The Catalyst

Sometimes all you need is a sign

21/06/2011 – London “What do you mean you QUIT your job?” Julia shouted at me. My sister was trying to mother me. However it was hard to take the ‘mom’ routine seriously when she was only two years older than me. This reversal in our sibling dynamic was hard to swallow too. She was a lot more emotionally childish than me. And then I exhaled a deep tuft of air. “I’m not happy, Jules. I...Read On

Flash Fiction(1)


Renfield the assassin

No one ever sees me at first. I’ve learnt to blend in with the night and to mask my footfalls. It helps me to hunt my victims more effectively. I’m what most psychologists would term a sociopath or psychopath. I’ve never been diagnosed by anyone as I’ve hidden my true nature for so long. I was a text book case resulting from parental abandonment issues, being moved around from home to...Read On



General musings of a sometimes author and poet

General musings about writing

Sometimes words flutter against my consciousness, Barely coaxing a response in a fleeting manner Gently saying ‘Write me down, dear’ Others times they resound screeching and jagged Full of discord while beating savagely against my head Until the only peace to be found is to begin the story. While the characters finish the pace in an almost violent extraction Threatening with a ‘Finish...Read On


Seagulls and Chips

Kooky quasi–serious conversations That amused look between good friends  Where words aren’t needed  The quirk of a brow  The half grin secretly sitting on the corner of your mouth It takes one line of absurd ridiculousness Hilarity ensues chaotically  The giggles becoming guffaws  As tummies tighten and heave  With shared laughter Tears spill out joyfully As our breathing gets harder ...Read On


The Observer

You hear my words  But don’t get the meaning You hear my jokes  But don’t understand them You see the surface because I allow you to see  Never scratching below the layers of me I sit and silently watch  Without being observed My earphones in  Apparently absorbed in my world I see... I watch all the time because  I can tell by watching if you are evil, good or worth knowing ...Read On


Dear Poem - it's me, God (just kidding)...It's me ,your maker, now buy me a drink!

the 'ins' and 'outs' of a creativity-starved mind

‘It’s time’ I said ‘to write me another rhyme’ and nagging doubt set in and I thought( Stop rolling your eyes - I do that, sometimes) It’s been so long, the voices chiming to get out have stilled. Or are they merely muted?   Or on holiday somewhere hot?(the bastards) While I work my ass off on this over populated island This creativity of mine comes and goes Slinking in and out of...Read On


The Absence of Quiet

I long for solitude, perhaps in a quiet room far away Apart from this noise, modern life so loud A mobile conversation jarringly obtrusive Music player set louder, Drowning out your shouted replies A child kicks my chair on this train Railing and screaming, hauling me back into this world I long for momentary deafness Buffering my soul, against this constant clamour A businessman...Read On


Bitter Twists and fallen lovers

I never do a preface to my work but I wrote this a long time ago. I was extremely angry,heartbroken and betrayed by a lover. Looking back I don't feel the same toxicity but it is still a poem that reflects that turbulant part of my life. Dear (Insert your name here) Your subversive cowardice astounds me Daring accusations from you paint me as settling When you settle, your life littered...Read On


My Intangible Truth

I search for something but am blinded by the reflective haze of life’s superficiality Trying to unshackle myself of fear I had hoped to reach Nirvana with unconstrained honest spirituality Seeking contentment yet it teases and slips beyond my grasp and eludes me infuriatingly I want to accept the past as a lesson, uproot the emotional weeds yet they cling vine like and seem ...Read On


The Jazz Singer

This small forgotten bar in the middle of the city The girl sits behind the piano No one pays her any mind except me Her smile a slash of sadness She plays her first chord And from nowhere this jazz sound emerges She should be playing in concerts Her fingers caress the ivory keys She coaxes brilliance out of the tired old piano in the corner And she sings of heartache and beauty ...Read On


And I began to Heal

And you thrummed you fingers into my life. I felt these defences lower Like a retreat called in Battle And you made this heart beat, Beloved. When it had refused for years It creaked, groaned and broke asunder And so I began to feel slowly. I flailed and stumbled Within the murkiness of feelings And then I began to write, Beloved. Of feelings, of colours With emotion and passion ...Read On


Don't you miss stanzas?

Don’t you miss stanzas?  I do  I do They order you, my words, like soldiers in a game of strategy Separating ideas like Fair trade farmers shoving coffee beans into piles Don’t you miss poetic devices? I do I do My good pals, onomatopoeia, assonance and allusion They take common words or phrases and imbue them with extraordinary meaning Don’t you miss the simplicity of it all? I do ...Read On

Editor's Pick

We had a fight today

Abuse - I never know what to put in these

You hit me again today It was over an unwashed plate It stung and my face throbbed My teeth hurt where they had chattered hard together I said nothing and went to my room to cry You grabbed me by my hair today And pulled me around the room Because you had a bad day Vicious in your malice You took your anger out on me You whipped me with your belt today Slashing and thrashing until I...Read On

The Celebration of sound

The gig

Music-lovers stand jam-packed in the arena Surrounded by my musical family of all creeds, races, and ages Differences discarded like last season’s fashions Jubilation spills forth in grins matched like handbags to shimmering eyes Airborne snippets of snatched conversation propagate like viruses ‘Did you hear?’ ‘First time in years…’ ‘Oh My God!’ ‘Thought they split up…’ Grows into...Read On

Recommended Read

Did I ever tell you?

To all my friends and family...I never tell you how much you've influenced me and enriched my life

Did I ever tell you how much I adore your mind, dear friend? A shard of cutting brilliance and delight It inspires me to be more than I am A dance between the two of us – one leading then the other Not a waltz, more a Charleston Maybe modern dance, perhaps? Did I ever tell you how much I adore your heart, my mother? Full of compassion and caring It inspires me to be more like you ...Read On


The Great Debate

As I sat down at my desk to write. I heard a knocking on my door. Without a ‘hello’ literary devices, language ,words and other assorted poetic elements came through my door. And Rhyme said first ‘Poet, we’ve been having a debate about what makes a poem, you know…Great’ Words said boorishly ‘Without us you wouldn’t have poetry’ ‘Rubbish’ Stanza replied out loud ‘All words have to...Read On


Corinthians 13 - You're full of it

Dear Friend or family member, I’d like to thank you for the invitation to your wedding but if I hear Corinthians 13 one more time I think I’ll scream Yes, Love is patient and kind blah blah blah and does not envy and boast blah blah But I have to disagree, Love is sometimes impatient and full of envy.Remember when we fought because I got that raise and you hadn’t had one for...Read On


The Chaos within

the chaos of feelings

Memories madness tinged Induce within a slight insanity And so I guard daily against the chaos within Pushing the boundaries Shuffling through secrets This conflagaration that is sometimes the chaos within Sometimes a wild charm It draws people like flame Unable to escape from the chaos within Other times rage incandescent This fiery pit of fury The flip sided...Read On


My Secret World

The secretive world

Secrets - All types - Each hiding a layer They cling to me cloyingly Envelop me like viscous fog Embedded deep within like weeds Childhood - My secret world - An escape Covertly cultivating each secret Like a beloved pot plant Developing into habitual privacy from everyone Secretly - I watch quietly - From afar A crush, No! More of a flying fancy Over by tomorrow, probably ...Read On



poem about my love of words

I want to capture this moment in time forever perfectly The day I fell in love with you, written word Enthusing about mondegreens and gadzookery Flaunting and revelling in my vocabulary Every syllable tumbles down like notes in a love song That my brain can’t help humming to Addicted to using alliteration and allusions The soothing sound of softly said similes Hidden depths and layers...Read On


The Aimless Poem

poem about the anti- poem

The Aimless Poem Without Meaning Ambiguous Formulaic –less I’m taunted by your lethargy, aimless poem Under appreciated Lacking in purpose Substance -less That is why I like you, aimless poem Like an empty grin Or words which tumble out in a non sequitur manner There is beauty in that sometimes You stick your tongue out At epic poems of meaning That thunder on pompously for hours You...Read On


My inner me

poem about the softer inner side

My inner me I wear my humour like a mask Every joke and funny story told Hides the inner me I wear my sarcasm like a shield Every jibe and verbal thrust Protects the inner me I wear my charm like a cloak Every vivacious smile and word Camouflages the inner me I wear my bravado like a sword Every swagger and proud retort Guards the inner me My inner me loves peace and quiet And analyze...Read On


The Perfect Day

poem about the beach

Steeped in furious misery I sat on the beach gazing out at the sea Empty except for the last few stragglers Trying to desperately cling onto the remnants of a dying day The sparkling sun reflecting against a cerulean blue sea Every foamy hiss and swirl of wave Reflected my inner turmoil Brooding, angry and heartbroken with the world Wishing our toxic relationship was healthier Sick to...Read On


My Goodbye

Your song came on the radio today And it brought on a rush of melancholy And for a second my heart bled Because that song was you And with it a rush of memories Dylan, King, Bowie, Weller and Lennon Every discussion we had echoes in my mind The laughter and the meeting of two souls Those ten records that will haunt you until the day you die A dual mental life-line in the black mood hours ...Read On



Stress induced poem

Information overload Another fucking meeting request??? Ring ring a desk phone goes off nearby 'Throb Throb' goes my head 'Click Clack' goes my neighbour’s keyboard 'Rackity Rack Rack' someone drums their fingers infuriatingly Approaching deadlines tighten around me Need to think Approaching explosion point Stress rising Could use a drink or two... I see you approach me in the...Read On


Who are we, the misplaced people?

Trying to find my identity as a South African

What is it to be South African? Who are we this multiracial nation? Broken down and reformed Tottering around like a child learning to walk Every little thing seems to push us down But we get up and start again Trying to find an identity When all around us people gleefully watch us fail From a past of racial injustice Violence and apathy Looking for hope Within this melting pot...Read On


My lovely little garden

The purple pansies peer quixotically at me from their flower bed An earthworm attempts to ignore my churning trowel Too close, a shudder with a side order of shriek Digging in my lovely little sunny garden A bumble bee flits and flirts buzzily near my head With a 'Huzzah huzzey, begone' I wield my garden fork ferociously I decimate the encroaching weed horde From my lovely little sunny garden...Read On


The Moods of Love

love poem about the different moods of love

The Moods of Love My poem of love is hard to define - Because what I want of it changes all the time Sometimes I want it to be like a movie or books - Unrealistically romantic, full of clichés and loved filled looks Other times it is a simple hug when I need it the most - The way you know to wait to butter my cold toast Sometimes I want it to be passionate and intense - The air...Read On


The Unknown Squaddies

I read in the paper that... Another boy died in the war Gunned down by the Taliban His body riddled with bullets Inside I weep He was only nineteen, smiling in his dress uniform He was on his last tour I switched on the news and found out... Another man died in the war Blown up by dissidents His truck hit a mine Inside I weep His whole town turned up for the funeral, his widow sobbed...Read On


And now, and now?

first attempt at free verse

Dipping and turning I try pull free of structure And miss and pull I’m still, I’m still Drowning in meaning Discarding stanzas like past relationships Mixing metaphors like cocktails in happy hour Overwhelmed by mediocrity It’s hard to unlearn, Scary even And now, and now? What to do now? Rhetorical maybe? My goal - One of the greats The modern day poet How to avoid being pretentious...Read On


Get Over it!

Frustration, my friend

When you grumpily bear that frown And wear your pride like a crown I want to slap you to the ground And hiss and verbally rebound When you whine how life is unfair I long to tell you to grow a pair I look at your privileged life Untouched by real tragedy and strife When you fill my inbox with emails Filled with pages of how love always fails I long to tell you to get a grip And...Read On


The beach at Selsey

As I stand in the unlit darkness Observing the clouds cover the sky which hides the stars and the moon furtively I argue in my mind Is it black or a much more subtle deep velvety purple that appears black? The smoke from my cigarette unfurls into its depths I marvel at its unadorned beauty In the distance I hear the waves crashing against the beach at Selsey They call to me and I long...Read On