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Our General Fiction category is for stories of 1,000 to 10,000 words that do not fit into any other category, or that would work equally well in multiple categories. If your story is primarily in a specific genre, please submit it in that category rather than in General Fiction.


Forbidden Fantasy

Prologue My body shook with silent laughter as he ran his fingers down my back. He flipped me over and stared down at me adoringly. “God, you’re beautiful.” His voice was husky and smelt of cloves. He must have taken up smoking again. I didn’t answer him with words, though my lips said it all. He pulled away a little breathless and asked, “What time…what time are your parents expecting...Read On

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Editor's Pick

The Raft

Memories of summer can last forever

"I can't!" My voice, high and strident, carries out across the water. "Sure you can; come on, try." My sister's voice, low and calm, comes to me clearly. "No, I can't." "But you did last year." Last year. Perhaps. But this is now, and I know I cannot do it. I don't answer her. "Come on, just try." Still no answer. "Do you want me to come and get you?" My teeth are chattering together...Read On


The Crèche

What had become of a treasured family keepsake?

Becky Patterson arrived at the coffee shop short of breath after hurrying from the only parking spot she'd been able to find, five blocks away. Her hair disheveled and face rosy from the brisk walk, she slid into a seat opposite her sister and gratefully accepted the mug of steaming liquid pushed toward her. "Sorry I'm late. I thought I'd allowed enough time to get here, but I wasn't counting...Read On


Antonio and the Very Long Spaghetti

A young pasta lover meets his match.

“What’s for lunch, Mamma?” asked Antonio. “Your favorite, dear – spaghetti!” she answered. “Bravo!” cried Antonio, clapping his hands. Antonio loved pasta, and most especially spaghetti. He sat at the table on the terrace, and his mother brought him a heaping plate of spaghetti. Antonio joyfully slurped the first piece of spaghetti, waiting for it to slap sauce against his cheek...Read On

Editor's Pick

Mr. Raymond's Jingling Jangling Wagon

A lonely man searches for solace after his beloved wife dies.

Mr. Raymond's Jingling Jangling Wagon Mr. Raymond had so many pots and pans and other metal objects hanging from his pushcart he could not move it a couple of feet without the noise alerting the folks on Mulberry Lane that he was on his way. He was the Mulberry Lane peddler and philosopher whose wit and wisdom offered his customers not only something they might need or want, but...Read On


Bored, Suburban Style

Lucy was so bored, she felt like a robot on auto-pilot.

Bored, Suburban Style Lucy was so bored. Every morning, she got up at 6:30 sharp when the alarm went off. Then she padded out to the kitchen on the freezing cold parkay floor to make her husband Jerry a cup of strong coffee. She also refilled Tootsie Roll the cat's dry kibble bowl and gave him fresh water. (Tootsie Roll was named by Lucy's seven year old daughter Minnie.) After that,...Read On


Gasoline Rainbow

She was ironically beautiful, like a gasoline rainbow. I have found this to be the truest truth: beauty comes in all forms, but the kind of beauty that changes you somewhere inside always comes in the shape of a gasoline rainbow. The kind of rainbow you see in a gas station at two o’clock in the morning with your heart weighed heavy with secrets and loss and your soul burdened with regret....Read On


The Man Selling His Breath In The Form Of Music

My hands shake while I write this and I doubt if at all I'll be able to justify his battle with life, on my paper. Connaught Place couldn't have been a better place on New Year's Eve if he hadn't been there. Cold breeze and temperature around 6°C, he sat firm and stable on the marble bench which was no less cold than ice. His hands quivered, not because of the cold; age was the factor, I...Read On

The Sad Woman

Childhood memories sometimes surprise us.

Standing outside the curio shop looking through the display window, Tanya watched the woman standing at the counter inside. She had sad eyes. She wondered what had happened in the woman’s life to make her look this way. Tanya could almost feel the sadness herself just by looking at her.. She took her eyes off the sad woman and looked in the display window and a child’s miniature china tea...Read On


Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 02, Hot Fries and Cold Beer

Cruising and talking about life, two women, and one mixed-up guy.

He’d left the dance early, needing to be alone, to think, to sort out his emotions. Then he got hungry. The one place still open was the all-night, Hilltop Café Motel and Truck Stop. With the country club dance still going on, the over air-conditioned, neon lighted café seemed empty. A few couples were sitting in the back booths. None looked familiar. Out-of-town kids, he guessed. A lot of...Read On



Nicole arrived home from the morning shift at the coffee shop to find her belongings—what few she had—piled outside the door to her apartment. Her clothes were stacked in a heap on the front stoop. A large duffel bag with wheels stood upright on the edge of the driveway. Lying on the grass were a pillow, a deflated air mattress, and a plastic grocery bag from Vons filled with various health...Read On

Recommended Read


Stalingrad, December 25, 1942. Winter blankets everything, turning the landscape bizarrely beautiful. If you look carefully, you can make out shapes under the hoarfrost and snow. Burned out tanks and piles of brick and steel that were once buildings litter the frozen battlefield that was once home to over 400,000 Russian men, women, and children. Now the corpses outnumber the living. You can...Read On


Book Journal on Denial by Jessica Stern

a book journal... essay-like thing that I had to do for psychology... beware: disturbing.

Denial: a memoir of terror, written by Jessica Stern- experienced by Jessica Stern- talks mostly of Concord, Massachusetts and areas around it. It starts in the first couple chapters at the night that changed everything for her and her younger sister. They were then 15 and 14. It was October of ’73 and in Concord nobody thought anything like this could happen. Afterwards, speaking with...Read On



The morning sun shone brightly through the stained glass windows. Gentle, calming and warm the rays of light shown beautifully over the wooden casket. It let everyone know everything would be all right. Their loved one was in a better place. At least that was what the pastor would say, if anyone were there. He walked in expecting the dead man's wife softly crying by the casket, the...Read On


Big Bubba

A short story i had written for an advanced creative writing class, about friends, trouble and weed.

Big Bubba By James Gersbeck It finally reached about noon when I had enough of the day’s boredom, and decided to call Phil up. My house was desolate anyway and I needed to either get out or do something that called me away from pointless masturbation and scheduled television. I sat scrolling through the mindlessly entrancing posts of Facebook waiting for Phil when I heard the small “pop”...Read On


Bad Chemistry

He had this weird magic power that caused all her good judgement to fly out the window.

Margo sat huddled in the dark basement. Upstairs, she heard the "click" of the back-door opening - opening in a sneaky sinister sort of a way. That door was supposed to be locked ! Margo thought, her heart racing. How did he get in so easily? Wow, this is creepy! I feel like I'm in some kind of horror movie. How did I get to be in this situation, anyway ? But Margo already knew the...Read On

Mindy Learns (part three)

My name is Mindy. On this sunny morning I was standing on the green grass. It was a beautiful May day. I was alone. I had left the house early and I watched as the sun rose in the east. It was casting long shadows. I could smell the aroma of flowers in the air, and the evergreens were gently trembling in a soft breeze from the west. Usually I would have slept late, as most teenagers do, on a...Read On


Dave's Place (prologue)

Short stories inspired by life.

"Welcome to Dave's Place," I said from behind the bar. I can always recognize someone with a story. She walked through the door glancing around like she wasn't supposed to be here. Yet, she couldn't have arrived by accident. This place was very obvious from the outside. You know what you're going to find. It was much bigger than the surrounding buildings and the sign had my name. There...Read On


The Prince of the Pond

dreams can come true.

I had always heard stories of the prince of the pond, but had never seen him in real life. I mean, why would I have ever seen him, he lived in the castle at the edge of the lake, surrounded by the great big thistle shrubs. No one ever came out that went inside the shrubs. Oh how I dreamed of one day, getting a glimpse of the prince. I often thought of ways to get inside, or close to the...Read On


Bullying a Bully

Can we let go of the past? Can we go on to the future?

Okay. So let's just say that you were having a crappy day and at school it only seems to get worse. Would you respond violently? Scratch that. Let's pick a target. Okay, so we have a bully - we'll just call him Bundy L. Levy for fun - and a bully always seems to have that one target - how about Taylor Regis Ethers. Great, now we have our characters, or players rather. Now we need a setting....Read On


The Funeral

A mistress attends the funeral of her lover has an encounter with his widow she didn't expect.

She stood outside the funeral home and told herself this was a mistake. She had been having this dialogue with herself since the day she saw the obituary in the paper. It’s not like she read those on a regular basis, in fact, she avoided this section of the paper like the plague because she found it morbid and creepy, but she was reading an article that had “continued on page” with her...Read On


Plato's Student

A gypsy fortune teller inspires an old man to change his life and become a philosopher

Gordon Fink looked in the bathroom mirror and muttered to himself, I look like an old man. He leaned over the sink, then moved his face closer to the mirror and noticed the wrinkles on his forehead, his thinning white hair. I'm losing so much hair. He looked at his pale, watery eyes. My eyes aren't as blue as they used to be. He turned his face to the left. Maybe it's the...Read On


Blood is Thicker Than Water

Slightly fictionalized true event. Names were changed.

Reader discretion advised.  The story you are about to read contains language that some readers may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you do not object to reading content that may be considered racial prejudice.  Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this story are those of the fictional characters portrayed in the story and do not reflect the...Read On

Recommended Read

Dear Author (Who Is About To Die)

To whom it may concern - a letter to explain your imminent demise.

Dear Author As you may be aware from my earlier letters, I am one of your biggest fans. I loved your last book — and I don't just mean I liked it a lot. I mean I loved it the way a man loves his wife, his children, his parents. The way a drowning man loves a life jacket, or the stranger who dives into the water to rescue him, heedless of the danger; the way that stranger loves others more...Read On


A different view of death

I'm not looking forward to it, but what other choice do I have.

As he looked around all he could see, except for the long line in front of him, was a thick fog. It was certainly different from any other fog he'd seen. Instead of a damp, gray, chilly, fog, this one seemed to be warm and inviting, even cheerful with its rosy glow. Looking to his rear he saw more people joining the line in a continuous stream. Immediately behind him was a short, elderly...Read On


Young and Beautiful

The cursor on the blank spread of a Word document seems to taunt me as it clicks backwards, forwards, off and on. I heard that back in the day, the same kind of mocking dance would have been played with a typewriter whose ink drips, waiting for words. The lack of scratching would have tormented those writers the same way the harsh clicks torment me. It’s 2 A.M. right now, and these are...Read On


Mindy Learns (part four)

It's been many years now. I've been to college and received my degree. My job now is teaching young people. It's a rewarding way to make a living. It's a fine and honorable thing to spend one's life forming the personalities of youths. My students give me a great deal of pleasure. My daughter gives me even more. She sometimes reminds people of me. I don't always see it, but they tell me that...Read On


Tiyo - Part 1

Kaiah's worst fears are realized

Kaiah and Manci were just finishing up preparation for dinner. They had fixed a hearty squash soup with hominy corn and the rabbit for their guest, plus the fried bread for the meal. Manci also had a yucca sifter basket filled with kutuki, a Hopi parch corn dish, as a snack during the story telling time. She spread her finest rug on the floor for sitting . Just then the blanket...Read On


K P Truck Repair

A businessman married a stripper, and they had two kids. The kids were in school, and she got tired of sitting around the house while her husband was at work. It made her feel restless, and useless. Boredom settled on her mind, as a dark cloud of angry depression. The cloud filled the house, and soon the businessman was depressed as well. They weren’t a well matched couple. She wanted...Read On


Feathered Friends

Sometimes rivals can be dealt with from the inside.

"....well my chaffinch has been looking rather off-colour lately, I'm sure it's caught a bug. The other day I saw a fly buzzing near the cage, and you know how many diseases they have". "Millions. Well, a lot. I'd get it checked. Take it the vet soon as you can". "Yes, I think I will". I listen with interest to the bird-fanciers around the tables that have been pushed together in a...Read On