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Topic Last 2 Letters
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:38


Topic End of the Line
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:35

Can't argue with that. dontknow Run along now, it's mine, mine, mine this end of the Line, Line, Line! Lfunny

Topic The Last Post
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:27

As cute and full of joy as you are, your time at the last post will always be limited. beat_deadhorse kekekegay wave

Topic Up two, three, Down two, three... Make a word.
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:24

Endu re-act ive

Topic the end is the beginning
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:22

Xylophone - Emphysema

Topic Picture that Number
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:21

Topic Alphabet Movies - A to Z
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Topic Actors and their movies
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:18,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

Bruce Dern

Topic Picture Match
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Topic Change One Letter
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:09

Sink - Silk

Topic Drop Letter - Add Letter
Posted 08 Aug 2019 14:08

These - Sheep

Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 08 Aug 2019 13:50

Concerned about the people of Whaley Bridge whose homes are threatened by a potential collapse of a dam above the town. I have at least two close friends who are affected, one of whom is the CofE viceroy Whaley Bridge. The parish church is also at risk.

I take my hat off to all those involved in saving the dam and the town. They have done an amazing job of reducing the water level. I particularly though, as an ex-RAF engineer, have to say what a fantastic job the crew of the Chinook did in placing over 500 Tons of aggregate so precisely on the crumbling face. That is a huge helicopter to operate in such a challenging environment. Well done to all. =d> =d> =d>

Topic This or That
Posted 08 Aug 2019 13:38

Neither. If it's not on Sky, I don't see it. kekekegay

On the subject of TV...

The Tunnel or The Bridge?

Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 31 Jul 2019 16:07

Just when you think things are going forward smoothly life says no. My parent's house was under contract and near the closing when the buyer suddenly lost her funding. What a mess.

Having to go back to showing the house again is not compatible with what is going on with my father's dementia. Sigh... I wish I had some help, but my only sibling seems to feel he doesn't need to pitch in.

I might have to start consuming caffeine. I don't like coffee so I'll have a coke as I steel myself for more meetings with realtors, doctors, and the staff at the retirement community.

I'm also going to miss the trip to Newfoundland my husband and I had planned. He will be going on his own since he already has the time off. I can't leave in the middle of this mess.

Okay, I am done with my self-pity party. Things could be much worse.

I hope the week is going well for everyone.


I sympathise too, Gill. I am trying to take care of my Mum from a distance since those who are nearer seem incapable. She also has mild Dementia but I feel that her days are becoming shorter now. Next week she will be 95 and, although she is physically well, I feel she has given up and is letting herself slip away. There is nothing I can do but make sure that she knows she is loved. In one month I am hoping to go away to Germany for a couple of weeks but I am wondering now, whether I will be able to. My dad died 36 years ago and she is the last of her generation.

Topic Picture Match
Posted 31 Jul 2019 16:00

Cute Bunny

Topic This or That
Posted 31 Jul 2019 15:53

Both are beautiful but, for me, Autumn has the edge.

A peaceful city park or a crowded beach

Topic Alphabet Movies - A to Z
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Topic Picture that Number
Posted 31 Jul 2019 15:42

Topic Actors and their movies
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James Cosmo

Topic THE WARRIOR PRINCESS, a Recommended Read
Posted 29 Jul 2019 15:02

The Warrior Princess,
(a recommended read)
by AnnaMayZing

Fantasy fiction at its finest. :)

This is the first in an outstanding fantasy series that now includes Chapter 7 which currently sits atop the main page list. Even if fantasy 'ain't your thang' check 'em all out.


Chapter 8 now posted and the story is complete. toast and once again, a big thank you for this shout out. wave

Topic Challenge: The Moon
Posted 29 Jul 2019 14:47

Hi all
I think my little friend Scamp and her best friend Sparky are planning a moon adventure hello1

That would be good. It should be great fun. cheerleader I will look forward to seeing it. thumbright

Topic Inspirations, the Stories Space Coffee House
Posted 29 Jul 2019 14:37

I'm mulling over a Time Warp challenge piece. Still geek I must get it written.

What? You didn't do one for that? Come on, Don't keep us waiting! coffee kekekegay hello2

That double espresso that Rune made was delicious. Could I have another, Please?

Topic The A - Z of Food - in Pictures!
Posted 29 Jul 2019 12:30


Topic Alphabet Movies - A to Z
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Topic Actors and their movies
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Anna Paquin

Topic Use One Word to Describe How You're Feeling
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Topic This or That
Posted 29 Jul 2019 12:14

If you tie me down and prop my eyes open with sticks then... Wimbledon, I suppose. Lfunny

waves: Crashing over rocks or running gently up a beach.

Topic Word Association Game
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Topic End of the Line
Posted 29 Jul 2019 12:06

That wasn't long because here it is! hello2

Topic Picture that Number
Posted 29 Jul 2019 11:47