Can’t rain forever (part 03)

Julie found something to light her days... will it last?

The next morning, he was there at ten, but I was busy with a group of tourist customers, looking for maps and history books about the city. They got me really busy for at least an hour, but in the end, I managed to sell something to every single one of them. He was smiling. “You are very skilled in dealing with people.” “No. I am a total wreck in dealing with people.” I wasn’t mentioning...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 02)

Julie lives a meaningless life, mourning her losses

Two days later I was in a new city. I knew nobody, had no relatives nor friends, and couldn’t count on anyone but me. I tried and tried. I passed weeks looking for jobs and the money was soon going to finish until I found a kind old woman who hired me to work in her bookstore. Not that I was going to become rich there, but it was a job that allowed me to earn a living. On the upper floor,...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 01)

Julie sees her dreams shattered in the worst way

  My name is Julie, and at twenty-two my life was pretty much ruined already. What did I do? More or less, nothing. A part getting a crush on the wrong guy, and getting pregnant. Michael Albert Glanrty III was the heir of a very rich family, and they would have never accepted me. I was so naïve I thought they would, and that our love would be stronger than any prejudice. Just that it...Read On



Can’t rain forever (part 09 final)

Julie completes her revenge, and at last things are as they should be

  I went to the beautiful Victorian mansion where the unaware Glantry family was still living, and I was accompanied by law enforcement and State Officers, full of warrants, documents and papers, and had them gathered in the patio, where I gave them the news. Their lawyers were all under arrest, the dirt they hid was out in the open, and their house wasn’t theirs anymore. They owned nothing...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 08)

Julie's enemies start to fall and get what they deserve

  I told him simply that he should go and inform himself better, before trying to con someone into signing papers they didn’t want to sign. By then, they still weren’t aware that I had a law firm (actually two) covering me, so he asked me to return the papers if I didn’t want to sign them, and they would decide if it was the case to let me read the will – which they wanted me to declare I...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 07)

Julie puts her revenge in motion, and helps who deserves it

“They don’t know, but yes, I have it. They wanted me to convince you to sign it straight away, confiding in your eagerness to get your hands on a lot of money. They were so bent to that family that they automatically believed any lie they were told, so they are convinced you were a gold digger and would sign in a heartbeat at the chance of becoming rich. My suggestion is, to read...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 06)

Julie starts fixing things and gets another pleasant surprise

The lawyer was pleased, and destroyed the two letters. Then he called all of the old associates, and explained what was happening. They were shocked, and most of them, as he told me earlier, had been almost friend, and with deep debts of gratitude to daddy. Yes, I call him dad and daddy. I’m repeating myself, again, but those letters were so full of love that I felt I would have loved him,...Read On

Romance (2)


Can’t rain forever (part 05)

Julie at last can have everything she wants... but doesn't she already have it?

“My family is much different from the Glantrys. We value the person, not their wealth or heritage. I’m working as a lawyer, starting from the lowest. I attended a public school where nobody knew me, and I had to work to do anything that wasn’t connected to my studies. Yes, I’ve been luckier than most. Just to make you understand the difference, I’ll tell you this family secret, and I trust...Read On


Can’t rain forever (part 04)

Julie discovers the truth on her family... is it real?

“No, Julie… It’s because I love you. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you when I was buying that book, and that love grew the more I was knowing you. The day you smiled for the first time, I felt like if nothing else in the world was more important than to make you smile. Now that I know what caused your sadness, what broke your heart and confidence, and your enjoying life, I am so...Read On