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Block Wide Party

Let's have a block wide party, Let's make it harder this way. Don't let them feed their egos, Trolling is stopped for today. Distasteful preening creatures Flouncing and prancing about, Always leave traces of pride Never betraying a doubt. Let's have a block wide party, Let's make it harder this way. Don't let them feed their egos, Trolling is stopped for today. Smothered...Read On


One More Try

Life has become a mess. Nothing seems right anymore. It seems I can't make sense of the world I lived before. Tied down with barbed wire to keep me from leaving here. I want a brand new start  anywhere but there. I'm broken down inside. Can't seem to make sense of this life. I need another try somewhere I won't feel dead and dry. I'm falling apart inside. Can't seem to figure out why. ...Read On


Don't Care

My uncle is gonna help put guitar to it so I can go to a music producer

(First verse) I never understood your reasoning to make me feel worthless I never understood what went through your mind every time you weren't there  Did you ever stop and think before you acted See how this would have affected me (Chorus)  Why don't you see what you put me through Why don't you see when I stand here and cry Why don't you see everything I go through Oh,...Read On

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Love and Hate

It's sad how hateful this world is...

Eyes open to the sky, Rain pours down like tears from clouds dark as night like my eyes. Hair is drenched, Clothes are torn, but I am so alive even as I die. Tossed out on the curb, The cold is my only friend, freezing my heart slowing my mind. Voices stop shouting, Punches stop coming, memories disappear the bruises will too. This pain will not be here for long, ...Read On


When the Rock Breaks

I've given up on living forever. I can't stand up to the struggle. Everything I've dreamed up is a memory. There's nothing left for me here. I remember when I cried And you came to comfort me. You wouldn't be content to let me lie, But you didn't understand me. Why do I give up on living this life? Why do I give up tonight? When the rock breaks, And the earth shakes, When...Read On


the last piece of the puzzle

to one i care about but vanish

Never noticing how empty I have become. Time has pass me by. 2 x Loneliness Is the only thing you have left behind? Just barely holding on, I suck in your last images in my mind. I fall and trembled, but I keep continuing to ran. Where are you at? Left and right, but no trace of your face. Have I lost you forever? Why can’t you understand? Without you, (the...Read On


what he suffers

what he suffers everyday

The words just don’t come out. Never knowing what to say. The pain within you pours out, but no one sees it. You write your shame painfully over your body. Memories and painful words Play over like a song. You live like no one can harm you, but you’re just a broken doll. Just like the other day you keep the silence. Letting it build up. 2x Suffocating Numbness, ...Read On


Yule Fire (a White Christmas parody)

Wrote and sang this for Creative Writing class... perhaps I'll sing for y'all too.

I imagine a yule fire with all my loved ones gathered 'round All the children singing and lovers cuddling so near, happiness abounds. I imagine a yule fire with every candle that I buy You enjoy your Christmas and I, I'll enjoy my rituals and light. I imagine a yule fire with all my loved ones gathered 'round All the children singing and lovers cuddling so...Read On


only slience

a boy tries to help the girl to forget her pain

You wonder when the lies would stop. You pull your hair and scream in your room, but no one can't hear you. Only silence, only silence!!  Everyone tells you  the pain would fade away.  But how do they know?  Its suffocating, don't know how to stand. Only silence is your faithful companion! Hold on! Hold on! The ritual of your death is near. Don't longer cry your demons can't haunt you....Read On


century of the undead

monsters coming to town!

Let us hide under our beds! The monsters have come back to town. They are hunting for new flesh! Cry all you want, But they can smell your pride. There is no moment to waste. We were so wrong. We need to fight this fight. They can't take us alive! This is our time. We need to end this crime. Come on don't it. Century of the undead arrive!!!! Come on , come on!! Forget the blood...Read On


fell in battle

desire to be human but darkness consume it

I've walked with the undead. This useless soul survived. Now all I know is death... a forgettable life. I need a piece of heaven. My heart can't fight this fight. The living calls my name, but I have to run away. I cannot play this game. And it's too late now I fell in battle. Can you give me a chance? Please just give me a sign! If I would change my ways give me...Read On



the world isn't like how it was before. the world just pure evil

Beautiful beauty captures lost souls. The promises of hell comes to haunt the living flesh. There's no innocence left. Only the remains of rotten hearts. Oh dear, just let black dreams consume the last sense of your insanity. Tonight is the darkest night. Magic of your beauty awakens the unknown. No one knows when the world would end, but we welcome the creatures of night. Darkness...Read On


permanent scars

About a girl that got hurt by her dad and now she all grown up. She get revenge.

Do you enjoy yourself? I've been waiting for years with all the pain I felt. I'm done with all these tears. Did you think I have forgotten? How can I, this memory haunts my mind. With shattered pieces by my side I see the past. Enjoy this pain cause it will always last. No one can't help me forget! Permanent scars that lie deep in my soul will always remain. Can you look at me?...Read On


black maze

always compare to others and never enough for that person

I was never good enough for you. Always was a disappointment to you. I can see it on your face. You would never understand me. Now I stand here on the edge of confusion. What are you going to do now? Every moment was a twist and turn. This black maze is my only escape. You gave me a reason to find my lost dreams. Make the innocence disappear! There's no turning back. Now let...Read On


Catching Feelings


it's crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams Is this meant to be? Could this be happening to me? We were best of friends since we were this high So why do I get nervous every time you walk by We would be on the phone all day Now I can't find the words to say to you Now what am I supposed to do? Could there be a possibility I'm trying to say what's up 'Cause I'm made for you, and...Read On


Should have been mine

To my love that was never meant to be.

I should have held you like a lifeline,  and I should have never let you go. But when I needed saving. I always did it on my own! Slipping from my hands, now I feel all alone. You turned your back on me, how could you be oh so cold! I would've been yours, you would've been mine. why, oh why, couldn't I open my eyes. I stand here now, and I realize. You would've been mine. ...Read On

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Lament For The Lost

She mourns her lost lover, before searching for him.

This song only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. ~~~The sea speaks ~~~ Wash my tears away with rain; Leave my shadowed heart by the sea. I've been dreaming of a sunrise with you, Where the salt on the wind scours my pain. Where are you? Far away where the ocean horses run, There's a meadow where my love has gone to live. Sirens...Read On


Since You Went Away

Since you went away the world is standing still. Since you went away my life has lost its thrill. Since you went away the road is one long hill. Since you went away, Since you went away, Since you went away. Since you went away my heart has skipped a beat. Since you went away my life has lost its heat. Since you went away I miss your lips so sweet. Since you went away, Since you went...Read On

Audio version available

What It Feels Like

Outta my system..

Father forgive for I have sinned..Guide me out of darkness and show me the ways of my heart..I think we'll start here.. Feels like I'm runnin oh so fast & I just can't catch my breath I wanna tell you but I'm struggling my minds lost in distress It weighs on my chest so obsessed with all my thoughts of success Find myself judgin always wondering why I dwell in past tense I cry I weep...Read On


She really knows what it's like

A poem about a rape survivor, based on a song about horror.

She Really Knows What It’s Like By Captain Midnight Adapted from the song “What It’s Like,” composer unknown, performed by Everlast The story of one woman‘s survival. Rated EC for extremely violent, disturbing images.   (Verse 1) (Name deleted) was a nice young lady Ran a good business In her town. People stopped by and Visited whenever They felt down. She was...Read On


Sound III

who the hell am I?

Sound III Who the hell am I?  Where the hell do I live? In those certificates or  On those online accounts or online avatars? W-H-O T-H-E H-E-L-L A-M I-? I'm fighting.  And I have any idea what they’re,  Could be my ‘Others’- you, society;  Traditions, customs; practices and 'That'. I’m a product of social clashes and bindings,  I bear the...Read On


Sound II

I am scared!

Sound II I’m scared! I’m lost in the midst of these dramas, I search someone, but never near.   I want to flee from these cultured pretensions  Of social class and status.   I flee every time but they catch me each time.  I'm in the midst of plenty, but lonely!  I envy them,  For they walk alone in the woods and deserts.   They have the world and  What do I have? ...Read On

Audio version available

Shoulders Back

Rebirth always follows a slow painful death...

Hook- Baby blue skies are new Wrote this song just for you Purple kush everywhere Mack attack shoulders back One love whichya leather gloves Get it in whichya big ole brimm Got your strut like what the Mack attack shoulders back Verse 1- Call it the death of the ego Like anything to get you off my back(so go) There's a couple things that I know You ain't the one in control Luva luva...Read On

Audio version available


Just me n my Dad :)

Wandering around for a place to lay my head down Wandering around for a place to lay my head down Wandering around for a place to lay my head down Wandering around for a place to lay my head down I wanna go here wanna go there  Wanna go wanna go everywhere Wanna go high I wanna go low  Baby baby anywhere I wanna go I wanna go slow or real real fast It's my foot so I'm a push...Read On


Just shoot me

Written from the perspective of someone who cant take living any more...just for being different

Verse 1 I’m different I’m stupid  I’m sinful  I’m losing it  I don’t belong here  It’s too much to take  I want to leave this horrible place Chorus Nobody knows How it feels  To feel like I do  Nobody loves me  Nobody likes me  So why am I here  Just shoot me  Just shoot me  Just shoot me  Before I shoot myself Verse 2 Acceptance is unacceptable For someone of my kind ...Read On



Don't betray me...or else

Verse 1 You were the love of my life Well that’s what I thought  It was all just a lie  Like it or not  Try to run by You can’t fool my eye  You better watch out  Time will run out Pre-chorus Something critical comin' in the dark Can’t stray away from me  I’m gonna catch up Look over your shoulder you’ll never find me  I’ll be a surprise you ain’t ever seen Chorus ...Read On


Could I?

From another account...

Can you, can you See through my disguise? Will you, will you See me in my eyes? Can I, can I Hide my true self? Will I, will I Put my heart up on the shelf? This is a mask that you see, I doubt you could take the real me. Would you, would you Still want to be around me? Could you, could you Just stay by me? Should I, should I Speak up, speak out? Could...Read On


Words Of Wisdom

This is a song I wrote to a friend, some people may be offended that's why it's 18+

There were days When I had no other ways to get out This pain I only knew how to cause more Damage to myself and before you know it I had the knife and my skin was split I tried hard to hide but couldn’t defend my guard I was weak Thus the tears that strolled my cheeks every night Crying over wrong and right I can’t show the pain the truth it has to go And this is supposed to...Read On


Little Lonely Girl

A song I wrote when I saw a young lonely girl who reminded me of my primary years

Little lonely girl I see you all alone Single in this crowded world You're all on your own You’re a stranger to me Yet I want to cry for you I hate to see one lonely Wanna wrap my arms around you Your cheeks are rosy red Your curls are blonde Flyaway strands on your head Smile like there's nothing wrong Teach me child Why you smile You make me Make...Read On


Save Me

It says no one is listening to you.

SAVE ME by Christina Dill: Verse 1: I'm a captured angel, and I'm held down by these chains, screaming in sorrow as I burn in the flames. Chorus: Save me, Save me, I feel so alone, rescue my heart as it turns to stone, rescue me, rescue me, I can't breathe, save me from this misery. Verse 2: I am transforming, my wings are turning black, as I am morphing, the clock I wanna turn back. ...Read On