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As with our Flash Fiction category, the aim of micro fiction is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words. Where Flash Fiction generally ranges from 100 to 1000 words, Micro Fiction submissions should be under 100 words and can cover any of the fiction genres.

Editor's Pick

Good Time Blues



Unwanted Gift

My holiday drabble.

The Christmas present ticked me off! After twenty years of friendship, he knew how I felt about presents and Christmas. The wondrous ideal of love, family and religious worship, that Christmas is, was disappearing; being bastardized by the rapacious celebrations of today’s materialistic society. I abhor that loss of spirituality and introspection. How could he do this? But remembering...Read On

Audio version available

Ephemeral II

Squaring the Circle of Confusion



Too Late

Life's too short...

An intro to a story I am working on...  They buried me today. Everyone always told me that this was how it would end for me. I never believed that it would. I was more than just street-smart; I was smart. I was young and vibrant. Charmed and charming. Untouchable. I remember mum saying, “Your thoughts and actions are what define you, Stanley.” I called it bullshit to her face. How...Read On



The year is 2547 and kids still complain about taking their lessons.




What's wrong with holding print at arm's length?

“That’s an ‘N’.” “Is it really?” Squinting at the fuzzy blob, I’m forced to face facts. I can't see. “Most people need reading glasses, eventually,” the optician smiles. I’m sure they do, but not me . My vision’s always been perfect. It’s age, isn’t it? I’m getting older. “Try these. Oh yes, they suit you.” Actually, they do. The glasses don’t look bad at all, they make me...Read On


The Wait

The instructions said to wait, so she waited. It was something she did quite well; Lord knows she'd had plenty of practice. Sometimes it seemed she did little else besides wait. Just a few more minutes now. But how many minutes, hours, days, years of her life had she wasted waiting, hoping, praying — all for naught? Enough! Today it would stop. Today she would move forward, no matter...Read On

Editor's Pick

Settling In

New starts can be tricky at any age



Short life of being dead

What zombies may or may not think in the moment of re-death

I was dead, but not anymore. I do not feel pain, remorse, sadness, glee nor anger. All I feel is an endless hunger, until what I thought would be my next meal shoots me in the...Read On



She closed her eyes and absorbed the distinctive smell drifting through the air. Every nerve ending in her aching body started waking up. She couldn’t explain it, but it was like an inner pull deep inside of her that made her come alive. The sun was trickling through the window, but it was the intoxicating smell that made her smile. She heard the calming sound as it echoed softly though...Read On


Before and After

Within the first week after I took delivery of my new car, I stepped in gum. It got on the carpet. Not on the mat, but on the carpet just beneath the door. I was upset. I got most of it off, but there was still a mark on the light tan carpet. It was a pretty car: diamond white, with a light tan interior. My favorite is white, with a light grey interior, but the last two cars I ended up...Read On



I remember the night when it started. The dark mass that haunted me in my room. My friends and I were playing tag along the edge of the woods. It was becoming dark, and the noises in the forest began. Crickets chirping. Toads bellowing. Owls hooting. The fireflies lighting their paths in flight. As we walked home, the brightest one flew close, and that's when I grabbed her. I held her loose...Read On


Take My Hand

Let me explain

It was so different, you see; your smile, your welcoming arms, your warmth. When you held me in your arms you offered me love in its purest, unconditional form. Your very presence demonstrated trust, your kind words heartened my soul. I love you, but I’m not used to receiving affection like that. Not anymore. It scares me. That’s why I backed away. That’s the reason my messages became...Read On


In The Shadow Of The City

Only one survived

Curled in a foetal position, Faith clamped her ears tightly, desperate to block out the horrifying din. The bunker shook, concrete walls quivering as the world above suffered. The deafening roar increased, vibrating through Faith’s bones. Paralysed with fear, her screams caught in her throat as her tears fell. Closing her eyes, she endured it. When the onslaught ceased, silence...Read On


Home Is Where the Light Is

It was lit long ago. When first he left. "It's my purpose. I must go. You'll understand someday." And the lamp was lit as he walked away. Toil passed and joys passed. Life happened. The world was itself. Triumphant or downtrodden. Winning or losing. The light was always lit. Many meetings, many names. Many sorrows, many shames. But remembrance held him true. The light was lit. ...Read On


The Painter

When all you can dream about is to paint using all the colors in the rainbow...

She is crying in the darkest corner of the park when a gentle hand lightly touches her sunflower colored tattooed shoulder. "What's troubling you child?" Came a soft voice. "I'm afraid." Deep anguish in her voice. "What are you afraid of?" Comforting voice, soothing her. "I will lose vibrant colors in my paintings. I will never be like Van Gogh anymore." Crying pitifully, declaring...Read On


The Least of These

"So that's it then. They produce the most so they should be rewarded, not penalized." The ruler gestured. "So it is done," said the sycophant. "But master, what about reciprocity? Those that produce the least. Should they not be punished in some fashion?" "Of course. Take a percentage of their goods and distribute among the producers." He paused. "And make of this a lesson. For every...Read On


Challenge - Linda Ronstadt - Dreamcatcher

As I leaned back against the bar, the crowd hushed as she walked out into the light. Finally, she spoke. “Hi. I’m Linda Ronstadt.” The crowd stood and applauded. Her smile glowing as she gazed back into the audience. Then, they sat down, leaving only me standing in the back of the room. For only the briefest moment, our eyes caught and held. It was all I needed. I turned and walked to...Read On


Magical Deception

No one must ever know.



Here I was

I was alone, and I do not fear it. I can live apart comfortably. Will it get lonely sometimes, yes it more than likely will. In the end, will I care? Yes, I want someone near. Will they allow me into their lives? No, because they cannot see me. I am the ghost in the...Read On


Santa Shot My Dad

A jolly old fat man with a nickel-plated nine.

"It's not what it looks like," he said as I walked in. Ever since I was little I’d wanted to meet Santa, but silently sneaking down the stairs on Christmas Eve to find him standing over my father’s body was not how I’d pictured it. "You’ve kill my dad!" I cried as I rushed over to him. A glass of milk was spilled on the floor and chocolate chip cookies lay scattered like my broken hopes...Read On


One Chance

This story recently came in third place in a 100 word micro-fiction contest...

Nikolai reached his hand into his pocket and felt the knife. He had worked for weeks on it, slowly grinding down the stone blade day by day. He only had one chance to take out the guard when he reached the perimeter. From there he would have to rush to the lake and assemble the raft he had made out of drop cloths he found lying around the prison camp behind the officer’s quarters. He...Read On



“I prepared breakfast,” I said, approaching him as he descended down the stairs. “I’m in a hurry. Rick and I have this breakfast meeting with a client.” “Okay.” I tiptoed to give him the usual goodbye kiss but he slowly averted his lips, so I kissed his cheek instead. My dearest husband rushed out of the house without looking back. He never noticed the unshed tears nor the trembling...Read On



You were a hurricane draped in lightning and walking on fire. An unstoppable force, a serious threat, yet also a mesmerizing sight. My heart clenched painfully, in fright and in awe. My instincts screamed to stay away yet I found myself inching closer. As the winds tore down the trees, I remembered the time you said my name. As mountains burned, I remembered your kisses. I heard thunder in...Read On


An Old Coat

Sitting on the sofa. Reading Tolkien. She was reading Kahlil Gibran. She rises up from lying upon my thigh and puts down the book. Gazing intently at me with piercing eyes. "So, how would you describe me?" Offering, "You're like my old corduroy coat." Surprise in her features. Wondering if she'll get it. "That ratty thing you wear all the time?" "Yep." Touching her rosy, dimpled...Read On


The River

My grandma and I sat on the bench, watching the river. I was eight, and she was almost eighty. “You see how still the river is, love?” she asked as she drew me close to her. “The deeper the river, the stiller it becomes.” I nodded. “Be like this river as you grow up. So deep, they will wonder and be drawn towards you. So still, you reflect all the beauty around you. So strong, you can...Read On


Message in A Bottle

Being a kid, no one minds him as he collects wine bottles around the neighborhood. Every night, he carefully takes out a piece of paper and scribbles anything that comes to his mind. Sometimes a rhyme he learned from school. Sometimes a drawing. Most of the time, little stories his mom reads to him at night. At dusk each day, he runs to the shore and places the bottle on the hollow of a...Read On



They knew it was coming. Duty called them.....



Stainless Steel Rain

Underneath the rain...

Life sometimes throws you a painful joke. You must laugh out loud to hide the tears. Some days, when the pain is too much to bear, tears uncontrollably overflow from your eyes. You can't hide it anymore from the brightly shining sun outside. Silent tears roll from your eyes. You want a garbled scream to be released with the utter pain. The agony that can only hide in the shower with...Read On


I Just Want to Help

This will make it all better