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Stories in our horror category are dark and filled with suspense, with plots intended to shock and elicit fear in the reader. This genre includes themes such as psychological horror, demonic forces, zombies and urban legends. If you enjoy a good scare or would like to share a frightening story, please submit your work to this category.

Recommended Read

Don't Look

His tear was red, and spattered as it landed.

Dad was at work. Mom was at the grocery store. Her sister Em was at a friend’s house. El sat on her bed, playing with her kitten, Shadow. El had a feather on a string, and tossed it out like a fishing line for Shadow to chase. Something sounded from outside the room. Shadow jumped off the bed at once, his attention no longer on the feather. He bolted out of the room and took a sharp turn...Read On

Recommended Read

David's Day

The town's favorite son

David was a loner, but never alone. He always had his thoughts. He encountered Mrs. Scott as she left the grocery store. “Hello, David, how are you today?” Like you give a shit. “I'm just fine, it's such a beautiful morning. Here, let me help you with those bags.” Why the hell don't you use a cart like normal people. “Thank you, David, you're such a nice boy, the car's right...Read On

Editor's Pick

Wonderland - Lucy's Tale: Chapter One

Two troubled girls enter into a passionate friendship.

An introduction to the reader. This is something I have been working on for a while. It was actually written quite quickly (in the space of 30 days) and then put aside to be polished, a process that has gone much more slowly. I think it needed a home before I was ready to finish it, and this site feels like that home. Funny, but a week ago, before I knew of the existence of Stories Space I had...Read On