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Science fiction stories depict imaginative, futuristic worlds populated by humans and non-human characters such as robots, aliens and mutant creatures. The sci-fi genre often involves space travel and distant planets, with the only limit being the author's imagination. If you love the sci-fi genre, submit your stories here or click on one of the links below to immerse yourself in another world.


Last Day Aboard Ship

Chapter 1 - The days starts great, but quickly goes to turds because men are so stupid.

The wake-up alarm sounded in my quarters. That irritating oddly pitched buzz filled my head as my mind drifted into consciousness. They have scientifically created the sound that our hearing and brains can’t ignore. I think it is a combination of a baby’s cry, the sound of a cat whose tail is stepped on, and a nagging wife all rolled up into one sound, and then add a little screech of...Read On


Encounter in the Deep Black - part two

The EAS Stalwart begins investigating the mysterious contact.

The strange contact was a mystery. It had energized the bridge crew, in a way rarely seen. They were keen to find the answers to this unexpected puzzle. There adrenaline was pumping, but they had been cautioned during training about this sort of adventurous occasion. While the bridge crew awaited the XO’s arrival, PO Goddard continued to review and analyze the signal. It was incredibly weak....Read On


An Encounter in the Deep Black

Their patrol begins quietly until they make first contact.

Space is a vast infinite emptiness. The distances involved in travel between the stars are truly incomprehensible. The nearest star to our sun is Proxima Centauri. It is a red dwarf about 4.24 light-years from the sun. That is approximately twenty-five trillion miles (25,000,000,000,000) away. Twenty-five trillion is an enormous number; it is so immense most can’t grasp the sheer value of such...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 7

It’s the willingness to sacrifice yourself for others that is heroic, not the action itself.

Romero looked at me and said, “This is my bitch to slap. Get to your lifepod. I’ll buy the time you all need.” I waited a moment. “Ensign, get your ass out of here and kiss my girl for me when you get planet-side.” I asked him, “Which planet?” “Any, sir! I have a girlfriend on every one!” Just like a jarhead to have a woman on every planet and station. He was a brave man. We both knew if...Read On


Journey to Andromeda

5 spaceships set out on a 20 year journey to colonize a dsitant planet

Humanity had decided that the time and technology had arrived to go out and populate other planets. 75 years earlier, when the trip took almost 40 years, scout ships had been sent out to survey other galaxies for a suitable planet, capable of sustaining human life. One was selected and had been carefully surveyed over a period of years. After a number of additional years of research...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 8

This chapter is an epilogue covering events after his last day aboard ship.

In five seconds, the boosters shut down, the computer and console went dark, the artificial gravity disappeared, and the main lighting deactivated. Within moments, the pair of emergency lights providing dim illumination flickered and quit. At the same time, I felt a tingling sensation moving along my skin, I became nauseated, and I saw lights flashing where no lights existed. I heard...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 6

Up the proverbial polluted tributary devoid of the implementation for downstream navigation.

Romero must have noticed my nervousness, because he said, “Don’t worry ensign, you’ll do fine.” I asked, “Aren’t you going to bolster my bravery with some fictional Klingonese battle cry like ‘Today is a good day to die!’then give an evil laugh or something?” He shook his head and replied, “No sir, I’m not. The only Klingon I know of are on my hairy ass. In the deep black, there is only...Read On


First Step for Apotheosis

The sky is the limit only for those who aren't afraid to fly!

The Earth Alliance explorer class ship EAS Apotheosis cruised through the endless void at speeds unimaginable only a decade ago. The mark III PNP drive (pumped neutrino propulsion) moved the ship almost one million two hundred thousand miles per second, or six point four times the speed of light. With the realization of the PNP drive, humankind had entered a completely new realm of...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 2

It has gone from bad, to worse, to just plain sucks and he still hasn't finish a cup of phachie.

I said, “It appears to be a tadar transmission, but it can’t be.” Pointing at the contradictory information I continued, “See here, the tachyon wave pattern is way off norm. This pattern is completely inefficient. The prototype tadars installed almost eighty years ago operated better than this. The power readings are crinkled too.” As Denton evaluated my findings, my concentration wandered...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 5

Final preparations and an unexpected assignment. Is the old man crazy!

After my conversation with Ibanez and reviewing the computer defense programming , I considered the Captain’s conclusions while walking to my next destination. I contacted the gunnery chief. A standard sized freighter like the BharatBenz carries very little armament and no armor or shielding. Our turrets are the equivalent to a laser pistol against a Bolo class AI tank; give us enough time...Read On

Recommended Read

Solarites - Ch 1

There was only silence when I came to. The television wasn’t on in the background, Whisper, my cat, wasn’t treading around the room, and the morning birds weren’t singing outside my window. For a moment there I thought I had gone deaf until I heard my soft shallow breaths as I inhaled. There was a smooth surface beneath me. Freezing and rock-hard, definitely not my carpeted floors at home....Read On

Abel and Kane

The battle for the soul of humanity began here.

Abel and Kane “I will not ask you again Miss Gatewood.” The interrogator said. “What did you see down there?” Gatewood stamped out her cigarette on the tAbel . “I already told you. Freedom.” The interrogator snarled. “What does that supposed to mean?” Gatewood glanced to the tall man and folded her left hand on top of her right. “It means that Abel gave us total freedom. We had...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 3

With the taunts and sounds of ridicule ringing in his ears, he leaves the mess.

All the way down the passageway, I heard the laughter and comments yelled after me from the crew’s mess. Today is just getting better and better. As I walked towards the tadar equipment compartment, I heard an announcement on the ships intercom for me to contact the CO. I quickly changed direction and hustled forward to the old man’s stateroom. She doesn’t like to be kept waiting. ...Read On



The British Colony on Mars...

THE NARRATIVE OF GORDON ARTHUR OF MARS: LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE. Her majesty’s martian colony -- New Victoria in the crown colony of Hellas -- 1917 My name is Gordon Arthur. My father was a well known importer and purveyor of Tea at New Victoria, where I was born. My grandfather was a miner and among the first colonists of Mars. During the original Nickel rush he managed to raise...Read On


Next Time

Will he remember the next time?

That sound. I know it’s the same sound. But am I dreaming or is it really there? I don’t really know anymore. Now what? Do I lay here and consider it last night's pizza giving my imagination something to do? Do I get up and let it happen again? I wonder, if I stay here and don’t check it out, will it start again or is that the trigger? It doesn’t matter, I can’t just lie here. I already wish...Read On


Final Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a friend.

Final Goodbye Andy, the junior engineer of the galactic mining ship Gantry, stepped into the engine room and sensed there was something wrong, but he couldn’t place what it was. He shrugged and continued into the bowels of the mining ship to find his boss, Kerrick. Andy gave a huge yawn. He couldn’t understand why he felt so tired. He'd had two hours sleep and should feel revived...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship - chapter 4

Decisions, plans and preparations are made.

Then it hit me and I said, “This isn’t a tadar ghost. It’s a ship or probe and it’s getting closer. Is it an EA vessel?” “This is nothing like I’ve ever seen and I thought I had seen everything built, until now. Maybe it’s a prototype or built from scratch. This type of equipment isn’t sold to civilian ships.” I gasped, “You mean pirates?” She said, “I don’t know and remember they’re...Read On


Adventures Across the Starways - 1

She is what is known as a Con Artist, Jack of all Trades...whatever! She does have a way with words.

By Kari and Khadaji Chapter 1. Jason DeBois watched the last of the cargo off-load onto the dock for the client's inspection. Now came the moment of truth. Was this one honest or would he try to cheat? Jason had already ordered the steward into the dorsal turret with instructions to have it pointed near the client's vehicle. Not at it, no need to be rude. But close enough to blast it...Read On

Light Envies Darkness And Darkness Envies Light

Everthing is not what it seems

Presently I am evil…I am darkness I don’t possess a body, apparently I am just an entity, Do I even exist is the question. Everything is dark, even the darkness is eloped by some thick fog. It is impossible to see. If I had a body, if I had eyes, what would the world be like? All I can do is listen. It’s like I’m hidden away, suppressed from the world. I am not real and should never be,...Read On


The Alien Concept - Chapter One

Walking among you, out of sight and in the open...

Unique “Are you sure of the transmissions’ origin?” Andreat and I paused when Elder Kael’s voice drifted out from the control room, the concerned, troubled catch causing us to glance at each other. “Yes, Hyash-Ran* , the co-ordinates are very clear. It came from Carzan.” Carzan. The Cyrian’s home galaxy. Andreat’s mind, always open to me, shared her shock and fear with...Read On


Adventure Across The Starways - 12

Jason, I'm pretty sure that there has been a transmission of the nanites from my system into yours

Chapter12  By Kari and Rascal Once Sive was finished showering she stepped out of the stall, reaching for a clean towel to dry off with. She kept wondering where Jason had gotten to. Having nothing to put on but the towel, she wrapped it around herself and headed back to her quarters. Once dressed again she decided to locate Jason and find out why he hadn't joined her in the shower. Since...Read On


The Coat

On a 3 week European journey, two unfortunate Americans are caught up in a centuries old nightmare

“He’s late,” Monica urged as a wintry wind hastily picked up out of the north. “Sam, we should go,” She insisted. As the wind rushed past, her shoulder length hair gently swayed. Her teeth chattered quietly. “But we came all this way to see it. Just ten more minutes, that’s all I ask,” Sam pleaded with just a hint of a smile. Through his half-glasses he remained in a permanent state of awe...Read On


The Alien Concept - Prologue

Walking among you, out of sight and in the open...

At the End... The sky was beautiful that day. That is one thing I remember very well, through all the horror and sadness that followed, sometimes it is that one small detail, that one infinitesimal memory of that day, before everything went so wrong, so terrible, that gets me through the day. It was so vivid. The colour, the vast expanse of that bright shade, which unfairly only...Read On



Short story for AP English Language about the year 2050

Staring out into the falling sun I was reminded of the colors that it used to hold. Such reds, yellows, and smears of the infinite shades that lie between. I often imagine them at all times of the day, not just at this one, when the sun lowers itself somewhere it can hide for the night. I only wish that I could do the same. The nighttime is when the Mysteries come out. I think that they do....Read On



A fight between a medical droid and a patient...

“ We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist. ” Queen Victoria 1890. Tiredness overcame me and I drifted back towards the sullen inkiness of sleep. I knew then in my soul that something terrible had overcome the ship and its crew. Unless I found a way out of this grey room in which I had been confined for an uncertain period of time then the same fate...Read On


Encounter in the Deep Black - part three

Part three - The beginnings of a plan are formuted.

Capt. April knew, with this disturbing news, he needed to rethink his original plan. There was no chance of outrunning the enemy and he had to consider them hostile. The consequences of doing otherwise and being caught off-guard could be catastrophic for both the EAS Stalwart and the Alliance. The Captain would do anything necessary to ensure the safety of his crew and ship, but he...Read On


Adventures Across The Starways - 9

So here start with.... I have been celibate for the last five years

Chapter 9 By Kari and Khadaj The last two days had Sive on edge, wondering where this attraction she felt for Jason was heading. Should she just let it happen? Or should they sit down and really find out what each was thinking and wanted. If they did get involved, how would that impact their working relationship? These and many more thoughts kept on swirling around in her head. There was...Read On


Solarites Ch 11

A three foot ring of crystal plants were illuminated around us. If any Solarites were around, we would have been spotted almost immediately. The thought made me shiver, but I highly doubted there would be any lurking about. I pause and reconsidered that last thought. They may not be out here, but the guy who set off the explosives in the mine most certainly could be. I strained my...Read On


The narrative of Gordon Arthur of Mars - Chapter 4: Silent Running

Finding other Humans alive on the ship...

I came to the conclusion that the room must contain an Air Vent, after much searching I found it behind my bunk. I was able to wriggle my body inside, it was very tight and dark. Now that I had dealt with the Droid, I now just had to find a way out of my prison, and that would be easier said than done. Distant at the top of the air shaft was a faint light. I started to climb...Read On


Mr. Bender's Nose Problem

Mr. Bender's nose problem is about to take a strange twist.

Mr. Hal Bender was always told he had a wire loose somewhere in that mathematically gifted, bad comb-over head of his. His fellow bean counters at the accounting firm of Gort, Kitt, and Servo voted Hal most likely to mate with a computer. And if Mr. Bender ever did get married, he’d somehow manage to meet the national household population average of two-point five-four. One spring morning...Read On