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Amber Part 36

After breakfast on Sunday Amber did a quick count of her ready cash, she had more than enough for her needs. She then spent a few hours online searching for a cab service and found one to suit her schedule. Later in the afternoon she contacted Aunt Helen and advised her that she would visit the dress shop on Monday. Her parents expressed apprehension at her taking a cab with an infant, but...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 23

Final exams end and the school sighs with relief. Marcia is the top student by a wide margin.

Exactly thirty minutes after they left the tunnels, Marcia and Naomi stood at the headmaster's door. Marcia knocked quietly and moved aside when the door opened. Hans showed the girls into the office and left quietly leaving the meal cart outside the office. The girls took their usual places around the small table set with their dinner. As they sat, the headmaster entered through the door to...Read On


Amber 35

Spring break finally ended and Ally returned to college. She had given Amber a list of exercises to perform using the baby carrier instead of weights and put her on a three days on and two off regime. It was similar to the same routine she used and gave her great results. With the end of the break Bruce now devoted the bulk of his free time between work and studying for his finals, so he...Read On


Why I Believe in Love at First Sight

The beginning of a longer work. Thought I would share

She was the product of four different diasporas - Armenian, French, Greek and Scottish - and this showed in her features; her face was long and thin, with freckles spread across it like stars on a cloudless night, her nose was large and beak-like and her eyes, wide, understanding, and a deep chocolatey brown that clashed so shockingly and wonderfully against her thick tresses of curly red...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 22

Exams end and Naomi proves her worth to Daria as an ally.

Final exams started with the students attention focused on getting the highest score possible and achieving the top student spot in their class. The freshman class competition during the school year was extremely high because Marcia set the standard for excellence. She studied hard and had little difficulty retaining what she read. She loved school because it made her use her mind and taught...Read On


Amber Part 34

When not working or spending time with Amber, Bruce was preparing for finals, graduation and the summer. He had checked out a few local colleges that would allow him to live at home so he could continue working at the restaurant and that way his dad wouldn't have to foot the whole cost for college. He sometimes wondered if college was the wisest choice for him. There were so many...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 21

The school students form an informal orchestra.

Classes had ended for the day before lunch and students wandered the hallways searching for new diversions. Naomi led Daria and Polina to the newly cleaned music room, as the headmaster promised. Daria limped to the first chair with a music stand, flopped into it, sighed heavily moving her leg onto another chair and removed her flute from its case. Naomi sat next to her holding the violin...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 20

The students find a music room full of instruments and open it up for use.

Daria was pleased with being back at school, but getting around was not as easy as she thought. Polina helped by carrying her books and helping with doors, but Daria was stubborn and demanded more. One fortunate thing was that Daria did not have to climb up and down stairs to get around. Everything she needed was on the same level and the buildings connected. However, Daria's flute...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 19

Daria returns to school. Polina and Naomi notice a different girl.

A heavy grey fog shrouded the castle, obscuring it from the village below. Hans prepared the limousine to carry Daria back to school from the hospital. Part of the preparations included a small picnic hamper with snacks and drinks for the ride. Twelve weeks ago, Daria's accident happened and the doctors declared her ready to leave the hospital. The headmaster chose to have Polina and...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 18

Marcia discovers some interesting symbols and investigates the crypt.

After Stefan and Marcia spent time in the tunnels, she wanted to get back into the chapel. The headmaster arranged for Chantel's memorial service with village priest for just before Palm Sunday on a Thursday night. The small chapel would hold the service with interment in the crypt following it. Marcia was happy with the arrangements, but still felt suspicious of the way Chantel died. She...Read On


Amber 33

As soon as Bruce pulled out of the driveway Amber bounded into the living room to tell her folks that she had been asked to be his prom date.     "Yes, we know," Mom replied.   "How do you know?"   "He asked us if he could invite you because he knew we would be babysitting that night," her Dad chimed in.   Before she could comment further, the baby monitor on the end table let them...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 17

Daria walks and finds her music. Stefan reunites with Marcia and Naomi.

Soft sunlight leaked through the shades covering the windows of Daria's room. It softened her appearance and almost made her look angelic, as she slept. With her leg suspended, she could not roll around, as she normally did while sleeping. The light coming in the window came from sparkling reflections off the newly fallen snow. Daria moaned in discomfort, as she groggily lay trying to...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 16

Daria's wraith tortures Stefan. Marcia asks the headmaster about Chantel's death.

It was near the end of February and Marcia looked forward to the start of spring. She loved to watch the re-awakening of the flowers and trees long dormant over the fall and winter. Naomi and she renewed their friendship, but an uneasy wariness persisted between them. After they spent time explaining why they were in the abandoned classroom floor of the school, Marcia gave up exploring the...Read On


Amber Part 32

The seconds seem to drag on as Bruce sat there with his mind struggling to understand what he had just been told. The stunning blond sitting next to him had just admitted to forging his signature on Lea's birth certificate and he was at a loss for words. Part of him understood why she did it. She didn't want the name of the baby's Father to be listed as unknown on the legal document because...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 15

Daria comes back to hound and haunt Stefan. He and Polina save Marcia and Naomi.

Daria followed Stefan stealthily to his room and floated into the corner near the ceiling. She stayed in her shimmering state watching him study and talk to his roommate. One of his roommate's friends came by and took his roommate to play cards. Daria smiled wickedly, when they left and descended to Stefan's bed. As she sat, she shifted from the shimmering wraith to her human visage. She...Read On


Amber Part 31

On Saturdays it was the habit of the restaurant employees to go to breakfast at a local diner. Since Bruce became involved with Amber, he had been absent from these gatherings, they were all happy when he announced he would meet them there. They took one of the corner booths that the owner reserved for them. He knew the owner and held them in such high regard that this booth was always...Read On


Amber Part 30

As soon as Amber's parents got home, they began to notify all of their relatives, but not before they called Allison at college. In the old fashioned gym where she trained, Allison broke down in tears after she closed her phone. Her baby sister had just given birth to a healthy baby girl, she was now officially an aunt. They even called Bruce's parents and informed them of the happy news...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 14

Marcia and Stefan explore the chapel and make a startling discovery as Daria watches.

Daria's wraith followed Stefan everywhere, from when he woke until bedtime. She floated nearby and occasionally played pranks on him. She enjoyed embarrassing him around his friends. She hated when Marcia and Naomi met with him. When Polina volunteered to open the chapel, Daria was furious. She wanted Marcia to fail in the chapel entry. The afternoon when Marcia, Stefan and Polina went to...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 13

Daria bothers Stefan and Marcia enters the locked chapel.

After the helicopter landed at the hospital seventy-five miles from the school, Daria entered the operating room to set and repair the damage to her severely broken leg. Two breaks were minor and easily set. The third break was a compound fracture that required surgery and a steel rod implant that was permanent. The operation took several hours and went very easily. They examined her coma...Read On


Frank And The Monster: Victor's Past

A retelling of an old Classic.

Chapter 4 Victor's Past “What! Me?” Victor was actually stunned that someone, anyone, would want to hear anything he had to say. Even someone who used to be dead. “Um. Well my story isn't all that interesting, but I guess if you don't mind being bored to death, I could tell you.” Dracula chuckled, and Victor hesitated. “Sorry Doc. I wasn't laughing at you; I was laughing at what you...Read On


Amber Part 29

Amber pulled out her cellphone and tapped the number one key. The silence in World History class was broken by the wail of a police siren, while his cellphone vibrated. Bruce didn't need to look at the screen, he just stood up and announced to the teacher he had to leave. He headed to Amber's class and she was standing at the doorway leaning on Barbie's shoulder. She gave Bruce a hug upon...Read On


Amber Part 28

All too soon the holiday vacations ended and school resumed. Bruce continued to pick Amber up every morning and drive her to school where they parted company until lunch. They still looked forward to having lunch with each other and spending the afternoon together in different classes. It was difficult not to stare at each other during the classes they shared, but they found the strength...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 12

Daria's jealousy causes a horrible accident.

After Daria made a fool of herself in front of the school, Naomi, Marcia and Stefan became very good friends. They spent time walking Stefan's horse in the courtyard. Naomi and Marcia took turns riding. Naomi formed a close friendship with Stefan because they were now targets of Daria. Naomi insisted they were just friends nothing more. When the trio was not walking the horse, they explored...Read On


Hickory, Dickory, Doc: Case Of The Missing Mouse

Another Javk Vine case file

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Hickory, Dickory, Doc: Case of the missing mouse “Hickory, Dickory, Doc. The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one the mouse ran down. Hickory, Dickory, Doc.” It was a Tuesday, sometime in the middle of winter and it was cold; the kind of bone wrenching cold your dad told you about when he was a kid. You know...Read On


Frank And The Monster, Ch4 Victor's Past

A bit on Victor and what may be coming next.

Chapter 4 Victor's Past “What! Me?” Victor was actually stunned that someone, anyone, would want to hear anything he had to say. Even someone who used to be dead. “Um. Well my story isn't all that interesting, but I guess if you don't mind being bored to death, I could tell you.” Dracula chuckled, and Victor hesitated. “Sorry Doc. I wasn't laughing at you; I was laughing at what you...Read On


Amber Part 27

Christmas had come and gone and soon it was New Year's Eve. As Bruce and Amber had surmised, both their parents had parties that they were going to attend, so now all they had to do is figure out where they would spend the evening together. Now he had to work, but would be done around 6:00 PM. It was about two days before New Year's Eve that Allison told Amber that she had been invited to...Read On


Frank And The Monster Ch3: Dracula's Past

Chapter 3 gives a bit on Dracula

Chapter 3 Dracula's Past Now in the castle's main room, the two sat before a warm fire, sipping at their drinks. “Sorry about the cooking wine.” Victor apologized. “But it was all I could find in the kitchen. My former assistant, Igor, must have taken every ounce of wine with him, when he took off. Even that so called hiding place he had with that noxious brew he was so fond of is...Read On


Amber Part 26

It was now Christmas Day and both families were up at their normal workday time instead of sleeping. They wanted to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, while they discussed the plans of the day, before they opened their presents. Amber's parents admitted to themselves that shopping for her had been trickier than in years gone by. She had less than two months of her pregnancy left, so...Read On


Amber Part 25

Christmas Eve had finally arrived. After work Bruce raced home to shower and change before he headed to Amber's house to spend a few hours. Amid the festive atmosphere was talk of his agreeing to be Amber's labor coach and attend the birthing classes and what that entailed. The mood became serious and so did the look on everyone's face. Ally decided to break up this serious mood and slipped...Read On


Somewhere This Side Of The Rainbow

A Jack Vine PI case file

From The Files Of Jack Vine A Jack And The Giant P I Case File Somewhere This Side Of The Rainbow “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” It was Saturday, the day of Gladice and Jack’s wedding. Mary and me were given the dubious honors of ‘Maid of Honor’ and ‘Best Man’ by the two happy lovebirds and thus standing by their sides. Jack,...Read On