A soldier's tale, as told by the wife

The dark story of one soldier's fall into despair.

Julianne finished loading the large moving truck and pulled the rear door closed. She walked down the rear ramp and glanced up at the only home she had known for the last twenty years. She glanced down the street to the rubble which was the house her first boyfriend and sighed. She allowed the memories of when she was thirteen years old flood her mind and then pushed them away. “What’s taking...Read On


The chess match

The battle between two brothers, light and dark.

All wars have a beginning and all wars have an end, except for one. The war between the light that illuminates the world with all that is good and the darkness which fills our hearts, blinding us with pride. The fireplace glowed brightly as the logs of wood crumbled to ash and dust. The gray ash and dust was caught by the iron bucket under the fire place. Both halves of the room...Read On

Science Fiction(1)

Abel and Kane

The battle for the soul of humanity began here.

Abel and Kane “I will not ask you again Miss Gatewood.” The interrogator said. “What did you see down there?” Gatewood stamped out her cigarette on the tAbel . “I already told you. Freedom.” The interrogator snarled. “What does that supposed to mean?” Gatewood glanced to the tall man and folded her left hand on top of her right. “It means that Abel gave us total freedom. We had...Read On