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The Book of Love: Or, How The Battle Of The Sexes Ended

He wrote the book on women. And so he ended the world.

Don’t talk to me about love. I wrote the book on it. Literally. And for that sin, I alone am escaped to tell you the tale of the Battle of the Sexes and the End of Man. Okay, that’s not quite accurate. The book wasn’t really about love. But it was about dating, and lust, and sex, and how to facilitate all of that. And there was enough sin to go around - if that girl hadn’t broke my heart,...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 21

"Oh gods, somebody help me!" she muttered as she struggled....

Sive leaned against the wall while listening to Murdock’s plan. She knew he had his own agenda, but for now, she needed him, and his plan needed her. “So that's pretty much it. Any questions or do you have anything to add?” he asked. Sive bit her lip thinking what to say. “Doctor?” Murdock asked raising his eyebrow at her. Trying to keep her temper in check she replied, "First off call me...Read On


The Hero

An experimental short story with an odd twist ending

The Hero A thin hand shook him fiercely by the shoulder. Sleep dropped away as his blanket was torn from him and the high, panicked voice pierced into his ears. “Prince Phillip! Awaken at once! It's the princess! You must awaken! Prince Phillip!” His eyes sprang open. The light dripping in from the hole in the thick stone wall was that of dawn, gray and new. He sat up, taking in...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 8A - Finder's Keeper's

Sam and Ripley decide to take matters into their own hands and rescue Eduardo

THREE DAYS LATER    October 13th, 2040 – 10:15 Sam stood in front of his best friend, Doug, and Selena. They looked at him with worried eyes. “You want us to do WHAT?” “Look, Sam,” said Selena, “Doug’s right. That sounds crazy. I know you feel bad and all with you being the one to awaken Sommer. But I just don’t think that risking your life is the best answer.” “Guys, I have...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 7B - Moment of Truth

Sommer comes face to face with her moment of truth

The cave lit up at first sight of the sun. Sommer had already been outside the cave and back So when Eduardo woke up to find Sommer now fully clothed, he was surprised. “ Where did the clothes come from? ” “ You forget. This is a war-ridden time. Dead bodies aren’t that hard to find. I got the clothes from the first one I found. ” Eduardo made the symbol of the Cross out of respect for...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 20

Sive lifted her chin as she gazed up at Murdock, with snarl she replied “Treacherous scum!”

In the Captain's quarters, Sive continued to poke around the Captain's things thinking, “Yes, very nice quarters Captain. Too bad I can't hide here until we docked at some planet where I could slip away.” Sive ordered herself a cup of java with lots of cream from the food dispenser and sipped it slowly while she considered her next move. Hiding as a crew member was one option, but she...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 7A - Moment of Truth

Eduardo finally finds a person to talk to . . . his abductor

Without another word, Ripley ran down the corridor. Sarah followed in hot pursuit. Sarah’s lungs felt like they were going to give out on her. They stumbled into the lab to find the group scattered around the floor again. “What happened?” asked Sarah. “It’s gone!” said Selena. “That damn pscybotic is gone!” “How did that happen!?” asked Ripley, shocked. “I set the remote. She......Read On


Fallout: Vault 186 Ch 4

Below ground wars don't end...they become more personal

    WEST ONE     They told him the badge would give away his affiliation, so he no longer wore it. Instead, Dennis Hsu had returned home in order to acquire a disguise; his civilian Vault 186 jumpsuit. V.S.P.F. jumpsuits bore a special insignia. On each arm, a golden police shield was stitched into the shoulder and in the center of that shield stitched in white were the numbers 186.  ...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 6B - Somewhere Else

Sarah learns more about the future

“What do you mean... I haven’t changed a bit? ” “Nothing,” she stood up from the other bed. “Wait... are you saying that... You know, I’ve meant to ask... where are the rest of us, like... from this time... from the future?” Ripley just blinked. “You knew me... from the future I mean. You just referred to me in the past tense.” “Sarah—” “Where am I? You told us the John Connor...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 6A - Somewhere Else

Ripley tries to guide Sarah in accepting that she's in the future

10 YEARS AGO  July 22nd , 2030  –  22:37 A young Ripley was playing in her room. She knew that she should have been asleep, but this wasn’t the first time she’d disobeyed her parents. She heard footsteps on the staircase and immediately ducked under her covers. When she realized that the footsteps were going the wrong direction, she peeked and looked at the door. Nothing....Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 5B - Sommer's Project

After a timejump, five teenagers discover more about their nemisis species

The pscybotic was lying on top of Sam, too heavy for him to lift off. Sam looked over at Ripley who proceeded to talk into the remote like it was a two-way radio. “Stand up.” The pscybotic immediately stood up. It stood up straight as if it were at attention. Her nudity didn’t phase her at all. “You will not harm anyone in this room, understood?” “ Understood.” The voice that came...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 5A - Sommer's Project

The Five teenagers learn more about their nemisis species

Sam was leaning on the tank again, trying to look into the window. The blue liquid was making it hard to tell what was inside, but looking at the dimensions of the tank and the location of the window it wasn’t hard to guess. When he concentrated on where the head should be, he wasn’t shocked to see two eyes staring back at him. “What’s in the tanks?” Sam’s question caught all of...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 19

"Right.... I want you to tell me who you are and how you got on my ship!”

Sive opened her eyes to darkness, blinking a couple of times. She snarled silently to herself. “You bastard!”     She desperately pushed several buttons before frustration took over and she started hitting the controls. Nothing happened and she screamed out loud in frustration. She was trapped. She had no choice but to talk to the beast,   "Murdock, listen to me. I can't open the damn...Read On


Dream Journal

A Journal of my dreams about Aliens, UFOS, black helicopters, Satan, and futuristic things.



Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 4B - The Waves

Our heroes learn about how they ended up in the future

The group was ushered down the corridor of what looked like an old factory, with all the pipes and tanks scattered across the place. They entered into- what had to be a lab. There were computers; blueprint sketches and dismantled high-tech weapons all over the place. Dominating the sides of the room, were man-sized tanks with small windows that showed a blue liquid inside. Sam had a mind to...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 4A - The Waves

Our heroes find out the truth about where and when they are

Many hours had passed, not that Sam could tell how many, but the plane had eventually touched down. Sarah and Selena had been quiet the rest of the trip, and the Latino Loner had suspended himself to praying in Spanish. Doug, on the other hand, was doing his best to make conversation with Sam. Sam knew that it was mostly because he was nervous, though Doug would never admit it. When the...Read On


Fallout: Vault 186 Ch 3

Below ground wars don't end...they become more personal

THE INVESTIGATION Lieutenant Jacob Brittle of the Vault Security Police Force grimaced at the sight of the destroyed upper eastern bloc reactor station of Vault 186. Two weeks had passed since the overload catastrophe that claimed the lives of over half of the technicians assigned to the power hub. Jacob was a tall, well-built man; about six and a half feet with short, bright red hair and...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 3 - No Place Like Home

After the impossible happens, five teenagers find themselves in the future where dangers lerk

36 HRS EARLIER   October 9 th, 2040 04:45 ‘What do you think, Rip? You think they’ll go for it?’ ‘I don’t know!?’ ‘But let’s be serious Rip. This is the military we’re talking about. They’re not going to commission a military plane to fly across the border. Not for the reason you’re telling them.’ ‘The frequency is important. You know that better than anyone.’ ‘Yeah, I know...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 2 - Pilot Part Two

Five teenagers'lives are changed forever when an accident causes the impossible

Sam stepped forward. 'Hey, who are you?' The stranger didn't answer. He just stared back at them. 'Can you talk?' asked Doug. The stranger still just stood there. 'I don't think he talks, Doug,' said Sam. 'Is anyone else getting that "Terminator" feeling,' said Selena in her ever sarcastic tone. Sarah, having had enough of just staring at the stranger stepped forward. 'Hey, where are we?'...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 18

"Ye'll meet the rope's end for this me Bucko!" as he ran out of the room holding his ass.

The door to the mess hall opened and in walked three of Murdock’s crew, they had had enough of searching and now were feeling hungry. While two took a table and sat down, one walked up to the counter wondering what was today's grub, "Grim, Smiley be any of ye thar?" Sive blinked a couple of times not answering, would they recognize her voice? "We be searching the cargo bay for them...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 17

After that, all Sive knew was that she was falling. He had shot her.

Sive had swiftly realized her only chance was to get up into the dark rafters and crossbeams the dancing poles were attached to. If she could reach the beams and hide behind them long enough maybe the Sargo police would get here soon . They could divert the pirates giving her a chance to disappear amongst the crowd. She slowly turned to face the pirate. He was loosely pointing his gun at...Read On


Fallout: Vault 186 Ch 2

Below ground wars don't end...they become more personal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katherine Ford; a slim sixteen year old brunette with thin cheeks covering high cheekbones, a small mouth with thin lips, and large eyes that harbored ebony pupils, exited a large classroom that served as the local high school for the upper east bloc of Vault 186. A quick glance at the somewhat large metal device referred to as a personal information processor –or Pip-Boy...Read On


Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 1 - Pilot Part One

Five teenagers' lives are changed forever when an accident causes the impossible

Sam wasn't sure why he woke up. He hadn't set an alarm and the day looked dreary - the worst kind of day for him. Sam wanted to close his eyes and go to sleep but there was a feeling that he couldn't shake. It was the feeling that something was happening. That's when he rolled over to see his computer. There was a word on the black command screen that sat at the center of the screen. ...Read On


Fallout: Vault 186

Below ground wars don't end...they become more personal

 PROLOGUE Hope…hope always remains. We've been killing each other since the dawn of our species. Tribes vying for power as civilizations rose and fell. Entire nations wiped from the face of the earth for worshiping a different god than their neighbors. As time progressed we developed more efficient ways to annihilate one another until finally…we accomplished our subconscious mission...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 16

“Where is she Jason? I understand she is worth a ship load of credits.

Note; I am happy to announce the revival of Adventures across the Starways. Introducing Rob, (aka - rbo) as my very talented co-writer. Our plan is to take you for a wild ride across space, as we encounter more bizarre adventures! Chapter 16 After the harrowing episode with Victor Sive looked forward to some R and R time on planet Sargo. She planned on putting that ugly business behind her...Read On


Expiration April

Army representatives investigate the murder of secret service agents by a malfunctioning clone.

Expiration: April To : Zambia Army Headquarters – New Kasama Barracks From : Lieutenant Gift Nsomo Reporter: Anderson Mwila Classification : Investigative Report Date : 6 th April 2021 Purpose : To document the events leading to the malfunction of the BGP (Biogenetic Programmable Protocol) Codename – Protocol 36. BGP Protocol 36 was purchased from Yoshima...Read On


The Creation of Man(agement)

You didn’t think all this Management madness just happened on its own, did you?

Ah, there you are. Please do come in. Make yourself comfortable. Who are we? Well, we’re what you might call Senior Management – but never mind about that now. It’s not important, and all will be made clear in just a little while. See, you’ve been a real asset to The Company over the last few years, and we want to give you a reward – a reward beyond anything you could ever have expected....Read On


A Thousand Years to Live - Chapter three

Studying and friendship in the 31st century

We work for a solid hour and half before my Dad walks through the door and sees us sitting on the couch. Neither of us notice him until he clears his throat and when he does we both jump up from the lounge. “Hello, Dad,” I say, getting worried that he won’t like this. “This is Colton. He’s my partner on my galactic communications assignment.” “Hello, sir,” Colton says offering his hand...Read On


Untouchable Chapters 4, 5

Chapters 4, 5

Chapter 4 The drug induced sleep was dreamless, and I awoke with a start. There was a strange sensation on the left side of my body. I looked down and was startled at the sight of the machine now attached to me. It felt weird, but at the same time, strangely familiar. I looked it up and down, examining the bundles of black electo-plast muscle fibers and the gun-metal grey of its...Read On


Untouchable Chapters 1, 2, 3

After his fight with the Chaos Marine Mabien begins his road to recovery

Pain… Pain is what I awoke to. My whole body hurt. My head was pounding. I tried to open my eyes, but they were greeted by a searing white light that forced me to close them. My left shoulder was on fire. I tried to sit up, but something held me in place. More pain… Every nerve fiber in my body was screaming. "He's waking up." The voice was unfamiliar to me. It seemed close, but far away at...Read On