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Submissions to this category are generally told in the first person and cover personal reflection, autobiographies and memories of the past. Rather than focusing on factual accounts, memoirs are more a recollection of moments in time that were either vivid or unique to the author.


Ian's Story

Please Stay Strong

So here we go... to start off, I would like to let everyone know that these stories are the truth - the story of my life. It's taken me some time to actually get my full story off my chest; it's been a scary, sad and emotional ride. This post is for any one and every one of you out there who has gone through rough times or whatever experiences that have made you sad. If you have a story...Read On


Just Another Rooftop On The Boulevard

Good memories of fun times spent with crazy friends...

It was the night before New Year's Eve 2011... For weeks there had been a “Coming Soon” sign up on the blank billboard outside of my apartment building. Over the years, it had become a ritual for a few of the residents to sit out on the rooftop every Friday night and unwind after a long week. The rooftop of the building on Black Velvet Boulevard was the place you could come to if you...Read On



Can you say J.D.?

I couldn’t believe it, on the second day, when they put me in that tiny room all by myself. A room with no windows and an ashtray. I looked at my watch. It was 8:20 a.m. I wanted to cry. Cry, because I was bored. Cry, for the poor kid whose file I had to read. Cry, because I didn’t want to sit in that room and read it, and cry, because I felt I should want to sit there and read it. Once I...Read On


Not Good Enough

All those expectation, I hope they never come true.

I remember when I was a child, the fear and pounding of my heart when I had grades lower than a C. How ashamed I felt when you gave me that look of disappointment, and told me that I was better than this, because my brothers never had anything lower than a B. They compared me to my two brothers who were always two and four grades ahead of me. So I strived to do better, because you wanted me...Read On



When you're pregnant you repeat the same cliche over and over. I don't care if it's a boy or girl, I just want a healthy baby. A cliche, but a true one. Luckily my first son was born healthy. Son number two encountered some problems on the way into the world. Thankfully they were managed and we got to take him home. At first all appeared fine. After a few years some symptoms began to emerge....Read On

Recommended Read

Learning to Fly

Dear Dad, I should have done this so much sooner but I am a procrastinator as you well know. Sharing my thoughts with you now is the very least I can offer. Soon you won't remember my words and perhaps not even my face. Fate is cruel, stealing your memories but leaving your body healthy and intact. From the time I was little I always felt safe with you. We had so much fun and not always...Read On


And the Ceiling Came Tumbling Down

The following is a more or less true story, honest.

For the first ten years of my life, I lived in a Sears and Roebuck ‘mail order’ frame house built by my grandfather, a carpenter who died before I was born. While I was but a wee, callow youth, maybe three, my father took it upon himself to put a new ceiling in the middle bedroom of this house. When the project was finished, he posed his lovely wife and snot-nosed son on the carefully...Read On



Why can't you forgive me for being me?

In my dreams last night I found myself sitting at the dining room table. Like so many times years ago, my report card spread open on the table in front of you. Your fingers again grasping my dreadlocks, tightening more and more as you continued your verbal assault. I could feel the sting in my scalp as you tightened more and pulled harder, trying to lift me from the chair I was sitting...Read On


Teaching of time

As a small child, I was taught Each thing has a reason The wind talks Silence speaks Open your mind Believe in yourself Time has no measure No distance is too far See with your eyes Then feel with your heart Things are not always As first known There are many colors of the rainbow     ...Read On


Fading Ink - A Mother's Memoir

Though the ink has faded with time, the memory will always remain sharp and clear.




A chance meeting on a train station.

My nursing career began at the tender age of 17. It was inevitable I suppose. As a child I looked after my siblings when they became ill. Placing cold flannels on their hot foreheads, fetching hot water bottles and applying bandages. Caring for the sick did not stop there. I nursed hedgehogs , birds, anything that needed help. Many brave souls have touched my heart with their bravery,...Read On


Rumor Has It

Rumors hurt, but can also be fun.

We have all seen the results of vicious rumors and even nice rumors that twisted into something different. How do these happen and how do the twists end up in them? We have seen it often. Someone witnessed part of an event. That person told someone else. By the time the rumor passed through a group of people, the story of the event differed greatly from the original. The potential...Read On



A treasured moment

I’m not very good at drawing. I can get by, but it’s not exactly my strong point. That being the case, to be able to look back and say, “I won a prize for my artwork,” is quite an achievement. Admittedly, it wasn’t a huge competition that provided me with my moment of glory - “Life Drawing from Nature,” 7 - 10 years category, at the local country fete, to be exact. The prizes on offer...Read On



Do you miss me As much as I miss you The way your eyes look into mine Always smiling as they do The sound of your laughter The way you sing to me I know some things are temporary And subjected to change But one thing is true As true as day turns to night And back again in time As each hour passes Missing you makes loving you So much stronger...Read On


Angel Face, A Life Cut Short

Katy, my daughter, my Angel Face, my hero

The things I could say about my beautiful daughter, Katy could fill a small book, same as, I'm sure, any proud parent. Katy was truly a gift to me and I'd like to share with you who my Angel Face was.  Facts first ... Katy was a published poet by age 11, an accomplished artist, (the final drawing she was working on {though unfinished} is in my gallery), an honors student from grade 5 on,...Read On


Misery Loves Company

As a parent, you warn your kids about the dangers of the world.  Hopefully, they grow up safe and sound, after heeding your good advice. I had managed to do just that, I raised three boys to their mid-twenties and they are good men.  I proudly passed on my sense of humor and sarcastic outlook on life to them. I was not aware that I had passed on one other thing.  The idea that if you are...Read On


Holding on

Memories everywhere. I used to try and put them away or keep them safe, Not sharing. Such a part of me. Making me who I am. What my life has become. Doesn't mean I can't make new ones. I can share them all.   Never ending memories, I have not lost.   In a thousand different ways, never will I forget. Forever missed and always loved.  Memories I hold on    ...Read On


Words from papa

I'm scared Shaking in my boots What if they don't like me Or I'm not good enough I'm short Ways are strange to some Papa looked and smiled Touching my heart  As he said once more Be yourself  Stand tall and proud No matter what you do Someone will find fault See with your eyes Feel with your heart Listen to your music Follow the beat of your drum Touch each life you meet ...Read On


The Hinge (Rhymes With Thing)

Fun With English, Opus 2

Some words that we believe exist, really don't. Our family dinner that Sunday held a certain amount of importance. It would be the first time in ages that we'd all be together at a time besides a major holiday — and the first time my two older sisters would meet my boyfriend, who by then was already an unofficial fiancé. Their opinion wasn't a deal breaker by any means, but I hoped...Read On


Jenny's Story... Part Two

Jenny tells the story of her mentally abusive husband

I am alone and when alone I think... Why does he treat me so cruelly? He never compliments me...He puts me down. We went to his friend's wedding four years ago now, and we found ourselves seated at a round table with strangers. He leaned across the table and asked me if I was going to wear the same dress to my sister-in-laws wedding. I felt confused at such an odd question. I had...Read On


Being Bullied

I was only bullied once in my life. I conquered the bully who became my friend in the end.

When I was fifteen, I became the victim of bullying. It was a rare occurrence, but it happened. I was a sophomore in high school, not popular but visible because of my academic record. I was the number one student in my class. I was not an athlete, but I played baseball as a catcher. The bully was a freshman boy named David. He went around picking on random kids, stealing money, beating them...Read On



You gave your heart to me You trust me with your pride You always want me To stand at your side The emotions you give me I never knew I had You make me smile Even when I am sad  I think of you always   Your in my heart and mind You make my days You put warmth into my night You are the sun to me And the moon that burns at night I love you and always will Because you...Read On


A Birthday Tribute For My Angel Face

The birth of an angel; A kiss from Heaven



Gillian and the Three Mole Stories

Mole Story One I can't recall when I first realized I had a mole under my arm. It was located in the center of my armpit. Early grade school is my best guess. For the most part, I was blissfully unaware of its presence. Doctors had assured my Mother that it was harmless and there was no need to remove it. It was in third grade that my awareness of it became more pronounced. In those...Read On


Magical snow

The air is still The warmth Tender and strong I know before I look outside The snow has come No movement at all No sound Just snow falling And feelings of love With tears that must not fall The smiles and words The happiness we share as one Knowing always and believing Just like a magical snow We have a magical love  ...Read On


Promise Kept

Today is going to be tough on me as I collect Marcie's clothes. All of my local friends say it's time, and I keep telling myself to donate so others will get needed clothes and coats. They asked if I needed friends to help, but foolish me said, "No, I'm good." Really, I'm good?? Starting in our upstairs bedroom, yes ours. Opening her dresser. Stacking clothes on the bed. Our bed. Casper...Read On


Daddy's girl

I dedicate this poem to my wonderful dad.

Two fifteen one morning To everyone's surprise My daddy took me in his arms And looked into my eyes   It was twenty-eight years ago If I go back to the start Dad cuddled up his newborn girl I already won his heart   At five years old he made me laugh On horseback, we would play If I fell off, he would pick me up To ride another day   At fourteen years my father said I filled...Read On


Missing him

My arms long to hold him Fingertips to touch him tenderly With laughter and tears  I miss him so I will not let the tears fall He asked me not to cry Until he could hold me close And make me smile He is my madman Owns my heart and soul So I wait to be together To let the tears flow Some days like today I miss him more  ...Read On


The Gift

Times have changed but family is still family

The house stood at a high vista spot square with the cardinal points and with a clear view all around over the barbed wired fencing to pastures and other houses scattered across the landscape. The single story frame house was moved from its foundation just a short distance away as the crow flies. It had been the farm home of a working family out on a back road just a few miles south. The...Read On


The Hippopotami Adventure

It's an adventure when you return unharmed...

The dugout canoes were overloaded as they were paddled up the Niger River by the two guides. The freeboard of the canoes was minimal. They weren’t meant to hold three Americans. I was the heaviest and rode with one guide while two of my daughters rode with the other. I was preoccupied with the thought that I was nuts and we were in over our heads. We were being taken to a place where we...Read On