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Beware of the dreaded corny-virus apocalypse.


I live in Alaska and LOVE IT! (3)


when you are weak

when you are scared

when you are victorious



Please keep posts on my wall to humor and funny memes. Critters of any kind, especially bears and moose. Just make me smile. I need to smile. :)


If I like a person, it's for a reason. Often it's for something no one else can see. I don't care if the whole world hates that person. If they are my friend then that is all that matters to me. You are my friend until you do something to make you not.


I've been asked WHY I like to use Emjoi's. It's because I have learned that people don't always get the feeling behind plain words.
If I say something it can be taken in a number of different ways. I use them to show if I'm joking or making a funny statement.
Or pissed off, I show that also. :@
Keeps the confusion down a little more than just words on a page.

I don't expect my friends to post something on my wall everyday. If someone friends me and then they find out we have nothing in common, then I don't have a problem if they delete me. Stories Space a.k.a. "Sesame Street" is suppose to be fun.

I always make time for friends, and I enjoy their company. But I'm almost always hiding behind my cloak of invisibility.

I never purposely ignore someone. If you think I am online, and want to chat with me, then just "black box" me, I will answer IF I am here. I say that because I work out of my home, so I am always popping in and out of here or playing BigFish games.

Some people love me, some like me, some hate me. I'm silly, goofy and a flirt.

I won't change! I know what I like and what I don't. And I usually get what I want.

I am happy to be me.
I may not be perfect, but I am loving, and happy.
I don't try to be what I am not.
And I don't try to impress anyone.
Above all, I will no longer make apologies for the way I am.

I am me. (jb)


I am legally blind. But I can do amazing things.

I am half American Indian and Mexican, so don't piss me off. (ke)

I was born and raised in Southern California. I was rescued by a fireman who brought me up to Alaska. I have loved it up here ever since. I also still LOVE that fireman. We have been married for a bazillion years! (3)


Linda (Sugar "N" Spice)
Relationship Status:
Squarebanks, Alaska
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22 Jun 2021 19:39
Searching for funny memes and gifs. Playing online "BigFish" & "GameHouse" games. Photos of sports, classic and muscle cars. Long car drives, fishing and exploring Alaska. Our two pups. Miley (Cyrus) & Fergie (BLK Eyed Peas). Going for long puppy walks.
Favorite Books:
I enjoy audio books.
Favorite Authors:
Any autobiographies.
Favorite Movies:
Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi and Action-Adventure movies. (pc)
Favourite TV Shows:
I love watching nature shows. Programs about travel and different cultures. The Weather Channel, I have always been interested in weather. I love keeping up with current events, so I watch CNN and MSNBC.
Favorite Music:
I love the 70's. 80's, Classic Rock and today's hits.


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