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Our Musings category focuses on speculation, reflection and deep thought, covering everything from self-contemplation to humorous views on life in general. This is the place to submit your thoughts on spiritual matters or philosophical subjects and to share your feelings on any topics you’ve ever pondered or wondered about.


'The Road' - Analysis

An analytical essay about Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'

The prompt for this essay was, "Literature is often defined as any work that rewards a reader with some insight into an objective truth. Based on this definition, do you believe that The Road  is a piece of literature?" *********************************** Works which we, as a collective, remember with the most clarity are those that impart a new truth or truths to us. Be it profound...Read On


Punctuation Puns

A proposal for a new form of humor.

I will state one unequivocal thing about my colonic: I hated it! Please note that we have a colon used in a sentence referencing a colonic. I humbly suggest that usage like this henceforth be called a punctuation pun---just a thought that dashed through my brain. “What are other examples of punctuation puns?” you might question markedly. How about: “There is no doubt. She missed...Read On


Is The Human Gene Pool Being Invaded?

Invasion of gene pool

Is The Human Gene Pool Being Invaded ? Is the human race tottering on the brink of an all out gene pool invasion? It would seem so, yes! When greatly respected Harvard Professors take the worldwide phenomenon of alien abduction seriously, and when these highly decorated researchers cite up to 3% of some populations being involved in unexplained paranormal seizure, and when they voice...Read On

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Trust, A Broken Promise

What Does A Promise Mean To You?

A promise. What is a promise? What does it mean to you? Do you make them? Do you keep them? I think we all do. We all know them. We all make them. We all keep them. But then there is those who make them, and don’t keep them. No matter the reason, they find reasons not to keep them. Sometimes it can be out of their hands, sometimes to just break the promise. I wonder why some...Read On


Story of the Phonetic Alphabet and how it came to be…

A intriguing, short passage that tells a story using the phonetic alphabet, in chronological order.

Story of the Phonetic Alphabet and how it came to be… “I am the Alpha male!” shouted John as he waved his putter above his head, “ Bravo ” said… Charlie ironically, “If that is how we are ranking the round, I would be the Delta male” he joked… as John Echo ed his laughter, he grabbed Charlie and swung him around... as if they were dancing the Foxtrot ! ...Read On


Life of a Nauga

Did you ever wonder where Naugahyde came from? Wonder no more.

We have all heard of Naugahyde. It was used in upholstering custom cars in the 1960’s and 1970’s. But does anyone know where it comes from? Does it come from an animal? Where does it live? What does it eat? How is it gathered? I have wondered about these things for years. After extensive research and hunting of historical and agricultural archives I think I have pieced together the ‘Life of...Read On


Dog's Bollocks

It is funny the things you come across when reading about punctuations.

I learned recently about what may be the earliest emoticon. It was interesting as I researched the information. I learned about history, typography, and how humans have changed their attitudes. It is all about an archaic typographical mark consisting of a colon followed by an en dash or em dash. It appears like this : – or : — and is referred to as ‘dog’s bollocks’ because of its resemblance...Read On


My Thoughts - Mortality and Death

“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its students.” Hector Berlioz

I have been encouraged by friends to write this. Some friends said it would be good for me and some said it might help others that are in similar circumstances. I’m not sure about either reason, but these are smart people and I trust them. I hope this doesn't upset anyone. I don’t want to cause distress to any of my friends here on Stories Space. I was concerned this might not be appropriate...Read On


Living with Latent Anorexia

How a sufferer can control Latent Anorexia, minimize complications, and get support.

Though most are aware of how debilitating and devastating anorexia can be, few are familiar with its most insidious form--Latent Anorexia. I’ve struggled with it my entire life; I hope that sharing this information will help others. Latent Anorexia is insidious precisely because it is latent--i.e.—there are no overt anorexic symptoms. The typical Latent Anorexic (LA) is overweight. (In...Read On


Our Story

Just pondering and wanted to share a thought.

As I sit and ponder my life, there are still times of real clarity. I have lived a lot. Thoughts come to me that I want to put down. Maybe I can look back on them or my family, especially my grandchildren, can read them, so they may have a better idea of who I was before I was sick. I will try to keep it short and try not to be preachy. So here I go. * * * * * * * * When we first...Read On


Something You Just Don't Joke About

You just don't joke about it... one person and I was irritable the rest of the week...

The day was good. I think it was Friday, or perhaps Thursday, but either way, the whole day was amazing... Until the very end. The bell had rung and I was walking to the stairs when I heard a guy from my grade (he was on the bench in the Senior section upstairs) exclaim, "I'm gonna jump!" Now, that bit freaked me out and I turned, but he got down off that bench and he laughed. That...Read On

Editor's Pick

V-Sign to the Sunshine, Stripy Socks and Gingas

How does a gloomy grump see joy where there is no joy?

This musing only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Sometimes I feel that the world is a graceless place. Well, alright, I always feel that. For me, every day is a task that I cannot look forward to. But there is no way to rearrange my knickers drawer in procrastination of meeting the morning (or afternoon, on my days off), and I am lacking...Read On

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I Make Marmalade

Do you like marmalade?

'Tis Indeed a form of truth, I see  Lodged betwixt thy blood and boon Departs thy heart unjustly so An act of courage, Nay! Indeed a part of truth, I see. Sold in its weakest form to me. How shalt thou have me this word descry? Belike the frown, whom cockholds the bauble and even the clown? Nay? Charming charmer, holds a tongue Too charmed, I really must say. Until now that is, did it not...Read On

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My Seven Deadly Sins

Have I Found The Sins?

Lust  I finally found the one, who brings the lust out of me. Oh and he loves me, and wants me, he plans to keep me! I’m everything he wants, and he is everything I want. Our Lust burns deep for each other. Who am I to blame, look at you. You’re gorgeous, sexy as can be! The things you do to me make me weak in the knees. I crave you, desire you, and yes of course lust after you. ...Read On

Coyote Moon

We are all children of the universe, Mother Nature is our guardian.

A Children's Moon displayed today, upon a canvas bright and blue, not a cloud in the sky to see, the only thing on exhibit, you Mr. Moon. Showing yourself in the brightness of day, for children who would usually be asleep in their beds, when you appear at night. Eyes wide, mouth round, look of surprise upon your oval face. Not a frown, as I would expect from you, being up so early. You...Read On

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This Is Where I Write

Where do you write?

Coach B is the Quiet Coach. It is a good place to think, to reflect and from which to draw inspiration. It is a silent movie and my mind writes the title cards. I always travel in Coach B, though it is always at the far end of the platform. For four and a half hours, it is my high-speed cocoon in which complete anonymity is mine for the taking. I smile as I board; I like this place. ...Read On


State Of The Art - Pilot Whale

All your possessions aren't really yours to begin with. It's all rental. a personal heirloom of some sort, your fingerprints the only remnants of your presence, your adventures the fables of your life. She's/he's perfect. clean, untainted, like a blank canvas before society smears 99 shades of shit all over it. Poincare recurrence theorem, all systems go, reincarnation. Poof, Vamos, you're...Read On

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L is for Lazy

Just a thought off the top of my head, written down really fast and then submitted.

When I was fifteen, I wrote a poem that earned me a spot in a writer’s workshop. I didn’t submit it, a teacher did. I was the youngest person in the workshop. I did not know it at the time but a special arrangement had been made for me after some degree of protest. I didn’t even have to pay. There was a girl, she was seventeen and apparently gifted from the way her poetry read. She paid. The...Read On

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Painfully Broken

Thanks For Showing Me I'm Nothing

You know what? I trusted you. I let my guard down because you told me you didn't want to be like my exes. You told me you wanted to be different. You made me promises from day one. You kept telling me to trust you, because you weren't going to hurt me like the others. You told me I was too good to be hurt like that. That J-P was a foolish man, and didn't know what he was losing, when he...Read On


If I Badmouth My Ex In The Forest but Nobody Hears…?


Many years ago an acquaintance asked me, “Do you hate your ex-wife?” “Of course not!” I replied as we strolled about the grounds. “Why would you think that?” “Well,” he responded, “she deserted you for a younger man, but still got alimony, child support, the house, car, kids, and dog in the divorce settlement. As I recall, your wages were garnished. And if you ever do retire, she will...Read On

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How To Make a Cup of Tea

The perfect cup of tea is a labour of love

How to make a cup of tea There are two possible methods for doing this: first there is the kettle and tea bag method - my preferred method because I’m lazy, or the teapot and tea leaves method - I tend to only do this if I’ve got company or I just feel like loose leaf tea. The steps are quite similar though, so here we go. Ah, but I forgot to say: take your time, tea should never be rushed,...Read On

Recommended Read

The Girl in the Booth

I saw my reflection, through the windows and through a little girl.

She was just another kid, really. Another eight-year-old that amounted to excess baggage being carted around by a parent. A dead weight, a liability, something not to be fussed over, but to be looked after to prevent further inconvenient consequences. I probably pass a hundred kids just like her every week, but her expression was what yanked my attention to her as I walked by. Boredom,...Read On



How I feel, when my mind is under siege.

In my heart I know that in reality, I am in control. But in my mind of fantasy, I feel compelling forces. Tugging with such might, I begin to tail spin, lost. Unable to bring myself back to centre, held in limbo. Fighting equilibrium, giving in, because of dizziness. Voices within my head, compounding my quandary. Barks of do this, no, do that, where do they come from? ...Read On


Lovers Hearts

Smile as you gain the courage

 Lovers Hearts When two people meet. Which will say hello first. Smile as you gain the courage . Ah the dance starts again. Two lonely hearts coming together. The first words building the bond. On the first date, walking hand in hand. The bond strengthen, friendship found. Finally the first kiss. Oh that first kiss, your heart melts. Together in Love. All day you think...Read On

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I'd rather have Cake

“Asexual man seeks asexual woman.” I crinkled my forehead, and read the personal ad again. What does this mean? In biology I learned that worms and bacteria are asexual, men and women aren’t? What would an asexual man want with an asexual woman? Am I asexual? Reading that one line in the personal ads on Craig’s List was an epiphany moment. I researched this “Asexual” thing...Read On



Effect of Dementia

Lately, I've been looking at my grandpa's face trying to rewind it back to when he was younger; try to picture the face without all the wrinkles and wither. This is the second person I have had to help take care of while they slowly disintegrate and die. I don't feel bad for myself, no...not exactly. That's life after all, and millions of people have to go through with it. That doesnt mean...Read On


Broken Rampart Tattered Golden Banner

With first light the view was horrific

Broken Rampart Tattered Golden Banner evil is on the march from the east from the north and even from the west darkness covers the land evil everywhere he who calls upon darkness holds sway evil men flock to his banner of red .. blood red simple pawns in his bidding of murder and rape drinking from the dark pool He standing on a hill laughing at the destruction we...Read On


'A Canticle for Leibowitz' - Analysis

We are tethered to the past.

Prompt: How does the character(s) relationship to the past contribute to the work as a whole? ********************************* Woven rhythmically in a perpetual dance, life begins with a single thread and ends with a web, no one bearing likeness to another—yet in man it is also a serpent that sheds and is reborn. Unlike the web, the serpent is always there, feeding on the darkness in...Read On

Audio version available

Ramblings Of Forgiveness

Can You Forgive?

Things that are done can’t be undone. Sometimes things that are done are wrong, and can’t be forgiven. Sometimes things are done, but can be forgiven. When do we know which is to be forgiven? Sometimes we do things we know are wrong, because we are selfish, and want what we can’t even though we know it’s wrong. Do we care when we go after that one thing we shouldn't have? No, usually not,...Read On


An Angel's Story

The story of a family as told through the eyes of a Christmas Angel.

I came to live with this family in 1988, when they moved across the country, leaving family and friends behind in search of a new beginning and a better life. I was already here in California, waiting for a new home and family to watch over. They arrived here on New Year's Day into a motel where they lived for six weeks while their new house became ready for them. To become familiar with...Read On