Anderson Roberts

The story of a sadist mind as he plays with the mind of New York's best agent

Dream: Why you didn’t save me Robert; But I tried; You could have saved me, You could have saved me, It your fault that I am de….. Huh! Damn nightmares are back, (Alison) ‘what wrong hunny’ nothing am good just a lot on my mind ‘Tricia’ yea Tricia! Tricia was a sixteen year old Latina from New Jersey and my first case as lead detective,Back then we stayed in the city of Conroe,...Read On



The Unpainted Tomb #3

Fill me with your warmth  on this bright and shinny day do you feel the touch of my hands lay gently on your face  are you at peace,if so why this place  just an empty vessel so dark and gray  hallow and cold, so lonely to world  isolated from reality, only friend is this tree i wish to meet you in the next world just to see who you would be i wrote you a name  derived from...Read On


My Angel

She said nothing but gazed on And for a minute It was all we needed Feel this warm feeling of love Embrace my cold heart  And once again gave meaning  To my life  The way her dress hung  Oh so gentle off her buttocks  To the way her make up  Brightened up the smile on her face Oh how she said it all With that stare in her eyes She walked like angels elevated Her...Read On


If I Die Tonight

If I die tonight I wonder who'd care tears fall like rain but for how long would you hold me near If I die tonight will I be immortalized till the day of my resurrection or will I be forgotten with no determination If I die tonight pardon me oh lord cause nothing lasts forever I just wish my friend and I could stay together So if I die tonight may my last...Read On


Let Not

Let not the tears in your eyes be of my death my loved ones but of words left unsaid stuff left undone and love left un-portrayed Let not those simple I love you's go to waste cause life is short and allow not the brewing war to put a damp on your smile but may it spark a revolution for a growing civilization Let not the scars on the body be the wounds on your heart ...Read On


The Unpainted Tomb #2

I would often come here, sit next to my friend,  even if I knew not who laid here. We would speak and share  a word of his life and  how no one could care. It troubled me and left concerns of the future oh so near  and what fate left for me to bear. I laid in the midst of the cemetery  beneath the big gloom tree.  Would stare up just to see,  why such a spot, and who was he.  The...Read On


The Tears For A Stranger

The uproar of emotions attracted me, so concerned were they as their tears flooded their faces, women and men alike.  It attracted my curious eye.  Slowly I made my way through the emotional crowd  to gaze upon the face of who was so proud.  Gently he laid in the white velvet box  peacefully asleep, draped in the finest garments. I gazed into his cold shut casket only to see  a face similar...Read On


Dear Old Charles

Hurts to see you old, stubby and grey oh my dear friend, what more do we say  we have lived our lives waiting for this day  but now it's here we can't sing or play  by old miller creek we used to sit and gaze  our life was good, my god it was great we lived all these years but this is our last day so came to join hands, let us sit and pray we have had our times, we have seen the signs ...Read On


Let Me Die Alone

let me die alone cover me with your blanket  and lay me in the casket  have no regrets and share no tears  be strong my love  I know you truly care I beg of you dear  go on with your life  there is no reason why you should die tonight,  I loved you in life and you gave me nothing but joy so let me die alone, keep me in your heart and reminisce  on the day we part and how it...Read On


Another Heart Break

Worst fear realized as I feel my world crumbling around me with you as the source of my pain and all this means nothing now all what I built is coming down decayed of walls broken down in mere moments as I cry out for help this is a me I thought I buried but it's back as I break out in tears over the sorrow of missing missing what we had thought it would last forever ...Read On


The Unpainted Tomb

an unpainted tomb, laid to rest with no love or grace

It laid in the midst of the cemetery beneath the big gloom tree  leaves withered and dry  cased aside, I wondered why  unpainted with no statement, no here lies the faceless tomb, not wife, nor a groom no tears, no weary eyes like a bat in the day they all stared blind no family, no love  unpainted, with no name, no face no statement of happiness or grace no one to bare their...Read On


Oh Angel Above

Oh angel above why such bitter tears give us love and hope let us know you're near when the wind howls it's like your voice we hear give us strength to move on oh angel guide us and not send us wrong wipe our tears and let us know even when times are bad that we are...Read On


Oh Harsh Tides

Oh harsh tides be humble upon my soul may your tainted waters lead me not astray Oh harsh tides your secrets are plentiful with each splash I see your cruelness Oh harsh tides your cold touch shares so much pain as still waters slowly grace my face and glistens down my cheeks our pain entangles So harsh waters guide me your way for the shore line has faded ...Read On


Innocent Victim

i stood vigilantly as they fought just couldn't grasp the terms  over which they were fighting,  i walked away oh so brisk  watching as the crowd grew  and stimulated the warriors, these men are like fiends they tussled primed  at drawing blood. i remember hearing the gun go off  a chilled moment of silence followed  the loud echo,  then an uproar of screams panic and terror in...Read On


Stranger On The Ground

The sound echoed through the midst of the air someone's dead but who cares just another wasted life remembered the ridicule, the slight glance at the body face down, blue top, black pants looks like a female figure groceries scattered on the ground poor soul, a free dove, a broken home a family lost a love and someone is left without a mom yet he shed no tears, ...Read On



Tonight let it be just me and you don't worry about anything  just sit here and block the world out  cause today I will make this night count tonight I will fight all your fears make up for all the pain  and dry all your tears  just to show you someone cares  yes it's tonight  I will make it perfect  do all the right things  like a string driven puppet Tonight my dear  ...Read On


Kiss Me Goodbye

Kiss me goodnight and say goodbye hold all invitations and laugher cause tonight brings sorrow  as my heart is cold  deaths kiss embrace my warm cheeks  as time moves on  the matter is, am I still here  by the rising of the sun  or do I fall like rambling  thunder at the break of dawn.   So much was heard but  not enough said, as your kiss goodnight  might be a...Read On