Flash Fiction(1)


The Recommended Book

She said it was a good book.

Well, that  IS  what she said. Not that I had a reason to trust her opinion. How do you trust opinions anyway? Or movie reviews? You just make up your mind, and find an excuse. So "she said" was my excuse for reading this. Or at least for planning to read it. The author was eminent. Lots of awards. A literary giant in a language I couldn't read. So I was going to read a translation....Read On


December 26, 2012

Wrote this yesterday. I'm working on my first book of poems, and this'll probably end up in it.

5 days ago, the world ended 5 days from now, the year will 2 days ago, Lucy left 2 days from now, I’ll get over it Yesterday was a Roman holiday Tomorrow, I have to go back to work Today, I took the day off anyway To celebrate my survival. 20 years from now, memory will shroud these days. So 20 minutes ago, I lit up a new day to remember December 26, 2012....Read On


Heavenly Light

Wrote this when I was 16. It's for someone I probably owe more than I admit.

I like this light that streams in through my  window and fills my heart  I don’t know what time of the day it is,  or where I am.  I can’t seem to attribute this light to any  particular time or place.  Nor can I identify or locate its childlike rays. This is what they must’ve had in mind  When they said ‘mellow’  and a lot of other things they didn’t say,  Because they had no names. ...Read On



What it's called, is what it isn't.

"Why don't you write a story?" they asked. "What is a story?" Is it falsehoods and daydreams? Is it a fictionalized veneer over my life? Is it a message, a moral, a word of caution or encouragement? Is it to entertain, or to stir? What purpose does a story serve? "But you can write." "True. I can. I just can't imagine anymore." ...Read On


White and Blues

Ogden Nash remembered. I've written similar stuff as a kid.

I start up the computer to see the white and blue I never liked the blue so what do I do? I google far and long to right the blue that's wrong I fiddle with the screen until the red is green Now the whites are revolting, the blacks are amusing but oh noes what do I do? pink is the new blue Petrified by the situation of mistaken sexual orientation So I switch off the screen ...Read On