The Tale of Pip the Slippery Mouse

A tale of a little mouse and his slippery treat adventure...

The Tale of Pip the Slippery Mouse Once upon a lonely hill there stood a little house. All day long the little house buzzed with busyness, just like all little houses do, for the family living inside were a busy kind of folk. There was cooking and baking and cleaning and rustling and bustling and a whole lot of other hullabaloo that busy folk have to do. But late at night, when all...Read On

Recommended Read

Oakley's Autumn Surprise

Sometimes change can be scary, but change is not always bad.

Please note that this is a teaching story for children. I have included some xhosa words, so they can learn both facts and a new language in a fun way that helps them understand rather than merely memorise.  Ilanga - Sun Imvula - Rain Umoya - Wind  In a deep forest not too far from here, there stood a little oak tree. His name was Oakley....Read On



Rabbit In A Barrel

A task given to me by a writer friend - Tell me a story about good and evil, he said...

“A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most.” ― George Bernard Shaw ***** "Could you rephrase that, please? I'm not sure...Read On



Home Is Where the Heart Is - Part Three

A father toiling beneath a sky of gruesome darkness  Merciless sun on his back, a storm in his heart.  A mother burying her child with dignified acquiescence,  Body too beat-down to spare more than a single tear.  A child marching with a village song in his heart  Cold comfort found in a loaded carbine on his back.  A country raped, blood...Read On


Home Is Where the Heart Is - Part Two

Without deception or disguise  Bodies tingling without a touch  They danced together as lovers dance,  To the rhythm of music only they could hear  Bodies not touching, yet souls intertwined  Passions flaring like a white-hot flame  As they bared their souls, a pact was made  They were but prisoners to their own desires  Bound within the...Read On


Home Is Where the Heart Is - Part One

It's not always easy returning to a place filled with haunting memories you need to escape...

Her life of comfort seemed fair exchange  For penance served in a far off land  Neither heat nor hunger could beat her down  Spirit growing with every challenge met.  The years gone by more cruel than kind  Scars in her heart map each moment of discord  The one true future she now beholds  Tainted with the tears of her own bitter...Read On


Hearts Torn Asunder (Part Two)

Even in our darkest hour there is always a chance that hope will shine its light in our hearts...

“Hello.” I continued to chop the coriander, cradling the phone against my shoulder. “Yes… it is she. How may I help you?” The knife clattered to the ground as the news I had just been given knocked the air from my lungs. “No. No… it can’t be. There must be some mistake…” There had been no mistake. I listened in silence as the person on the other end continued to feed me details in...Read On


Hearts Torn Asunder (Part One)

Sometimes when hope is lost it's hard to get it back...

Do you think the world would notice If one flower failed to bloom? Or if one snowflake melted Before it touched the ground? Never being given the chance to find Its place beneath the sun. *~*~* “I don’t see a heartbeat," I said with an understated urgency as my searching eyes darted between my husband, my doctor and the monitor. "I don’t see a heartbeat!” I got...Read On


Even The Clocks Stopped

Honoring a promise is harder than we realise, but it is a necessary tool in the healing process.

The rickety old porch swing creaks under my weight as I rock myself gently to and fro. The sound comforts me as it rips harshly into the painful silence of the night. A nerve-numbing tingle spreading through me from the hard wooden slats reminds me of just how long the drive up here was. I shift uneasily, my hand wrapped protectively around the brass key that will unlock the door to a place...Read On

Flash Fiction(5)


Going Nowhere Slowly

Stanley fell to the ground as the sound of gunfire rang out louder than he had ever heard before. He crawled on arms and knees until he was clear of his bedroom window, just as his mother had taught them to do at times like those – and there were many in their neighbourhood. “Joey! Stanley!” His mother shouted from the other room. “I’m okay, Mamma. I’m safe,” Stanley shouted down the hall as...Read On

Recommended Read

Broken Doll

How do you mend a broken porcelain doll?

He hears the elevator doors open and close, the click clack of high-heeled footsteps drawing closer, then passing his door on their way to the next apartment. He waits. Jacob had always been good at waiting. He hears the jingling of keys, then footsteps moving back toward his door. His door is unlocked. He had been expecting her. She had always been easy to predict. The front door opens,...Read On


Chronicles Of A Broken World Two - Time To Pay The Piper

Even courage has its price...

“What happened in there, soldier?” The sergeant nodded toward the concrete cell behind them. Vince needed to find his voice, he knew that. Any voice would do. He stood in silence, his eyes trained on the sergeant’s scuffed boots. A regimen doctor was examining the body – her body – no doubt trying to confirm her death, rather than the very obvious cause of it. “She’s dead.” The...Read On


Chronicles of a Broken World One - Dignity in Death

Sometimes death is the only escape...

“Do it.” Her voice, while quiet, terrified him. “I… I need a… give me a minute…” Even if she had failed to notice the way his hand was trembling, there was no doubt in his mind that his stammer betrayed his anxiety. “We don’t have a minute. Do it now.” Nothing scared him more than how calm she sounded. How could she be calm? Sometimes he wondered if she was even human. His hand...Read On


The Missed Call

Alicia struggled to balance the bag of groceries as well as her handbag while trying to unlock the door to her apartment. The key slipped into its slot but refused to turn. She gripped it tighter and twisted hard, cursing softly as she felt the metal give a split second after hearing the metal snap. She stood for close to a minute staring dumbly down at the silver head still clasped between...Read On



Just Another Rooftop On The Boulevard

Good memories of fun times spent with crazy friends...

It was the night before New Year's Eve 2011... For weeks there had been a “Coming Soon” sign up on the blank billboard outside of my apartment building. Over the years, it had become a ritual for a few of the residents to sit out on the rooftop every Friday night and unwind after a long week. The rooftop of the building on Black Velvet Boulevard was the place you could come to if you...Read On

Micro Fiction(2)


Harmless Fun

A micro-challenge given to me by a friend...



Too Late

Life's too short...

An intro to a story I am working on...  They buried me today. Everyone always told me that this was how it would end for me. I never believed that it would. I was more than just street-smart; I was smart. I was young and vibrant. Charmed and charming. Untouchable. I remember mum saying, “Your thoughts and actions are what define you, Stanley.” I called it bullshit to her face. How...Read On



Darkness' Song



When Life Hands You Lemons...

This started out as a task, but it grew into something more...

I’ve once again been given a task by a friend in the hopes that random writing will somehow lift the huge block that’s been weighing down my work of late. In all honesty, I think that he’s only giving me these little tasks so he can get me to shut up about how much I miss my laptop - it crashed about a week ago. The task is for me to write a musing about anything. Now while I’m really good...Read On




Nothing fancy, just written as part of a speech I gave for Woman's Day 2015

You are more than your skin – Hiding in shadows Beaten down by a world Driven by men whose  Prowess you threaten You are more than your painted lips – On a journey without a map A quest with no magic wand Instruction manual not included Destination unknown You are more than your ruffled skirts – Trying in vain to please the masses Pouting at camera lenses Swaying your...Read On


Coming Home

I hear you calling my name, But I can’t come home to you. I feel the wind blow across my plains, It’s calming my fears. I listen to the river tell me its tales; It’s soothing my soul. Under these starry skies My thoughts are of you. Remember me like I used to be. Remember me when my soul was still free. I’m ready to follow the voice That’s calling me home. Sound the bugles for...Read On


Here I Stand

Sometimes you have to save yourself...

Words slice like a double-edged knife; my heart cannot endure So watch me bleed, tainted blood pouring from my soul  I tried to save you, but it was all in vain  You cut me down, to ease your own pain  Now here I stand, wounded, broken and alone… Here I stand, yearning, bleeding; I've come undone…  Broken mirror on the wall, watches me tumble as I fall Refracted...Read On


A Meeting of Souls

Originally written as the opening verse to a story I am writing...

Our eyes met across the smoky room, Smoldering gazes locking intimately. Your unspoken words stroking me in an Ethereal tongue only our souls could understand. Moving toward you as if in a dream, My hungry heart could be plainly seen. As I looked up into your eyes, You saw desire that was hard to hide. How could one glance have said so much? Our hearts spoke silently Without...Read On


Darkness Calls

The ultimate predator...

Night rolls in thick as molasses, In the womb of darkness, evil stirs. The beast is hungry and needs to feed, And so each silent prowl begins. Surveying our realm from Hell’s dark gate With anxious muscles tightly coiled. He sniffs the air in search of her scent, Watching and waiting impatiently. His dreams laced with thoughts of her, Flow of her blood music to his ears, Smell of...Read On



The opening verse to a story I revised for publication

A house on rocky shores it was, A broken-hearted place; Stone walls etched with memories, That time cannot erase. Where once there was a glowing hearth Of warmth and billowing smoke, Now all that's left are cold and dust, No one its fires to stoke. As wind blows through its rafters On quiet nights like these, You'll hear its timbers’ sad lament ...Read On


Seasons Of The Heart

Even true love changes with the seasons...

Looking out across the ocean I sit alone, Cool sand sifting between my toes. Soft sprays of salty air blown against my skin As blue green waters rush toward shore. Glorious rays of sun in all their splendor Dance like golden stars across tranquil waters. Brilliant hues mirror the skies above In dazzling shades from light to deeper blue. Gale force winds sweeping over land and sea Cause...Read On


A Pill And A Prayer

Embracing the downward spiral with grace

Alarm buzzes without warning There must be some mistake, I hit the snooze button It’s too soon to be daybreak. Yes, morning has broken So I raise my weary head. Mumble a hasty prayer Before I stumble out of bed. Wrapped in a toweling robe On achy legs I shuffle along , Feet snug in furry slippers Quietly humming a Sinatra song. I look into the mirror And Medusa stares right back, Seven...Read On


Silent Night

The rickety old porch swing creaks under my weight As I rock myself gently to and fro.  The sound comforts me  As it rips harshly into the painful silence of the night.  So I continue to rock,  My feet never leaving the ground,  The swing never being allowed to do what it was built to do. The creaking comforts me.  The rocking soothes me. No crickets chirping here tonight. No frogs...Read On


The Door

First of my poems written as part of a challenge....

There is a door. It is always locked. No earthly light Ever allowed inside. Who knows Where this door May lead. Do we even care? We pass it daily. We turn to stare, Curiosity growing Like a mushroom in the dark. "Who is behind it?" "Who lives there?" "Why is it locked?" We whisper as we pass. Perhaps someday I will pause a while, And knock upon that door. Ask if I may enter Just to...Read On


A Woman's Worth

In celebration of woman's month... dedicated to the women of the world

I did not fall from the sky Like night falls softly upon a hopeful land, Filling it with a taut darkness. Nor did I descend like a storm, Crashing with untamed rectitude Onto a land lost to its own desires. I did not blow in on a temperate breeze; Blowing hither and thither, Swaying like a branch in a storm;  Allowing it to carry me trustingly Until I settle lightly, carelessly, ...Read On

Editor's Pick

Silent Screams

There is no one I can talk to About the pain I’ve buried deep inside, No one who would understand. So I have summoned all my courage To sustain me as I bare my soul to you today. I did everything I was taught to do. I never spoke to strangers, I stayed indoors when it got dark. I never rode the train alone, Nor ventured into the park at night.   But no one warned me about you. They...Read On



Something I wrote when I was 12.... seems like an eternity ago

When the autumn wind starts to blow, The trees in the forest put on a colourful show, Yellows, browns, gold and reds, And the animals curl up snug in their beds. When dry leaves fall to the ground, With a dry rustling sound, I like to make a little leaf bed, On which to rest my weary head. While the little bird flies, To warmer skies, Mother Earth plants her tiny seeds, And tries...Read On


Frozen in Darkness

Darkened skies, Gloomy thoughts, A heart of stone, A soul lost along the way. Midnight rains come to Wash away the sludge Trapping thoughts Inside this deep mire. Yearning for a touch, Any touch that will melt The frost surrounding A heart frozen in darkness. Memories of sweet nectars Nourishing a parched soul Whilst sipping on a chalice Overflowing with bitter wine. ...Read On



Sitting here staring at this blank page, Wondering what to write. The ideas flow through me like Water flows through a riverbed after a rainstorm. Uninhibited, Free to flow and shape itself, Morph into any form it desires. Writing is my outlet, Words my tools. Why is it so hard to put it here where it matters? Someone once told me; “Write a poem, it is the difference Between watching...Read On


Farewell Little Angel

Written for a young boy who left this world too soon

Fear not the heat of the summer sun Nor the harshness of winter’s icy cold; Your worldly task is done, Homeward you are bound, Your angelic innocence intact: Fear not the displeasure of the Almighty, You are beyond all judgement now; You have no need for eat nor drink; No need for clothes or shelter: Neither pain nor ill intent can harm you now. Fear no more when lightning strikes,...Read On


As I remember...

In loving memory....

Hands warm mine with a gentle touch, I lift them, touching my lips to each palm in turn.  A wistful smile playing at the corner of my mouth As I remember… Your perfume lingers in the room,  Modest, yet exotic; it suits you well.  The fragrance subtle, still it overwhelms me As I remember… A wisp of your jet black hair Had fallen across your beautiful face. I brush it back with...Read On



On request, something of a lighter nature. Written with my granddaughter in mind.

Through the eyes of a child, The beauty you’ll see; Of dapple grey ponies, In fields of green, And butterflies that fly, Against a scarlet red sky. In the heart of a child, Emotions are real. The joy and elation At the sight of a rainbow. The fear and the dread Of a deep, darkened cave. In the soul of a child, Angels sing praises Of glories untold. Unicorns and fairies, ...Read On


True Nature

What are good and evil really? Do we even have a choice? Or is it in our nature just to be...

You saw me when no one else did. You looked at me and saw only light, I tried to tell you that darkness dwells here too, But you refused to see. You refused to see  What I always felt was there. What has always lain Dormant inside of this hollow shell. Dormant inside of me  Like a tightly coiled snake waiting patiently For the occasion to strike. Its patience knowing no bounds. ...Read On



The desire to be free lives inside of all of us...

As I look up into the midnight sky,  I feel the restlessness in my soul grow, Feel it encompass me,  Compel me to move. I cannot fight this compulsion,  Even if I tried. My feet move of their own accord,  And I follow. I feel the blood pumping through my veins,  I hear the trickle of every drop. It rages inside of me, Like a caged animal rushing toward freedom. My skin tingles,  This is...Read On



Inspired by a dream...

What brought me here to this strange place? I look around me, scanning the sea of nameless faces,  Nameless, yet familiar in a way I cannot describe, They move as if in a dream, their eyes staring vacantly ahead. Their shadow-like forms billowing like smoke from a dying flame.  What brought me here? Why does this place feel so surreal?  I close my eyes… I pinch myself…. Ouch! I felt that, yet...Read On

Romance (1)



You never know what you might find once you're no longer searching...

Note from the Author This book was written as a Valentine’s Day gift to all of my readers as proof that romance is still alive in our hearts. Thank you for your support. Please note that the songs in here are pretty darn awful - mostly because they are intended to be that way and likely also because it's my first attempt at writing romance.  *** The bar was packed...Read On



Black Chronicles Character Interview

This is the character interview for an upcoming book I'm planning... Feedback welcome...

“Come step into my parlour,”  He says with charmed guile.  I shift my weight, the slats of the wooden bench a stark testament to how long I’ve been sitting out here. Am I even in the right place? I check the message on my phone one more time, even though the chances of it reading any different to the other thirty-something times I’d read it were slim to none... ‘Entrance to...Read On


Black Chronicles Character Interview Continued

This is the character interview for an upcoming book I'm planning... Feedback welcome...

“Come step into my parlour,”  He says with charmed guile.  “Dude, I’ve been waiting in the Jeep for you, we’re going to be late,” Hyuk says from the doorway. “But I really want to hear the rest of the story,” Jong says. “Can’t we go later?” Hyuk stands in the doorway, his tall frame practically filling it, tapping his foot impatiently. He’s changed out of his...Read On


The Darkest Night - Part Five

Not all tales can be found in books, but all myths are born of truth.

This is what they meant when they said ‘dark as pitch’. Clarissa shuffled along, one hand on the clammy wall to guide her, the other held out to keep her from bumping into something or – much as she hated to consider it – someone. She felt confident that if she kept along the wall, she would soon encounter a door. Surely every room had to have a door, albeit that she’d come to the...Read On


The Darkest Night - Part Four

Not all tales can be found in books, but all myths are born of truth.

The package arrived at his home on a Monday morning, 10:42 am to be exact. George remembered this because that was the day his assistant, Clarissa, was late to arrive. She had called to apologise, there had been a smash-up on the freeway and while the four vehicle pile-up had not been her fault, he would have docked her pay if she had been remiss in informing him. In fact, he found himself...Read On


The Darkest Night - Part One

Not all tales can be found in books, but all myths are born of truth.

Once upon a time, in a long forgotten land, there lived a young woman whose name struck fear into even the bravest of hearts. She lived in a tiny cottage at the edge of a deep forest, near an old dried up creek. Her name was Arwyn. Please indulge me as I turn back the clock to the night Arwyn was born – it was the night of the full moon, late in October. You see, that was the night a...Read On


The Darkest Night - Part Six

Not all tales can be found in books, but all myths are born of truth.

“Nooo… what are you doing?” Mary called out, panic gripping her as she watched the scene before her unfold. The woman turned slowly to face her, her expression blank as she observed Mary with curiosity. She raised one hand toward Mary – the one that was not buried in the other girl’s blood-soaked chest – fingers curling slowly shut as she continued to study the girl who had interrupted...Read On


The Darkest Night - Part Three

Not all tales can be found in books, but all myths are born of truth.

Mary turned to look back one last time at the only home she had ever known. Leaving had been the hardest thing ever – yet she had no doubt that harder things still lay ahead. She had packed hurriedly, wanting to be gone before the townsfolk showed up with their kindness. She took care while packing, not wanting to take anything that would be missed. Her plan would only work if the town...Read On


The Darkest Night - Part Two

Not all tales can be found in books, but all myths are born of truth.

The woodsman had many talents, but caring for newly-born baby girls was not among them, so he did the only thing he could think of – he took the child to the village church. The pastor’s wife was in the garden picking tomatoes for their breakfast when he rushed from the woods holding the screaming bundle. “Oh Lord! What is this, Tom?” She rushed from the tomato beds and took the child from...Read On