Flash Fiction(3)


For The Want of a Checklist

Everyone should make a list...

Day and Night? Check. Sky, Atmosphere, Outerspace? Check. Land, Seas, Plants? Check. Sun, Moon, Stars? Check. "Well, I think that's everything." "So what happens now?" "We go home and rest." "What do you mean home? This is home now." "Nope. Home is the place we created on the Second Day." "Really? For some reason, I expected this job to take longer." "I don't know why you think...Read On


Ghosts in the Bedroom

A Lost Love

I lie face-up to feel the coolness of the room touch my skin; much as a lover’s hand might do. There’s a whisper of an air current that walks its fingertips of a breeze down my chest and across my nipple until it teases hairs on my manhood. The fingertips reach the tops of my thighs before the feeling dissipates. There is a presence on my skin and then there isn’t; a sense memory that comes...Read On

Recommended Read

Of a Toke and a Time

Nostalgia offers a surprise sometimes




The Life and Times of Shyloh Sinclair

A woman's life is remembered

The line at the funeral parlor led out the front door, around the side, and down the street for three blocks and was composed primarily of men who had come to pay their respects. The civilian men wore a white shirt, dark jacket, dark pants, and a white name tag that read either First or Last . The military and ex-military wore their uniforms; they honored Shyloh with the same white name...Read On


Practice Dating

A young man is counseled by his familly about dating



The Voices in My Head

My struggle with control

I first became aware of them when I was eighteen years old. The voices in my head began to clamor for control of me and it scared me. Metaphorically speaking, they carried pitchforks. They wanted to kill me or run me out of town. My voices had faces. Angry faces. Shouting faces. They had noses, eyes, and hair. Some had shaking fists directed at me. Others simply pressed forward invading...Read On



The Ghosts of Time

Richard finds his life's work...

“Let’s call this class to order, shall we?” The Professor looked as aged as the two-century-old building he was teaching in. Dressed smartly for his age though, he had the physical presence that outstanding educators naturally possess. Selecting a book on the wooden table in front of him, he opened to the marked page. “The great Albert Einstein said: The only reason for Time is so...Read On



My Y2K Experience

Memories are best told after the pain of making them is past...

Twenty years ago last night, I spent New Year’s Eve waiting for someone in the world to call and tell me something in our product line didn’t work. Or that it worked incorrectly. It was December 31st, 1999 and Y2K misbehavior was clearly at the forefront of many people's minds. Including mine. In January 1999, I had been re-assigned from Director of World Service to Director of Quality...Read On


In The Presence of Angels

As real as it gets...

How do I begin this memoir without sounding mentally unfit? It's probably best to simply tell you about it and you can be the judge of my competency. I spent the early part of my career repairing medical equipment in hospitals and clinics around the United States. Primarily in Ultrasound Departments but also Nuclear Medicine and X-Ray Departments. I spent my early career in a rush. I...Read On


The Naming of Pheasants

Of Pheasants, Penzance, and Politics

Indianhead summer begins in the middle of June. That’s when the grass along the roadway of our rural Wisconsin town is available to be mowed. Six years ago the Town approved a resolution to prevent town mowing operations until the second week of June. Tall grass up to the edge of the roadway is the price one pays to protect the habitat of ground-nesting birds. It’s acceptable in...Read On


The Hippopotami Adventure

It's an adventure when you return unharmed...

The dugout canoes were overloaded as they were paddled up the Niger River by the two guides. The freeboard of the canoes was minimal. They weren’t meant to hold three Americans. I was the heaviest and rode with one guide while two of my daughters rode with the other. I was preoccupied with the thought that I was nuts and we were in over our heads. We were being taken to a place where we...Read On


A Christmas Tree Cutting Adventure

A Family Adventure

Stupid. Just stupid. The sun was setting; dusk hung like a cloak over the Coconino National Forest. I had a scotch pine tree on my right shoulder, my left hand held our seven-year-old daughter’s hand, and the lovely Mrs. L carried our three-year-old in her arms. We were walking downhill from the tree cutting area and had no clue how much farther we had to walk. All I could think was “I...Read On


My Waterman Roller Ball

A man's tools reflect his life

Sometimes one hesitates to tell a personal story because it exposes the authenticity of a person. If you’re a member of my family, or a colleague of mine, you’ve heard me tell parts of this story in person. You’ll know my secret identity when you read this and you’ll hold secrets to my other stories that my pseudonym disguises. And I will not know who you are and that’s unsettling to me....Read On

Micro Fiction(3)


Of Hunting, Decoys, and Poppy Camo

Some types of hunting require decoys...

“You ready, son?” whispered the Martian, sharp teeth drooling in anticipation. A poppy dipped in response. “Stay bent over; wait for her to rise up. I’ll eat the left one, you take the right.” The poppy dipped again... “You boys in place?” whispered the old man into his walkie-talkie. Two microphone double-clicks replied they were. “They’ll wait for Becky to lift her ass. His testicles will...Read On


Dating, Daughters, and Dads

Oh, yes. I remember drawing myself up as tall as possible and leaning over slightly to peer into his rebellious, anti-parent smirking eyes. I said, "I need to know the color of your eyes for the police report plus I need your parent's phone number just in case my little girl is different when you bring her home." The boy and I connected, for sure…and I knew my daughter would be safe on...Read On


Grandpa's Birthday Wish

“What did you wish for, Grandpa?” Grandpa peered over his glasses. It was his sixty-seventh birthday. No adult asked him when he blew out the candles. Young Tommy did. The room went silent. Perhaps they wanted to know but were reluctant to ask. “I wished for a big kiss from Emily MacArthur next door. The kind that reminds me of my male biology. The kind I gave her last year on...Read On



Lay Low, My Lady

A Time For Reflection



I Ruminate on My Mediocrity

My mediocrity overwhelms me as I ruminate on my life. Were my expectations too high? Work, sleep, succeed, marry, parent, mentor, and prevail. Seven words in everyone’s life. If you know their meaning, you’re living your life backward. Fewer memories to make and more to forget ahead. The road in front of me is shorter than the one behind. I have more regrets than a thousand Frank Sinatras. ...Read On


The Board is Changing

The Board is changing. The Board will change is perhaps a better way to say it. When the Board changes, the game changes. And when the game changes, no one predicts the outcome because there are new rules in the game. No one can predict the game's winners or losers when the rules are not yet known and discovering the new rules is part of the game. The watchers are hopeful the game will...Read On


It's a Wonderful Wife

She knows what I need...

My wife is still in bed as I close the door behind me and leave her to peaceful slumber for a while longer. It's 7:45 AM and I'm late. I jump in the truck with my roll-around briefcase and pull out the driveway headed for work. My mind flashes on the fact that I don't have my glasses on. I know that I don't need them to drive and I can wear my reading glasses at work but still... Less than...Read On


In which I transition

The transition is almost complete. I can feel it. Soon I'll be adjusted to my new age. It's been a difficult three years. I fought against it. A good fight; but I've run out of weapons. I'm adjusting quickly to the occupying forces. Of elderly forces. Of lesser capacity and capabilities. Of accepting the fact that there are more memories in my past than are possible for me to create in...Read On


Of Compliments and Women

In an earlier life, a woman once remarked to me that it was good to meet a man who was proud enough of his name to write it so others could read it. I don’t know if she was flirting or not but, as you can see, I remember her telling me this. Last Friday while being introduced to a woman, she shook my hand more firmly than I anticipated. Then she held my hand with both of hers and said, "Oh,...Read On


A Defining Moment




A Wisconsin Poem

Another winter storm warning...sheesh...

It's winter in Wisconsin, And the gentle breezes blow, Seventy miles an hour, At thirty degrees below. Oh, how I love Wisconsin When the snow's up to your butt, You take a breath of winter air And your nose is frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around, I could never leave Wisconsin, 'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!  ...Read On


Impressions of the Big Easy



Monsters Are Among Us

In the real world there are Monsters That look like you and me, They performed horrible deeds Throughout our history, You will not find them By peeking beneath your bed, They are all around you though, Trying to get into your head. Their purpose is to frighten you, To make you feel unsafe, Hinting at conspiracies, You can scarcely keep apace. The Monsters feed upon your fears, And scare...Read On


The ducks are on the water

The ducks are on the water At twenty-three below. They are so intelligent, Are you saying you don’t know? Its fifty-five degrees warmer, Than being in the air, The water’s above freezing, Ducks swim without a care. ‘Course we’re talkin’ free rivers, Not some flat and large calm lake, Where the ice is twenty-inches thick, For Pete’s and Goodness’ sake! So when you see an ice hole, With...Read On


An Ode to the Mighty Aphrodite

I crush on a goddess

She walks heavily on her feet, As she approaches a netted court; Her torso bounces in rhythmic beat And my heart sustains a petite mort. I breathe less when she is present, And I pause to study her frame; She is muscled to a greater extent, Than others of her game. She smiles and twirls with elegance, As she acknowledges the crowd; I sigh for I’m not relevant, “Sereee-naaa!” I scream out...Read On


My Lover Desires Me

A love story whose origin is the Marshes of Glynn

Of sweet tea and southern charm, With honeysuckle and red clay, As peaches ripen in the Georgia sun, My lover desires me. As catfish nibble an empty hook, In a hole 'neath a rusting bridge, As young men ripen in the Georgia sun, My lover desires me. As her charm soothes my savagery, With sweet tea upon her breath, As her womb ripens in the Georgia sun, My lover desires me. The Marshes...Read On


When I asked if I could kiss you, you said Yes with surprise

Of a certain age...

I kissed you and I don’t know why; it was certainly forbid, You said Yes when I asked you, and then we definitely did. I don’t know you but your eyes are soft brown, Your face is of an angel. Eggshell blue, your formal gown. We’d never met before but when I saw your face, I knew you were the One of all the human race. You knew I was your One, I could see it in your eyes. When I asked if...Read On


The Lovely Mrs. L at Christmas

... In which I celebrate my wife

  The beauty of Christmas is in her eyes, Sparkling and twinkling and saucer-sized. The love of Christmas is in her heart, Laughing and giggling with kind remarks. The joy of people, on this special day, Who honor the Savior and His true Way, Warming hearts of man, woman, and child, All grievances reconciled. Step up, young men! Be strong in your Faith! 'Tis the Creator who put Christmas...Read On


Your Christmas Gift To Me

This night I write, Dear Santa Claus, Please do this for me, just because I love my fellow man this year, I see, A little bit more than presents for me.   Don’t bring me presents for Christmas this year, Don’t bring me kindness or bundles of cheer, Give all my gifts to those in need, And let your gift to me be a good deed.   Take all my sweaters to ol’ Good Will, Take all the toys...Read On


An Exhortation for Freedom of the Press

...even with its flaws.



Salvation and Self-Veneration

Pre-Apocalypse Hip-Hop Conversations



A Rifle Reports at 6:43

At zero four thirty the men arose To put on their warmest clothes, Thermals and woolens, boots laced tight, They venture into the dark of night. Orange and plaids, worn on First Day, Protect these men in a visual way. Protein bars and thermos containers, One empty bottle, all no-brainers. Rifle and ammo fully secured; Men trod silently, never speaking a word. They climb inside each...Read On


My Two Friends

I have a friend who I miss very much; Over the years we’ve kept in touch. I phoned each time I came into town, We’d meet to catch up and share the lowdown. A high school friend, what more can there be? Alas, he never thinks about contacting me. So while I am his friend, is it always to be That my friendship is misplaced eternally?   I have another friend and we always speak Perhaps...Read On


There Are No Crows in the Walnut Field

  As sunshine falls on lawn freshly mowed, As a black-winged cacophony flows, In single file, turkeys run wild.   As black bears sniff in wood never yield, As cockleburs and thorns become shield, In single file, nut trees compile.   Sunbeams pierce a walnut canopy, Hammocks swing, a call for entropy, In single file, ants are reviled.   Cawing crows strut across a lawn, A...Read On


The Monkey Forum

Are you on the bed with the monkeys?

A hundred little monkeys are jumping on the bed, One shouts Sexist, thumps another on the head. A third little monkey who was jumping on the bed Pointed out the inaccuracy of what the first one said. A fourth little monkey said the third one was wrong. The fifth little monkey cried, “Why can’t we get along?” The sixth little monkey quoted Maya Angelou And the seventh little monkey...Read On


A Zombie Lives Inside Of Me

He comes and goes and noboby knows

When does it happen and where does it go, the happiness I used to know? I shallow breathe, hold my breath, refusing to utter shibboleths. I'm not getting better, remedies fail, I mourn a time when I was hale. The doctors and I both know what's not; neither one knows what's begot. The lab screens all say I'm fine but I know when mood crosses the line. A zombie lives inside of me, he...Read On


Old Grumpy Men Sit On Their Rear Ends

Old grumpy men sit on their rear ends and moan about the days gone by, While we see the stars and visit bars and curse politicians who lie. Old grumpy women sit and portend about people who walk by While we find delights, enjoy the nights, and lament the ones who die.   Men and Women, same coin but different sides, Flip it in the air and call it while it's high.   Middle-aged achiever,...Read On

Recommended Read

A Day in My Life Without You

A day in my life without you is like a fog bank in the murky twilight, I see shapes and hear sounds but there is no illumination, no clarity. The mists hide the beauty of the woods and the twilight hides the day. Where is life without You bringing the Light? A day in my life without you is like a wintry day in the midst of haze, Forms are white and sounds are muffled, senses strain...Read On


Five Ways to Inner Peace

Spires of Holiness Burst beams through clouds Crisp air Refreshes my Soul   Harps and Lyres Gruntled melody through din Tympanic sound Refreshes my Soul   Incense and myrrh Invigorated scents through smoke Melded aromas Refreshes my Soul   Chocolate and peppermint Indulgence through sharpness Combining flavors Refreshes my Soul   Corduroy and suede Roughed through processes...Read On


Enthusiasm or Experience?

Perhaps a future honky tonk song

I was sittin’ by myself in a dusty little bar, Halfway ‘tween the jukebox and my broke-down car. A 20-something brunette was a drinkin’ all alone When in walked Blondie and my flesh turned to bone.   Blondie was a looker, dressed up real fine; Brownie wore glasses, was about twenty-nine. Blondie’d been around the block a time or two; Brownie wore a heart-shaped red tattoo.   Here I...Read On


The Babymakers of Man



New Year Fear and Hope

I face this year with trepidation; fearing my next destination. Ogres and trolls -of this past year- may cross a bridge into the New Year. I worry life is no longer a thrill and I'm nothing more than a shill. A shill destined to play in another man's scam; that may be all I truly am. Myths, legends, and campfire stories, so late in life and so few glories, I settle into my routine...Read On


Toyland Changes

Humpty Dumpty and Three Little Pigs caught the Old Woman in the Shoe, They knocked her and bopped her until they were stopped by a Little Boy Blue. Where have all the nursery rhymes gone? What has up-ended their reign? Was it radio or TV? Or insidious video games?   Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, have you any pull? Is it MTV or X-Box that replaced all your wool? Where have all the jump...Read On


Conversion of A Fear



Sweet Thoughts of You

Sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today, Chased my melancholia away, Sunbeams reigned and the blues fell away, When sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today. Oh, the sun was the same, same was the day, Same was the work, and the time frittered away, But somehow they were different in no discernible way When sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today.  ...Read On


Mama's Nightgown

Breakfast is a cookin’ and the bacon sure smells good, Mama’s hummin to the radio and a tappin’ her foot, Daddy’s smilin’ this morning and tickling little brother, Why is this day different than all the others?   A little giggle sits upon the tip of my tongue As I watch my Daddy play and have a little fun, But my giggle isn’t for my Daddy at play, Mama’s got her nightgown inside...Read On


A Sailor's Counsel

Some men plan their lives like they plan for a trip, The destination is chosen, the direction is clear, The traveling goods are loaded, the course is set, They select the weather to sail, stay in port when rough.   I steer by integrity and set my course by honesty, I tack against the winds of immorality and clear the rocks of shattered ethics, I hold the lanyards of men with respect...Read On


My Wife's Lovely Drawers

My wife is perfect as you can see; An upturned nose, very pretty. She cooks, she cleans, she rings my bell, But it’s her drawers that I love so well.   My wife’s drawers are a sight to behold, A tale to you that must be told, Of things so secret and forbidden, The contents of which are usually hidden.   My wife’s drawers are like a menagerie Of playing cards and gold jewelry; Gum...Read On


Unwanted Love

Poems written and hopefully sent, Never get a reply. Invitations for romantic events Are almost always denied.   When invitations are not denied They are oft put off… Deferred. “I’m not ready,” is what I hear. “Too soon,” are oft your words.   With patience, I wait and wonder why My advances are not accepted, Is there something about my approach? Or am I being tested?   Are...Read On


Panther Love

Feral and Carnal

I approach you with a cat-like look… and feline sinuosity, Muscle by muscle, paw by paw…with animal curiosity, I intend to devour you… and your hot, enticing, flesh. There is sexual heat within my loins; passion upon my breath. From deep within my soul…I growl my love's ferocity, Pinning you beneath me…I seek your generosity. Surrender your sexuality…I will take my pleasure, Become a...Read On


Mrs Robinson Crusoe

Mrs Robinson's Story

Mrs Robinson Crusoe stood upon her own little isle, Wondering what happened to that cute little smile. She'd not seen her mister since their boat was wrecked. Two years it’d been since Mister washed over the deck.   The boat had sunk beneath her; she struggled to stay afloat. She the sole survivor of their guided fishing boat. She’d survived two years with mussels and abalone, ...Read On


Snow in Three Poems

If you live where it snows, you will see truth in these poems

Snow Dust Snowflakes falling all around Changes to snow upon the ground. When the wind blows (as it must) It carries aloft bits of snow dust. Snow Bunnies Snow swirls; the wind makes a snow dune. Snow dust dances to a wintery tune. Like dust bunnies underneath your bed, Snow bunnies rise and begin to sled. Wisps and swirls, snow bunnies arise And follow the wind until it subsides....Read On


Under a Crepuscular Sky

A man angrily greives for what was taken from him

A semi-circular moon in a crepuscular sky. Indigo hues of a day that passed by. I grieve at the tomb of my goddess on high, And I shake my fist at this crepuscular sky.   A portentous night, cumulonimbus clouds, Her body cocooned in funereal shroud, Her life was plundered, plucked from a crowd, I shake my fist and cry, “Death, be not so proud.”   A malodorous scent of decomposing musk...Read On


How Beautiful You Look Today

How beautiful you look today! Your hair just so and tucked away. Your face is beaming, your smile is bright, Is it because of something we shared last night?   How beautiful you look today! You glide just so and you sway. Your touch is loving, Your kiss is light, Is it because of something we shared last night?   How beautiful you look today! You look just so… Wait! Please look...Read On


My Wife's Secret Tears

One never knows when they occur but sometimes they do, Teardrops fall, she won’t talk at all, and I wish I knew. What causes her such misery? One never knows what emotional scars have been her due, Night falls and her crying calls for justice and life anew. How do I solve this mystery?...Read On



There's no kisses with the dishes anymore

My future country and western song?