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Felix's New View: Requiem

A young boy makes his way through the Zombie Apocalypse.

“Zombies are real. Zombies are real,” Felix mumbled to himself as he stumbled through the chaos surrounding him in the neighbourhood. There were dead bodies lying everywhere, scattered across the lawns and driveways of the homes along the street. There were also bodies walking around, though they were just as dead as the ones on the ground. They just happened to have their brains still...Read On

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Water's Rising

The power company needed the dam. At least that was what the newspapers had reported. The town was soon abandoned, cemeteries relocated, schools and churches gutted, stores emptied.  It would take almost three weeks to fully submerge. She woke slowly. Her head was pounding and cloudy. She fought through the haze to connect one thought with another. None of them added up to make sense of...Read On


The Light That Was You

You weren’t always a ghost, sometimes a bit distant or “emotionally reserved” as they say, this easy, strong, quiet presence. Six feet tall and suave, you with the crazy wave in your hair, fierce dimples, a hint of gold around your pupils, all of it. You wrapped me. I was a junkie for years before the doctor gave us the diagnosis, that dim one. And so in time, you began to diminish. Mouth...Read On


It's 4 AM

It’s 4 AM. My mother wants to drive. There’s nowhere for us to go, but she wants to tell me about Jesus, the devil, and music. It’s summertime. I don’t get to go to school. She has turned the radio knob up as high as it will go, and the sounds of pianos, guitars, and horns fill the air. My mother used to be a sexy singer in a cocktail lounge before her head got sick, all sour. Now, she...Read On


Life After Death

The Miami sun is a friend of mine. Dappling off the pool's surface in the early morning, the sun creates playful, refracted, writhing patterns on the surface. The rippling patterns shifting in size and shape bring me a little joy. I wait quietly, knowingly, for sunscreen-covered, bikini-clad teenage girls to fill the pool area with boys, giggles, and estrogen. Eventually, their parents...Read On


The Silent Carnival

Lavi stood in the cool dew-covered field. She loved the feel of the dampness on her toes. In this moment of meditation with the bird’s screams bouncing off her ears, she felt connected with the earth.  Soon the field would be stamped down; run over by the tires of rubes coming to enjoy the sights and sounds. By children running here and there, stuffing their faces with cotton candy or...Read On


Done With Your Exercise

Checked my mobile phone, it showed three fifty-eight in the morning. It was not even four in the morning, and I am still wide awake, staring at the whirling ceiling fan. Dismissed the set-alarm and pondered whether to start my day early or just stay laid back in bed for another thirty minutes.  The moment I remembered her beautiful smiling face. I got excited to start my day and get...Read On

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God, she was beautiful.

Screams erupted from every ride in the carnival, even the not-particularly-scary ones like the Ferris Wheel and the Turtle Train, as Conor walked the midway. The smell of funnel cakes and corn dogs and cotton candy washed over him. Discarded hamburgers and crushed lemons from discarded cups of lemonade littered the ground. He looked in the hall of Funhouse mirrors and saw the most...Read On

Editor's Pick


At Bronwig’s bookshop there's a notice on the door, in red capitals: IN LIQUIDATION. It’s devastating. I’d been a customer since I was too small to see more than the top of Mr Bronwig’s head behind the counter. His hair was white, even then; delicate as cotton candy. I didn’t come to Bronwig’s for the books at first. I came for the turtles. When you bought a book, Mr Bronwig would...Read On


Old School

It was not a great Summer. The girl I was seeing decided to seek greener pastures and I fought with my buddy Dr. Radio about the way he ran his mobile DJ business. We had a verbal disagreement which ended with my quitting and stopped taking his phone calls. It was on the Friday of that week that I headed out to drown my sorrows at a well known and lively bar/ restaurant named the "Fast...Read On


The Adventure of Tank the Turtle

What kind of adventure

It was a beautiful summer day in Wisconsin. The family reunion was in full swing. The adults were sitting around talking as the sun was shining high in the summer sky. The kids were running around the back yard shrieking. They needed to get sunscreen put on. The adults were sipping lemonade trying to beat the heat  as they  watch the kids jumping in the pool one by one, splashing and having...Read On


The Galactic Federation

Being civilized isn’t all it seems to be.

Welcome, citizen of Earth. It is hoped that you enjoy your sojourn to the stars but there are several important points to Galactic Culture that you must learn before you leave Earth space for more exotic climes.  Now, as you know that for the Earth to join the Galactic Federation, Earth and its people had to make three contributions to the Federation. If the Earth could not make...Read On


A Memory Please, Before You Go

Some moments, a girl can never forget...

I come up on deck laughing... then freeze, instantly transported in time.  That smell, that unforgettable cloying aroma of funnel cake and sunburned skin leaves me reeling mid-laughter. I start trembling where I stand, unprepared for the whirring picture reel of memories that appear unbidden behind blindly staring eyes. I don't notice Bob talking. I don't notice anything except the screams...Read On


First Contact

The President extended her hand. "On Earth, this is a symbol of friendship." Standing by the open panel door just inside their spacecraft, the contingency of aliens examined her hand curiously for a moment. Hesitantly, the one in front mimicked the gesture taking her hand. When the President shook its hand, there was great applause amongst all the world's leaders and people of...Read On

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Inoke's Dance

The ice tinkled against the glass as I raised it to my lips, enjoying the warmth of the late evening sun on my face. The view from the hotel veranda was sublime, out across the Pacific vastness to meet the vivid blue sky at the horizon. It was plain to see why many considered these islands a paradise, and why they were such a popular destination among holidaymakers.  There was a secluded...Read On

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The Case No One Wanted

Ten years on the force and this was the case no one ever wants to get. I stared at her photo and imagined the life she must have lived. So young and beautiful. Now lost as I stepped around the stream of blood flowing as slow as a turtle into a red pool beneath her wrist. I wondered at the fathers and brothers and husbands and boyfriends who once loved her but now hated her for what she did....Read On

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The Sweetest Destination

They were supposed to go on an adventure of a lifetime...

As they sat watching the sun dipping into the blue-green water of the gulf, they sighed. It wasn’t the vacation they had planned, that was for sure. They’d spent the past two years planning an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa. Their chosen destination was Kenya, where they would have spent eight days on a safari, two nights at the Giraffe Manor, and one final night at a luxury hotel...Read On


And the dog howled...

The silly Jingles family and their dog get into some trouble during their picnic

One bright and beautiful summer's day, The Jingles family --Mom, Dad and their two kids-- decided to go on a picnic and play at the park. They packed a big basket filled with submarine sandwiches, fresh fruit and their favourite delicious cookies as a special treat. They packed everything up in their car. Dad said, “Ho! Ho!” Mom said, “Hee! Hee!” The kids said, “Ha! Ha!” ...Read On


A New Beginning

I just needed a new perspective in my life.

Over the years I got preoccupied with work.  Especially after my divorce. I worked all the time to preoccupy my thoughts so I wouldn’t become too bitter.  It helped for some time, but all I felt was emptiness.  A sense of longing was what I was looking for. Companionship?  Relationship?  Time away from my troubles? Yes! Yes! Yes! I needed all of that and more.  My self-imposed exile would...Read On

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My Puddle Duck

When life gives you puddles, sometimes you just need to play in them.

Some say only ducks truly enjoy the rain. They obviously have not met Kerstin.  “You’re stark-raving mad, you know that?” I call out to her from the bungalow’s front porch.  “We haven’t seen the sun for three days. These puddles may very well be my only chance at a pool.” She jumps, splashing both feet like a rebellious child with a rose-colored pout. “At least we’ll save on sunscreen!” ...Read On


Why I Liked a Social Media Post

There was a Facebook post the other day that asked: What object defined your childhood? Loads of comments underneath. Tons of dafties with nothing better to do. Pictures of Space Hoppers, the towers at Ravenscraig imploding, Harry Potter , Tamagotchis, that sort of thing. I only saw all this because my friend had replied:  What about all that white dog shite, eh? And everyone went: white...Read On

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The Berry Girl

The mysterious girl knew where to find the best raspberries

Butterflies and bees danced under the summer sun as Gail walked to the raspberry patch. The heat was increasing as the day wore on but was still bearable. With the lake as her pool, the heat did not really matter to Gail. She would re-apply sunscreen and go for a dip later. Finding a bush with plenty of ripe, red berries, Gail started picking. Her husband Michael was grilling a trout he...Read On

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Coral is a colour of love

As autumn leaves fell, our lives’ hue darkened. Covid-19 grounded Sarah’s corporate-lawyer lifestyle. We fretted; could infection accompany me home from the hospital? Challenging times, despite dad’s toilet paper stockpile. It pays not to giggle when your girlfriend repeatedly tries to shoo our cat away from her Zoom meeting. “Annie, stop it!” Sarah’s tone was so testy. Scooping up the...Read On


Peen Goes to a Swimming Pool

Peen has a summertime escapade

Peen slipped through a gate in the wire mesh fencing, between pink oleanders, and out onto the deck of the swimming pool. He stood proudly in the simmering heat of the summer sun. His splayed feet were shod in sandals. He wore a cabana shirt dotted with green sea turtles. Added to that were Bermuda shorts in a purplish plaid pattern hanging loosely. A straw hat with pompom dangles completed...Read On


Save Me

The very idea of flying terrifies her. Now, I’m not good at physics, but to her, the concept of a huge metal monster soaring gracefully through the air is utterly baffling. It shouldn’t happen. Can’t happen. She’s aware, of course, that statistically speaking, flying is the safest form of transport. She knows she’s more likely to win the lottery than die in a plane disaster, more likely to...Read On


The Old Poet With Two Lovers

I'd been sent by my editor to interview a local poet on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. The poet was a well-known face around town, but was now in a retirement home. "Be sensitive," my editor had said, "if he’s not all there." It turned out that the poet was as sharp as glass. Of course, he was physically frail and sat awkwardly in a wheelchair, but the biggest trouble with him...Read On

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Felix's New View

Felix overcomes his fear of heights, and apparently everything else, at the carnival

‘What a view.’ Felix never imagined that thought would ever cross his mind while looking down from a Ferris Wheel, probably because he had always kept his eyes shut. Earlier, the yin and yang of excitement and trepidation had pulled at him when he and his dad arrived at the summer carnival. Like any boy, he loved the atmosphere, essentially a kid’s version of Nirvana: the lights, the...Read On



Wonders can be found in your own backyard

“Look!” Cradled in outstretched toddler hand, a treasure. “What is’t?” I surmised immediately the origin and purpose of this newest wonder, I am, however, intrigued as to the deductive powers of my darling Cecily, so remain silent. “Maybe it’s a…” nose to discovery, intricate details examined close, “a…from a robot, like somthun’ that makes him move, a big,” arms held out wide to...Read On


It takes two to triumph

Our short secret journey from home.

I watched you windsurf for most of the day, The sails went back and forth with the occasional jump and twist and maybe a flip. This looks impressive to those of us who don’t do it ourselves. Afterwards, we went to a spot near the river where people were jumping off a cliff into the waters below. I went also, but when I looked over the edge, I froze.  People were watching from below...Read On


The Farmers

The enemy envoy approached the border-lands of Amoria. The land was as bountiful as it was beautiful. Lush vegetation grew along the rolling hills, springing forward in full bloom. Calm lakes with their surfaces like mirrors reflected the mountain tops on the horizon. As the envoy marched further into the land, they were pleased to see there was no resistance. No guard posts, or legions...Read On