Date night

Every evening with the one you love

I would love to kiss your lips when they're moist with wine  and painted red with desire.  Gaze into your eyes where your love smolders  glowing with passions fire. Feel your bodies warm alabaster flesh  burn against mine in a romantic embrace  imaging strands of your hair tangled and enmeshed  veiling desperate kisses all over my face. Not for me the cold calm kiss  of a virgin's...Read On


Every little thing

  You've touched my heart  to my very soul. You came into my life  and made me whole.  I wish I could lie down beside you  when each day is done,  and wake up to your face  in the soft light of the rising sun. I've held you tight in my arms and kissed your lips in a dream, I'll love you from morning till night  and every fraction of a second inbetween. It's not because you're...Read On



  I picture you dressed all in white a veil on your head  and unspoiled  as a freshly fallen snowdrift. My heart catches in my throat, As I gaze at your ethereal silhouette through the Vaseline glaze of tears in my eyes. Frozen in place  and not daring to move. Afraid I might wake and find everything has vanished from this dream place. Dare I tempt my heart  with these images? Stoke...Read On


Holding hands

Sunrise or sunset, blue skies or rain one thing will always be true I simply want to be able  to hold hands with you There will always be time for passionate kisses and gazing deep into your eyes but nothing can replace the intimacy of walking hand-in-hand, together through our lives It's not quite holding you close but it certainly strengthens our connection our fingers laced together...Read On



  To watch someone you love suffer in any way,  and then stand idly by your voice silent and thoughts unable to convey  Is the worst kind of torture, to pretend everything's okay.  My heart threatens to burst, at the mere thought of your dismay.  I just want to hold you and make it all disappear,  wrap you up tight in my arms and dispel your every fear.  My world has changed, because of...Read On


It starts with a kiss

Whatever honey  drips from my lips  would taste infinitely sweeter  if pressed into a kiss So kiss me with abandon  and hear the song my heartstrings play  that I might hold you tight  and let the beat take our breath away Until I can finally wake  to your beautiful face pull you tight  into my embrace  Look at you  through eyes unwaveringly adoring  kiss you deeply  and bid you good...Read On



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Life would be meaningless without your love,  the sound of the whispering rain on fallen leaves  stirring up the fresh smell of air that has been scrubbed clean  wasted without your heart to share it with.  Because without you there is only the thought of you,  creating an all-consuming emptiness that demands to be pursued  to realize any semblance of happiness.  Without you, there may...Read On