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Our songs category is for those songwriters, lyricists and composers among us to showcase their musical talent. From happy, love inspired tunes, to soul-searching break-up songs, this is the place to submit your original music. Submissions may be lyrics only or include an audio version of the song. You may also submit instrumental arrangements with an accompanying written description of the story behind your music.


Since You Went Away

Since you went away the world is standing still. Since you went away my life has lost its thrill. Since you went away the road is one long hill. Since you went away, Since you went away, Since you went away. Since you went away my heart has skipped a beat. Since you went away my life has lost its heat. Since you went away I miss your lips so sweet. Since you went away, Since you went...Read On


Girl, Will You Marry Me?

Another quick song idea...though I was awake when I wrote this one...

We’ve been together for so long, And I think the time is right, Something I just need to ask you girl, And I need to know tonight. So much has changed for me, Since you came into my life, I need you so much, you see, And I want you for my wife. So girl, will you marry me? As I’m down here on my knees, It’s with you that I want to be, I’m asking you baby, please. I never thought I’d...Read On

Audio version available

Love and Hate

It's sad how hateful this world is...

Eyes open to the sky, Rain pours down like tears from clouds dark as night like my eyes. Hair is drenched, Clothes are torn, but I am so alive even as I die. Tossed out on the curb, The cold is my only friend, freezing my heart slowing my mind. Voices stop shouting, Punches stop coming, memories disappear the bruises will too. This pain will not be here for long, ...Read On

Audio version available

Lament For The Lost

She mourns her lost lover, before searching for him.

This song only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. ~~~The sea speaks ~~~ Wash my tears away with rain; Leave my shadowed heart by the sea. I've been dreaming of a sunrise with you, Where the salt on the wind scours my pain. Where are you? Far away where the ocean horses run, There's a meadow where my love has gone to live. Sirens...Read On


In The Depth Of Her Eyes

Look into her eyes and see her true beauty.

A once empty heart now feels full Tugged by another soul’s pull Crossing the pass on a wire Warmed by another souls fire Look deep inside of her eyes Find beauty there few ever see Look and learn from her heart What others could not hope to be In the depth of her eyes When the first light of day fills the room You know she will have to leave soon Now your heart feels empty and torn You...Read On


Did You Ever Feel The Same?

A quick song idea that came to me earlier while taking a walk...

Did You Ever Feel The Same? I remember when I first laid eyes on you, You were the best I’d ever seen, I’d never seen a woman like you, I was wondering where you’d been. And I recall our very first date, As I stared into eyes so blue, I felt myself falling in love, Head over heels for you. Refrain… But there’s so many unanswered questions, And I’m not going to place the blame, I just...Read On


the last piece of the puzzle

to one i care about but vanish

Never noticing how empty I have become. Time has pass me by. 2 x Loneliness Is the only thing you have left behind? Just barely holding on, I suck in your last images in my mind. I fall and trembled, but I keep continuing to ran. Where are you at? Left and right, but no trace of your face. Have I lost you forever? Why can’t you understand? Without you, (the...Read On


Letting Go

Enough love was never enough.

We live our lives inside a dream Believe we know what it all means I tried to show you what I thought was real And can’t you see It’s hurting me I won’t let go And I want you to know That it’s you You mean that much to me Taking time to watch love grow Questioning what wouldn’t show I always told you just how much I cared Yet you won’t tell What your heart felt I’m letting go And I want...Read On

Audio version available


Just me n my Dad :)

Wandering around for a place to lay my head down Wandering around for a place to lay my head down Wandering around for a place to lay my head down Wandering around for a place to lay my head down I wanna go here wanna go there  Wanna go wanna go everywhere Wanna go high I wanna go low  Baby baby anywhere I wanna go I wanna go slow or real real fast It's my foot so I'm a push...Read On


Oh, Oh, Oh, let me weep ( Purcell's Lament music)


LAMENT TO THE MUSIC OF Purcell’s lament Oh, Oh, Oh let me weep For my laptop Taken away To Nottingham Far from Fermanagh Oh, Oh, Oh let me weep I cannot send my stories I cannot read my Friends’ poems Oh, Oh, Oh let me weep For my laptop Read six books Redesigned a dress does not still my sadness Oh, Oh, Oh let me weep Cannot read my news Cannot download a...Read On


Her Song

Lyrics to a song on my music album

She lit up like some sort of Christmas tree All golden and godlike and all bright and green And I wish you could have seen My insides swim inside of me Like bullets they shot through beams Absorbed in the cracks and sunk into the seams My heart actually skipped a beat I guess, metaphorically, it was at a loss to speak And walking out along the beach and the sand Drinking with her and...Read On


Forgiven one last Time

Days of the past slipping by. Time is running and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I caused so much pain, Or maybe it's because I'm losing you today. Only a few hours left before the night. I can't help but feel that this is the time. So much to say and no where to start. I guess I'll try tomorrow but, What if I never see the sunrise? What if I die tonight? It feels...Read On


Don't Care

My uncle is gonna help put guitar to it so I can go to a music producer

(First verse) I never understood your reasoning to make me feel worthless I never understood what went through your mind every time you weren't there  Did you ever stop and think before you acted See how this would have affected me (Chorus)  Why don't you see what you put me through Why don't you see when I stand here and cry Why don't you see everything I go through Oh,...Read On

Audio version available

This wish I bring to you

Christmas time brings all that’s fine, this wish I bring to you. Happiness in all you seek and love the whole year through. Strength to help you through the roughest times and light to guide your way. It’s Christmas time and it’s love you find I offer you today. Every day, just not today, these things then matter too. Find peace and joy and happiness in everything you do. Take time to tell...Read On


Yule Fire (a White Christmas parody)

Wrote and sang this for Creative Writing class... perhaps I'll sing for y'all too.

I imagine a yule fire with all my loved ones gathered 'round All the children singing and lovers cuddling so near, happiness abounds. I imagine a yule fire with every candle that I buy You enjoy your Christmas and I, I'll enjoy my rituals and light. I imagine a yule fire with all my loved ones gathered 'round All the children singing and lovers cuddling so...Read On


One More Try

Life has become a mess. Nothing seems right anymore. It seems I can't make sense of the world I lived before. Tied down with barbed wire to keep me from leaving here. I want a brand new start  anywhere but there. I'm broken down inside. Can't seem to make sense of this life. I need another try somewhere I won't feel dead and dry. I'm falling apart inside. Can't seem to figure out why. ...Read On


Raise A Glass to Sex With A Purpose

Last song on album

I got some c**e with this girl I met the other day 50 dollars split to numb the pain away life's a whole lot easier when your body's numb you sni**, snor (record skip)t, and swallow till you can't feel your gums for a few short hours the world fits right where it belongs: with no feelings and a girl on your arm everything seems more bearable tolerable I can deal with it as long as...Read On


Intermission I

A song on my music album which will be no longer than a minute and stands as a intermission track

too many nights have gone on without sleep too many promises made that I couldn’t keep too many (record skip sound) being sniffed up into me to ever really care much about anything mirrors they show reflection, but they don’t show through skin so there's been too many times where I’ve held it all in too many times I haven’t known where to begin to tell her how I feel before the night ends...Read On


what he suffers

what he suffers everyday

The words just don’t come out. Never knowing what to say. The pain within you pours out, but no one sees it. You write your shame painfully over your body. Memories and painful words Play over like a song. You live like no one can harm you, but you’re just a broken doll. Just like the other day you keep the silence. Letting it build up. 2x Suffocating Numbness, ...Read On


Sound III

who the hell am I?

Sound III Who the hell am I?  Where the hell do I live? In those certificates or  On those online accounts or online avatars? W-H-O T-H-E H-E-L-L A-M I-? I'm fighting.  And I have any idea what they’re,  Could be my ‘Others’- you, society;  Traditions, customs; practices and 'That'. I’m a product of social clashes and bindings,  I bear the...Read On


Don't Leave

You keep me on the edge of my seat You never try and shoot me down You always know just what to say To keep a smile on my face I'm singing please don't leave me on my own cause you're the one I wanna adore Please don't leave me by myself on my journey to who I become I may not know what I'm gonna be but I know that I want you there with me Please don't leave me I always seem to be on...Read On

My 25th Beer Anniversary

A Country song where beer makes one woman really pretty

The woman in my life had just left me. She said I’m a loser and a perpetual drunk. I don’t know if she was degrading me. She’s ugly, but she sure had spunk. I went to the bar feeling lonely. My tail had no wag as I drank. A woman just sat down beside me. She asked me if she could be Frank. I said, “Frank, you can be who you want to. If you’d like I can buy you a...Read On


She really knows what it's like

A poem about a rape survivor, based on a song about horror.

She Really Knows What It’s Like By Captain Midnight Adapted from the song “What It’s Like,” composer unknown, performed by Everlast The story of one woman‘s survival. Rated EC for extremely violent, disturbing images.   (Verse 1) (Name deleted) was a nice young lady Ran a good business In her town. People stopped by and Visited whenever They felt down. She was...Read On


I'm Sorry That You Have To Be You

Track 12 to the music album I'm trying to create

The sun’s waking up And you don’t want it to You say, “Sun please go back to sleep, your baby misses the moon” (A.K.A your excuse to stay fixed in your room) Not because it’s beautiful Or because it lights up the darkness The moon to you is just the makings Of a fruit ripped with excuses For you to lay and rest your eyes in those sleeping bags they've created It’s getting easier for...Read On


Sound II

I am scared!

Sound II I’m scared! I’m lost in the midst of these dramas, I search someone, but never near.   I want to flee from these cultured pretensions  Of social class and status.   I flee every time but they catch me each time.  I'm in the midst of plenty, but lonely!  I envy them,  For they walk alone in the woods and deserts.   They have the world and  What do I have? ...Read On


What The Shepherds Saw

The child born to save the world

(To the tune of Silent Night...(tweaked a little of course)) What the Shepherds saw Out in the fields We were tending our sheep When a very bright light Interrupted our sleep Choirs of angels were singing their song They told us to come We’d been waiting so long “Christ the Saviour is here” “Christ the Saviour is here” ♥ We took our little bundles ...Read On


Words Of Wisdom

This is a song I wrote to a friend, some people may be offended that's why it's 18+

There were days When I had no other ways to get out This pain I only knew how to cause more Damage to myself and before you know it I had the knife and my skin was split I tried hard to hide but couldn’t defend my guard I was weak Thus the tears that strolled my cheeks every night Crying over wrong and right I can’t show the pain the truth it has to go And this is supposed to...Read On



Another song on future album

I've got a twenty dollar bill rolled up that says money's best use is when it isn't being spent I roll it over and over in my brain time and time/again and again but it's all memories as that blurred part of my life is now complete and I'm just like every other adult I told myself I never would be Fuck, I hate this. I don't want this. I want my dormroom, I want my girlfriend, I want my...Read On


Could I?

From another account...

Can you, can you See through my disguise? Will you, will you See me in my eyes? Can I, can I Hide my true self? Will I, will I Put my heart up on the shelf? This is a mask that you see, I doubt you could take the real me. Would you, would you Still want to be around me? Could you, could you Just stay by me? Should I, should I Speak up, speak out? Could...Read On


When the Rock Breaks

I've given up on living forever. I can't stand up to the struggle. Everything I've dreamed up is a memory. There's nothing left for me here. I remember when I cried And you came to comfort me. You wouldn't be content to let me lie, But you didn't understand me. Why do I give up on living this life? Why do I give up tonight? When the rock breaks, And the earth shakes, When...Read On