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Midnight Insomnia

From the wardrobe my mom eternally sleeps, as she thimbles my midnight insomnia. The door squeaks open on tarnished hinges of echoes. Rusty hangers. Hungry moths and frayed clothes. No light, no candle. Just dark and me in my all alone. As a silence of a sleeve touch my cheek. Cracking open my bladder, as the eyes of a canine seek. I spill my M&M'S.       ...Read On


Seasons Change

And how we view them

It’s been ten years, but I can still pull colours from the corners of my mind. Letting me see rays of light that give way to hues of gold and red that carpet the grass. If only for a moment....Read On

The Party

He felt his stomach lurch, the contents rising...




Sitting cross-legged, with sustained focus, the unfamiliar sensation builds. A jolt at the base of her spine sends a leaping flame flickering over her core. A wave of warmth sweeps up from her belly to a sense of empowerment and gladness of heart. A growl escapes her throat then a sharp mental clarity floats into a deep, thrumming, universal peace. After an endless moment, opening her...Read On


Ready to Go

Built for Speed

I loved using her. I did her fast and rode her hard. The music was on and I had her going...geared up.  She was purring for me. The light went green and I drove away....Read On


Thanks Pal

It's always nice to feel supported by your friends!


Stop it!

Please, just stop! It's not funny you know!

“Oh no, Harriet, no! Come on now. Please don't. I've asked you nicely, so please, stop it! I really don't like it. It makes me feel kind of weird. Oh! Come on . Please , just stop! It's not funny, you know! If you don't stop I'll... Oh, Oh my gosh! No, no, don't stop! Oh, I... I like that. Oh yes, just there, yes. That's it, yes. A little higher, just a little... Ohh my goodness yes... Oh...Read On



Each weekday, after her husband has left for his office, Claudia retires to her rooftop studio, where for three hours she covers canvas with solid colour. Mid-morning, she walks twice around the tree lined square, with a small dog. On Monday she meets a friend for lunch. Other days, weather permitting, she eats and smokes at a pavement cafe. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons she sees a...Read On


Some changes gladly never change.

Breezes usher in on an orchestrated serenade of autumn. It enters cool and sedated, as subtle as the high notes of a summer song. Where once the raucous of beach-laughter and jubilant screams blended with crashing surf, they now trail off, dissipating into the scent of cozy fireplace bellows. I sit, chin on knees, and watch as the leaves’ brilliant folly comes alive. Colors held and hidden...Read On

My Girl the Petroleuse

Petroleuse was a term first used during the French Revolution

The fire burning within, as if a Molotov cocktail burned her soul.  Desire so focussed on her intent, to stand alone or with the security and camaraderie of a crowd, demanding to be heard. Was she rich, or famous? Did she wear the latest fashions? Did she speak the language of the politicians? No, but she was clear in her mind that she would stand and fight until the fight was won, or she...Read On


Losing Eddie

They called you King Edward. You were King of your ground.  Whether we were lonely, joyful, worn-down, or heartbroken, riding down the highway of life, with a switch of the radio, you could fill days with illusions to match any mood. There were colors spilling from the guitar, swirling into sounds that shook us, wrapped us, the eruption we didn’t expect. You molded our tiny, fragile...Read On

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I don't care about you, aka another First World problem



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I Wish You Well

You need to be free...

“You think it’s okay?” Abigail asked tentatively. Emma held up the phone and began to read aloud. “‘Dearest Troy’ – Dearest was a nice touch – ‘I’m so happy for you getting your dream job! That’s quite an achievement – you should have a big celebration. The thing is, Troy... I don’t want to hold you back. You need to be free, and deserve someone just as supportive of your aspirations as...Read On

In The Midst Of Chaos

One single moment is all it takes.

It was a day Lincoln High School would never forget. Thirty-five white mice with beady-red eyes scurrying the halls like inmates set free in a jailbreak. Susie had never told any of us her plan. Maybe that was because it wasn’t a plan, per se. She just got up and one by one, opened their cages, pardoning what was supposed to be an immutable death sentence—the 10:30, AP Bio class...Read On

How Can I Celebrate?

From no hope, to hope itself

The last ten years have been hard, with little to celebrate. Yet life goes on, each day, time marches on, regardless of whether it is good or ill for me. Then, I saw my future, in the shape of her.    ...Read On

Together Amongst The Stars

Co-operation is the name of the game in space!

The supportive and cosy camaraderie accomplished by the ten friendly astronauts on the space ship was an incredible achievement. Floating free inside their distant home, their stories were a celebration of mutual understanding and co-operation for the world to admire....Read On


Moroccan Leather

"If you see her, say Hello." Bob Dylan

Bound in red, hand tooled Moroccan leather, the worn notebook had been a Christmas present from his wife. Brad dutifully records in it the small victory of each alcohol free day. Tonight, in the minutes before midnight, he prepares to make an entry. It has been four days since his last one; two years since he last saw his wife. For all he knows she might be in Tangier....Read On

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On Guard Duty

I have this. Boss is my job.




A home’s spirit lives evermore.

Worn paint flakes off her aged walls. Countless stories that soaked themselves into the sheetrock now float untethered with the dust. Her spirit stands proud, but her frame lumps under gravity. Heavy. Slowly dying in the unrelenting winds of change. ...Read On


The Mermaid's Daughter

Like mother like daughter...

They say you’re like your father, just as I was like mine. But I see a part of me inside you, strong and stubborn. You lift that chin as if daring me to hold you back, but I won’t. How could I, when all I ever wanted was to be free? I chose my king and my life, and our coupling brought you to me. But it’s time for you to build your own kingdom, and to make your own life. I am so proud...Read On


After Rain

"Why is the rain still falling when the storm passed an hour back?" I had taken my daughter for a walk through the woods. It had been a week since the funeral and she had barely uttered a word since. "The raindrops get stuck in the trees and when the wind blows it shakes them free." "Like when you cry long after something sad happens?" "Yes," I whispered. "Like that."...Read On


Our Day Out

In a clearing we danced; an undulating tapestry of diverse shapes and shades. As if entranced, we moved as one under the blistering eye of our arcane god. Whilst hidden from view, the butterfly collector stiffened and reached for his cell, intending to secretly capture our antic revels. But as his redundant seed splashed the earth, he let out a sharp cough like a fox. Alerted, we split...Read On


Last Night at Sunset

I'll always be with you...

Last night at sunset, I waited for you. My love illuminated the sky, painting a vibrant mural with which to end your day. You stood on the shore, looking lost and alone. I wish I could touch you and let you know how much you are loved. But time was cruel and swept me away. Now all I can do is flood the sky with color and hope that you know it’s me, loving you, needing you, wanting...Read On



When it all started, 'we the people' objected. We called them an infringement on our liberty, a thief of identity. They were uncomfortable, unfriendly, and altogether alien in this land of the free. Then as time passed, we started to choose ones that reflected our mood, matched our outfits, made a statement. They became part of our identity. So much so, that when the danger passed,...Read On


The Cry of the Dolphin

She wishes she could hear his voice, one more time...

She sat by the water’s edge, watching the dolphins play. She wished he were still here, reminding her to be careful or telling her the same joke he’d told time after time. She could feel his presence so strongly by the water. It brought her comfort to know that he’d been proud of her, that his last breath had been to tell her he loved her. It was the kind of closure many people never get....Read On


Buzz Cut

"Yes, I'm certain that's what I want," I explained to the girl with peroxide curls. "But it's for boys." She took in my jeans, shiny boots and check shirt, while in the mirror I saw my girlfriend look up from her fashion magazine. "You're such a pretty girl too." The stylist sounded defeated, like a child who has watched the sea sweep away the last of their sandcastle. With a sigh,...Read On



Look at that woman. How old before her time and careworn she is, like a refugee broken by years of strife. Dull hair, lank and untended stragglers her neck in untidy whisps. The full mouth, that once screamed a dangerous red, now tamed by an insipid cotton mask. Pale blue eyes still visible, though their mischievous gleam has gone. But what can you expect in days like these? So I...Read On



That day he'd booked a table at my favourite restaurant. It was his usual way of saying sorry. Now, we stood in groups outside the church. I gathered condolences like confetti, each a brief flurry of contact then back to their lives. My mother said it would take time. Maybe years. I tugged the sleeves of my black dress down tight over my wrists. She would never know, that for me the...Read On


The Rendezvous