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The Mohawk Cabin (Chapter 1)

Their lives crossed paths by unlikely accident in a time few now remember.

The wood-spoked wheels of the old Crow-Elkhart began sinking in the soft mud along the shoulder of Route 9W almost as soon as I stopped the car. I had just pulled off the macadam in a panic, at the sharp command of my father. Aunt Alma protested that she was alright, but she was looking rather pale, from what little I could see of her. A towering stack of luggage, all her worldly...Read On




Characteristics of the Native American Pow-wow

Pow-wow The word comes to us from the Algonquin language, most likely from the Narragansett word powwáw, meaning sorcerer, or shaman. It is a gathering together of different tribes and clans for spiritual communion, or often, simply as a contest for Native American dancers. Every pow-wow is different, but there are a few important rituals that are almost always practiced during these...Read On


The Land of Legend, Teachings of My Cherokee Grandmother

This is an article I wrote for the website of my friend Trudy Silverheels, Navajo artist and writer.

The Native American tradition is one of preservation. We are many tribes and many clans, but our stories carry on our history. Some have been nearly lost and forgotten, as the young look to the future and forget the past. But these remembrances of the teachings of my Native American grandmother carry on some of the tales given to us from earlier times. This is our heritage. It is, in fact,...Read On


The Rainbow Warrior

A commentary from a Native American viewpoint

Author’s note: Being half-Native American, I have a foot in both worlds, and though I live in one world, my Cherokee grandmother, whom I lost to cancer two years ago, instilled in me a love of my Native heritage. She shared all our stories and traditions with me when I was growing up, and took me to tribal ceremonies. My perspective is colored by everything she taught me from that world because...Read On



Eros Inanna

A poetic treatment of one of the oldest epic myths

Introduction: One of the oldest of the epic myths of the ancient world tells the story of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, and her strange, deadly  journey down to the Underworld Kur, ruled by her older sister Ereshkigal. This tale has survived through the millennia, told and retold in many languages, but no one has ever known exactly why the Daughter of the Moon undertook this...Read On


The Cabin in the Mist

An unexpected discovery on a lonely hike up a mountain slope

Upon the dewy vale alights The misty morning shroud A rustic shack upon the heights Is cloaked within the cloud   I take a breath to view the sight And pause my weary climb While o'er my head the doves alight To coo a song sublime   The moment grabs my aching heart I wish never to leave But knowing that I must depart I make myself believe   That someday will I come again ...Read On