move. Drop that baggage,...Read On


Earth Angels

In fantasy maybe, in reality not.

When a child's innocence is lost Does anyone see the true cost Taken much before they are prepared Thoughts confused often being scared By someone who's wanting to steal Their genuine intent they'll conceal Only caring about their need Consumed by lust and greed Does not matter who they hurt Words of admiration they blurt Gaining trust and appreciation Locking them into domination ...Read On



Remembering when I was a child.

Easter morning crisp and cool Does the Easter Bunny drool Hiding chocolate eggs for kids to find What really goes through his mind Does he ever get to watch them scurry Baskets swinging in such a big hurry Looking behind the trees and bushes Smiles upon little face as they pushes Wanting to find treasure before the other Shouts heard look under there from mother Fun times are had...Read On


Entangled Hearts

We are all sibling of the universe.

Entangled hearts we share Our feelings make us care Connected we're much the same Hearts on our sleeves not a game Emotions felt from one another True compassion we rediscover Nothing to hold back forever more Each others minds we must explore Not understanding the reason why Together though our hearts can fly Passing through time and space Carrying smiles upon our face Brother...Read On


Epiphany of Sorts

Finding clues and tools, always missed before, talking to myself.

Standing, thinking upon my porch. Came to me, an epiphany of sorts. Answer to a question identified. Something finally I recognized. Asked far too often over many years. Recognition, brings my eyes to tears. Haunting things from my past. Always feeling like an outcast. Hollering out loud; I have found the clue. What are the tools needed to deal with you? Heart beating...Read On



Even fish can imagine they are flying.

Everyone needs an escape, a fantasy place to go. Where they can dream, not being what others suppose. Reality can be let go for a time, while singing a different song. A place so far away, it can only be serene. Where prying eyes can't see, dreaming transformations. A spot without judges, a quiet personal space. Where truth lives free, without any fear. A dreamland in...Read On


Escaping Reality

Lovers breaking the chains of reality.

Reality quickly disappears Taking away all our fears Daydreams so very sweet Surf crashing at our feet Palms clasp hand in hand Toes nestled in soft sand Gazing into each others eyes Happiness will be our prize Soft music drifts on the wind Images and sounds combined Past wounds healed gone away Hearts warm now safe to play Simultaneously higher we climb Hallucinations held fast...Read On


Ever Present

I feel you, even when I cannot see you

Ever Present You touch my heart from deep within, your love is always ever present. I feel your warm soft kiss upon my skin, like the sun kisses me on the brightest day. I never feel that I am left alone to tackle, the rigors of my daily pace, you are here. I feel you, even when I cannot see you, just like the sun on the cloudiest days. I concentrate, turning my face in your...Read On


Faces of my Past

Is it too late to make peace with past memories?

I do dwell too often on the past about things I had no control If I told all it would likely flabbergast these memories from so long ago I am ashamed when being asked of the things that happened then Forced so young to grow up far too fast my childhood stolen way back when Did I deserve to be lashed and trashed whipped mercilessly told I was stupid Was I an evil child needing to...Read On


Fairy Tales and Rhymes

Picture Prompt 2

Staring at a photo of brambles I see. Dusky mist filtering around each tree. Foggy haze, spooky shadows, tangled limbs. Reminds me of fairytales heard, by Grimm. To my mind, The Old Woman in the Wood. Or 7 Dwarfs working for the common good. Princes and Princesses, Witches and Elves . Memories of books on grandma's shelves. Hearing the stories, remembering the images. As we...Read On


Fall Dance

The seasons they are a' changin'.

Morning air chilled with the first frost of fall. Exhaled breath hangs on the breeze with a lull. Roofs covered with glowing jewels sparkling. Half moon mid-sky breaks night's darkening. Casting beams of pure joy upon the ground. Voice of an owl carries with a crisp resound. Leaves on the trees will show colors of fire. Fall's beauty before long, we all can admire. Morning sun...Read On


Fever or Curse

Bit of history for ya'll

1849, Gold Rush, Sutter's mill was the start of it all. From around the world, many Argonauts came to call. Heading away to discover the newest gold find. Their families, homes and businesses left behind. They scurried through the gorges and passes. Trailing along, their grub stake loaded on asses. They followed the rivers, trails and trenches. Searching all of the bars, banks...Read On



Would it be better?

Cantankerous Curmudgeon Why am I so Angry Argumentative I don't know Shit happens What you see What you get Withdraw Darkness creeps Remorse Disgust Plunging Deeper Deeper Spinning Out of control Mind Devoid of color No visible light Only black Deafening quiet Reality Out of grasp Collapsing Ambition lost Purposes unclear Alone Cringe So alone No one understands Not even...Read On


Fire of Love

One's heart knows things that the mind can't understand.

Their eyes met, she recognized his soul. Giving an impious wink, she turned away. Igniting a spark, deep in his licentious spirit. Knowing that moment, they were meant to dance. An inferno of desire consumed him, he sauntered across the floor. Making his way toward her, blinded by her splendor. Glancing over her shoulder, sensing his advance. Touching her bare arm, he felt...Read On


Forever Friends

Someone who comes into your life by chance, but remains there by choice.

Someone who constantly makes you feel, wanted, needed, appreciated and cherished. Someone who never walks in front of, or behind you, but is always at your side. Someone who fills your mind, with thoughts of yes, I can do this. Someone who inspires you, to become more than you ever thought you could be. Someone who allows you to be who you really are, with no strings, or exceptions. ...Read On



Forgiving oneself, can allow you to feel.

Freedom Observation Release Gratitude Impunity Vindicated Exculpation Non-judgemental Extenuation Sanctuary Soft-heartedness...Read On



Finally set free, pure and innocent.

Spread upon the sands of eternity, feeling waves cleansing my soul, washing away agony collected for eons. No longer drowning in the sorrows from my past. Innocent. Pure. Free....Read On



What would we do with out friends?

Darkness invade reality, light and color fade. Our world completely tipped upside down. Deep in the gloom, feeling totally betrayed. Words from a friend can remove our frown. Brightening our day with kindness and a smile. Without even knowing, they change grey to blue. Making life worth living, able to go another mile. Darkness fades, again the suns rays shine through. ...Read On



Life is filled with friends of many kinds.

Some are long Some are short Some a flash in the pan Some are precious Some are costly Some take what they can Some are true Some are false Some you want to ban Some steel your heart Some break it Some become a fan Some you enjoy Some not so much Some they have a plan Some you understand Some you never do Some depart your clan...Read On



I'm in charge, but I don't always do the right thing.

Everyone has a gift to give, we need to accept that, sometimes it's wrapped in shitty paper, but a gift just the same. If we peel the outer layer away, beneath the stained cover you often find, the true beauty and the real gift. Gifts wrapped in used toilet paper, are not all that appealing to the eye, but are there to teach us something, not sure what but... Maybe we just need...Read On


Glass Half Full

Who I want to and try to be.

The sound of a Canary finch's song. Watching clouds cross the heavens. Simple things, that keep me strong. A glass half full, not half empty. Is what I always try to see. Blessings, life rewards a plenty. The call of a Raven, is not evil. Sweet music, to calm me really. Causing good memory retrieval. The babble of a brook passing by. Soothes my soul, relaxing me. Taking it all in, is...Read On


Gold Fever

Arriving at the bank with a poke overflowing

Gold fever is it a curse or an addiction One has to learn without any restriction To search and find this illusive bounty One must dig and search every county The trial sometimes leads to wealth But most times is hidden and stealth This fever is not for the faint of heart You cannot give up before you start This metal of yellow glint does lure many Most all that are lured loose...Read On


Golden Years

Tongue in cheek poke at getting old.

I have heard it said, that at my age life is golden. What was meant when these words were spoken? Reaching this time of life, I find to be anything but golden. Old age leaving my body less flexible and somewhat broken. My mind plays tricks, telling me I am still eighteen. Body touts frequently, that I am an antique machine. Looking at my reflection, I now see when into the mirror I...Read On



Achievements attained by gratifying another

Wanting never to hear, cries from you in pain. Soft moans of pleasure, driving me insane. Squeals of satisfaction, showing very plain. Looks upon your face, torturing my brain. Soaring to heights, causing weighty strain. Soft, musing whispers, sound almost profane. Wreathing in ecstasy, struggling to obtain. Breaths, labored, calling out others name. Moving faster...Read On


Great Escapes

Breaking away from life's torment

Breaking away from the clutches of the devil, is one of life's great escapes. Taken from the scrum, elevated to a higher level, not so many fouled scrapes. Feeling less numb, bid farewell to the trestle, no more tasting sour grapes. Beginning to hum, in life one starts to revel, go again with nature traipse. Breaking away from the clutches of the devil, is one of life's great escapes....Read On


Half of My Roots

Where I come from made a bit clearer.

Looking at a picture, you are captured in time. So long ago, it sends good chills up my spine. You toiled together to make the bare land go. Made a home, a place for your children to grow. I never had a chance to meet either of you. Searching for my roots made me feel blue. Two children, a boy who would become my dad. The other one, a pretty girl, my auntie you had. I have been to...Read On


Hand in Hand

Love and support shown by friends

Walking hand in hand you and me Forgiveness given the only key Allowing love into our heart Gives us both a brand new start Things from our past cast away Today can be a brand new day Trusting ourselves can set us free Walking hand in hand you and me Glancing into each others eyes Feeling happiness lets us rise High above the pain and guilt As one our lives can be rebuilt I...Read On


Have you ever

Life lived and questioned.

Have you ever felt unrequited love Have you ever wished on stars above Have you ever wanted true love Have you ever cried sad tears Have you ever seen darkness inside of mirrors Have you ever heard someone's jeers Have you ever cried yourself to sleep Have you ever slipped into the deep Have you ever crumpled into a heap Have you ever wanted to die Have you ever wondered why Have you...Read On


Have You Ever

Have you ever wondered, am I the only one

Have you ever looked into a mirror, the reflection looking back, not recognized? Peering, realizing, you are looking at yourself, another darker side. Someone with, wants and needs other than, those you have allowed others to see. Someone who has visited before. Bringing, images, you thought were buried long ago. Looking at this manifestation, do you feel the pull, beckoning to...Read On


Heavenly Symphonies

Gentle breezes carry symphonies.

Quite some time ago, a photo in a friend's photo gallery spoke volumes. I felt the following words describe it. I hope they do justice to your photo young lady. You always make me smile. :) Music radiating from the depths. Melodies ascending heaven's steps. Carried gently on trade winds. Harmony paying dividends. Soaring high into heaven above. Angels touched, only with love. ...Read On


Her Shadow Knows

My sister heals me, she neutralizes my poisons.

This Unicorn's coat is shiny and black. It's said he's a shadow of his pearly sister. A ride through the dark while on his back. Reveals a magical love, from this drifter. The white unicorn defends all her family. Her shadow knows all of their needs. Teaching how to win battles with chivalry. Sharing nobility on a string of beads. Inseparable this pair, one lives for the other....Read On


Hidden Treasures

On this journey slow down, enjoy.

Much beauty nature creates, for everyone to see. In the sky, over land, in flora, fauna, and the sea. As you look all around, don't merely advance. Slow your pace, peer, study, take another glance. Her canvas fills with changes, often very subtle. Not always obvious, frequently taking time to shuttle. Make time, smell the roses, gaze, let your senses flare. Much is at play,...Read On


Hide and Seek

Is one ever really alone?

Full moon shone from the night. Traces of shadows outlined bright. The landscape lit up as if daylight. Playing hide and seek such a delight. Darker reaches playing tricks on my eyes. Is something hidden, lurking in disguise? Searching silhouettes for life's existence. Maybe creatures hunting for subsistence. Nothing to be seen in this dimness. Am I alone in this partial darkness? ...Read On



Demented thoughts as I watch a honeybee.

Today I was sitting as I often do, smelling the roses, sprinkled with dew. A bee came along doing its work, probing the flowers, not one to shirk. Amazing I found this to be, as I watched tiny honeybee. Studying with an inquiring mind, staring at this honeybee's behind. Caressing petals with its feet, suckling flowers nectar, sweet. Probing deep inside with its head, pollen...Read On


How I See You

Life could be perfect if we all tried harder.

Prologue: With permission, my response to a poem written by a friend to all here on Stories Space. This Is Me: by wildrose_girl. My hairs too long, my body too short. You have what was given you, by the genetics' court. When I laugh really hard, sometime I snort. I hope one day, to hear you laugh and snort. My belly too round, my backside too wide. What should it matter? Stand...Read On



The power of a hug is overwhelming.

Hugging you hugging me Cuddled close so tenderly In each others arms We hear no alarms In each others eyes There's no disguise Comfortable together Heads light as a feather Beating hearts in rhythm Souls feeling a collision Not wanting to let go Content with the flow Cuddled into you tenderly Joined as one you and me No words need be said No worries or no dread Letting all our...Read On


I am here

I am everything in the universe.

I am here I am the ground you walk on, the grass beneath your feet. I am the song on the wind, soft breeze through your hair. I am the smells in the forest, when you walk alone. I am the song of song bird, singing, you are not alone. I am the golden reddish sunset, as night takes the day away. I am the crackle of a fire, may I always warm your heart I am the sparkle in the...Read On


I Hold The Key

You will never harm another.

Blindsided once more, at my own hand Replacing solace with frustration. Journeying backwards to never, never land. Pathway chosen, self condemnation. Confidence exchanged for uncertainty. Rose-colored specks misplaced. Powerless it seems, to dispel adversity. Joy's, substituted for pure toxic waste. Traveling theses well trodden trails. Stranger I am not, I don't need a chart....Read On


Ice Cream

Ice Cream can be as addictive as cocaine.

I ncredibly rich sweet C reamery dessert treat E xtremely cold neat C reations cakes cones or drippen' dots R arely disliked by adults or small tots E cstasy maybe sometimes spots A ggressively eaten ties brain in knots M arvelous emulsion are my thoughts ...Read On


If I Could

Things I can and can not do

If I could build a rainbow I would place it in the sky high above a green meadow sharing with all passing by If I could create an ocean I would cover it with waves bouncing with emotion happiness everybody craves If I could erect a mountain I would make it tall and grand a waterfall for its fountain lakes of blue would dot the land If I could compose song I would give it a snappy...Read On



Why do I continue to return?

I trundle through darkened halls again and again breaking free for a time never staying long in the light then plunge I do back into the gloom wandering in the past something I can not undo fear no I should not as I am accustomed been here many time why do I need to return with fear in my heart not liking who I be is this my living Armageddon my ongoing battle ...Read On

Individuality Lost

Children having to conform and fit societies mould.

When a child is brought into this human race . Innocent, totally pure, body, mind and soul. Beliefs, adulterated by others, having to face. Impressionable, without any damage control. Accepting propaganda, becoming a safe place. Expectations of others soon, they have to learn. Recognition, not reservation, now made the rule. Signs of rebellion, will cause their butt to burn. Pain...Read On



Will there be inspiration, in the after life?

Do you find inspiration, from the stars above? Do you find inspiration, from another's love? Do you find inspiration, from someone's word? Do you find inspiration, from stories heard? Do you find inspiration, from past memories? Do you find inspiration, from anomalies? Do you find inspiration, when closing your eyes? Do you find inspiration, when looking to the skies? Do...Read On



Sunrise portrait painted by my muse.

Striated banding brews patch work stripes; not a devil's work of art kissing heavens hues, but brush strokes and swipes; an appealing palette a la carte. Pinks, reds, greys and blues; another new day strikes, spawning a fresh start painted by my muse, removing darkened spikes. Her canvas always warms my heart....Read On


It's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter

Prologue: 5:30 this morning as I stood in the dark, I could see Venus, as she was following the last quarter of the moon across a crystal sky. The darkness of night being quickly consumed by a new rising sun, bringing promise of a clear sunny day. An old Beatles song began playing in my mind. "Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say it's all right." I couldn't...Read On


Jealous Rage

A place I have visited in the past.

Jealousy can set one into a blinding rage. Darkness all that awaits within this cage. Holding our breath till nearly passing out. Forehead turning purple, filled with doubt. Wanting something that we can never own. Senses delirious, all self-confidence blown. Reality fades, abandoned, no longer able to grip. Confusion rampant, mind goes on a revenge trip. Decisions become...Read On


Journey of Life

Something we all have to do eventually.

The journey of life, we all must take. Paths to choose, decisions to make. Some reside on earth a very long time. Some only a short period spent sublime. Struggles many have, as they travel along. Happy at times, whistling or singing a song. Sad at times, not knowing what will come. Each step taken, to the beat of their drum. Needing to see what's around the next bend. Maybe bumping...Read On


Know No Fear

Like dandelion seeds on the wind give them wings

Dive into the depths Experience the darkness below Release the air from your lungs Watch the bubbles rise Follow them to the surface Embrace each new breath Flow with the currents Know your fears Let them float away rejoice Watch them pop and disappear Let go know no fear Start each day with a song Dance in the new day's sun Each day a new beginning Embrace living Know your fears Set...Read On


Lament of a great man

He was to me a man of many talents always as I grew

This is for my grandpa the greatest man I ever knew He was to me a man of many talents always as I grew He was not a man of large stature or even very tall The word willowy or sinewy describe him after all He was a man to all who ever knew A hard worker his word always true He was not a man of formal education School of hard knocks his foundation He always used his words...Read On


Last Day?

Will we see another day after December 21/2012?

The Mayan calendar says that the end is near. Maybe something we should watch and fear. Armageddon has been touted times, many past. Will tomorrow really end the world, be our last. My hopes are things do not take a turn, and end. But that folks around the world gather and blend. Tomorrows we may never see, today is one to score. Supporting, sharing, loving one another forever more. ...Read On


Lasting Legacy

They will be my lasting legacy

Lasting Legacy Looking up the word legacy: Something, From the past associated with. That is handed down or remains. From a previous generation or time. That is outdated or discontinued. Do I have a legacy, Never anything concrete. Have I done anything? Important enough, no. Not a lasting legacy. Of my accomplishments, Nothing stands out or screams. You...Read On



Have you ever wondered how a leaf does know

Have you ever wondered how a leaf does know When to burst the bud and begin life and grow It grows and nourishes the trunk and roots below It holds on tight though the wind and rain bestow It grows with such vigor and large becomes To shade the ground from harsh summer suns Then as the days begin to shorten and cool It changes color and withers without a drool When the time is...Read On



Fly high, swoop, soar, with confidence sing.

Do not just stand at the opened cage, afraid to jump, of spreading your wings. Freedom only comes when one leaps, feeling the wind beneath their wings. Liberated, soaring on the breezes of life, letting the sun warm deeply, voices sing. Diving into another dimension is key, walking the talk, breaking all strings. Knowing that we can be honest and true, no fear of...Read On


Life Appreciated

Just how quickly life can be ended.

As I get older, the more I appreciate life. Take the little Chickadee I found today. Once, living life with not too much strife. On its back, still, lifeless, black and grey. It had flown into a window ending verve. Spirit leaving his body in a millisecond. At the end, not sufficient time to swerve. To the universe its spirit beckoned. Picking its frozen body from the ground. This could be...Read On


Lily Pond Reflections

Beauty of a pond Atop a Lily floats Beauty of a pond Frog's croak Beauty of a pond Reflecting clouds Beauty of a pond Blackbirds twill Beauty of a pond Aromas abound Beauty of a pond Fish pitting surface Beauty of a pond Tranquil calm Beauty of a pond Passive splendor Beauty of a pond On its banks I sit...Read On


Little One

Lay your head on the pillow and dream.

Sleep tonight little one Below stars that twinkle Sun has gone to bed Dream of today's fun Like Rip Van Winkle Moon is showing his head Night's here day's done Let Mr. Sandman sprinkle A little sand don't dread Morn will bring bright sun A breakfast that will tickle When you rise from your bed I'll tell you a tale my Grandpa spun Don't wrinkle your nose and be fickle I can...Read On


Living My Dash

Maybe I'm just a rotting apple.

My mind writes checks, my body can't cash. But I am still alive and living my dash. Tarnished, a bit twisted, kinked and dented. Living a life, some say is a bit demented. Some only see a wrinkled old man. Some see who and what I really am. Yes I am wizened with lines of age. From battles fought inside my own cage. But through it all I've become a wiser man. Still knowing, pay my own...Read On


Lone Wolf

Time does finally seize us all.

An old alpha peers at a winter moon. For lady wolf, his heart does swoon. Longing for days when they pranced. Stalking like shadows they advanced. Their kits safely snuggled in the den. A time nearly lost, way back when. Now having to prowl the forest alone. No longer this alpha sits on his throne. Not having a mate or pack to call his own. Frail and weak, just hair, skin and bone. ...Read On



Who has control of my thoughts?

I have two sides you see Happy one another sad it be Never do I know each day Which will inside me say Today you are this or that You have no choice splat No control of who you be Devil or Angel forced to see The outer part I put a face The inner part I can't erase Smiling for all so I can hide Nasty monsters deep inside...Read On



A word often misused or abused when used.

Love, by definition, having so many meanings. Spoken, written, conjuring up multiple feelings. We can use the word to describe emotion. Lack of use causing so much commotion. Love doctors use it for strong natural potions. Sometimes causing vivid, unreal notions. adore cherish devoted to feel affection for feeling romantic desire find irresistible be fond of Just a few...Read On


Love Is To Me

Love can mean many things...

LOVE puts the music in laughter, the rhythm in a song, the warmth in a shoulder, the gentle in strong... LOVE puts the beauty in blue, the pink in a cloud, the cheer in voices, the smiles in a crowd... LOVE puts the fun in together, the sadness in apart, the hope in tomorrow, the joy in ones heart... LOVE puts the magic in memories, the sunshine in skies, the content in...Read On


Lunar Eclipse

Your face turning crimson showing your humiliation

Staring into the heavens looking at your full face I can see the look of surprise as I gaze into your eyes Stars pale by comparison to your brightness in space Appearing so small and dim as you illuminate the skies I am struck with thoughts of wonder awe and amazement Scatterings of much smaller objects in the heavens twinkle Showering the sky like glitter I stare in bewilderment ...Read On


Magical Memories

Rocketing down hill on my Flyer.

Frosty dog encircled moon, color in the night. Jewels glitter upon new snow, shimmer bright. Magical memories, times when winter ruled. Childhood enthusiasm, never could be cooled. Wind blown drifts, always meant a day of play. Sliding slopes, launched airborne on my sleigh. Trudging knee deep back uphill, reaching the top. Exhilarating speed, face burning, laughing non-stop. ...Read On


Majestic Morn

Given another day to count my blessings.

Watery expanse covered in mist Dawn breaking into purple and blue Morning sky blushing as if kissed Hilltops highlighted in a golden hue Heart warm emotions so much alive Silence not yet broken mind aglow Grandeur causing my soul to revive Sapphires dancing across the snow Magnificent day filled with blessings Fortunate mortal I am to be caressed Panorama stretching my heartstrings...Read On


Memory Shelf

Memories stored in the library of our mind.

Like books arranged upon a shelf, memories display there. We can choose to read them again, or not, or even share. If placed in a certain order, favourites' at one end. Chosen ones read over and over, bring smiles again and again. Bad memories from days gone by, gather dust at the far end. Pick up only favourites to re-read, share with a friend. The not so favourite don't pick up,...Read On


Metronome of Life

What tic's and toc's await beyond this life?

Back and forth, never stopping in the middle long. Strapped to a pendulum, hearing that tic toc song. Sometimes flying fast and high, oh how exhilarating. Sometimes slow, oh so low and slow, very agitating. Passing the middle never staying for long. Captivated by this rhythmic tic toc song. Each day passes 24 hours, one can whimper or sing. Choosing to grasp the beauty, or only...Read On


Mischievous Mind

Distracted minds venture to weird places.

inner darkness I lurk fantasy mind at work repeatedly so berserk continually I rework walk around the cirque again everything murk mind begins to quirk veracity on hold smirk emotions start to perk maybe I should shirk devil the real clerk eccentricity does irk reality retuning jerk now time for work...Read On


Moon Dogs and Sun Rises

Thanks, Wildrose_girl, for giving me the inspiration.

Perched a top yonder hill watching, a competition between siblings. One putting his night to rest, the other bringing her day to play. A sermon before us, holding all fast, cold wind piercing through our skin. We will not venture from our pews, until every award is broadcast. Your elongated face, ringed by dogs, colors like that of rainbows, garnishing the dark sky, with...Read On


Morning Dove

Heart warming visions of Spring.

Morning still broken by a dove's call. Ca coo coo ca coo coo her song to all. What a lovely sound to hear piercing the crisp morning air. Winter morn brought to light, sort of. Completely warmed by this call of love. I can't locate her in the branches of a tree. A video starts running, in my mind I see. Her ca coo coo ca coo cooing from above. Visions of a beautiful tawny...Read On


Morning Sky

Totally different each time and always amazing

When one looks and gazes into the morning sky There is always new beauty to greet your eye Totally different each time and always amazing Every second past her image is constantly changing The colors and lights are wondrous delights Feeding one’s mind with such glorious sights How Mother Nature paints on her pallet I will always put an x in the box on her ballot Much beauty and...Read On


Mourning Sky

Does mother earth mourn, shed tears, show restraint?

Red sky in the morn, why does nature taint? Sailors does it warn, pallet dripping paint? Clouds are they adorn, colors vibrant and quaint? Has a gods heart been torn, love lost by a patron saint? Does mother earth mourn, shed tears, show restraint? Pure blue does she scorn, like all colors to acquaint?...Read On



Was it Calliope at play?

Puffy pink clouds dancing across a dawning sky. Billowing pillows, fluffy, tenderly inviting, sigh. Angels resting their heads, maybe dreaming? Brightening with the breaking day, gleaming. Picture perfect shades of dark and light. Shifting from darkness, a dazzling sight. Transformation awe inspiring, imagination grows, stimulating words, images, origin of this prose. Needing to...Read On


Mr. Robin

Natures critters are such fun to watch.

Red breast gleams in the morning sun. Akin to a tapestry of pure copper spun. Singing a song to welcome your day. Early bird gets the worm, they do say. Watching you flit and chirp fills my heart. Making me beam, my days off to good start. I just wanted to thank you for the smile. Will carry it with me all day, every mile....Read On


Music Amongst The Ruins

Music and love can rise from the ruins

If there were no love in the world Would we all erect a dwelling Sound proofing it's walls Deadening the music Maybe furnishing it with darkened rooms Lined with tarnished fixtures So bleeding hearts can blend and disappear unnoticed A place where fresh scars cannot be seen A refuge where agonizing screams are silenced outwardly On the outside showing a facade resembling paradise ...Read On


Music of the Night

With in the darkness, melody's on the breezes play.

Heavens filled with sparkling jewels, to the brim. Moon scarcely visible, newness gracing its rim. Silence invaded with songs piercing the night. Brother Coyote sings and yips with pure delight. Setting the neighbourhood dogs to baying. Does each know, what the other's saying? Owl accompanies, with her distinctive hoots. Creeks calming voice, harmonizing in cahoots. If it...Read On


My Angel

We all have an angel.

An angel watches over me. Knowing all about who I be. Never, am I far from her sight. Though dark, she is always trite. Her gaze I can't prevaricate. Indiscretion she does mitigate. Always welcoming me back. As I venture into the black. Stretching out her wings to me. Color of coal and singed they be. Offering a hug and a snide word. Angel's vision is never blurred. She knows...Read On


My Buddy

A visitor that doesn't lift my spirits

I have this buddy that comes to visit me. Do you know him, he may even visit thee? After he arrives, I am never feeling mellow. I think he is of Asian ancestry this fellow. When he visits he always leaves me feeling blue. If I allow him in and with me he shares a brew. Our conversations are of how hard done by I am. He never lets me feel that my life is not a sham. He must be a good...Read On


My Chateau

My alter speaks

Cast into the darkness of my mind. Reality thrown away long ago. Swirling in a fantasy world blind. Round and round, tumbling slow. Voices shouting obscenities, not kind. Not feeling any kind of warmth, woe! A scary place not meant for mankind. It is my leave of refuge, my chateau. Away from actuality, a space maligned. Hidden I can cry alone, feelings throe. Venturing here each...Read On


My Fantasy

In my fantasy world everything is perfect, opening my eyes to reality, I pretend to forget the past.

Evocative, redolent thoughts spread through out my mind, as I stare at images played. Carrying me to a fantasy-land, laying naked in the moon light, draped together under the stars. Only a navaho blanket between us, the meadow grass and flowers. Soft breezes caressing our skin. Fingers exploring gooseflesh, like the blind reading braille, accelerating breaths and coos. Whiffs of...Read On


My Fantasy

A fools paradise or self preservation?

Cards held to my chest Who I see is who I be Off on a vision quest Running wild and free Few taken to be my guest Never fearing a decree Not damaging my nest Safely inside my fantasy Doing no other harm Request never declined Magic being the charm Cast regularly assigned Refusing to sound an alarm Voices perceived always kind Together arm in arm Images lucent...Read On


My First Thoughts of 2013

Things I will strive harder to do

Life is too short to spend it in the darkness of ones mind. Hoping this year I can see colors and light, not be blind. Sharing wondrous images, love, respecting all mankind. What are the things this year, I need not do? Certainly not spread hate and sadness, phew! Change who I am, no, that I do not have to. What are my priorities, the things I have to address? Relax with things I...Read On


My Heritage

Dreams can be so vivid.

A raven came in a dream and called me owl A wolf came growling and said I cry foul He is not an owl I think he is kin to the devil Surrounding me with fire on a spiritual level Raven cawed casting some magic of his own He is only troubled I think he has no home Wolf arched his back giving an eerie howl The one called owl hoo hooted with a scowl Along came coyote to join...Read On


Nature's Blessings

Nature shares her blessings.

Looking into the morning skies Not a cloud to grace my eyes Across the blue only a contrail Hanging in the sky like a veil Tranquil air delivering a chill Bird calls splintering the still Darkness breaking into light Clear blue heavens a delight Around the edges upon the hill Golden shadows begin to mill Sun soon will rise high and heat Frosty ground it will surly defeat ...Read On


Natures' Canvas

What a pleasure it is to watch the sky. Keeping track of clouds passing by. Seeing pictures appear in the shapes. Now and then there are landscapes. Bears, faces, fish, flowers and more. Too many to count, score upon score. Constantly changing before one's eyes. A collage of images, a constant surprise. Watching the other day, the wind blew Mufasa, Simba's father, into my view. ...Read On


Nature's Humor

Nature does play with our psyche.

Mother Nature has her say. Today is April Fools' Day. Awakening April 1st a delight. Ground all covered with white. Her humor, is she making a joke? Birds and flowers taking a poke. Everyone looks with surprise, Not going to see the sunrise. Winter we thought was gone. Snowy blanket really a con. Making the best of every day. Wishing it was the1st of May....Read On


Natures Law

Don't allow evil to obscure right.

perverse thoughts lurk behind these eyes of blue reflections from the past bound in a darkened hue cloaked in a cape of fire horns topping my head a sibling of satan fallen angel dressed in red demented contemplations induce lurid fantasies driving sensations faraway beyond life's realities breaking bonds of guilt not easy to undo perversities have to die cycle can't continue ...Read On


Natures Maze

Things often missed, or taken for granted.

Never does it cease to amaze Walking through nature's maze What is missed as I pass Hidden amongst the grass Dew drops glistening in the sun Webs of silk that spiders spun Subtle shades of color in the trees Warmth carried upon a soft breeze Roaring creek a song does sing Sounds taken for granted ring Birds and insects greet a new day Silhouetted as they float and play ...Read On


Natures' Sculpture

Is it bona fide, or is it only me?

An image captured, Droplets enraptured, Within a crystal glimmer. Refracted lights shimmer, Holding for just a moment, Much more than a quotient. Creatures encapsulated, Not moving nor animated, Held frozen cryogenically. Invisible to a wandering eye, From a picture one can spy, The illustrations drawn within. Water drops freezing skin on skin, Prisoners inside an icicle's...Read On


Never Lost

But in my heart is a memory and there you'll always be.

Are goodbyes part of letting go? When loss breaks our hearts so. Loved ones never leave our mind. Constant ache, thrashing so unkind. Feeling part of our world has vanished. Can tear stained cheeks be banished? Though loss we're not rejoicing thus. Friends true, forever are a part of us. Living on they do inside our heart. Goodbye will never find our chart. One day our souls...Read On


New Moon

Capturing photographs in my head

From east appears new light Cresting on the horizon Bright glowing crescent moon New not old and wizen Laying on it side slightly askew Casting light discernible Making a mark in the sky anew With line now observable Rising above landscape so dark Reaching higher elevation Lighting path for journey long Starting on its migration Casting shadows upon the ground From trees...Read On


New Year

A New Year is ready to be ushered in, a past one ready to be archived.

Wouldn't it be great if all of our pain, could be released like the cork, from a bottle of champagne. Rocketing high, coming to rest on the floor, pressure released, flying away, never to be felt, forever more. A New Year is ready to be ushered in, a past one ready to be archived. Life new, prepared to begin. Release that cork from the bottle, let it fly. Celebrate the coming new...Read On


Next Life

In my next life, what will become of me?

In my next life will I be a part of this human race? A man or a woman again having to find my place? Will I be an eagle in the heavens able to freely soar? Maybe a lion large, free of heart with a mighty roar? A tree that can grow tall and straight toward the sun? Could I become a wild flower, a full and fragrant one? Perhaps a dolphin or a whale swimming the oceans blue? Possibly...Read On


No Need to Explain

Never assume, seek out the facts.

Life at times deals one dastardly fates. Accusations of crime open flood gates. Tried and convicted not given a chance. Some assume you're guilty of this dance. Nauseating twinge sets in stomachs pith. As others continue spreading this myth. Can one do anything to dispel such lies? Judged without merit brings on demise. Would a true friend accuse, not ask? Did you perform...Read On


Not Alice's Wonderland

A dream I had.

Falling into a gaping fissure, darkness swallows me up. Why can't it be Alice's rabbit hole? Her underworld full of wonders, overflowing with psychedelic shrooms, hookah-smoking caterpillars and white rabbit. Not just past memories, devoid of any color, filled with sharp pain and scars. A place void of moonbeams, no sunsets, sunrises or rainbows. No rose petals grace...Read On


Not Promised

We aren't promised property for another to bequeath.

Picture Perfect By Rebellious_Soul inspired the following. Thanks Rebs Possessions can be pledged to another, but the soul, the heart, are only the owners to gift. Only when given freely, can the heart radiate, and accept, love's magic. No other knows, no other sees, no other feels, pure attraction. Matches are not made, they're felt. Souls melding as one, know... Not...Read On


Old Cowpoke

Every time I saddle up, mount a trusty steed and head out through the sage.

Old Cowpoke I am an old cowboy, yes I am, I grew up on a ranch or farm. The cattle and other livestock I learned early how to charm. Growing up, a real cowpoke was all I ever wanted to be. My brother and I always played Cowboys and Indians with glee. I was always Gene Autry; Champion was my trusty horse. My brother was Roy Rogers; he would ride Trigger of course. With...Read On


Passing of Seasons

I had some dreams and some came true.

A tapestry of color nature weaves, Changing greens to red and gold, Across high hills and valleys low. Heated days now a memory leaves, Spring's new life no longer bold. Gone are warm winds that blow. Summer's green packed in sheaves. Tucked away for the coming cold. Color soon traded for Winter's snow. My mind foggy as it perceives, I'm in the autumn of life's hold. Most times I'm left...Read On


Past Memories

Is it too late to set myself free?

Do I dwell too often on the past about things I had no control If told all they would flabbergast memories of another time Ashamed I am when being asked of things that happened then Forced to grow up way too fast childhood stolen from me Did I deserve to be lashed and trashed whipped mercilessly told I was stupid Was I a bad child needing to be outcast for my thoughts and curiosities ...Read On



Some take us where we desire to be

Some are short Some are long Some turn left Some turn right Some lead up a hill Some lead down Some appear bright Some appear dark Some lead straight through Some lead to dead ends Some must be back tracked Some must be re-traveled Some take us where we desire to be Some take us places earlier been Some guide through a maze Some guide round in circles Some lead to...Read On


Pathway Home

There is magnificence concealed within mysteriousness!

Sometimes the most brilliant colors are visible, just before darkness blocks the sun. If one waits, the night sky comes alive, with the sparkle from millions of stars. Brandishing flickers, a dazzling emblazon of light. Never replacing, but enhancing night's beauty. An array of dancing effervescence, splashed upon a dark pallet. Like sequins on a black satin dress, arranged...Read On


Perched on my Shoulder

Who sits on your shoulder?

Angel on one, Devil on the other. With me they both reside. Sometimes they are silent, just along for the ride. Sometimes they speak loudly, I just want to hide. Sometimes they argue, making thoughts collide. Sometimes only one speaks, I feel I can confide. Sometimes they question me, other times they are snide. Sometimes they make sense, at times I can't decide. Both play a...Read On


Perfect Man

How I see myself.

A perfect man I am not, hell, I don't know if I really want to be. Hearts have been bruised, whilst in dark festivities I revel. Mostly I have had good times, but occasionally filled with strife. Grey hair, wrinkles and lines on my face make me a unique trainee. I am a work in progress, I have walked many times with the devil. Marching to my own drum, not following the player of the fife. ...Read On



Survival is about giving yourself permission.

When I give, It's completely. My gifts never come with strings. I’m not one who keeps a ledger. When I give, I seek nothing in return. I give because, I’m me. I give because, I know what it’s like to be without. To cherish, But be ignored. To speak, But not be heard. To care, But not feel cared for in return. When I give, It’s because, I understand. It’s because, ...Read On



Wondering how others see me?

Confused I am at times. Putting together rhymes. How do others view me? Do they see the real me? Can they truly visualize? Do they merely fantasize? Can another really feel? My thoughts with zeal. Do they see just a scam? Do they see an old man? Can they feel the actual me? Or only who they wish I be?...Read On


Play Me

Remove me from my case and play me.

Run your fingers across my skin Hear my music drone Pluck the strings of my heart Let your bow vibrate my soul Grasp me between your thighs Caress me with your fingertips I love the way you cuddle me Bring out every impish note I cherish each reverberation I love your gentle stroke Place your cheek upon my neck Seduce me with your sway Let corporeal vibrations flow ...Read On



Help is sought in many different ways.

Cards held tightly to the chest. Bluffing is an art at best. Each contestant poker faced. Every action noticed, traced. Watched, scrutinized, weighed. Judgement most times mislaid. Humanity plays yet another card. Keeping players all on guard. Not wanting to show their hand. Fearing others won't understand. When each bet is placed. As every dream is chased. Playing to win...Read On


Power of a Smile

A smile can be life altering.

When life comes and bites us in the ass. Shattering our psyche like window glass. Feeling alone, we continue trudging along. Emotions broken down, no longer strong. Weight of the world carried on our back. Frown on our face, hard to stay on track. Brightness gone, color faded, life so dark. Contemplated thoughts become very stark. The world around us carrying on, despite us. We're set...Read On


Prairie Storm

Calming effects of a summer storm.

Wild wind blows across prairie wide. Jostling everything from side to side. Booming in the distance, thunder rolls. Forked fire across darkened sky scrolls. Upon roofs, falling rain droplets dance. Chanting a symphony, as they prance. Soft lullaby, helping tired minds relax. Transported into dreamland, a parallax. Visions frolic, creating images bona fide. Gently swayed...Read On


Puppet on a String

Relationships fail when held by restraints.

Sticks tied to strings and allowed to dance. At the hands of another, the only chance. Controlled, told what and when to do. "Your friend I'll be, if only this do you." Never wanting you for what you are. Needing to shape and control, bizarre. Hung from their hand. Moving to their band. Feet not on the ground. Silenced how profound. Giving away ones' own dignity, who you really...Read On



When we was kids.

Looking at old pictures back when we was kids, Ragamuffins looking like we was on greased skids. Clothes, most of the time, was hand me downs, Making us all look like impoverished clowns. I don't ever remember looking at us that way! To me it was just how we lived every day! Poor as church mice, never lived in a castle. Houses so small they were often a hassle. Having to share a bed...Read On


Real Freedom

One can never be free if held, even by the thinnest filament.

Real freedom and real love is a realization of knowing You can not hold someone without restraining yourself Even only a strand of the thinnest thread Still holds you to the other bound Feeling that if broken allows the other to flee Is only a fear that they may never again be held Finally acknowledging that this can only be achieved Through the severing of the last remaining...Read On

Recommended Read

Reality of War

Peace never comes when the perils of war are taken lightly.

The perils of war, are furrowed deep in the memory of many, escape seems unobtainable, within the confines of minds young and old. Those who were lost, are not only those who perished in the conflicts many, but those who were left behind to remember. The perils of war, are furrowed deep, deep inside the recollections of those souls, who came home from battle misplaced. As the...Read On



Diamonds sparkling on night air

Recollections On the road moving at a hurried pace, Big blade mounted on the front. Peering into the dark, smile on my face. Tires gripping hard, with a grunt. From the sky fluffy flakes, Gently floating all around. Possibly without any breaks, Finally settling on the ground. Diamonds sparkling on night air, Moving quickly no time to waste. Before me into the night I stare,...Read On

Recommended Read


Who would you be, if you knew you couldn't fail?

Gaze into the mirror, what do you see? Be honest, what gazes back at thee? Peer deep into those beautiful eyes. They tell a story not filled with lies. Every happening in your life. Every sadness, every strife. Behind them, your existence displays. Each bad, each happy, memory plays. Stare hard, choose the next path to take. The past is gone, your heart don't forsake. Choices, we...Read On


Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Who the hell's that old guy lookin` at.

Jumpin' out of the shower, lookin' in the mirror I sees whiskers not dark brown, wild hairs grow'n ears, brows n' nose. Skin not so tight neither, face withered up like a punkin that's seen to much sun and cold. Chest's not up where it ott to be, come to think, neither is his belly. Abs are not like a wash board, what the hell happened to his ass? Needin' spendr's fer holdn up his...Read On


Sailor's Sky

Sailor's sky, a warning, or a delight?

Night once more giving way. Brightening sky promises a new day. Stiff breezes blow clouds across the moon. Tree branches bend, dance and swoon. Playing melodies as they swoosh and sway. Silence broken by early birds at play. Singing praise with each chirp and note. Songs each has learned and know by rote. Sounds of morning taking over from night. Soon sunshine will be...Read On


Satan's Masque

Technicolor dreams would be much nicer.

Once more a darkening view recaptures mentality's gaze. Bringing jumbled recollections, variegated images of the past. Jaded memories parade and flit, through a misty greying haze. Resolutions somehow evade, millions of questions asked. Detour after lengthy detour, perpetually lost within a maze. Touring dead-ended paths yet again, seems be my relentless task. I am not...Read On


Season to Season

Saying goodbye to Summer.

Autumn colors now shown Frost has touched your leaves Asleep soon beginning of fall Creating a patchwork tapestry First light alive with sparkle Awaiting a new warming sun To glisten with pearly dew Cooler day and longer nights Notifies Winter soon will come Summer is but now a memory Those long hot days on the run Soon a blanket of pure white Will envelope you for awhile...Read On



Secrets collecting dust can never be forgotten.

Why do I answer? That insistent banging inside my closet door? I recognize the tap, tap, taps, from times of yore. Never colorful thoughts, only looming darkness, hides behind that door. Feeling powerless, reaching for the knob, giving a twist once more. Knowing I shouldn't, but I can't help myself, out they begin to pour. Resurrected memories, secrets never told, enter with...Read On

Sentence Passed

Struggles faced by a tortured soul.

Difficult to see the brighter side of life. Hidden away in dimness, feeling strife. Inadequacies, linger in the shadows. Darkness, spearing wits like arrows. Memories of a childhood stolen early. Growing beyond years too fast surely. Guilty thoughts, a child has no choice. Heart, mind debating, without rejoice. Instead of pilfering ones childhood. Life taken completely, they should. ...Read On



We can't escape, the shadows in our lives.

Shadows Constantly all around, Some stark, some subtle. Forms upon the ground. Shadows are ever present. Persistent never vanished. Darkness they too accent. Lurking for you to view, Images imagined or real. Depends how you construe. Before your eyes rearranging, Like the only constant in life. Continually always changing. Never leaving by yourself, Beside, in front, or...Read On



She's everything in the universe.

She's heaven and earth, my muse. beauty personified, life in every new birth. She's breaking light at dawn, a pleasant warming sun. fury in an afternoon storm, as hot as lightning spawn. She's an ageless goddess, the face upon the moon, a soft velvet touch, a vision of loveliness. She's songs upon the breeze, flowers covered with dew, clouds in the heavens, flitting birds in...Read On


Skinny Dipping Through The Stars

Give praise for being allowed another sunrise.

Awake each day giving praise. Hug someone you do not know. Lay naked in a field of flowers. Stay a bit, observe new life grow. Embrace all of nature's wonders. Upon your back bask in the glow. Breathe in her scrumptious scents. Nap awhile snuggled on a rainbow. Savor, look across the sky. Dream amazing day dreams. Skinny dip through the stars, Being one with her schemes. ...Read On


Small Stuff

Sometimes hard to remember.

They say: "don't sweat the small stuff." Hearing this saying many times. Don't know from where it came. But often in my head it chimes. When life plays another game. Tricks always getting in the way. Life bites once more where I sit. This record again begins to play. Teeth marks cause me to forget. It is all small stuff, don't sweat. Mind overwhelmed, lost again. Fear finds a crack,...Read On



Not the way to treat a loyal friend.

You showed up near the barn today. Pretty cat, a coat of smoky grey. I spoke, you jumped in fright. Instantly leaping, taking flight. Whoa, relax, no need to run away. Pretty cat, a coat of smoky grey. I try to reassure with a soft voice. You continued to run, your choice. Wondering to myself, are you a stray? Pretty cat, a coat of smoky grey. Brought to the country, dropped off....Read On


Snowy Morning

Thoughts as I shovel snow from my walks.

A fresh dusting of snow as I awake this morning. I hate winter, really I do, let this be your warning. Seeing the ground covered with white purity. Me now full, filled, brimming with security. Knowing that nature is cleansing the earth. Never leaves my thoughts lacking dearth. Green of the grass poking through the white. Warms my heart, though the coldness I spite. She has a plan and...Read On


Soul Mates

You always leave me wanting more

You are a very huge part of me I find it hard to be without thee You hold my heart within your palm I am filled with comfort and with calm You cuddle me close and kiss me deep I dream of you each night when I sleep You always leave me wanting more I by no means find you’re ever a bore You hold me with a hand on my face I feel you’re love in a lasting embrace You tell me of...Read On


Soul Unique

Soul unique and beautifully perfect

Everything society finds to be rational, is simply a revelation, or an interpretation of another's expressions, or beliefs. To be true to one's self, one has to look deep inside. Not hide real feelings and our way of life. By accepting the interpretations of others, as truth for anyone but the interpreter. We each know what is correct for us. We each feel in different ways. What is spot on...Read On


Spider Webs and Moonbeams

What strange bedfellows, nature does create.

Come sit with me, said the spider to the fly. Daylight's gone, moonbeams grace the sky. Glitter from the stars are captured in my web. Breaking night's darkness as sunbeams ebb. Visit for awhile, we can share a story or two. Growing our new friendship, don't be blue. You are safe with me, I mean you no harm. Enjoy our time together, no need for alarm. Make yourself comfy, fold in...Read On


Spring Morning

The joy of seeing and hearing the dawn of a spring morning.

Looking into the morning skies No clouds there to grace my eyes Still air filled with a deep chill Birds singing fractures the still Darkness breaking into light Clear blue heavens a delight Around the edges atop the hill Pinkish shades begin to mill Sun will soon rise beginning to heat Frosty ground promptly it will defeat First rays touching tree tops of gold Robin sits...Read On


Still Waters

Searching dreams for some meaning.

It is said that still waters run deep. A curious mind does never sleep. Probing the depth's even in slumber. Dreams from the past do encumber. Some try to put one's soul under. Some steal our mind and plunder. Bring us back in a cold sweat. Sent bolting upright with fret. Semi conscious, trying to ponder. What the hell was that we wonder? Searching the depths of our dream....Read On


Summer to Remember

A boys summer vacation of learning.

This was the summer of 1963. A vacation of change for me. I just a boy of sixteen, young and earthy. She an older lady, much more worldly. Lessons taught were very real and sensual. Often dreamed but most incomprehensible. Showing me much more of life was attainable. Dreams come true, incredibly sweet, insatiable. Visiting places I had only been in my mind. Journey around the...Read On



Watching the shift from dark to light.

Nights darkness begins to fade Bright stars disappear from sight Horizons open changing from black Perpetuating a bluish pinkish bright Constellations giving way to dawn Temperature drop brings cold chills Sky's evolve changing dark to light Day now transformed from night Yellowish fingers start to appear Spearing between mountain peaks Spewing fire across the heavens ...Read On



Things always look brighter behind a smile.

If I should quit Will I ever know How seeds set Burst and grow Never would I see Them bud and bloom If I lock myself away In a darkened gloom Cry yes I can If things go wrong Sing to myself My self pity song Let my soul Be consumed with black But no that isn't me I will always fight back Wipe tears from my eyes Dusting off my jeans Search out light and color Playing on...Read On



Surviving winters wrath in the Great White North.

Biting into one's soul, turning cheeks red, making them burn as if on fire. Tears form, freezing, not letting your eyes blink. Welding nostrils shut, diminishing your ability to breath, burning throats and lungs as mouth is forced to open, when needing another breath. Snow and ice picked up from the ground swirling all around, blinding, peppering faces and all uncovered skin. Are you the...Read On


Sweet Cherub

Even cherubs need someone watching over them.

I may not be an angel, more like the devil's son. Circling on blackened wings, charred by life not the sun. Prefect, hell no I'm not, would never profess to be. Soaring high inside night itself, keeping watch over thee. Hearing your cries of anguish, brings a sadness to my soul. Through clouds of black and grey, I'll come to you in your dreams. When life gives you challenges,...Read On


Sweet Dreams

Waves gently washing onto deserted beaches. Moon light glittering across a watery expanse. Warm breezes wafting softly across naked skin. Fanning hot flames deep, deep within. Fire raging, starting to roar, searing my inner soul. Wishing I was not alone, but with another. Sharing this serene, sensual night together. Giant moon gradually sinking into the sea. Leisurely...Read On


Tears and Rain

Sometimes a song can say it so much better.

Every raindrop from the sky touching this desiccated earth. Brings fresh verve, causing a sigh. Damping a place, so flowers grow. Like every teardrop from her eye, touches this bruised parched heart. Sowing seeds to make her garden grow never meaning to cause a painful tear. Wishing only laughter makes her cry, and fetches beauty to embrace her soul. Creating joy to behold in a rainbow...Read On


These Eyes

Behind these eyes my demons hide.

Living things I can't undo. Bitter-tasting, like a rue. Nearly always askew. Into a looking glass I peer. Manifestation so unclear. Expression fraught with fear. Different gateways to my soul. One my present view, One I feel was stole. One looking back, One nearing it's final goal. One eye black, The other azure. One darkened, The other unsure. One filled with color, One dreadfully...Read On



Today is the only day there will ever be

Think Live Love and Laugh today like this is your last day to live If everyone lived by this motto No one would ever be unhappy The world would be a much happier place to be There would never see anyone with frowns upon their faces Everyone would be happy and willing to give love and laughter to their neighbour Problems could be forgotten and no one would really care because...Read On



Is there ever perfect harmony?

Thoughts... Do they have control, or do we allow them to control? Can they ever be managed, or are they our administrator? Do ideas run our lives, or does living create our ideas? Are they reflections of our past, or visions about our future? Do they belong to us alone, or are they cosmic manifestations? Are they only contemplated, or forever deliberated? Are they real...Read On


Time Passages

Time waits on no one.

We, in our youth, thought time was never ending. We couldn't seem to wait, wanting to be older. Looking ahead always appeared so far away. Glancing back we question, where did it all go? Age wrinkles faces, hair disappears, turning grey. Body shape changes, muscles weaken and sag. Youth diminishes, making us wish we had lived in the moment and enjoyed more of our youth. Now as time seems...Read On


Time Traveler

Traveling, into the dim reaches of reality.

Venture back into the past I do. Times long ago, I can't undo. Back in time when I was a kid. Eons have past, heaven forbid. Places that I have visited before. Spaces not wanting to re-explore. Bruises, scars, some are painful. Matter of fact, many be baneful. Asking myself from time to time. How can I ever undo the crime? Guilty feeling passed onto me, For things I never asked...Read On



Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness, are life-altering lessons.

T enability, being fair and rational. O pen-mindedness, receptive to new ideas. L eniency, love, mercy, forgiveness. E mpathy, understanding another's feelings. R esilience, rebounding, springing back. A cceptance, believable and true. N on-judgmental, never finding fault. C ompassion, warmness for another. E asiness, creating refreshing tranquility....Read On



Observing a friend at sun up.

My little friend so nice to see. Awaiting the sun tiny Towhee. Feathers fluffed into a ball. On a branch he sounds his call. Catlike mews make his presence known. Flitting from branch to the ground alone. Foraging the grass for bugs to eat. Then back to the tree taking a seat. Repeating his almost scolding call. Warming rays quicken his bawl. Scanning surroundings with his red...Read On


Trail's End

Picture Prompt 2

Venturing along the pathways of life,  not always conscious of the perils. Navigating through rubble strewn strife, detouring around blazing barrels. Stumbling down alleys full of temptation, my spirit merely a basket in shambles. Chasing an existence of self abomination, only to find another thicket of brambles. Jumping again from the pan into the fire, thinking this time I'll...Read On


Transient Friends

People come and go in life's journey.

Transient friends pass through our life. Like notes upon the wind, from a fife. Brightening our spirit like the dawn. Here for awhile, then they are gone. Time passes and again they return. Into our hearts warmth they churn. Greeting us with their gorgeous smile. Making us feel we can walk another mile. Bringing with them memories of yesterday. Good times in our minds they help...Read On


Treasures and Pleasures

Someday, I could even write a song.

Writing for me, a new beginning. Allowed to express myself fresh. Full of thoughts, yarns spinning. I am a man, of simple pleasures. Heirlooms, not many to leave. Maybe words, my only treasures. Things stored, long locked away. Keys unlock, bringing to the page. Stories, rhymes, live another day. Knowledge held, not passed along. Are stories, thoughts, forever lost. ...Read On



I'm not what I've done, I am what I have overcome.

When one stands in the sunshine, the world around is always bright. It is easy to see creatures at play, enjoying beauty in nature's light. Things are visible and unwrapped, though some can hide in the shadows. Unseen things that can only be felt, when spirits and souls rub elbows. In darkness, one's mind can be deceived, as panic awakes to sounds being heard. Rustling leaves upon...Read On



Our mind sometimes deceives.

Broken mirrors cast reflections. Outwardly between their cracks. Rainbows, pure light refractions. Upon the wall, bright color stacks. Perfection created from imperfections. Gleaming splendour, dazzling tracks. Faultless are these dancing projections. Contentment within my mind impacts. Magnificent, escapes one's introspections. When neglecting to examine the facts. ...Read On



Laughter can conquer all.

Passionate splendor flairs Deep within beguiling eyes. Masked behind the stares Joyous smile, but a disguise. Defeating what went on before Yielding orbs shed nay a tear. Anxious to smooth the score. Laughter now negates her fear....Read On


Unanswered Questions

Why is it easy to talk the talk, but hard to walk the walk?

Why do I some days not want to go outside? Why do I curl into a ball not able to move? Why do I some days desire to run and hide? Why do I choose to withdraw not improve? Why do I seem forever stuck deep in a rut? Why do I dwell upon the negative things? Why do I choose not to kick my own butt? Why do I not see the positives life brings? Why do I tremble constantly deep within? Why do...Read On



There are many who know you, but very few who understand you.

I want to do good, make people happy. I want to forgive, I want to understand. I don't want to be judged. Therefore I will try never to judge. I want to be loved and cherished. I wish to love and to cherish. Breathe... look in the mirror. None of us were born to be perfect. Not one... Let your shoulders drop. Un-clench your hands and jaw. Relax. Take a deep breath, let it out, ...Read On


Unlikely Bonds

Trust and respect do create unlikely bonds.

Locked in silence not always bad Immersed in one's thought not sad Shedding a tear can be good to do Letting the strife of living life undo Not needing to hear nary a word Silence lets coping be less blurred Allowing new light to venture in Reviving one's true beauty within Between all of nature's stunning creatures Sharing together are such special features Respect and trust...Read On



Learn from my mistakes, I am sure there is a better way.

In my heart and mind a vagabond is who I be. Wandering place to place, no harmony you see. Never settling down, capricious by nature. Stable place, none, searching for adventure. Wanderer begging not for money, but forgiveness. Carrying not a sack, but much unfinished business. Trunk full of baggage, now unable to close the lid. Each destination adding more since I was a kid. Never...Read On


Verbal Diarrhea

When one looses control of their tongue.

Verbal diarrhea a terrible affliction, once started, becomes an addiction. Brain in neutral, tongue wagging, popularity, now certainly lagging. Words spewing without control, ears closed, no one can console. Nothing said making any sense, unable to feel any recompense. People constantly hear the rant, sounds like a Gregorian chant. Spittle sprays from lips rampant, words uttered...Read On



Evocative, thunderous voices inside my head.

Sometimes I have to strain to hear. Sometimes they are loud and jeer. The things said, sometimes are bizarre. Sometimes cutting deep, leaving a scar. I don't know from where they come. They do at times make me feel glum. I ask where, or who they are often. Never do they respond, and soften. Most times instead, passing through. Leaving me with baggage they strew. Telling me that...Read On


Don't give up, let's soar together again.

My friend's soul I feel has been invaded. Paranoia taking over, their vision shaded. This person that I feel coming out right now. Is a stranger to me, foreign, different, Wow! Seeming to attack in disbelief, at every turn. Truth not heard, bridges now trying to burn. Fighting and arguing, not a healthy thing. Words draw blood, with a venomous sting. Pushed away, told I have lied,...Read On


Walk With Me

Walking through my mind with me.

A walk inside my head be a scary trip for most. Things that lurk scare the hell out of me at times. When at the front of my mind and I am their host. Probably a good thing that I only share small bits. Never inviting many to have a closer look inside. You may run, maybe cower in a corner having fits. Fantasies, dreams, desires, mostly inside I hide. Not wanting to let them out because...Read On


What You Mean to me

You make me more the man I want to be

You have a grasp upon my heart You never allow us to be apart You always are by my side You never allow me to hide You spur my mind to heights been never You always make me strive to endeavour You make my mind reel and spin You put thought so real within You are a part of every breath I take You feed my soul sweet tasty cake You make me more the man I want to be You always point...Read On


When I Awake Tomorrow

Wishing the world could be this way.

When I awake tomorrow  I have a wish to hear Our world is a better place Nothing for us to fear No wars no dissention Only happiness lives No contempt for others Love everybody gives Peace and harmony Abounds the world around Cries of pain are stilled Joyful laughter resound When I awake tomorrow I have a wish to hear You are not dreaming Children can...Read On


When Love Wins

When is love really love?

Love is love, when love wins. Determined not, by the way one spins! Love is oh... so much deeper than that. It's not about what's under your hat. Love is what you feel in your heart. One can't flip a switch, to make it start. You have no control, or even a say. When love bites, and comes your way. Beauty, they say is skin deep. Infatuation, knocks you off your feet. ...Read On



Why these notions attack my wits I really do not know

There are all of these thoughts inside my head They are bouncing around and need to be said I know not why they keep haunting me But they labour relentlessly until I see The thoughts sometimes real sometimes bizarre They seem to come then go and eventually spar Round they go until a winner is crowned Then make the move when they are found From brain onto my fingers they fall into...Read On


Windows To Her Soul

Every soul is unique in a beautiful way.

Dedicated to all of the women who have and still do share their beauty with me. Grandmothers, Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Granddaughters, Friends. Those eyes, Her eyes. The windows to her soul. Filled with a lifetime of memories. Accomplishments, Loves, Magnificence seen. Disappointments, Losses, Sorrows been. They still glimmer with living. Though in their darkness lays....Read On



Warm long days are what I crave winter is a bummer

I can feel the ice grip as the temperature drops The snow now holding tight upon the hill tops Days much shorter now the sun lost some power The light vanishes quicker night has a longer hour I used to find once cold and snow I did embrace No longer do I enjoy frosty winds upon my face I know really that winter has a place in natural history Really winter does no longer hold any...Read On


Winter Moon

Birth of a new moon always excites.

As you come into view. Warmth courses through my veins. Removing all my blue. Freeing my heart of locks and chains. Elation awaits in the queue. Building immunity to my pains. Darkness again we'll bid adieu. Liberated, your brightness reigns. Upon the wind, songs they brew. Relieving most of life's strains. Paint across your pallet threw. Shadow on a cloud remains. ...Read On


Winter Sky

Morning sky cloaked in grey Warmth not felt from the start Like a mind in disarray Feelings cold in the heart Psyche constrained gone astray Sun's warmth blocked Just like an errant soul In darkness locked Unable to view the whole Has the sun vanished There behind the grey Has heart been banished To spend eternity in dismay We know the sun is there Even though...Read On


Winter Winds

House rattles, creaks, groans, what a cold ghostly sound.

Snow devils swirl, creating many shapes, drifts form. North winds blow, displacing all that is not attached. Sculpture masking the landscape, beauty of the storm. Branches swaying, grass laying flat against the ground. Freezing everything in your path, a nasty, nasty, squall. House rattles, creaks, groans, what a cold ghostly sound. Jack Frost gathering on the inside of the window pane....Read On



Where do dreams come from?

If I'm dreaming of you Would you be dreaming of me Could images be the same for thee Floating freely on a cosmic sea If I dreamed of you Would you dream of me Are your sheets tied in knots Wondering where dreams come from Wet and breathless from salacious thoughts Blurry eyed semi conscious partly numb Flirting with reality Fall back into lascivious fantasy Feel my breath upon your...Read On


Young Dog Old Dog

Just an old dog.