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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general. This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.

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And I Left

I couldn't bring myself to ask.

The bar was too noisy and people stood shoulder to shoulder. They were all vying for a place at the bar. Music filled the air and it mingled with the laughter and drunken ramblings of its patrons.  I first spotted him as he entered the bar. His black hair was ruffled and his shoulders were hunkered in. The collar of his shabby, oversized peacoat was pulled up so high his face was...Read On

Editor's Pick

Juno Beach - Now and Then

Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy. August 2018

  I sit on the beach, absently raking fingertips through the warm sand while listening to the cheerful clamour all around. My fellow holidaymakers laugh, squeal, shout to one another, their shrill cries mingling with the raucous shrieks of the gulls wheeling and swooping overhead. My gaze fixes on the waves lapping the shoreline. Each gentle splash and foaming spray is followed by the...Read On

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Waiting for Irma

Nothing else to do

I'm sitting here in Southwest Florida, mere feet from the Gulf of Mexico. I live here. I've lived here for 30 years and have never been this scared. There is a storm coming. A huge storm. Hurricane Irma. She is 400 miles of catastrophic wind and will bring storm surges over 12 feet high. I feel like I am waiting to die. We all are. My family. My love. My life. Waiting.  Why don't I head...Read On

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My Angel

Bright Eyes/ My Angel over tater tots you stole my heart two from different worlds become one love can do many things carefree what could happen then the sound and then louder the cough and the word none wish Cancer life spins out of control my Bright Eyes grew wings 6 years ago today now she guides my journey now she is secure in my heart ...Read On

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(I Do Not Like) The Orange Man

A humorous take on the U.S. presidential race, told in the style of Dr. Seuss

Pardon me, miss, have you time for a poll? No, not today. I'm out for a stroll. That's okay, ma'am, while you stroll I can poll! All right, I suppose, if you poll while I stroll... Do you plan to vote in the presidential race? Oh, yes! Not voting is a terrible disgrace! Tell me a bit as to how you'll choose— If you could, please share your views! Well— I do not like the...Read On

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The boy I never knew

The day I found out about you was one full of mixed emotions. You were unexpected, unplanned but never unwanted yet I couldn’t shift the feelings of foreboding that I had. Uncertainty, fear, dread even, and the feeling that things were no longer within my control. I barely spoke of you since that day I said goodbye, I set your spirit free. You had been with me and a part of me for 28 weeks,...Read On

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A Swarm of Bees

Have you ever wondered what a panic attack is like?

This musing only available on Stories Space. if you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. "Pull yourself together!" "Mind over matter..." "Don't be so ridiculous." "Get a grip." "Just calm down." "Take deeeeep breaths..." If you've never suffered from a panic attack, you cannot possibly know what it's like. I like to think that empathetic people can understand it, at least,...Read On

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My Mom

As I sit and look out my window I see the snow falling. The stillness of the night as the moon reflects on the snow covered trees gives off a kind of magical feeling. I start to daydream of my youth, when I was in awe of each new thing. Oh, how I would dream of my birthday and finally when the day was here I would see the gifts and realize none were from you. How I would wait for...Read On

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L is for Lazy

Just a thought off the top of my head, written down really fast and then submitted.

When I was fifteen, I wrote a poem that earned me a spot in a writer’s workshop. I didn’t submit it, a teacher did. I was the youngest person in the workshop. I did not know it at the time but a special arrangement had been made for me after some degree of protest. I didn’t even have to pay. There was a girl, she was seventeen and apparently gifted from the way her poetry read. She paid. The...Read On

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I'd rather have Cake

“Asexual man seeks asexual woman.” I crinkled my forehead, and read the personal ad again. What does this mean? In biology I learned that worms and bacteria are asexual, men and women aren’t? What would an asexual man want with an asexual woman? Am I asexual? Reading that one line in the personal ads on Craig’s List was an epiphany moment. I researched this “Asexual” thing...Read On

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Life At the Bus Stop

The bus stop is a wonderful place to learn about life, and to count your blessings

It could be because I have walked down many a darkened road and taken many wrong turns that left me lost in the world, that I feel this way, but regardless the reason, I believe that we all have the ability to rise above the circumstances of our lives. Yes, I may get lost sometimes, but oh, the beautiful places I have found, and adventures I have had while lost! Sometimes, things don't work...Read On

Editor's Pick

V-Sign to the Sunshine, Stripy Socks and Gingas

How does a gloomy grump see joy where there is no joy?

This musing only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Sometimes I feel that the world is a graceless place. Well, alright, I always feel that. For me, every day is a task that I cannot look forward to. But there is no way to rearrange my knickers drawer in procrastination of meeting the morning (or afternoon, on my days off), and I am lacking...Read On

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I Make Marmalade

Do you like marmalade?

'Tis Indeed a form of truth, I see  Lodged betwixt thy blood and boon Departs thy heart unjustly so An act of courage, Nay! Indeed a part of truth, I see. Sold in its weakest form to me. How shalt thou have me this word descry? Belike the frown, whom cockholds the bauble and even the clown? Nay? Charming charmer, holds a tongue Too charmed, I really must say. Until now that is, did it not...Read On

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This Is Where I Write

Where do you write?

Coach B is the Quiet Coach. It is a good place to think, to reflect and from which to draw inspiration. It is a silent movie and my mind writes the title cards. I always travel in Coach B, though it is always at the far end of the platform. For four and a half hours, it is my high-speed cocoon in which complete anonymity is mine for the taking. I smile as I board; I like this place. ...Read On

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How To Make a Cup of Tea

The perfect cup of tea is a labour of love

How to make a cup of tea There are two possible methods for doing this: first there is the kettle and tea bag method - my preferred method because I’m lazy, or the teapot and tea leaves method - I tend to only do this if I’ve got company or I just feel like loose leaf tea. The steps are quite similar though, so here we go. Ah, but I forgot to say: take your time, tea should never be rushed,...Read On

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The Girl in the Booth

I saw my reflection, through the windows and through a little girl.

She was just another kid, really. Another eight-year-old that amounted to excess baggage being carted around by a parent. A dead weight, a liability, something not to be fussed over, but to be looked after to prevent further inconvenient consequences. I probably pass a hundred kids just like her every week, but her expression was what yanked my attention to her as I walked by. Boredom,...Read On