Flash Fiction(1)

Editor's Pick

To Fly Like a Hawk

An encounter in the forest inspired by the first picture.

“David, is that you? Are you back?” she asked. There was no answer. It was a Red-tailed Hawk that had landed on a branch above. She had heard his wings flutter. She stared up now as she raised her arm, opened her palm, managed a smile and waved. A small celebration of being alive. “Are you after the berries on those brambles, Mr. Hawk?” she asked. Then she said “No, probably not. You’re...Read On


I Am a Bramble Thorn

A person reflects upon an uncaring life--inspired by the first picture

I am but a protruding thorn. The only reason I was born was to create pain and push life away. I reach to touch a fading sun and think of all the sins I’ve done. I lie beneath the brambles as I pray. The barren hand that I was dealt was that I simply never felt the feelings that complete a human heart. That which would make others smile just bored me after a short while. Love never...Read On


The Longest Night

With winter comes a tragic sadness.

That day the onset of the night followed shortest daytime light as winter’s first sun set in a gray sky. Then came blackness after fall. Winter darkness covered all. That night I held your hand and watched you die. And so began the painful start of winter for my damaged heart. I shivered from the chill I felt inside. My soul sank like that last day’s sun because I knew our love...Read On