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Young Adult

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The focus of young adult fiction is primarily on a protagonist aged between twelve and sixteen rather than an adult. The main character faces the usual challenges consistent with their age group; emotions, first love, peer pressure, divorce and family relationships. Stories can cover the entire range of fiction genres.


The Greatest Miracle I Know

My personal testimony of healing and a life transformation.

I want to share with you a true story about a three year old boy who lived in a small farming community in Texas. Brownfield Texas comes by it’s name honestly. Brown fields are everywhere. If you have never been in a dust storm in Brownfield Texas you know very little about dust, dirt and sand storms. I remember as a child playing outside and the wind was not blowing very hard, but on...Read On


Good Girl Guides

A group of young Girl Guides get a little out of their depth in their rush to grow up too fast.

“You girls have work to do.” The six Girl Guides reluctantly sloped away from the fence that separated our pitch from the neighbouring one where a group of scouts kicked a football about. They walked past me to the QM tent where I was about to set them preparing lunch and one of them, Gemma, shot me a glare. “You won’t be giving me that look when those boys start giving you trouble.”...Read On


Darlene's Anguish

A semi-fictional about a bullied school girl, Darlene.

This is a semi-fictional piece, the names of the characters have been changed. Special thanks to my ex-boyfriend ,PrinzLucky ,for support and editing.  Darlene dragged herself out of bed. It was only 6 a.m. in the morning, and the sky was still dark. Nevertheless, she had to be rudely awakened by her servant, Lin, to get up and get ready for that miserable thing called school. She...Read On


Carrot Boy: Prologue

This is only the beginning.

***Hey guys this is my first story so please be honest with me. Tell me if it sucks (I think it does) or if it's good. But don't act all writer god on me. Also I would like to thank Cal (frogprince) and Gwen(Rebellious_Soul) for giving me the courage to put this story up here.*** SMACK! "DID YOU HEAR ME? I SAID, NO FOOD!"  SMACK! I whimper and whisper, "I'm sorry, sir." George grabs me...Read On


My Omni

a story about a girl and her horse

The first time I met her, I followed a herd of adults out into a green pasture. I ignored their dull talking. We were introduced, and her twenty-some-year-old daughter was there. Omni was pretty, even though she was old; all of her hair had turned white. She was swollen with her pregnancy. Beholding one of her brown eyes, I remember sensing warm, intelligent, gentleness, and feeling a...Read On


Cass was lying on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. It was summer, and she’d been looking forward to it, but this year, there was nothing to do. She heard her parents’ footsteps as they came up the stairs, so she slid under her duvet. The door opened and in walked her father, followed by her mother. Let me take a minute to tell you a bit about Cass. She was a seven year old girl who...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 18

Marcia discovers some interesting symbols and investigates the crypt.

After Stefan and Marcia spent time in the tunnels, she wanted to get back into the chapel. The headmaster arranged for Chantel's memorial service with village priest for just before Palm Sunday on a Thursday night. The small chapel would hold the service with interment in the crypt following it. Marcia was happy with the arrangements, but still felt suspicious of the way Chantel died. She...Read On

A pleasant surprise

Mary and Jessica planned their trip, but they weren't ready for what they got along the way.

We felt we were doing the right thing; earlier on we had motivated ourselves, patted each other on the back, helped each other pack, but as the day wore on with the constant drone of the unbearably loud car engine in our ears, the sweat dripping down our faces, threatening to enter our eyes, we’d begun to rethink our plan, our strategy. We’d begun to wonder if it was such a spectacular plan...Read On


Cricket the Early Years Part 6

Sarah gets her revenge on Marcia.

The girls spent the afternoon at the movies and enjoyed the double feature. They returned to Marcia's house and waited for dinner while they watched TV. All thoughts and conversation about Sarah moved to the back of their minds. The girls found being together more fun and enjoyment than plotting revenge against another girl. Dinner that night was very quiet. The girls seemed subdued and...Read On


Live or Die

Live or Die I noticed Alex on the last day of her senior year, I knew this would be a life changing day for her, I just had to wait for the events to occur. It was the day they were all waiting for; it had finally come. The last day of high school was among them and they were only 5 minutes away from walking out those doors for the last time as high school students. The clock ticked as...Read On


Spinning Round and Round

Won't somebody make me feel alive and shatter me~ Lindsey Stirling

It was dark now. I was but a forgotten memory, stuck playing a lullaby and spinning around in circles. I gazed at the moon and the stars, the cracks in the shattered mirror distorted the image and made it seem less real. Once I stood tall and proud on the shelf. The music chimed brightly and I danced my heart out. The song was as light as my feet, as I delicately spun. My heart soared,...Read On


Cricket the Early Years Part 1

This is the story of Cricket and how she got to be the way she is today.

Before Cricket became Emily Truesdale, she was Marcia Shaw of Paramus, New Jersey U.S.A. She was an only child with two loving and caring parents. Her early childhood was normal with no significant differences from any other girl her own age. She was sweet, innocent and caring with a few friends and no enemies. To most people she was small, quiet and a top student. Her life changed in the...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 25

The class leaves the castle and takes a ferry ride to the island for summer school.

Marcia and Naomi had returned to their room after a final session with the makeshift orchestra before summer school started. Naomi sat on her bed watching Marcia as she swept up the clothes she tossed on the floor the night before. There was a look of concerned puzzlement on her face as she bent over. Naomi saw the look and wanted to ask about it. When Marcia finished, rather than climb on...Read On


Rick Gets a Date

Rick followed Jane with his eyes. He was sitting on the bus as it was going to school that morning and Jane had just boarded. It was only about a mile more to the school, but he got to at least see her long curly blond hair as she walked unsteadily down the aisle of the school bus as it started moving again. Rick had been on the bus for almost an hour now. He lived out in the country on a...Read On


Snow-White and Red-Rose Chapter 4 Part 1

A Grimm story brought to life

The next morning Rose awoke to a strange feeling, one she had never felt before. She got up from her cozy bed and slipped on some slippers. She crept out into the hallway and slowly pushed Snows door open enough just enough to peek in. Snow was still fast asleep completely lifeless to the world. Rose smiled at her sister and closed the door as she left. She was about to go back to her room...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 28

Marcia feels the weight of her abilities on her shoulders from paranormal things on the island.

When the three girls were ready, they left the barracks and walked to the dining hall entrance. They joined a group of their classmates, who waited, chatting about the night before and sleeping in the barracks. The comment most uttered was that it was like having a giant sleepover with the whole class. Everyone seemed excited about continuing this for another six weeks and that it would be...Read On



Once there was a beautiful princess named Ijlal. She had hair the color of dates, and eyes as blue as the sea, eyes that were so captivating she had thousands of suitors falling at her feet every day. She had the most renowned kings and princes begging for her hand, she was the envy of all women, near and far. But it was not enough for her. She was always bored, constantly seeking ways...Read On


Cricket the Early Years Part 3

The day of reckoning came after Halloween pranks. Sarah seeks revenge.

The day everyone waited for finally arrived, Monday morning after Sarah's fabulous Halloween party. The school was abuzz with all the events, which made the party a huge success. Marcia, Monica and Sabrina spread the word that they crashed the party and were responsible for the panic that ensued. That knowledge made them instant heroes with the students who despised Sarah and her friends....Read On


Snow-White and Red-Rose Chapter 1

A Grimm story brought to life

Chapter 1 In a time not too far ago but long forgotten there lived an old widow by the name of Charlotte. She was a very lively and strong willed woman; middle age had only done her justice. Her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair was mildly graying and her skin showed no signs of wrinkling. Her eyes were a light sullen gray that watched over her two beautiful young girls with love...Read On


Snow-White and Red-Rose Chapter 2

A grimm story brought to life

The next morning Snow-White woke to a slight cough in her throat. She then noticed the frigid breeze coming from her open window. She got up, her white night dress swaying in the wind. When she peered out the window she gasped. It was a pure white wonderland outside. Everything was covered in inches upon inches of snow. “B-b-but it’s summer!” Snow-White proclaimed. At the same moment...Read On


Another time traveling story (Chapter 1 part 1)

Have you ever wondered why a pineapple is called so when it is neither pine nor apple? Why didn't Tarzan have a beard? Why do toasters always have a setting that burns toast to an unimaginable crisp in which no decent human being would ever want to eat? Who made the law that eighteen is of legal age? If x-ray vision is the ability to see through all things, then wouldn't you see...Read On


depression get the best of everyone, but can it be beaten?

The ledge was only a few steps away, beneath lied the end, the solution and a new beginning. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. My mother’s boyfriend seems to be the root of all my problems, even though I know it’s not possible. The other day my father told me that I seemed different that weekend. He asked if everything was okay at my moms, and of course I lied and said everything...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 24

Marcia gets ready for summer school with her classmates. The forest attracts her again.

Final exams ended with the standings posted and as expected Marcia was the top student by a wide margin. Summer school started next week and the freshman class was abuzz with excitement. Marcia should be happy, but she sat on her bed sadly thinking about her achievement. It was nice, as number one, but at what price? Her best friend and roommate was number two tied with another girl who tried...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 17

Daria walks and finds her music. Stefan reunites with Marcia and Naomi.

Soft sunlight leaked through the shades covering the windows of Daria's room. It softened her appearance and almost made her look angelic, as she slept. With her leg suspended, she could not roll around, as she normally did while sleeping. The light coming in the window came from sparkling reflections off the newly fallen snow. Daria moaned in discomfort, as she groggily lay trying to...Read On


To Be a Heartbreaker (For the First Time)

This is what it feels like to break someone's heart.

Here I am, sitting on a large bus of high-school students (with a few middle-schoolers thrown in), as we are riding back from a church trip. My heart is heavy, and all I can do is stare out the window at the trees that line this Alabama highway, and think about what I’ve done. Sitting next to me is one of my best friends, who is the closest guy friend that I have. I won’t tell you his...Read On


A New Beginning, Her New Beginning

I walk into the garden of the small chapel by the old school hesitantly. How long has it been since the last time I was here? After mentally counting the years, I figure out that it was almost twelve years. As I take a few steps towards the door, I can feel my heart beat racing. I push the door and find myself inside. I look around me. Twelve years and nothing has changed; the pale blue...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 20

The students find a music room full of instruments and open it up for use.

Daria was pleased with being back at school, but getting around was not as easy as she thought. Polina helped by carrying her books and helping with doors, but Daria was stubborn and demanded more. One fortunate thing was that Daria did not have to climb up and down stairs to get around. Everything she needed was on the same level and the buildings connected. However, Daria's flute...Read On


Leather and Chrome Angel, Part 1

Based on a true story.

Fear clutched at Brittany's heart as she walked home. She would casually glance behind her when she used the excuse of flipping her hair back out of her face and saw that the old car still following her. The after school pep rally was a huge success and she had volunteered to stay afterwards to help with the clean up. When she exited the school almost two hours after the rally had ended...Read On


Another time traveling story (Chapter 1 part 3)

“What do you mean a hunch?” I asked skeptically. Daddy motioned me toward the couch. It was a black leather couch that I had known since childhood and despite the many trials of spills and scratches it had gone through it showed little to no wear. I sat down, Daddy following. “You know how Granny is always talking about our Egyptian ancestry?” he asked. “Yes, every chance she can get.”...Read On


Cricket Lone Wolf Part 27

Marcia meets an ally to help her with the strange happenings.

All the students returned to the barracks after taking some valued free time. Marcia sat on her bed facing Naomi and Polina, who listened to the chatter of their classmates. The level of excitement and curiosity was high because of the packets they received before dinner. Marcia listened but felt remotely distant from all of it, lost in her world. Her mind puzzled over the two things...Read On