Buzzing Bee Finds Friendship

Illustration by Jay

Buzzing Bee was sad and glum Because she did not have a chum. Without a single friend to play, How lonely she was every day. “Everyone’s afraid of me,” Cried the little buzzing bee. “It is my stinger, they do fear.  No one ever will come near!” So by herself she always was, With no one else to play or buzz. But then one day a scorpion She did happen to come upon. He was...Read On


Paying Homage to a Father Figure

Analogous to his literary archetype, An almost mythical father figure  Guides me through this labyrinth of life—  My time-honored mentor and protector. With integrity and honesty exemplified, Hypocrisy shunned, and shortcomings self-declared,  He lives his life by the highest standards. My adoration and respect deserved and secured. He’s bequeathed to me his earnest pledge, ...Read On