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I am not gifted of write...I enjoy it, enough said. I own a bookshop and watch people...what they read tells me things. I graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, which doesn't mean a thing when dealing with egos. I detest wooden hearts and lost souls...we all know what they are.

Braggadocios and egos don't mean a thing to me. So please keep that in mind if just wanting to gossip. I don't care how many badges you have. Those are just wasted numbers.

I speak several tongue sandwiches, but mostly I use logic and common sense.

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22 Aug 2018 03:10
Books, people, art and peanut butter sandwiches. In my off time, I perform at ballets and swan dance in a tutu.
Favorite Books:
Ones with covers that I haven't read
Favorite Authors:
One's that hold my attention
Favorite Movies:
The John Adams series
Favourite TV Shows:
i'm a news hound...CNN or Public Television
Favorite Music:
Progressive jazz and raw blues


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22 Oct 2013
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21 Aug 2018
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The Moon's Ladder

It was a whisper ago nearing the dawn, Before the dew settled on the lawn And with a yawning of the ghost, we kissed. A warmer heart never spawned As we made love in the sheets, With your cold lips creeping on my chest, On cue, as the dawn turn blue. Now in a stillness of the dark, alone, As your shadow departed on a mote, I awoke cold to the bone, chilled. As the coal stones of the hearth...

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And out from dark of the shade, A shadow of your eyes held me   In felicity of endearment.   As we faded into the night   Of fantasia in music, On God's veranda in light. And danced upon the crystal, A glass that will never shatter, Beneath a chandelier moon. As breath of your alto whispered, "I will always love you, Until infinity is out of time."...

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Shadow Of Shakespeare

The falling leaves of magenta A cynosure of autumn's splendor As if in an amphitheater for love The acorns snowed in choreography As a shadow of Shakespeare watched And the fresco gave it's awe We kissed on the stepping stones Of life's encore, opening my eyes Opening my eyes in winter's green And satin shades of tea As the moon's sun dial Fell upon our candle light And as night fell...

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Phonics Of Idyllics

In a woodland-like deity of fiddles and sibyls Of a sweet scent of ambrosia's heavenly bisque As the boughs of the trees, bending in the wind With a soliloquy of God-speak, harvesting acorns In phonics of idyllics, charaterized in tomes While angels dance on chartreuse greens Of meadows that we lay, on loves causeway   As a veil of twilight falls on the forest umber With a carafe...

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Could Not Have Been Fancied

A fairer autumn could not have been fancied Among the breeze swept gust of silken woods     And the whispering of the symphony trees Falling leaves in interludes of auburn and golds As we dance on the fleece of moonlit heather In shadows of the spruce and pines And the God-shine of a heaven's divine  Enraptured by felicity in our halcyon As we rest our heads on mushroom pillows And...

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Falling A Whisper

Silence of the winds, falling a whisper on a far horizon Casting shadows like ocher ghosts in hibernation Like a nomad moon in caravan rising over the dunes Reflecting in the echoes of my words from a thesaurus   Raining down in my ear as if a dulcimer lark singing As docile willows curtsy like synthesizers with strings With your amorous eyes like lanterns of jade pastel     And a scent...

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Rind Of The Moon

When shadows of autumn fall on the pumpkin rind of the moon And the bats are winging as I climb the stairs to your lair Crickets play their fiddles and locust bow mellow cello From the fields of gorse as I whisper to you in chorus Come with me my love to the land of distant dreams Gleaming the forest as the symphony spells your name As a frost of Chantilly on my lips wait your awake...

Added 06 Aug 2018 | Category Poetry | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 91 | 1 Comment

Land's End To John o' Groats

It was the songs the winds sang crossing the grasslands A blue fescue as if a banjolin, as the scent of autumn blew With a cashmere feel to it as the wind chimes rang too As if a zephyr whispering in my ear, a shadow with wings From Land's End to John o' Groats While making love in tranquility with an amorphous angel And then the choir open their arms with psalms of heaven With...

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End Over End

In September's lazy, of Savannah's moss and humidor,    end over end, as the leaves blow across the meadows and meadows become kettles for our rose petal sorbet, as we kissed and did it again, in love with life's spin,   in autumn hours of our love's oxygen... End over end.   ...

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Autumn's Trousseau

With a silence of the faux winds Cascading leaves sang melodies song Of reds and browns of gabardine From woods of autumn's trousseau As ginseng tea sweetens your lips With essence of the rum flutter We kiss among the honeysuckle In pantry of the swooning pines   Beneath Chantilly sky of God's philter From woods of autumn's trousseau And the falling rain of love's silk  ...

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Stories Coauthored By Adagio

Turning Around

It was at the grist's mill, like I had seen a ghost, of the corn that stood, on the back forty grow, in green with eyes like onyx, as my pulse skipped a beat. Where tombstones sleep without a moaning peep, and the raven's nest where monks took keep, as the frost froze over the Dutch clover. And I felt a breath over my shoulder, while counting the sheep, turning around and saw my ghostly...

Added 06 May 2018 | Category Poetry | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 146 | 2 Comments

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