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Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 19 Nov 2020 12:24

Found a new friend at the bookshop this morning. A little green frog had slipped in between the cracks. Needless to say, I helped him find his way back to the marshes.

Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 18 Nov 2020 10:19

I am inspired by truth and friendship. I came to the shores of SS to write and share my style. Often my dark side wanders on paths that have no end. I take myself seriously and I don't play games. There are some really "good hearts" on SS and kind people.

Topic 5-Word Sentence
Posted 30 Oct 2020 11:16

Forever the light of evermore.

Topic 5-Word Sentence
Posted 09 Oct 2020 09:19

A keyhole to the dark.

Topic What’s for dinner?
Posted 24 Sep 2020 10:47

Old fashion shrimp gumbo with okra and cornbread.

Topic Hurricanes and Typhoons - are you affected?
Posted 18 Sep 2020 11:07

Lot of rain in the Georgia marsh.

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 14 Sep 2020 10:08


Topic What Are You Celebrating Now?
Posted 11 Sep 2020 11:37

Remembering, 9-11.

Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 11 Sep 2020 11:35

I was inspired to see the turnout on the comp.

Topic Would you rather?
Posted 30 Aug 2020 08:59

I don't watch my TV. I do read and listen to music.

Topic What music are you listening to?
Posted 11 Aug 2020 10:23


Topic What’s for dinner?
Posted 11 Aug 2020 10:22

Stuffed green peppers with sausage.

Topic What’s for dinner?
Posted 06 Aug 2020 11:45

Salt pork and biscuits

Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 06 Aug 2020 08:33

I grew up in the marshland of Georgia, talking to the wildlife and the cypress trees. Often visited by spirits of the manatees

Topic Favourite lines from a song
Posted 30 Jul 2020 09:07

One of my favorites.

There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Tomorrow, just you wait and see
I'll never forget the people I met
Braving those angry skies
I remember well as the shadows fell
The light of hope in their eyes
And though I'm far away
I still can hear them say
"Thumbs up!"
For when the dawn comes up
There'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover
Tomorrow, just you wait and see
There'll be love and laughter
And peace ever after
Tomorrow, when the world is free
The shepherd will tend his sheep
The valley will bloom again
And Jimmy will go to sleep
In his own little room again
I may not be near, but I have no fear
History will prove it too
When the tale is told
It will be as of old
For truth will always win through
But be I far or near
That slogan still I'll…

Topic Your Mood In Pictures Or Gifs
Posted 29 Jul 2020 08:36


Topic 5-Word Sentence
Posted 29 Jul 2020 08:31

Dark is color of night.

Topic I am
Posted 17 Jul 2020 07:52

I am waiting for the teapot to whisper.

Topic A Different Kind of Challenge
Posted 16 Jul 2020 10:17

Hey everyone! Just as the title suggests, I wanted to set up a different kind of challenge for everyone.

I am asking you to set a goal to read at least one story, poem, musing, etc a day. At least one.

Not only read it but take a moment to score and comment. We all love to see a new score and a comment on our writing so why not challenge yourself to do that for your fellow writers?

I know for me, commenting can sometimes be stressful. Not because the piece wasn't good, but I tend to over analyze my comments. I think it's not good enough or it sounds weird, but you know what? It doesn't have to an award-winning comment or even very long. A simple, This was great or I liked this, is a worthy comment.

Perhaps if we all did one a day it would remind us why we enjoy writing and perhaps encourage us to write more.


That is a good idea.

Topic What’s for dinner?
Posted 24 Jun 2020 11:49


Topic Favorite story lines
Posted 14 Jun 2020 16:06

Humor and dark

Topic I am
Posted 18 May 2020 15:27

I am the the dark at the maw of a tunnel

Topic What are some of the WORST movies you've ever seen, and Why?
Posted 17 May 2020 14:34

Weekend at Bernie's II

Topic I am
Posted 15 May 2020 18:02

I AM finding it very difficult to make friends here. I have no idea how to go about it in a place like this.

Be careful of what you ask for.

Topic Let's Count
Posted 15 May 2020 18:01


Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 30 Mar 2020 12:03

The world as we knew it has now changed. I can feel it in the air, from inside my home. Stay safe.

Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 20 Mar 2020 10:25

I closed my bookshop until the first week in April. Please stay avoid crowds, by staying inside.

Topic Ban the user above!
Posted 25 Feb 2020 13:30

Ban her if she gets cataracts.