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I enjoy the members stories and the occasional chat.
I started Writing as a request from a friend. I have a border collie nameed N. He is my best friend and wondered if something happened to him what would his adventure be. So I began my First story Billy; which I hope you will enjoy.

Aidan smith
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near a large tree, New Brunswick, Canada
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15 May 2021 16:46
I enjoy the out doors,love waterfalls. Calm lakes are made for weekends and my kayak.
I want to get back to my reading again.Nothing like a good story on a rainy evening in a cozy room, with a cup of Earl Grey tea.
I think we live in a wonderful County with all its variety of seasons.

Canada is ours to Discover.
Favorite Books:
The Pearl,Lord of The Rings Of Mice and Men,The Stand there are so many great books.
Favorite Authors:
Hemingway,King,Dan Brown,John Steinbeck, Moses
Favorite Movies:
To Kill a Mockingbird,Forrest Gump Good Will Hunting Aladdin (Disney) What Dreams May Come Lord of the rings.
Favourite TV Shows:
Big bang, under the dome, I don't watch cops
Favorite Music:
I like most music,I suppose if I were to genre it would be light rock middle of the road stuff.
I like a song that has a great beat or tells a story.


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coffee Murdered by love

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The Savant

Chapter One: The Puzzle Dust billowed behind the sedan as it traveled down a dirt road; it’s driver following the directions. He brought the car to an abrupt stop; there was a Y in the road that wasn’t on the map. A sign posted further down one road to the right Simply stating Private Property. David Perkins got out of the car surveying his surroundings got back in and turned right. The...

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Tom took the dogs out for a walk while Kaye prepared lunch. He enjoyed the last few days; it was nice to just get away from the routine of being watched over every hour by his family. Billy seemed to be a different dog here, here was much more relaxed here, it was nice to see him interact with the Huskies. As Tom made his way back up the driveway, he noticed Kaye on the porch with the phone...

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Kaye arrived at the hospital around one that afternoon. She was wearing her best clothes. She smiled as she came into the room. Ed was sitting up, smiled as she came in with Tom who placed two chairs beside the bed. She introduced Old Tom to her husband. Ed was pleased to meet him; it was nice to get a chance to meet the owner of Billy. Kaye explained that Tom had stayed during the storm...

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Tom gave Kaye a final goodbye wave; he noticed the lights were dimming and her vehicle wasn't running. He waited a few seconds, then put the truck in drive and rolled up beside the driver's side door. Kaye rolled her window down. She said nothing just bit her lower lip as if she was willing it to come to life. The engine made clicking sounds, then would try to roll the motor over then...

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Time to go Kaye brushed the tear from her cheek with the back of her hand. “Please come in,” Kaye said. The large man took off his hat as he entered the kitchen. “Have a seat Mr. Brennan. I was just starting some cornbread; I hope you like it?” Kaye asked. “Mrs. Scott. Tom please, just Tom,” Kaye nodded. "Then Kaye will better suit me, Tom," She said. Tom took off his overshoes and...

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Kaye made her way to Ed's room. She wondered how can all this be happening right now. He seemed better yesterday, had a little cough; nothing serious. As she entered the room, she scanned the small room looked at the medicine pole; several new full bags were on it, the antibiotics she supposed. Ed's face was pale, beads of sweat on his forehead. Oxygen tube placed in his nostrils the hissing...

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A Set-Back The morning sun rose over the maple trees that edged her farmland. Kaye stood looking out the kitchen window; one knee resting on a cushioned kitchen chair as she sipped her morning tea. She loved this time of day. The maples bordered the sides of her driveway then down the roadway. She enjoyed watching them each morning as they marked the seasons. In the spring, Ed gathered the...

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A clean bill of health The old farmer tried to contain his excitement he was getting his boy back, thanks to Karen's persistence. Karen and Faye brought in the desert and coffee that no one seemed interested in at dinner time, it was most welcomed now. They talked about the best route to get to the town of Hancock. “He is going to flip out when he see's you again gramps, I wish I could go...

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The Pitty Party When Kaye arrived back at the Clinic, Barb was at her desk. Billy got to his feet and limped to welcome her, as she came in. Barb put down her pen; Kaye said nothing just took a seat on the couch put her purse on the floor, looked over at Barb and the dog. Barb filled the tea kettle plugged it in and sat down beside her. She looked at Kaye “life not a bowl of cherries for...

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Barb was doing paperwork at her desk. She was a little surprised when she saw Kaye come in, with Billy by her side. She got up to greet Kaye and noticed the dog limping. “You two can't seem to stay out of trouble can you.” She said. Kaye looked frazzled she went right into what she would like Barb to do. She went over the story quickly about Ed and the bull, and that she would be picking the...

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Isn't this pretty - like Canada
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I so loved your series on wonderful Billy. It was fun to wait for the next chapter and finishing it up so nicely. Thank you. Have a Merry Christmas
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