An unwanted guest,,,,

A poem

The age was just grey. Time had not really started. The meaning of life, had not been imparted. All days rolled in one. A never-ending strife. Through monotones, I'd created, My meaning of life. Each day I awoke, with a solitary goal. Survive until sleep and live through this hole. Some days I had planned to aid with deaths calling. To just throw my hand and watch the cards falling. But...Read On



A poem for her

When times are bad, and thoughts are low, She turns straight up, she seems to know. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, Her grace astonishing, her beauty, her style. She is tactile, lascivious, beautiful, neurotic, and elegant, intelligent, thoughtful, erotic. Her body’s amazing. Her mind is so keen, Whether solving a problem or being obscene. Her curiosity...Read On



A man pens a ballad for the object of his attention.

My darling woman. These words are written, To stop you wobbling like you've been bitten, To give you pause, to open eyes, To show respect, to sympathize.   I've only total love for you, And will be here for all you do, But all the time that you need space, I'll show that too with all good grace.   These words I hope will give you steel, By knowing that this friendship's real, And...Read On

Recommended Read

The sins of the father

A man remembers and contemplates

I often am questioned, on decisions I've taken. Why my help for some women, leaves me often forsaken. "I have a need to save every woman that's broken" is often the words, that are bandied and spoken. To understand me, you need understand this. Why I help all the women staring at the abyss. If you can picture a child, at the age of "Still learning". Where all things are still wondrous, to...Read On


Unfettered Beauty

She came on the winds, as a perfectly shaped dream. Her stunning black skirt, and blouse coloured cream.   Although with a friend, she had there in tow. A cinema companion and so, soon to go.   We started to chat, and both our smiles came, then something ignited. A slow burning flame.   Time seemed to stop, My heart it did pound. I knew that a true friend, at last had...Read On