Another day

Just a thought ....

Ok it might be over, Can't say it doesn't hurt, Just tired of being the only one trying to make it work. When I decide to speak, Just know my words are real, And not just some child's game where we can make a deal. You see pain is pain and any kind hurts, But luckily I found a system and I hope that it works. See I'll try my best to forget you, kinda like a game, Though I'm having a bit...Read On


Falling for you.

The simple truth..

I can't stop. I've fallen so deep, so hard, With no evidence of how I got here. Even without your presece the thought of your name Sends chills down my spine.  I imagine How the sound of your voice knocks me off my feet. Without thinking I scribble your name everywhere. I just cant help it. You've become my favorite topic, Everything inspires thoughts of you. I try to talk myself out of...Read On


How long is forever?

How long is forever?

Look me in my eye, Can you tell me how long is forever? Well if you can't can you come with me? I remember the day you said you loved me. Remember you said it'd be forever? But now I'm alone watching the tears stream. You promised it wasn't a lie this time. I'm looking at my watch, But it isn't working anymore. So tell me is forever real or is it just a game? Is there a meaning? Or is it...Read On


The sense in my confusion.

As I sit there, Still as the smallest blade of grass, My world spins. I can feel the rush of involuntary winds, They cause rapid thought and rushes of emotion. And when I become still yet again, Everything dosen't make sense, But it's the high of knowing, Someday, somewhere, somehow everything will be ok, And our once distant love will be closer and even closer to flawless. Your love can no...Read On


Who am I?

Who am I? Today I surprised you, You didn't see me coming. I tapped you on your shoulder, And saw that beautiful smile. Then later I saw you crying, And I reminded you of your favorite moment. Again you graced me with your smile, But again you had a nightmare. I ran out of ideas, I just didn't have a clue. So I thought of the only thing I knew, I thought of you. Now I don't speak...Read On