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Thanks for the add Lola and thanks for commenting on my poem. It's great to meet a fellow art lover. Cheers from Pete.
12 Jan 2011 08:59
06 Jan 2011 11:47
11 Nov 2010 10:30
but i LIKE torturing people!
11 Nov 2010 09:20
hugs just wanted to sort of... reach out. your background mesmerizes me, btw. i could stare at it all night, the colors are so vibrant.
27 Oct 2010 03:08
22 Oct 2010 14:00
Ne auderis delere orbem rigidum meum! doesn't everything in latin sound smart?
20 Oct 2010 21:06
I did it for you! I didn't even know they were accessible until they hit the front page. I learn something new everyday! Now that's giving me more motivation to keep them rolling... back to the editing room for me! LOL
20 Oct 2010 18:05
Ooh, I love your background wallpaper! And thanks for reading my chapter one! xo
18 Oct 2010 11:01
Lola has not Friends Comments. No wait I think there's one...

16 Oct 2010 01:25