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Our drama category is for fans of stories filled with feeling, focusing on strong dialogue and well-rounded character development. Tragedy is a common theme, with gritty, realistic emotions driving the story. Readers are given clear insight into characters' thoughts and taken on a deep and sometimes courageous journey. Please send in your dramatic fiction or take a look at one of the emotive entries below.


The Nurses

On her Fifteenth Birthday, Katarina celebrates the first day of her adult life.

This is the first chapter of a book I have been working on. If you like it, please let me know in the comments box below. If not, then please say what you don't like in the same place. Thank you.     Berlin. April 9th, 1933: A New Day In the heart of the city, Katarina Langsdorf was waking to the start of a new day, a special day, for today was her fifteenth birthday.   It was...Read On

The Boy with One Eye

If someone calls you insane or dissident or strange, it is just that they are half blind

Once, a boy was asked by his mother, what he wanted to become in his life. He said—a writer. The mother laughed. But seeing the boy’s expressions firm and eyes in flames, she said; “Well, you sure, that is what you want to do? Writers are all insane. They always smoke and drink. They live with many women. They are nasty creatures and governments hunt them.” The boy looked sad. And...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 13.

They could see the tiny clouds of smoke bursting in air. The guns at Brenner were no longer silent!

Innsbruck, December 15 th 1943   The night wore on. Huddled together for warmth in the now freezing carriage, Katarina and Maria dozed fitfully. The hours seemed to pass by so slowly but, eventually, the cold, grey dawn began to push away the darkness. As the light grew in intensity, a few white snowflakes began to fall past the window. Maria wiped her hand across the...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 8.

“Don't be afraid, Ilsa. They won't bomb us this time.”

Rome. September 19 th 1943   The repairs to the compound and the security arrangements were completed in a few days and the soldiers left with only a handful of men remaining to guard the entrance. The orderlies were replaced with German medics which left just Maria, Katarina and Ilsa as the only Red Cross nurses. Along with the medics, more equipment arrived and one of the...Read On


The Long Road Home Chapter 9

“I have seen the letters after the address but I have not seen 'H'. Do you know what it denotes?"

Rome. November 03 rd , 1943   The revelation that Staff Sergeant Lawrence T. Bowman was Jewish was a shock to Katarina. To her, it mattered not a bit but, for some reason, she had never really thought about the religion of anyone outside of her own world. Americans, English, all those whom Germany was fighting were just people but, suddenly, this young man was in mortal danger....Read On

Editor's Pick


Sometimes it take cries in the night to interrupt a long held silence.

Nobody said it would be easy. She just didn’t expect it’d be this hard. The clock ticks the hours, the minutes, the seconds, and with each passing minute of daylight, she sighs deeply and braces for the screams. Her husband’s arrival carries with it simultaneous relief and anguish for she knows he, too, fears the minutes, the hours, the untold time that will pass tonight, and the...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 10.

“This not joke, Larry. This is life or death, your life or death! If Mahler think you Jew...”

Rome. November 21 st , 1943   “Maria, I'm troubled.” The two sisters were sitting by the window in their room, watching the rivulets of rainwater cascading down the other side of the glass. Every now and then, a gust of wind would divert the flow, creating new tracks. Without taking her eyes from the fascinating scene, Maria asked why. “It has been a week now. Larry is...Read On

Editor's Pick

Ride Across The River

One man rights a wrong with a wrong - or does he?

Ride Across the River I heard her start to cry as soon as the door closed behind me. It didn’t make me feel any better. Maybe I didn’t know what all this was doing to her? What I did know was that whilst I was waiting in the middle of Tiger Bay for Eddie, Mary-Anne was crying behind the closed door. Nevertheless, she had to understand that this was the only way for me, I knew nothing...Read On

Recommended Read

The End

Tragedy can either draw people together, or push them apart...

~ The End ~ Becky Patterson sat in the dimly lit room, her head bowed slightly, staring blankly into space. She neither knew nor cared how long she’d been there. Finally she heard a light rap on the door, which opened before she could respond. “Excuse me, Ms. Patterson? Everything appears to be in order, and we need to — time is of the essence —” “Of course,” she said in a...Read On

Recommended Read

The Washing Machine Man

It's up to me to convince Dad to change...

"Me?" I asked my sister. "Why do I have to do it?" "I think he'll listen to you." "When has he ever listened to me?" I asked her. "And what about Mum?" "Mum's too upset, she can't think straight." "Oh, OK. I'll have a go but I can't promise anything." "I know," she said. "Just try, the nurses are getting fed up with him." "I'm not surprised." "Good luck, Steff." "Oh thanks," I told...Read On


Even The Clocks Stopped

Honoring a promise is harder than we realise, but it is a necessary tool in the healing process.

The rickety old porch swing creaks under my weight as I rock myself gently to and fro. The sound comforts me as it rips harshly into the painful silence of the night. A nerve-numbing tingle spreading through me from the hard wooden slats reminds me of just how long the drive up here was. I shift uneasily, my hand wrapped protectively around the brass key that will unlock the door to a place...Read On

Editor's Pick

True Inheritance

A tale of family, and of finding one's Truth.

I can't let myself think about him. The sun is shining down on my pale back for the first time in days. A black butterfly with white spots is dancing around in the light breeze delighting in the day and inviting me to join in. But he comes to me unbidden. His face. His walk. His presence. His. Him. Breath in. Breath out. He is my past. Any chance of a future with him is gone. Chloe...Read On

Editor's Pick

Grand Canyon Homecoming

As I looked out at the views that we passed, something looked vaguely familiar. . .

Vacations were far and few between for this family, so when Daddy had a chance to take one, he jumped at it. I cannot remember the last time we took one. But then again, I am only eleven. I was sitting in the back seat of our old beat up jet black Volvo Station Wagon with my little brother. He was licking his cherry lollipop and his lips were red because he played with it more than sucked it....Read On


Before My Eyes

My first story.

My eyelids are sealed shut with a dried mix of sand and saltwater, courtesy of the scalding sun. It’s so quiet, save for the waves surging over the packed sand, and the occasional frenzy of caws and flapping wings as the native birds duel over who consumes the next meal. It’s the strange silence that causes me to finally overcome my exhaustion and attempt to open my eyes-I’m a city girl who...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 12

“Il Treno,” she said, using up most of her knowledge of Italian. “Where is it?”

Brenner. December 15 th 1943   For the first time in many months, Katarina and Maria found that they had a little time to relax. The Army began to dismantle the compound, beginning with the damaged huts at the far end. The first two huts remained in use. One for accommodation and storage, the other for minor injuries and ailments. As the time to depart approached, the two...Read On

Editor's Pick

After the Revenge

After violently avenging the murder of his family, a man questions his own morality.

The question was whether I should kill him very slowly or just slowly. He was sitting on the ground badly injured after his fall. His back was propped up against the base of a large rock. I kept my revolver aimed at his chest. I was standing about ten feet away. “Ya gotta be hubbie, right?” he asked. “Cause ya sure don’t look like no cop or ranger.” “Yes,” I responded. “I’m the husband.” ...Read On



An old soldier seeks forgiveness

An old man sat in the back of a decrepit yellow taxi. The driver, a young east Indian man, chattered aimlessly over the staticky radio that was forcing out a garbled version of what the old man could only assume was 80's rock. The young driver needed only short replies thrown in randomly to prompt him to keep talking so the old man was content. Rain from the heavens above poured down in...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Album

Love before and beyond death...

The first time I ever asked my Gran what my mum was like, she smiled at me and lifted me into her lap. I was still small then, so I nestled comfortably against her ample belly, waiting excitedly as she drew out a battered, red, leather covered book seemingly from out of nowhere. Somehow, she always had it with her. Even now, much older and possessing the knowledge adulthood seems to bring...Read On


An Unexpected Attraction

A mature woman finds she is sexually attracterd to the wrong guy.

Ginny sat on the floor listening to her friend play the guitar at an impromptu party. It was the end of a weekend training for her company. Managers hob nobbing with lower ranks. She pushed herself up from the floor intending to go to the ladies. As she stepped towards the door to the corridor she lost her balance. “Whoa,” cried Henry, one of her colleagues, as he lunged forward...Read On

The Going Away Party

A party brings back memories and a harbored secret.

Today is Austin’s last day in Detroit. He is heading to Dallas to teach classes on economics at a university while working towards his doctorate in the subject. One of our coworkers decided to throw him a surprise going-away party. I was hesitant, but decided to attend, because I wanted to be a good sport and show that I am a team player, a big surprise for everyone. The real reason I...Read On

Set Free

I can't change you.

"If you gave me the keys when we stopped for gas, we would never end up here." I turned in my seat of the Mercury, grabbing the back of my neck. I glared at Perseo. "Shut up, heifer!" Perseo said, turning the key in the ignition. "Stop it!" I waved the fumes from my nose. "You're so stupid; you can't drive out of here. Are you trying to kill us? Your drinking has gotta stop." ...Read On


Maria's Chance To Celebrate

Whoever said girls like her never amounted to anything never met Maria...or her daughter Rose...

Maria would never amount to anything. Girls like her never did. It wasn’t like she really had any choices, that’s just the way things were and everybody with any sense knew it. To think otherwise would be mere folly. Girls in her part of town never amounted to anything. The best she could hope for was to find a good husband some day, and hopefully escape the welfare system life she knew all...Read On


The cave

Trapped while exploring a cave

The boy lay in the darkness, blacker than the darkest night. He had no concept of how long he had been there, only that the end was near. His arms were folded tightly against his chest and the walls of the narrow passage pressed against him like the weight of a whole mountain was upon him. The panic had long since gone and he had resigned himself to his fate. He knew he would probably...Read On


My Little Mystery

Cricket was the epitome of pure evil, yet she had two flaws.

There was a small town in upper New Jersey named Fort Lee. It nestled quietly under the George Washington Bridge. It was not very big, but it had a long and varied history from the American Revolution until today. I didn't know of many famous people from there, but there was one infamous person, who was born there, and lived there after a varied, and checkered past. That person was a...Read On


Hearts Torn Asunder (Part One)

Sometimes when hope is lost it's hard to get it back...

Do you think the world would notice If one flower failed to bloom? Or if one snowflake melted Before it touched the ground? Never being given the chance to find Its place beneath the sun. *~*~* “I don’t see a heartbeat," I said with an understated urgency as my searching eyes darted between my husband, my doctor and the monitor. "I don’t see a heartbeat!” I got...Read On


The Dews of Adashino

. Motionlessly, the spider waited. As always, she was patient and vigilant, but her outward serenity belied an inner tension, the instinctive tension of the watcher, the hunter. If her mind could have conceived of time in human terms, it may have told her that the time was four in the morning. As it was, the spider knew that the prevailing darkness indicated that it was not yet time for...Read On


The Lonely Woman

Her cheating husband

How lonely she looked, that woman with her children. I saw her, having dinner with her three children. She was there, alone with her children, drinking wine. Where was her husband? How sad she looked. Drinking alone. Nothing is sadder than someone drinking alone. As I sat, with my husband, I watched her. There was sadness in her eyes. What had happened to her? A wedding ring on her...Read On

Recommended Read

Welcome Home

It's not always easy coming home.

He grabbed his bag and stepped out of the cab, shutting the door behind him. Home. Finally home. He walked up the few stairs to the front door of his parent’s house. They had promised that his room would be the same, nothing touched. He turned the handle and opened the door. Complete silence, just how he remembered it. The scent of the old tapestry and the shoes in the hallway hadn’t changed....Read On


The Four Seasons--Winter

an event from Hal's winter enters his dreams

By Autumn Writer © Copyright 2008, 2010 Chapter 4: Winter My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. Song of Solomon 2:10-11 November 1993 Martha and Hal sat in their family room late in the afternoon on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. They didn't go in for long conversations...Read On


Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 33.

For the first time, Oberstabsarzt Ritter raised his voice to them and they were stunned into silence

Tripoli. January 14 th 1943   Maria took over from Katarina as usual and whilst she did her ward rounds, left Rania to help Ilsa on her ward. After she had checked her last patient for the morning she headed back to her office where, on her desk she found a grey message form from the adjutants office. It was marked, 'Attention Matrons Kaufmann/Langsdorf'. It was a request from...Read On